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Stephen Ariel Lewis


Written before I discovered the lost Celestial Tauret that anchored all the lost Taurowet, Saturn-Aquarius- Messianic astrological information which is still contained within biblical scriptures. It was buried before but now that I've revealed it in the pages of Celestial Restoration it will change Christianity forever because it's Universal Christian knowledge, not just my personal "Biomystical" interpretation. It's for everyone. But Biomystical Revelation is my personal religious belief system. It is a real "Book" that does record a new Christian vision but still, as a Biomystic prophesy bearer following the Gnostic Solitary Path, I believe everyone should follow their own personal beliefs instead of following the beliefs of other people including mine. Prophets are always claiming special status but historically we're a dime a dozen. Chose your own personal beliefs with care.


Biomystical Revelation is founded on spiritual revelation, Not as scholarly endeavor


This link will take you to the original religious conversion experience that began it all. It's the place to start learning how a new religion is born. At the bottom of that page will be the Paxcalibur icon link which will bring you back here ready for more hopefully.

The need for a new Christian theology


Intelligence never has guaranteed keeping a person from acting stupid. If it did societies would be governed by intelligence and reason which obviously has rarely been the case. So the Creator sent in prophets to guide the people who listen to their emotions more than their minds. Religious seekers in need of a rich new Christian belief system that will not fail them in the coming End Times of many traditional religious paths should consider Biomystical theology, the New Gnosis of God. Although given to one on a solitary Gnostic spiritual path, the Creator has told me through many Signs that I am to share Biomystical Revelation with all who seek spiritual truth of the ways in which the Great Mysterious One is uniting Heaven and Earth again.

Without the imput of Biomystical Christian visions and revelations and God-guided research, not only Christianity but all the Abrahamic religions will fall and succumb to historical discovery that is even now destroying the Abrahamic foundational myths that turn out to be forgotten re-workings of even more ancient pagan mythologies. God is going worldwide instead of being confined to the ancient Holy Land. This time the Creator is putting Old and New World spiritual traditions together through the arrival of the Vision of Christ Josephine that fulfills both an early Christian prophesy of the Return of Spirit of Christ in Feminine form as the true Bride of Christ Jesus, and the Lakota prophesy of the Return of their Savior and Founder, White Buffalo Calf Woman.


Biomystical Revelation

Biomystical Revelation is a completely new type of Gnostic theology that has come from my spiritual revelations and inspired research since Easter of 1979 when I went through my first "biomystical" religious experience that converted me from near atheism to belief in God and spiritual reality. Since Easter of 1979, like prophets Paul and Mohammed, over the years I too have received a full set of religious revelations that constitute a new religious theology. But unlike them, God has not seen fit to order everyone to obey my new theology or face eternal condemnation to hellfire. God is through with organized religions that end up becoming political vehicles for territorially ambitious men to set up permanent religious empires that compete with one another for believers whose tithes, taxes and pilgrimages provide the income for such religious enterprises.

Biomystical Revelation began as my personal theology which in true Gnostic solitary path formulation I was prophet, high priest, rabbi, apostle, bishop, pastor, and congregation all in one. In my original religious conversion experience, I proclaimed my revelations "constitute the tenets of the Church which I carry on my shoulders." Biomystical Revelation is a solitary spiritual path yet God has told me from the very beginning that Biomystical Revelation is to be used as the new Christian theological reference by any and all believers in God who are in spiritual spiritual confusion.

Biomystical Revelation serves as a model for the recovery of the true Path of God and for spiritual instructions for becoming truly humane human beings. Through Biomystical Christian theology and my quite real existence as a modern prophet claiming to be a spokesman for the Creator, everyone has the opportunity to see how a prophet goes about the prophesy bearing business in the New Millennium. Of course, the same standard of spiritual proof still applies, i.e., the prophesies of true prophets come true. Those of false prophets do not.


Where Paul preached Christ Crucified, Biomystical Revelation preaches Christ Unified

Biomystical Revelation is a radical departure from traditional (Pauline) Christianity and God alone knows if it has any spiritual worth in the grand scheme of things. I of course think it does but then why believe someone who seriously believes he is a prophet of God bringing the world a new religious understanding that it sorely needs? I can't answer that for anyone else except to say my Biomystical  belief system may help you figure out what Christianity is about in the New Millennium given the fact that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, are now exposed by historians and critical scholarship as fictions. They were concocted of ancient myths mixed with tribal histories that have been palmed off for two thousand years to gullible believers as the inerrant "Word of God". Where Paul preached Christ crucified, separating Christians from rational dialogue with other theologies and critical analysis, Biomystical Revelation preaches Christ unified. Gnosis is knowledge of the Creator. Science is knowledge of Creation. They cannot be separated. In Biomystical Revelation they aren't.


The Spirit of Christ


The Spirit of Christ is the defining measure of what it means to be a "Christian" in Biomystical Revelation theology. As it is impossible for a thoughtful person to believe in the historical accuracy of the New Testament gospels of Jesus Christ, BC theology uses the actions of Christian believers as the litmus test of what it means to be a Christian. BC chides Paul's attempt to make blind faith in Paul's pagan gospel of a dying/resurrection God-Man Jesus Christ the determining factor in whether or not one is a Christian or not. Most any Jew will tell you Paul's promotion of the dying/resurrection God-Man never came from Judaism, it was Roman Empire Gentile invention.

Biomystical Revelation sides with James who told us faith without works is empty posturing. God-given common sense tells us that when a "Christian" starts trying to condemn you to hell for not believing in the New Testament Christ mythology you can be sure that person is one of those who Jesus himself warned us against, the phony believers using Christian doctrine as a weapon to attack the spiritual integrity of others. "Christians" who promote rightwing causes such as support for wars benefiting multi-national corporations, or support for guns and the NRA, or any of the numerous rightwing attacks on social welfare programs, these people are going against the teachings of Jesus who, as good Christians know, stuck up for the poor and disadvantaged and condemned the rich and powerful. In short, Biomystical Revelation uses evidence of the Spirit of Christ within one, evidence that will appear to others as good works and kindness to all those in need of God's help, as the mark of a true follower of Christ.


Spiritual Revolution


There has been a Spiritual Revolution in Heaven. We have entered into a new millennium. We are entering into a new aeon as well, a new spiritual age, the Age of Aquarius. The religions of the past aeon, the Age of Pisces, will either undergo major reformations or become living relics of the past. They will no longer carry the necessary spiritual truths or the necessary spiritual power to inspire individuals and societies to great accomplishments following the goodwill of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth.


 Re-sanctifying Christianity


With Pauline Christianity headed for its End Times as indeed are Judaism and Muhammad's Islam there exists a spiritual vacuum that God abhors and has already begun the restoration of spiritual authority by new Christian revelation. The new theology is still in the process of prophetic revelation and birth but the sanctification has started as the Story of Paxcalibur reveals.


The Dethroning of Yahweh


Yahweh, God of Israel as designated in the Torah's Exodus tale, has now been exposed as an impure mixture of the following gods: Canaan's highest god, EL Elyon, God Most High, Baal, Canaanite war-storm god and original "Lord", Yahweh, tribal god of Israel, who started out as Yamm, Canaanite god of the sea as well as god of the tribe of Benjamin (= "sons of Yamm"), plus Moloch, fire-war god of the Ammonites, the god who demands firstborn children be passed through the fire in order to prove loyalty. Yahweh has always been a quite mixed up and schizophrenic god who issues commands to kill here and to love there, just like Abrahamic believers act themselves following such spiritual confusion.

See the Yahweh, the Fraud of Israel section in the End Times of Zionist Judaism for more details.


The Restoration of EL Elyon


EL Elyon, God Most High is being restored to His position as the Holy Sage King, the true God the Father, the highest Masculine Father face of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

EL Elyon, God Most High, is known in the New World as Sky Father, Wanka Tanka, the Great Mystery. In the Old World EL is the "Grandfather" face of the Great Mysterious One, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. They melded into One in my religious conversion experience where Bear Butte facing my homesite united in spiritual influence with Bear Butte in South Dakota. But I didn't know this at the time. Like many of my major spiritual revelations, the full meaning took years to unfold and be revealed.

See the Restoration of EL Elyon chapter.


The Restoration of the Elohim, the Holy Family


The Elohim has now become both simplified and unified in representing the Holy Family. The Divine Assembly is now represented by these Four Primary Divine manifestations of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth: Heavenly Father, Holy Mother, Son of God, and the coming Daughter of God.

* EL Elyon, God Most High, represents the Father face of the Holy Family. EL, with His totem animal the White Bull of Heaven in the Old World is Wanka Tanka with His totem animal the White Buffalo in the New World.

* Asherah a.k.a. the Tree of Life, is the Mother face of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth in the Old World. Spider Woman, the Web of Life, is the Mother face of the Holy One in the New World. She is benign in North America but becomes bloodthirsty and terrifying in Central and South America which is why God overthrew Her south of the Rio Grande with the Spanish introduction of Pauline Christianity's Goddess, Mary, the Mother of God.

* Jesus Christ, the spiritual Son of God, who's Son-ship was manifested over 2000 years ago in the Holy Land in the brief legendary life of the earthly Jewish man, Yeishu ben Pantera and immortalized in the fictional Gospel Jesus. Yeishu, like his Gospel Jesus Christ mythos, was killed for his obedience to the will of EL Elyon, God Most High. Yeishu's story is found hidden in oblique negative references in the Talmud but his story, his biography, formed the basic elements in the Story of Jesus Christ and his teachings formed the core theology of Jesus' teachings found in the Gospels. There was a Sayings Gospel that the Gospel of Thomas may represent of the teachings of Yeishu. The New Testament Gospels expand the Humanitarian Archetype that Jesus as Messiah represents and that's what's important about them, why they can't be excluded as Christian myths of origin even though they are exactly that.

* Christ Josephine, the spiritual Daughter of God, first came to earth hundreds of years ago as White Buffalo Calf Woman, America's "cow goddess" similar to Hathor, the ancient Egyptian cow goddess. Now She's been seen again promising to return with the Spirit of Christ within her.

The Vision of Christ Josephine


Christ Josephine's status as a true Goddess was manifested when SHE first appeared to the Lakota as White Buffalo Calf Woman. As White Buffalo Calf Woman, SHE also manifested the Warrior Maiden aspects of Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, Savior of gods and men. As Christ Josephine or Ptsan Win, SHE also manifests Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, as well as Asherah, the Tree of Life and Great Goddess of Wisdom, and the northern Spider Woman representing the Web of Life.

See the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter for more details on this new avatar bearing the Spirit of Christ.



The Western Wakan Revelations



Bear Butte from my home-site in Humboldt County, Northern California

The Creator started downloading spiritual information into my mind beginning with my religious conversion experience at Easter in 1979. The Creator guides my spiritual walk through synchronicity events bearing religious themes, such events I now call God's "sign language". It took me twenty-four years to discover one such major synchronicity pattern in my religious life, the completion of the circle that united my Old World Christian beliefs and traditions with New World spirituality, specifically with the religious traditions of the Lakota Sioux peoples.

For over a year prior to my religious conversion experience, I had made a habit of spending a little time each day sitting down on the hillside above our homesite and just simply gazing without thought towards Bear Butte, the mountain that forms the focus of several local watersheds, home to back-to-the-land homesteaders like our family at that point in time in the late 1970's living in the forested hills of Humboldt County in No. California. At the time I had no knowledge that "Bear Butte" was also the name of the Black Hills mountain sacred to the Lakota Sioux tribes. The only Native American religious information I was aware of then was what I had read in the Book of the Hopi back in the '60's when it was popular with counterculture folks.

It wasn't until March of 2003 that I discovered that the Holy One has come to me as Wakan Tanka, the Great Mysterious One, that, in fact, Wakan Tanka had called me to spiritual service way back in 1979. The spiritual Sacred Hoop for me took 24 years to complete and recognize it as the circle begun from my Bear Butte inspiration to the vision of Christ Josephine as the 2nd Sign of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Wakan Tanka, the Great Mysterious One, lived up to Its name and came to me in the form of God this "wasichu" or white Jewish-Christian man would recognize--It came to me as the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. For 24 years the Great Mysterious One has guided me in revelation and research from which I  have produced Biomystical Revelation.

* Biomystical Revelation is for New Millennium Christians who have researched the origins of Bible stories foundational to Judaism and Christianity and have arrived at the disturbing fact described above, namely that the Bible contains much valuable spiritual information but as a compendium of religious wisdom and truth, the Bible is only a matrix of Hebrew and Christian religious mythology and tribal propaganda. There are nuggets of great spiritual truth and wisdom within the Bible but one must dig them out of the coarser cultural material in which they are embedded.

* Nearly all the important religious concepts of Judaism and Christianity contained within the Bible are borrowed from older Hindu, Canaanite, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian Pagan religions but presented as original Hebrew religious concepts. This has been their Hebrew tribal conceit and not born of historical fact: Historical fact points to pagan Canaanite myths, gods and legendary characters, and Hebrew tribal history mixed together by creative tribal scribes and priests during the Babylonian exile period, some whom called themselves prophets of God. They presented their literary creations as the absolute Word(s) of God. 

* Biomystical Revelation marks the return of prophetic honesty in order to "make straight the path of the Holy One". Biomystical Revelation sets the record straight so the spiritual music of the Great Mysterious One, Wakan Tanka, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth, can be heard again without politically-based religious distortion. All the ancient prophets and writers of holy texts either were ignorant of the truth or ignored it in favor of tribal propaganda. All that changes now with the Spirit of Truth guiding my prophesy bearing as Arielmessenger.

* Biomystical Revelation is for everyone in that it is a new Christian revelation but it is especially relevant for Native Americans who love both Grandfather and Mother Earth of the traditional ways but also the Spirit of Christ in its true meaning purified of malignant interpretations promoted by spiritually ignorant ancient men who thought the Spirit of Christ could be bottled up forever in a the form of a Wasuchi just like them. 

* Biomystical Revelation follows the Gnostic solitary path so there is no obligation for Native Americans or anyone for that matter to join an organized religion. There isn't one to join. Like the Cheyenne saying "no man can tell another what to do", Biomystical Revelation believes no one can intercede spiritually for another. Each person walks his or her own Path to discovery of the Great Mystery that is God. Biomystical Revelation serves only to inspire, not to imprison anyone in a new set of religious dogma.

* I believe Wakan Tanka purposely gave this vision to a Wasuchi in order for Wasichu to recognize the spiritual power of Native America without corrupting Native American spirituality. There is a problem with people coming from a whole different cultural and spiritual background seeking inclusion into Native American spiritual ways--the Spirit and the Land and the People are of one piece. However, great is the Mysterious One and now Wakan Tanka has given a New Way for both Wasuchi and Native Americans to unite in common worship of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth without compromising traditional ways.

* Biomystical Revelation has developed spontaneously by revelation and not by any intellectual effort to force a unification of Old and New World spirituality where none exists. Wakan Tanka Itself has created Biomystical Revelation by being powerful enough to reach into the life of a near atheist and convert him to the ancient core spiritual traditions of his people, then powerful enough to give a vision of peace that brought joy to the hearts of over 500 Palestinians who witnessed it, and finally, powerful enough to unite two strong sacred traditions, Holy Land and Lakota Sioux into one, a new one bearing the new Spirit of Christ, coming this time as Christ Josephine who fulfills both Holy Land and Lakota prophesies of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Second Coming of Christ as the true Bride.

* Neither I or my daughter have ever put any effort into learning Native American spiritual traditions or languages. We didn't seek elders to learn from. We didn't go to Sweat Lodge ceremonies. We didn't go to Sun Dances. But even so, Wakan Tanka came to my daughter fourteen years before me in a vision of a great Spirit Woman, and then I, through hidden signs that finally became revealed as unmistakable evidence that our God Most High was communicating to us that He is known in the New World as Wakan Tanka, the Great Mysterious One. By "coincidence" or spontaneous affinity both of my daughter and I have had our lives entwined with Native Americans, but even so, Native American spiritual imagery wasn't appropriate for our Judeo-Christian heritage and still isn't for the most part as our traditions are from Europe. However, there is no denying that Something wondrous has occurred: a totally unexpected new Holy Union of Old World and New World spiritual traditions, that Union shown to all of us as the Vision of Christ Josephine followed by blood sign spiritually and materially linking the major Judeo-Christian prophesy of the Return of the Spirit of Christ to the Lakota prophesy of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman.


Welcome to the Holy Wedding

that occurs

when you bring the

Son and Daughter of God

together in your heart, mind, and soul!


Wonder Woman, Daughter of Hera, Queen of Heaven, and Superman, Son of Jor-EL= a Son of God Most High and a Daughter of the Great Goddess: these are examples of ancient Archetypes that have become embedded in our modern culture.*

 * See Christ and Superman chapter and someday soon see these movies Return of Superman and the Man of Steel movies plus the Smallville TV series to see how Superman carries on The Christ Savior archetype into modern times.




Biomystical Revelation



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