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Me and my BIG IDEAS..


   California Kush Inc. Well, I did claim to be a prophet and I did incorporate California Kush Inc. way back in January of 1979 making it America's oldest commercial cannabis corporation. It was incorporated in Humboldt County in anticipation of legalization following a favorable Humboldt County court decision legalizing at least cannabis indica if not all cannabis species. I have a lock on the name and it's a good one. "Kush" has held up 39 years as of this writing as the name of a consistently potent cannabis strain. I am currently living in the heart of California's agricultural land so "California Kush" is ready for start-up and the county I live in is already taking cannabis corporations on in its development planning. At present, 2018, California legislature favors non-profit cannabis organization but that will open up probably later this year or in 2019. It's kind of unconstitutional to try to keep for profit corporations out of the cannabis marketplace. But if need be, Cal Kush could become a non-profit although years ago a lawyer warned me against doing business as a non-profit organization. Cal Kush fits into the latter category in my view on Essential or Basic items and services needed for individual and community well-being vs. Non-Essential or Luxury Economy  items and services. We use the corporate capitalist system against itself and go into Big Business to put Big Business out of business.                          


  Ariel Salome Painting. Around 1993 my Ariel Lome painting fell off its holding bolt one night and suffered breakage in the upper right hand corner of its formica-board foundation. I was unable to reconstruct the damaged part of the painting and decided to go ahead with an old plan to add texture to the painting. It became a new painting, Ariel Salome, as a dancing form emerged in the new part. I know some would say find a professional restorer, pay the big bucks somehow, and bring it back to the way it was. But I have a good photo negative stored away and lot's of copies so the old image will never be lost. That paintings been problematical for me many times but it's still my best work to date and I want to sell it at a price it's worth and donate most of the money to my various Good Causes like Communergy Club as well as to the Paxcalibur Peace Mission, Josephine Mission and possible Ojai Mission. I admit it. I do definitely want revenge for us early Psychedelic Art Movement artists who saw our art movement swept under the Art World world rug and the value of our art work to the cultural enrichment of America along with it. Of course there are always Prints to sell of this painting and other artworks of mine and other Communergy Club members.


NACUA-Lifeline Lottery system: I've spent twenty years trying to convince at least one Native American tribal council to take on the development of the Native American Credit Union Administration/Lifeline Lottery system. Have worked with three tribal councils, Bear River here in California and, Cheyenne River Sioux and Oglala Lakota Nation and seen these tribes unable to put aside tribal politics and watched time and again, first the Heartlands Project, then the NACUA one, go down the drain and a huge economic resource for tribes left undeveloped. The potential is still there and just needs one tribe committed to seeing the NACUA-Lifeline Lottery project through.

Biomystic Systems: Dozens of inventions (see the Inventions & Designs page-got to be a winner or two in there somewhere..)


  PC Gloves: I invented the same concept Google brought out in late 2013 as Google Glasses almost three years before they did in 2011. When they brought Glasses out I was shocked and within two days had conceived of three more different types of "wearable tech" devices. One seemed to me a winner and that was a computer system using super tough graphene and glassine micro-wiring built into stylish but very durable, even washable gloves that allow one to have full computer functioning and texting ability using any available flat surface your hands can comfortably access.


Eutopia or Bust bumperstickers: I had this slogan made up as bumperstickers back in 1968 so this year marks the 50th Anniversary of Eutopia or Bust influencing the world through bumpersticker activism. I still have a couple of hundred left and want to mount them on nice placards and sell them as now quite rare items to support Communergy Club activities.


  Rainbow Bibles: Just imagine tens of thousands of stalwart but homeless Communergy Club members standing on busy street corners each with their Rainbow Bible stand with stacks of Rainbow Bibles at hand and the proverbial tin cup. Some of us could have additional attractions like I used to have with Buddy the Flying Lion-Dog until he put on a few pounds and got too heavy. Sell Rainbow Bibles and give away Communergy Club membership tracts at the same time. Ok, how about we have Rainbow Bibles distributed in every school and schoolboard, every college and church, everywhere LGBT Rights are under attack.