Restoration of the Holy Family

The Elohim

The Great and Mysterious "Us" and "We"

 of the Holy Family


The whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Holy One that is greater than all gods put together



The Holy One

As the Parents of the Holy Family is symbolized by Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars


Sun= 2 faces EL & Yahweh,

Moon= 3 faces, Ishtar (Virgin) Asherah (Mother), Kali (Crone), and Mother Earth.

As the Holy Family with the Children, son and daughter

the Planets: Yahweh= Jupiter, wandering star

Jesus Christ= Son of God,

Ishtar= White Buffalo Calf Woman-Christ Josephine,

both=Venus or the Morning Star


As Creation

and everything in it and beyond it


God is the Great Mystery that shows Itself in spiritual revelations to those called upon to serve as soldiers for the Living God, the prophets and saints, men and women of God who have dedicated their lives to this service. God is revealed only through the activity of these people who speak for the Living God and those leaders of society who claim the Living God guides their actions towards others of this world. Nature alone does not reveal God for Nature does not teach us to love one another in spite of not receiving any material benefit for such generosity of spirit, yet this very thing, the Great Living God demands of us to do. If we who have received the instruction do not do this, our personal spirit is wounded, the little Christ inside each one of us who is our conscience of right and wrong, good and evil. We know this unworldly love that defies social group exclusivity is not of this earth but from the spiritual realm of God.

God is One. God is Whole. God is impartial while we are partial. If we love partially, if we love only those who love us or who will benefit us this is not enough to satisfy that little Christ conscience inside us. We feel bad about ourselves because deep down we know God gave us this task from the beginning--to overcome ourselves, our selfish desires for personal gain at the expense of others less fortunate.


As Goodness Personified


God is Good. God is the Source of Goodness in the world. We are Children of a Good God who has put a means of overcoming the world into our hands through the supreme example of sacrifice of power for love that was shown all humanity through the story of Christ crucified. This is the deepest meaning of religion the world over. Each religion teaches in its own ways that the world and its natural law of survival of the strongest ruling the weakest, must be replaced in order to carry on the evolutionary advancement in ethical understanding which is the learning more and more fully how to walk the Path of God, the Path of Love for all humankind. This is how Goodness overcomes evil; through our acts of compassion and wisdom taught to us by God and It's Spirit of Christ. God is Goodness. For Goodness sake, worship God.


Wakan Tanka and EL Elyon


In my spiritual experience the Lakota have the very best definition and concept of God as The Great Mystery or Great Mysterious One. The Great Mysterious One is the same as the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. It is important that Wakan Tanka not be confused with Yahweh, the G-d of the Jews and Pauline Christians following the Jewish substitution of their tribal god, Yahweh for EL Elyon, God Most High. Like God Most High in ancient Canaan, Wakan Tanka too was symbolized by a bull and imagined as "Grandfather". As EL was the Creator of Humanity and all created things, so too is Wakan Tanka the Creator of all and everything.


The Path


But when I think about the Creator, I really cannot tell the difference between what people are calling "God" and this Path that has been laid out before me to follow. Something has laid it before me and that Something, for me, for my particular Path, is using histories, icons and religious concepts from both Old World Holy Land traditions and New World Native American spirituality. I can identify the historical Path that tells me the names and concepts humans have given the Something that has laid out my Path but, as I say, I really cannot distinguish between the Path itself and whatever has laid it out..from the beginning..*


2008 Update: The Identity of God has been revealed!

* Now I know who and what "Something" is. We are Holy One. God confirmed it with the Jacob's Ladder revelation in July of 2008. See the Gospel of Humanity chapter.