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* Religions and brain functioning:

Do religious indoctrination change brain functioning, especially in the rage and empathy brain modalities? Are Christians less prone to rage at religious differences and are Muslims more prone to rage at them? Brain studies should be done in mass studies to see if we are not programming ourselves to become violent and irrationally behaving beings following religious indoctrination.


* The Stars our destination > >> going out to tame them. It's what humanity does wherever it goes on Earth. Is it wise to let us loose on the Universe?


* Legendary (late) physicist Stephen Hawking has expanded his theories on black holes, claiming they are portals to another universe.

Undermining previous research that claims whatever falls into a black hole is never seen again, the 74-year-old argues they are safer than first thought.

In his latest scientific paper, published in Physical Review Letters , Hawking has now claimed you could travel through a black hole and survive - although he admits you'd probably come out the other side in a different universe, and there'd be no going back.

According to Hawking and fellow theorists Andrew Strominger of Harvard and Malcolm Perry of Cambridge University, the answer lies in black holes' zero-energy particles, known as "soft hair", which store information on the black hole's horizon - the invisible boundary that is the point of no return.

-died today, March 14th, 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking onstage during the New Space Exploration Initiative "Breakthrough Starshot"

Hawking and his fellow researchers seem to think these hairs could solve the central paradox of black holes, backing up the basic laws of the universe which state that anything that has ever existed is preserved via its information.

The British physicist has been arguing his case on black holes for decades. Last year, he made a speech at Harvard University, claiming they "aren't the eternal prisons they were once thought" due to them having a "back door".

"Things can get out of a black hole, both from the outside and possibly through another universe," he said. “If you feel you are trapped in a black hole, don’t give up. There is a way out."



Hawking said the answer to the black hole paradox lies in their zero-energy particles, or 'soft hair'

He added: "The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible. The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn't come back to our universe.”

Hawking has made other crazy claims in the past when it comes to black holes. Last year he said we could power the whole of human society if only we could somehow harness the energy of a mountain-sized black hole.

However, he admitted that if we failed to control it, it could sink into the middle of the Earth and begin feasting on human beings, our home planet and eventually the entire solar system.


Legend in his own mind Biomystic Stephen Lewis for decades unknown to the cosmology club countered legendary Stephen Hawkings ideas with his own theory of what happens on the other side of Black Holes that he saw in a vision and recorded as part of his religious conversion experience at Easter of 1979. Stephen Lewis' Theory gives a foundation for both solving the mystery of where all information in the universe goes and the Unified Field Theory.


"Black Holes are the keys to the physical ending of our known universe and the keys to the discovery of the mathematical formulas which attempt to unite the puzzling similarities between the structures and forces operating in the macro-universe of stars, galaxies, and gravitational attraction, and the structures and forces of the micro-universe of atoms, sub-atomic particles, and electromagnetism. Black Holes are also the key to the mystery of where hydrogen atom come from.

Science tells us that Black Holes are the last stage in the evolution of stars of sufficient mass that have so exhausted their atomic fuel in continuous fusion reaction that the remaining atomic matter loses internal coherence and self-implodes. This inward collapse of each atom's nuclear structure in turn creates a compressive effect that allows for incredible densities to occur in the remaining star matter. These super densities in their turn create super gravitational "pulls" which become strong enough in Black Hole stars to literally suck all radiation energy still remaining back into the stars themselves including radiated light so that all that can be seen of such stars are areas of lightless space- Black Holes.

Insights I have received would add these observations: Black Holes are the recycling centers of the universe and the universe's brakes on itself, on its outward expansion created from the original Big Bang explosion of its birth. Black Holes are distributed throughout time and space matching the distribution of stars. Black Holes act as literal vacuum cleaners of all matter and energy, and most importantly, time itself. The force of gravity (or curvature of space) is so immense in the Black Hole phenomena that following Einstein's theory of relativity, timed events slow to a complete stop as they disappear altogether in the Black Hole left by the dying star.

The fabric of time and space, Einstein's time/space continuum, is left distorted around the areas of Black Holes and since these holes are distributed throughout the universe, there is a continual if gradual warping and sucking of all stars systems into the universal Black Hole annihilation network and a continuous destruction of time and space itself--Entropy.

What happens to the matter and energy that disappears from our universe into nowhere in these Black Holes? It is reborn again, synchronized in time and space as one tremendous explosion, the original Big Bang itself which occurred 15 to 20 billion years ago in our time perspective, but as Einstein pointed out, such time being completely relative to our present position in space and not absolute- there is no absolute time scale. The cycle of the universe is therefore eternally Finite-- a closed system.

Hydrogen atoms are born through the Black Hole/Big Bang transformation. Hydrogen atoms are blown out as a gigantic clouds of interstellar dust to eventually coalesce into stars again which in turn provide the conditions for further and more complex combinations of these atoms becoming the rest of the basic elements. Hydrogen atoms are the transformed and super compressed structures of Black Hole stars.

All atomic nuclear reactions release the super compressed gravitational energy that has been transformed into nuclear binding and electromagnetism. For some reason I get the impression there is danger in releasing such energy here on Earth not only from the known dangers of radiation but also from the warpage of the fabric of time surrounding our world."


* Futurescope: A possible way of predicting the future using word count. See the Futurescope page.


* Human evolution advanced through being able to sit for long periods of time as much as having hands and fingers to make tools.

With no tails human beings can sit and do things with their hands for long periods of time. Women may have advanced the species more this way than men out bringing home the bacon with weapons they made while sitting.


* Why Forest Buffaloes would be bigger than plains buffaloes: Forest buffaloes don't have to run as much, can fatten up in small meadows, less need to walk long distances as do plains buffaloes.


* Is the Lolita pattern an evolutionary survival pattern for fatherless girls? Absent father = faster development of girls physically that makes them more attractive to men = new father figure = new provider for protection and survival of family unit.


* Does the noise of modern civilization cause tinnitus?


* The Spirit of Truth demands answers to national mysteries such as who really killed JFK and 9-11. It demands answers that satisfy all rational doubts, i.e. truth.


* Sperm Whales are waiting for us to learn their language so they can learn ours. (12/8/16)

We will form a mental symbiosis and vastly increase each other's knowledge of the world. Whales, masters of long distance communication without artificial enhancement will help us find ways to communicate across space and time.



Lot's more to come..