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United Nations of America Constitution



Like the Bible, the United States Constitution is at the end of its useful lifespan. It was formulated by men exclusively, European male colonial descendants, and while they did do a great job for their times, those times are over with, it's been 250+ years since first written, and and it's time to move on to a New Constitution that is by, and for the diverse People in America today. And for generations to come. There is a universal movement for strengthening Human Rights. The UN's Declaration of Protection of Human Rights document should be a model for inclusion of the same Rights within a New United Nations of America Constitution. The White House must go. Or paint it rainbow colors. As is, it symbolizes America's European White Colonial Supremacy past and must be replaced by a Presidential home that isn't an icon of white male supremacy, like we are already replaced symbols of Confederate racism.


Freedom means people are free to be what they want to be,

not what others say they must be

Respect for Human Rights is Respect for Human Freedom


Apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the U.N.A. Constitution


When one looks at the historical record of progressive human rights being established bit by bit in most every country even with huge backsliding movements like Communism and Nazism, Trumpism, we still see that compared to nations human rights records only a hundred years ago, tremendous advances have been accomplished, most of those permanently embedded into national constitutions. But obviously, things are not exactly square with Human Rights in our nation or around the world for that matter. More needs to done. The first step is recognition that Human Rights progressive installation is not going away despite setbacks. We need to plan for establishing more Human Rights into our governing laws because that's what people want. They want Freedom to Be whoever they want to be. That's just human nature demanding its due and not accepting repressive laws preventing this group or that group, this individual or that one from their unique expression. They want to be who they are without anyone telling them they can't without showing good reason for squelching particular group's or individual's rights to express themselves. Sure, violent groups must be prevented from such self expression but what about sexual identity? Or political boycotting, or wanting something banned because somebody somewhere didn't like it in the hands of ordinary citizens?

There's lot's of examples of people removing the rights of others they didn't like but once the Lord and Master vs. Serf and Slave feudal aristocracy system was mostly done away with around the world, except for certain anachronistic narcissistic power players who aspire to kingly status that periodically sprout up to slow the Human Rights establishment trend, the historical records shows eventual Human Rights becoming law. Why not prepare for the inevitable and start putting Human Rights into our U.S. Constitution as Amendments? Start with a Minority Rights Amendment.


Look at Scandinavia


Why are Skandinavian countries consistently low in crime and high in citizen happiness? Each one of them, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, all with fairly homogenous populations and all with socialized government programs within nations where individualism and making money are not nearly as important as pitching in for community well-being. Our Declaration of Independence declares the "pursuit of happiness" is the intent of the American Constitution. So be then; Government is the Voice of the People in pursuit of happiness and well-being, individual and community. Let the citizens, all of them, have their voice and choice and not be ruled by plutocrats buying government favor.