Dew Now

Atmospheric Water Capturing Farming

for all drought stricken regions of the world



Dew capturing Solar Panels power electric pump to suck in moisture-laden air makes them far more efficient. The trick is to get all this equipment reduced in size and applicable to row crop water distribution.


Dew catchers for Crops in low rainfall regions. Crop rows would have Dew Catchers spaced between them to provide just the right amount of water for each plant. Solar powered intake fans would increase water capture efficiency. Would transform worldwide agriculture by allowing desert areas to become agriculturally capable.


GMO air water capturing plants: All the water each plant needs is taken from the air with Leaves with filaments plus fibrous Bark design direct water droplets into plant intake pores (root properties)(Gravity assist water collection downward vs. Osmosis from roots upwards

Dew catchers for house roof-tops and greenhouses. (c.2008)