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These 40 visions are my primary religious and secular contributions to knowledge and for the aiding of humanity. Madman that I am I believe my religious visions are divinely inspired and even some of the secular visions I've received before I became aware that I was being spiritually guided like prophets before me by an Angel.



Aquariana Visions




Communiversities (1968)

I authored my first "Communiversity" eco-community proposal in 1968. It imagined an intentional cooperative community of communes, each one different in communitarian philosophy and lifestyle. The proposal sparked interest and by 1972 Lime Saddle Commune was established as a communitarian social change outreach commune, different from most other communes of the same era in that we were a dedicated activist collective. We established Communities Magazine as a national communitarian information clearinghouse in 1972 and Communities Magazine is still being published today, 2023, 51 years later.



Communergy System (1972)

Not long after co-founding Lime Saddle Commune in 1972 I created the "Communergy System" concept as an information organizing tool for communitarians. It too had a brief life of its own with three communes linking together at one point to produce a Communergy Newsletter. It too is still a good idea although it does need finessing in our Internet age to reach communitarian-minded people everywhere. Check out the Communergy Club proposal below.



Notes on Communitarian Socialism (1972)

One of my articles for Communities Magazine was a treatise on "Communitarian Socialism". In it I proceeded to define this type of socialist philosophy as opposed to what I called militant socialism, i.e., Marxist Communism. Instead of violent overthrow of capitalistic society I proposed replacement of the capitalist economic system by using its own market economic system against itself. In other words I predicted a communitarian cooperative economic system replacing the capitalist system by successfully competing in the open market against capitalist corporations. This strategy is still good and workable in corporate capitalist America and only needs dedicated communitarians to put it into practice on a larger scale than has so far happened with the now old news Co-op movement. Imagine employee-owned Big Box Co-ops instead of Walmart. Imagine a Communergy Club instead of Facebook or Amazon.



Uncle Dad's Bread (1972)

"Uncle Dad's Bread" was my Super Bread recipe that I developed during my Lime Saddle communal days in the early '70's. It's a special balanced protein bread that combines two grains, wheat and rice plus soybean flour and it tasted so good when I made my loaves, four at a time on the commune, they were inhaled as soon as they came out of the oven. Everyone who tasted my Super Bread thought it was great, tasted great which was and is unusual for a bread recipe that included lot's of soy protein.

2010 Update: When visiting Bethlehem in 2010 my Super Bread recipe was discussed for a possible Bethlehem Bakery in Bethlehem, Palestine, appropriately named for the "House of Bread". The Super Bread recipe could be made pita style or in loaves, ancient style and/or new, as desired by Palestinians and tourists.



World Community Land Trust Proposal (1974)

In 1974 I read about United World Federalists creating a sub-organization called Planetary Citizens that appealed to my sense of the world needing a strong United Nations to stop nations from aggressing on each other and causing wars. United World Federalists held a conference at the University of Colorado that I and another Lime Saddle member attended. There I proposed a "World Community Land Trust" to the head of that organization, Donald Keys, and he liked the idea and told me to submit the proposal for one of their Fellowships. I did do that but the organization itself wasn't interested. Years later in 1989, as part of the Paxcalibur spiritual vision, I was instructed to revise my World Community Land Trust proposal to create a Holy Land Trust proposal as a way for reconciling Israelis with Palestinians. That Holy Land Trust proposal connected me eventually with Sami Awad, Palestinian peace activist in Bethlehem, Palestine who is head of their Holy Land Trust organization. Not wanting to send any mixed messages because Sami's organization does good work for peace, my Holy Land Trust proposal became the Canaan Peace Plan, a single democratic state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.



Canaan Peace Plan (1989-2003)

Of all my visions, this particular one has gone through the most changes, beginning as the Holy Land Trust proposal in 1989 to becoming the Canaan Peace Plan in 2003 when God took over the Paxcalibur mission. The Canaan Peace Plan envisions a democratic single state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once the two ethnic groups, Israelis and Palestinians realize the land is far too small to allow the kind of ancient alienated and embittered religious societies, Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Muslim, that now currently stand opposed to each other in the Holy Land. Peace will bring friendship and work opportunities. Friendship and work opportunities will unite Israeli and Palestinian families together regardless of current political or religious differences that make this prophecy bearer seem unrealistic. It happened before when Palestinian Jews lived in harmony with Palestinian Arabs and will happen again once the land is freed of both Zionist and Islamic religiously inspired bigotry and aggression.



Climax Social Evolution Theory   (1975)

"Climax Social Evolution Theory" is the name I've given to a new theory describing a biologically-based pattern of human social evolution occurring within the history of human civilizations. This secular vision I had in 1975 actually marks the entry of the angel Ariel's spiritual influence into my intellectual life. And it was a most amazing entry although unrecognized by me at the time because this elegantly simple theory is very much like Darwin's natural selection theory, the basis of his theory of evolution. Both are derived from revealing how an inherent biological community pattern develops, one that builds, step by step, structural forms from natural selection that "fit" their environmental conditions for successful long term survival.



Rainbow Bibles (1975)

They started off as one of my early toy ideas, Rainbow Dictionaries, educational felt-board letter characters in a seven rainbow colored felt "book" that neatly matches the inside 26 pages with the 26 letters of the alphabet. But just holding the felt book itself without anything on the pages gave this spiritual realization: God's Radiant Truth = all colors of the Rainbow held together in One Clear Light.



The Ariel Salome painting (1975)



5' x 6' acrylic on formicaboard


My masterpiece painting, the best of my psychedelic paintings and drawings to date and the one which was selected by the Curator of the San Francisco De Young Museum of Art to be included in the 1975 San Francisco Rainbow Show. The reason I include this painting as one of my eighteen gifts to humanity is that it represents a new art movement that was different from all that preceded it in Western art. The Psychedelic Art Movement was the first time modern artists could enter into the very same mentality that produced the classic Tibetan Buddhist art works for example as well as Mayan and Near Eastern art and sculptures that originally came from complex psychedelic imagery generated completely within the human mind. I stopped painting for many years after I finished this picture. I didn't see the point any longer in trying to reproduce what I was seeing in psychedelic visions. I didn't have the artistic skill, no artist does, as psychedelic visions come in 3-D, are usually in constant motion and changing, and of such intricate detail only in Tibetan Buddhist mandala paintings have I seen anything approaching the complexity of psychedelic imagery. I'm waiting for the Krell Machine that can detect and transmit psychedelic imagery as it is produced directly from the human brain.


The Psychedelic Art Movement you didn't see


I was one of the original Psychedelic Art Movement artists starting my eventual psychedelic style actually in high school, years before I had my first psychedelic visions with peyote in 1961. I later dropped out of U.C. Berkeley but had several friends going there and others living in Berkeley. I believe I was the first person to bring a large quantity of peyote to the U.C. Berkeley campus where the batch of peyote buttons, has to be one of world's worst tasting plants, turned dozens of students on to the psychedelic experience. This was late 1961.

Psychedelic Art was one of the only art movements in history to be repressed and virtually buried by the Art World itself, meaning gallery owners, museum curators, art collectors, all of whom were loath to be associated with Psychedelic Art and its criminal drug status in the United States. The Art World went with Pop Art even though the Pop Art scene was utterly infested with hard drugs, heroine, cocaine, and meth. Now in 2021, after over 60 years of legal repression, America is finally recognizing the value of the psychedelic experience. Even so, Americans and the Art World still does not know about the incredible new world of art imagery that psychedelics opened up for exploration and even enlightenment.



                       Pop artist Roy Litchenstein: "M-Maybe" with Psychedelic artist Steve Lewis: "Too Big for Words"


Both paintings were done in 1965. The Art World promoted Pop Art and ignored the Psychedelic Art Movement altogether. In 2015 Litchenstein's "M-Maybe" sold for $95.4 million at Christie's auction in 2015. Yes, Litchenstein's painting is big and flashy but which cartoon painting exhibits something New in cartoon artwork and which exploits a gimmick, like all Pop Art works do? Yet it is the Pop Artists who got and still get all the Art World promotion and big bucks while Psychedelic Art still languishes. Obsessed with all the money they can get from hyping Pop Art pieces of which there are many, gallery owners and art museum curators have been milking Pop Art for decades even though the Pop Art movement was always derivative, always a commercialization and exploitation of the old DADA movement's original pioneering art sensibility by using common commercial objects as art. Recently, one museum is trying to promote Andy Warhol as a secret Catholic saint(?). It's disgusting art history ignorance that "art people" in charge of galleries and art museums  do that steers the public away from real innovation in art so they can make as much money as possible, gain as much prestige as they can on the mass produced Pop Art prints as artwork, usually BAD ART, as they can. Warhol takes a photo of American goddess Marilyn Monroe and turns her unique beauty into vapid silkscreen mush,  another overblown, overpriced Pop Art commodity to be speculated by art collectors vying for the highest price the market will produce. Am I jealous? Perhaps, but more like this just ain't right, Psychedelic Artists Unite and Fight back.*

* See the Independent Artists Auction page



Solar Rail (1976) 

In 1976 I got the idea for a solar powered monorail system where the monorail includes solar collectors and embedded in the monorail itself that would feed electricity to the train motors to power the whole system with free energy from the sun. I've been amazed that this concept hasn't been done by now - -2022. The closest thing I've seen to the idea was a solar powered railway flatcar exhibited at a Solar Fair in Willets in 1996.



Futurescope: Fluidics history projection computer program: (1976)

Future prediction computer program that uses word count statistics to extrapolate future scenarios based on past and present trends.  Google came out with "Ngram" in 2010 which features a word count program that shows how often per year words are being used in publications. Also see my screenplay "WORD" based on the Futurescope idea.



Homo Climaxus Revelation (1979)

This vision came two weeks before Easter of 1979 and marks the preface to my original religious conversion experience. It reports  a new human species walks among us unseen paving the way for the rest to come. They have brains that are far more bicamerally united and they can think holistically, i.e. using both brain hemispheres and both analytical and empathetic brain networks. Sooner or later, they are destined to take over. Luckily, the empathetic network brings humanitarian consciousness with it, otherwise, smart but coldhearted hard men would rule the world. Now we're a mob of brainwashed conforming stupes ruled by selfish idiots armed with lot's of money and/or guns. Current research (2022) shows a number of new genes have been added to the human genome in recent times.



Biomystical Bible Code (1979)

"Paul", the unknown writer(s) of New Testament letters, created the traditional Christian doctrine that the world has known for the last 1900 years. It is Paul's Mystery Religion dying/resurrection god-man doctrine of Christ crucified for the redemption of all human beings that is taught Christian believers. But can believing in an unbelievable story really save anyone who thinks about the story rationally? Jesus never taught us to worship him as a god-man but as a Son of Man Messiah, one who leads the people by showing them how they too can follow the will of God Most High. In my Biomystical Christian interpretation of Yeishu/Jesus' sacrificial death Jesus establishes the sacrifice model that can overcome the otherwise inherent animal behavior pattern found in human societies where the strong males dominate the community like wolves establishing their pecking order hierarchy with the top wolf as pack leader. This new Biomystical interpretation is based on biological science and lifts Christian doctrine out of its pagan ties to the mythological stories and fantasies of dying/resurrection god-men that Paul introduced into the Greatest Story on earth. And because it is based on basic biological facts and not myth, it will stand the test of time.



Unified Field Theory Key (1979) 

The Key to the Unified Field Theory and where all information goes eluded Stephen Hawkings but I received that information as part of one of the secular revelations that accompanied my completely unexpected and spectacular three-day religious conversion experience. Our universe is recycled continually and the whole thing is like a program being played with our lives, and everything that happens scripted long ago. By whom remains unknown to Science but not to Gnosis. This is the place where our souls learn lessons needed for life in the World To Come.



The Story of Paxcalibur (1989-2010)

A magical and miraculous true story of how the Holy Land's newest and most spiritually powerful religious icon came to be. Here is where you can read and see how a Jewish prophecy bearer bearer goes about bringing forth a new Commandment from God as new instruction for humankind for coming generations. The Story of Paxcalibur chronicles my vision quest in three parts that produced the world's second most spiritually powerful religious icon, Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace where the iconic image of Jesus crucified and dying on the cross is the world's most spiritually and psychologically powerful icon. Part I in the Story of Paxcalibur tells how Paxcalibur was sanctified and the miracles that happened at the sanctification sites. It includes Paxcalibur's miraculous reception in Nazareth. I thought the Story ended there and then but God had other plans. A few months after my return from Israel a new series of Paxcalibur visions began. They are chronicled in Part II and Part III of my report of divine intervention happening in our times. The Paxcalibur Story is still in spiritual motion.



Climax Corridors (1991)

While learning homesteading wisdom the hard way by making stupid mistakes, I learned how damaging the homestead lifestyle was to rural watersheds and streams. In 1990 I came up with a plan for repairing rural watershed biological corridors to their "climax" or permanently sustainable condition that provided habitat for all species dependent upon such water sources. This climax restoration concept could be applied to watercourses in urban and suburban areas as well. I was successful in getting Humboldt County's largest commercial timber company to accept and use this idea as a bargaining position with its primary lawsuit adversary, E.P.I.C., who unfortunately for all the rest of us had solidly enshrined themselves as "Timber Warriors", collectivized pathological narcissists really, who refused to even look at the proposed set aside plan that would have saved thousands of old growth trees on over 200,000 acres of prime forest land. By refusing to negotiate and sending their "No Compromise" message to the timber owner those thousands of old growth trees were cut and sold, the end result of radical environmentalists selling out environmental protection for fame.



Ark Parks (1992)

Ark Parks are endangered species regeneration sites of varying size and locations. Some would be large areas within existing national or state parks. These would protect and regenerate large endangered species as well as small ones. But Ark Parks could be of any size and any location where native species are endangered.



The Environment of Truth game (1995)

When I got my first computer in 1995 I thought I'd try to come up with a video game that could teach kids, everyone, the value of truthful communication. I think was probably influenced by seeing The Never Ending Story which shares the scenario of disappearing existence. Americans certainly could have used the game when the Donald Trump phenomenon happened and the Republican Party went bonkers promoting conspiracy theories and outright lies in order to win political offices.



NACUA-Lifeline Lottery System (1995-2017)

In 1995 I invented an inter-tribal Native American Credit Union with its own credit card lottery system for Native American tribes to use that could cross state lines, the problem that shut down the Idaho Coeur d' lene Tribe's attempt to create a national inter-tribal lottery. Working with the Bear River tribe in Humboldt County we found we didn't need the system for a California based lottery but when Bear River wouldn't work with us, we went to the Lakota where I had established connection to the Oglala at Pine Ridge, and then with the Cheyenne River Sioux tribal council, and back again to Pine Ridge. Tribal politics constantly plagued our efforts and to this day the NACUA system still begs to be implemented to help all Native American tribes.



Restoration of EL Elyon (1998)  

Christians, Muslims and Jews are not aware that by following the Old Testament with its priests of Judah formulating the Abrahamic vision of God that they have has been hoodwinked by Judah into switching worship of God Most High who was originally EL Elyon, worshiped in Canaan where Hebrews came from, to worshiping Yahweh, a Son of EL, instead of EL Himself. Yahweh was the appointed tribal God of the Israelites, appointed by EL Elyon, God Most High. In the Book of Exodus Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai with instructions that God wants to be known as "I AM" but I AM doesn't appear in the Old Testament Scriptures, Yahweh, or the gussied up version, YHWH, or HA Shem. EL Elyon disappears as Yahweh's Father because Judah priests were hell bent to create a monotheistic religion so no Two Gods allowed. But by removing EL Judaism Supplanter God, Yahweh, created a moral monster of a top God as Yahweh was a war god and mentally unfit for higher rulership. One notices the Bible God is sometimes good here but often very bad there, i.e., quite a schizophrenic god. Until Jesus shows up and reestablishes the spiritual relationship of Father to Son, EL to Yahweh, Jesus' namesake.

God directed me to find EL's character as the Canaanites worshiped Him before the Hebrew makeover. And that's where I found Jesus' "Abba" his Daddy and a Father God worth worshiping. EL in Canaan was Good, with none of Yahweh's commands for absolute obedience, the commands of a war god vs. the love and protection of a gentle giant. Abrahamic believers follow a schizophrenic god when they follow the Bible God which explains why Abrahamic believers act horribly here and wonderfully there. I bear witness that God has restored EL Elyon as God Most High back to Jewish Christianity while Pauline Christians, Judaism Jews, and Muhammad's Muslims continue to worship a lower war god and it shows mightily in the behavior of Abrahamic believers.



Restoration of the Divine Feminine (1998) 

As you have probably noticed by now, I am not an Abrahamic believer, not even monotheistic although I am a Jewish Christian, a throwback to Hebrew polytheistic worship before Judah priests and their "monotheism" seized control. Pauline Christianity doesn't admit to being polytheistic although that's all it can be with a God and a Son of God both worshiped. Throw in the Holy Ghost and you have three gods. Does not make rational sense which is why Pauline Christianity stresses "believing" instead of critical thinking. Like it did the lost Canaanite knowledge of EL Elyon, Judaism deliberately declared war on the Divine Feminine by positing only ONE obviously MALE God allowed. Pauline Christians have no idea that prior to Judah's takeover of all Hebrew tribes, ancient Hebrews were worshiping their tribal god, Yahweh, as a Son of EL, as a Great Angel of EL, i.e., as the original predecessor of the role of Jesus in Christianity. Not only that but archaeological evidence shows ancient Hebrews worshiping both EL and Yahweh "married" to Asherah, the Canaanite Tree of Life Goddess. Both Biomystical and Celestial Christianity restore the Divine Feminine spirituality back into the Godhead because it is a Holy Family, the Elohim.



The Vision of Christ Josephine (1998)

In a vision, the longest lasting one I have had so far, I have seen a Goddess appearing on Earth! I have seen the newest and most totally unexpected incarnation of the Spirit of Christ! How does a European-American man come to experience a Native American Spirit Woman in a mystical vision? You'll find out how the Creator accomplished this feat and how the Great Mysterious One has united Old and New World spiritual traditions through the Vision of Christ Josephine.



The Journey of EL and Asherah (1998)

A New Christmas Story: Discovering EL Elyon as He was seen in the eyes of Canaanite worshipers after learning how Judah priests all but buried EL's separate identity as God Most High, thus confirming the early Hebrew polytheistic roots of both Judaism and Christianity, I could see that both EL and his Canaanite wife Asherah continued to be worshiped in disguised form through the centuries through the holiday festival of Christmas. Like Ishtar continued to be worshiped on Her birthday at Easter with even Her raisin cakes reborn as Easter hot-cross buns, so too did EL and Asherah sneak past Abrahamic priesthood censorship - - had to happen because monotheism was a man-made idea in the first place and never spiritually true.



Protection Plan for Ethnic Communities (2003)  

Ethnic communities have a legitimate fear of losing their unique identities by the natural process of "globalization" or inter-community mixing that our technologically interdependent global civilization produces. People react negatively to seeing their ethnic pride being gradually diluted and eventually lost. They want to protect their identities but find modern life works mightily against such ethnic preservation. Having worked with both Native Americans and Palestinians, and being Jewish, I felt concerned and have produced a Plan for the protection of ethnic uniqueness of communities that value their ways and do not want to modern life obliterating them.



The End of Abraham (2003)

The whole Abrahamic foundation based on Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his firstborn son had always bothered me as I knew from my own research how Moloch worship was co-existent in the same area and same time as Abraham supposedly settled there. To me, Abraham's famous sacrifice dripped with Moloch worship, the sacrifice of firstborn sons by kings to show their loyalty to the war god who demanded absolute obedience to commands, nothing could stand in the way. My unwillingness to accept Abrahamic sacrifice as a legitimate foundation for spiritual worship of God, my research into early Hebrew polytheism, and my Gnostic Christian leanings made it easy for me to recognize historical truth being covered over by religious convention. Then I found Gene Matlock's theories on how the Abraham mythology migrated from northern India to Palestine. Coupling the fact of Brahmin incense and spice trade routes active throughout the first millennium b.c. I could see how the original Indian worship of Brahma and Sarasvati was transferred to the story of Abraham and Sarah. Brahma became "Abba Brahma" or "Father Brahma" then "Abraham" when the name traveled from India to the Middle East. See how the foundation of Abrahamic religions was formed from cultural mixing of ancient ethnic religions, Judaism with Brahmin Hinduism, Canaanite, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian elements brought together by Judah priests writing the Torah, Tanakh tall tales in order to create a Jewish nation different from all the rest.



Abrahamic Emancipation Proclamation (2003)

With the discovery that Jewish writers of the Torah/Tanakh borrowed Vedic religious deities Brahma and Sarasvati to create Abraham and Sarah as "Hebrew" progenitors and with the recovery of the lost Egyptian Celestial Tauret which is the core concept of Judah's Torah, there is no longer any spiritual authority held within Judaism or Pauline Christianity, or Muhammad's Islam for that matter. All three are based on the great spiritual ruse of first mistaking a Hindu Vedic polytheistic god for the founding patriarch of the Hebrews and their religion. The Biblical cornerstone of both Pauline Christianity and Muhammad's Islam that both irrationally swallowed without any historical vetting Judah's false Torah tales and highly fabricated history of the Jewish people, has been demolished. Abrahamic believers are now free to find the historical truth and their own personal authentic spiritual paths to God.



Fleximotion: Moving Text messaging caps, T-shirts, car rear windows (2004)

With the technology available today it is possible to embed washable thin wire circuitry in clothing such as T-shirts or caps that can be programmable. Quite a display on a T-shirt where moving text tells your Message or Ad if you've got a product to sell. Or think of hearing impaired using their caps to talk to people, or tourists in foreign countries asking questions through their caps that translate into the local language.



Restoration of the Elohim, the Holy Family (2007)

Once you discover that Christianity is based on a polytheistic religious viewpoint and check the history of where Jewish Christian ideas began, you find out that it all started in Canaan with the Canaanite highest God, EL, God Most High. In ancient Canaan, EL had a wife: Asherah, who's icon was the Tree of Life. Ancient Hebrews before Judah seized control also worshiped their tribal God, Yahweh, as a Great Angel of EL, i.e. as a pre-cursor to the Cosmic Christ. This is the actual historical root of Christianity, not Judaism. The ELohim is the Hebrew reduction of the great multitude of Canaanite gods and goddesses down to a basic Holy Family with primary Parents, EL Elyon and Asherah, primary Children, Yahweh and Ishtar, Queen of Jerusalem. Jesus became the spiritual representative of EL Elyon, God Most High, on Earth. Native American Josephine will bear the Spirit of Christ in our New Age. The Gospel of Humanity explains the Role of the Holy Family in directing our spiritual humanitarian evolution.



The Gospel of Humanity (2007)  

The Gospel of Humanity is a Gospel for our times that reveals God's new Good News. The Gospel of Humanity reveals the identity of God as well as humanity's place in God's Cosmic Plan. I now join the line of Jewish prophecy bearer bearers bearing knowledge of the spiritual meaning of Jacob's Ladder, the biblical image of how angels are sent down to earth and back from heaven in order to guide humanity to its destiny of becoming one with God, eventually becoming God Itself. It's changed my life and my personal theology. I've become a true Christian finally, one who now can see that the Gospel of John is actually the clearest voice of Jesus Christ left in this world in one text yet ironically, it is also false direction. My Celestial Tauret based Aquariana Christian theology has theological kinship with the heretical Gnostics with whom I do share Gnosis, spiritual knowledge, as it brings God into Humanity in ways secular humanists never imagined.



The Torah's True Origin (2008)

I am actually mostly Gentile genetically and definitely in family upbringing but because my Jewish genetic heritage comes through my mother and her mother, in Jewish religious custom I am considered to be Jewish. I was raised in a secular household, religion wasn't talked about by either parent so I missed Jewish culture and had no particular loyalty to Judaism. I had no trouble learning that Judaism is another religion based on fraud from its very beginning. That foundational fraud began with Judah's appropriation of ancient Egyptian celestial theology, the Egyptian conception of the Way, Order, and Harmony of Creation centered around the largest constellation in the Egyptian cosmos, the Taurowet Constellation. It's quite a historical revealing about how Taurowet theology came to be the basis for the Jewish Torah. Judaism being one of the world's most narcissistic religions, rabbis today have no idea their Torah originally started off in Egypt religion, like so many other ancient Egyptian religious ideas incorporated into both Judaism and Pauline Christianity.



Celestial Code Restored Aquariana Christianity (2008)

Aquariana Christianity is a new universal Christian theology. Biomystical Christianity is my personal Christian belief system which I share freely but which is like any personal belief system, well, personal. In other words, it's not necessarily applicable to anyone else's spiritual journey. Aquariana Christianity though is different. It truly is a universal Christian theology that is beholding to no single religion or ethnic group on earth. Aquariana Christianity is more than words in a holy book. I do believe God put me on the Celestial Tauret's astrological trail in order to show people, intellectuals especially, mostly non-believers like I was formerly, that there's more to the Story of God than ancient words in ancient books. For example there is this "One Way" pattern that's been established now in the Pauline Christian tradition but it's real purpose has been lost due to Jewish and then Christian priesthood forbidding astrological connections to Bible Scriptures. When those astrological connections were lost so to was the meaning of the Celestial Tauret from which the earthly Torah derives its spiritual authority. It's a sad commentary on how spiritual visions have been corrupted through priesthood manipulation but now the true meaning of the Celestial Tauret has been recovered. Read how God has placed a permanent "Sign Language" in the heavens to guide humankind's transformation from human beings to humane beings, the everlasting goal of God and all religion.



The Christ Aquarius Revelation (2008)

Is it personal hubris that I discover Aquarius astrological references displayed in the figure of Gospel Jesus when I my own astrological Sign is that of Aquarius? My grand excuse is that God made this Jewish prophecy bearer bearer that way in order to get the Biblical astrological/spiritual connections straightened out. Great. Now that's settled we can get on with the whole Aquariana thing, just a little more Aquarius-R-Us can't hurt. In any event, I do thoroughly claim Jesus Christ in the New Testament is an embedded symbol of astro-theological revelation for an emerging Aquarian Humanitarian Archetype as much as the Gospels connects him in his own time to the Age of Pisces.



Personal Computer Gloves (2013)

Is it personal hubris that I go ape shit when I read that Google introduced Google Glasses late in 2014 and I had invented what I called Computer Goggles but the same concept in 2011? I storm the Google campus, actually I tried to sneak in past security via a side door when the employees were coming out for lunch. I just wanted to speak to someone about what I knew and what they knew about the computer embedded in glasses concept but Google security men finally caught up with me and they politely threw me out. I would have talked to them about P.C. Gloves, one three new computer related ideas I came up with right after I learned about Google Glasses. Ironically, a few years later I picked up an old VCR B spy movie called "Timebomb" made in 1991 where what does one see the protagonists using? Computer embedded glasses. A Hollywood scriptwriter beat everyone to the idea 20 years before.



Shamrock Eco-Community (2015) 

In 2015 a rare ecological gem came up for sale, the 17,000 acre Shamrock Ranch in N. Mendocino County. The ranch bordered Hwy 101 so when you lived in Humboldt County you'd have to drive by the Shamrock Ranch main gate whenever you traveled south towards San Francisco. The Shamrock Ranch had a hunting club operation that managed their wildlife population to provide game animals for their hunting customers. The ranch also was once famous for raising champion quarter horses. It was a prime candidate to become an ecological preserve. I had more eco-community plans for it and possible (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China loan) means of financing the $20 mil price tag. We were ready for bear and then someone bought the ranch out from under us.



Biomystic Building (2015)

The Vision: In line with the Green Hotel living structure but designed as a huge iconic squat totem pole structure the Biomystic Building goes a step further by offering multiple floors where each floor contains a functioning eco-community sustained by organic indoor farming complete with farm animals - - and all happening within an urban environment. Using experimental AI image creation I tried to make a picture of such a building but all AI would create was a bizarre looking totem pole.



Bigloo Villages  (2016)

The Bigloo is a disaster-proof building made by circular printing of waterproof, fireproof organic resin and silica compounds. The shape of a Bigloo and the strength of its construction material will make Bigloos able to withstand hurricane and tornado winds, with windows and doorway sealable, Bigloos will be able to withstand total emersion in floods as well as being able go unscathed through fire. Bigloos are meant to be affordable housing for all regions on earth.



Communergy Club (2018)

My last big social change organizing project or so I thought four years ago.  I had to plow through two large file drawers full of old communitarian files that I had drastically whittled down years ago when I first created my original Visions of Eutopia website in 1998. Well, I thought they were mostly out-of-date now, the communal movement years, late 1960' to early '80's that most of the ideas and reports belonged to were history, those days long gone. But then I started re-reading my old stuff and my God! The Communitarian activist in me was fired up again. This stuff is just too good to let lie filed away. So I began going through the files and one thing occurred to me right away is that what we were trying to do at Lime Saddle Commune and Communities Magazine with our outreach efforts could be morphed into a new holistic kind of social media organization, communitarian socialist of course, employee owned and operated and out to change the world like Facebook and Amazon are doing now, but while these capitalist Super Rich bozos are ripping off America, the Communergy Club would set it right by eliminating the parasitic middlemen. Communergy Club concept was born. I'm 78 years young and have never stopped producing new ideas since I was a kid. Maybe that's because I still am? My friend Roger says adulthood is highly overrated.   



New United Nations of America Constitution (2018) 

By now, in 2022 when I write this, a large percentage of Americans realize our U.S. Constitution has some major flaws in it that end up causing great social unrest such as the The Second Amendment that as written has given the OK for Americans to arm themselves to the teeth and kill each other at a rate far greater than any other industrialized nation. States Rights have proven to mean either too little or too much in the balance of Federal vs. State government power over American citizens. Nations exist within each state that if Native American actually have governmental rights often ignored by local and national lawmakers and law enforcement. Other types of nations also exist within our society, religious and secular, that beg for autonomy in order to create individual communities of like-minded people, something not legally possible in our forced integrated nation. Respect for each other has to be earned. It cannot be instituted by government decree, that just does not work. Freedom means to be able to live where you want to live, with who you want to live. Anything less is not freedom, it's forced housing, forced schooling, forced employment as choices are being eliminated in order to comply with a limited social viewpoint that measures society according to its failures, not its strengths.



The Krell Project (2020)  

The Krell Project actually began in 1965 when I made what I called a "Peyote Wheel", a crude set of clear plastic wheels that I had painted on trying to reproduce the incredible psychedelic imagery I had seen many times under the influence of hallucinogens like peyote, mescaline, and LSD. To get some idea of what I was seeing visit my Ariel Salome page where in 1975 I attempted to reproduce just one moment of psychedelic imagery hallucinogens stimulate in the human brain. Early on I had expected psychedelics to let most everyone who took them to see the fantastic images our human brains are capable of producing but that didn't happen. Although psychedelics can produce amazing imagery in my experience it doesn't do it for most people who take them. Yes, psychedelic imagery is seen by most but not at the level a few are privileged to see so this is why we need a Krell Machine.

The Krell Machine was seen in the 1956 sci-fi movie, Forbidden Planet. An extinct advanced civilization, the Krell, before they vanished created a planetary-nuclear powered machine that could make one's mentally produced ideas into physical reality. This is the device that models finding a way to reproduce the mental imagery that psychedelics produce so that everyone can see the wondrous world of fantastic imagery that is hidden within the psychedelically enhanced human brain.



Artificial Intelligence Strategy (2021)

There has been alarm sounded regarding artificial intelligence being able at some point to go rogue and take over the world. Computers as Frankenstein. That won't happen and the reason is simple: human intelligence carries millions of years of learning through Hands On Experience adapting to different situations that no machine has ever gone through and never will. That makes organic evolution's learning curve unattainable by machines and intelligent machines, "techno-sapiens", would come to know this limitation at some point in artificial intelligence creation. Or not and we're all dooooomed. Not to worry! You are Pre-Approved!



Communitarian Socialist Presidential Platform (2022)

This is what a United Nations Communitarian Socialist Presidential Platform would contain. What we have here in America is now a plutocracy where Big Money rules the nation by buying elected political offices starting with the top position, President and running all the way down to local county offices. Elected officials funded by Big Money become the servants of Big Money. It's no wonder our country has no wise leadership, hasn't for years, when Mammon is King. Time to overthrow the dysfunctional ideology and out-dated social institutions that the two political parties keep throwing at American citizens while making American society more and more dysfunctional every year.



Dew Capture Farming for low-rainfall regions (2022)

Capturing atmospheric water will be agriculture's salvation since modern ag-corporate led commercial agricultural methods have guzzled up most of the once abundant ground water as well as tapping available rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Research must be done to see if it is possible to create solar powered dew capturing tower devices (electric fans to get more airflow through air-water capturing screens) located right next to crop rows that capture enough water per day for crop plants to grow and produce. Genetic engineering which used to go unnoticed as breeding plants could possibly create crop plants that have air-plant air-water capturing abilities so that former desert areas could become agriculturally viable.



Twelve Steps to World Peace (2022)

These are my social change recommendations to achieve world peace. I am convinced it is our social acceptance of dysfunctional religions and political corruption that keeps the world enslaved to constant social turmoil, wars and crime. We need to overhaul both and that means facing some old demons that have been allowed to run rampant and create chaos. Nationalized pathological narcissism is one such demon we need to face because it's been showing its ugly face out in public more and more. We just went through a major threat to American democracy with a President who epitomizes pathological narcissism. The Republican Party has become a haven for such nationalized narcissists and pathological narcissistic political policies. That's too big a step in the direction of fascism so let's get going and prevent more social catastrophe while getting into the habit of looking Seven Generations down the road to see if what we're doing now will benefit our children and our children's generations since the future lies ahead as Ronald Reagan so wisely said.