Basic Tenets


Biomystical Christianity

(1998-2007 with a few more recent additions at the end)



* A revolutionary Christian theology that is beyond the Tinkerbell religious belief system which supports Pauline Christianity. Beyond word idolatry, beyond matricide of the Holy One, this is Biomystical Christianity, the religious path of Arielmessenger, a modern Jewish Christian prophet in the Abrahamic tradition but outside of it too with spiritual roots in the pre-Judah ancient Hebrew polytheistic tradition as well as the Gnostic. By grace of the Great Mysterious One, I am also prophecy bearer for the Lakotas, Northern Cheyenne, Nez Perce, Bear River, and all the Nations.


* Biomystical Christianity would have remained my personal religious belief system if it had not been indicated through "Signs" from the very beginning and then time and again afterwards that I have an inescapable spiritual mission to perform, the Old Time one of "making straight the Path of God". I am to share my Biomystical Christian beliefs with the world.


* It is emphasized here at the beginning that no one is compelled to believe this radically new form of Christian belief--it is provided as a spiritual guidance tool, nothing more. You will not roast in Hell if you don't believe everything I say in these pages. Why believing just 98% or more will save your as....mortal assets...no, no, no, those days are gone when one is compelled to follow the living big Mouth of God by threat of roasting in hell if you don't. Why?


* Because your relationship with God is your relationship, not mine, not Paul's, not John's, not Moses, not Mohammed's. If B.C. tenets resonate with your own beliefs then that is their function--to mirror in print what exists as deep-seated spiritual truths known within each one of us, spiritual truths planted there as seeds waiting for the hospitable environment in which to come to full expression as flowers and fruit of the Tree of Life.


God is Good


Before going any farther I need to make this point clear at the outset: Christianity, following the teachings of Christ,  is all about goodness.

Everyone who honors goodness is of Christ. Goodness is the distinct characteristic of the Children of God--they don't do harm to their neighbors, they worship the Creator through WHATEVER means the Creator has given to them. All who do good are "Christian". Goodness is the dividing line between Christians and others no matter what faith they follow. A good Muslim will go to heaven right along side of a good "Christian". Same for a good Lakota or a good Masai or a good Maori. No matter what god or gods are worshiped. Goodness is Christ's mark on a person's soul. They cannot do evil acts no matter what religion they were brought up in.

This is from my Father, Father Jesus. No longer can a Christian condemn anyone on earth who acts out of the goodness of their hearts. Jesus' alternative name is Goodness, for goodness sake.


The Golden Rule


The Golden Rule is based on goodness put into practice. The Golden Rule is the foundation of Christianity, never let anyone tell you different. It is the Second Great Commandment after all and if your Christian faith doesn't honor the Golden Rule then it can't really be Christian, can it? The wonderful thing about the Golden Rule is God has put it into most every major religion on Earth so in effect, Christ consciousness is universal, it's everywhere but cultures and countries try to ignore this universalism with the historical results - - endless wars.




1.  Declaration of spiritual independence

2.  The Solitary path

3.  True and False Prophets

4.  Bible Idolatry

5.  The Rainbow Bible: the Official Bible of Biomystical Christianity

6.  The spiritual authority of Arielmessenger

7.  "Few are chosen" Why only a few are selected for the role of prophet

8.  Old Gnostics and New Gnosis: Classical Gnosticism vs. Biomystical Christianity

9.  The Biomystical Christian position on the Bible:The authority of Scriptures

10. The Bible as spiritual "DNA"

11. Mosaic Law vs. Christian doctrine

12. "Picking and Choosing"

13. Purging "satanic verses" from the Bible

14. The Gospel of "Q" and Biomystical Christianity

15. The Gospel of Thomas and Biomystical Christianity

16. Simple Tauret (Celestial) Christianity

17. Biomystical Christians follow Jesus' Sayings in "Q" and the Gospel of Thomas

18. The Biomystical Christian meaning of the "End Times"

19. The End Times of traditional Abrahamic religions

20. Jewish mythology

21. The Root of Jesse

22. Biomystical Christianity rejects YHWH as the name of God.

23. Worshipping a schizophrenic god produces schizophrenic belief systems

24. Spiritual Canaan: the Promised Land Connection

25. The Restoration of EL Elyon, God Most High as the true Father of the Spirit of Christ

26. Biomystical Christianity and the Armageddon Choice

27. "Dawidum" & David

28. Biomystical Christianity vs. traditional (Pauline) Christianity

29. Mithraism and traditional (Pauline) Christianity

30. Rejection of the Pauline Mystery Religion interpretation of Christ's sacrificial death

31. The Mystical meaning of Yieshu-Jesus' sacrificial death

32. The Blood of Christ: Rejection of vicarious atonement

33. Rejection of the "Tinkerbell Belief System": the faith system of Pauline Christianity

34. The new basis of Christian faith: Faith in synchronicity signs, God's "Sign Language"

35. The Messiah concept in Biomystical Christian theology

36. The Historical Reality of Jesus vs. Yieshu ben Pantera

37. The Undivided Realm of the Holy One

38. Jesus taught us how to "bind" our enemies

39. Heavenly Intercessors

40. Ariel, the Angel of Peace and new Archangel of the Aquarian Age

41. Arielmessenger's Heavenly Intercessors

42. Hiero-Gamos, the BC meaning of The Wedding

43. Biomystical Christianity is Polytheistic

44. The Return of the Goddess

45. Asherah, the Great Goddess

46. The Vision of Spirit of Christ Josephine

47. The Biomystical Pantheon of the Holy Family: the upgraded Divine Assembly

48. The Return of the Holy Family

49. Baptism

50. Circumcision

51. The Meaning of Life: We are Holy One

52. The Spirit of Christ within

53. "Become as little children"

54. "Judge not, lest ye be judged"

55. The Biomystical Christian definition of "sin"

56. Good & Evil

57. Free Will vs. Predetermined Destiny

58. Resurrection of the dead

59. The Afterlife: The Bible Heaven vs. Near-Death-Experiences of Heaven

60. The Being of Light

61. The Library 

62. The New Sacrament

63. The Biomystical Christian Code of Honor

64. "Friendly Persuasion" or how to get others to help build the Kingdom of God

65. Biomystical Christianity position on Abortion

66. Biomystical Christianity and Islam

67. Biomystical Christianity vs. Buddhism

68. Reincarnation

69. Evolution vs. Creationism

70. The Coming of Climax Civilization

71. Communitarian Society

72. Stop Cruelty to Animals

73. Physical Immortality

74. God's sense of humor

75. Biomystical Christian Holy Days

76. Poverty vs. wealth

77. Homosexuality

78. Sexual Insanity

79. The Egyptian Connection to Christianity

80. God loves Democracy

81. Sympathetic Magic

82. Agape and Empathy

83. The Emotional Cascade


1. Declaration of spiritual independence

The Lakota have a saying, "No man can tell another what to do." As a Biomystical Christian I state this same idea in this way: "No one on earth has spiritual authority over me or over the Biomystical Christian spiritual path I walk." No man-made book has spiritual authority over me. No other prophet has authority over me. Only the Holy One of Heaven & Earth holds spiritual authority over me and the heavenly Intercessors, Jesus Christ, Christ Josephine and Ariel that the Holy One has sent to guide me. Biomystical Christianity fully democratizes access to God. No human intermediaries needed, no ancient texts to tell the spiritual seeker how to think about God or how to act in accordance to ancient ideas of religious and social responsibility. The individual must carve out his or her own spiritual pathway as this process is the only way to learn spiritual knowledge free of religious or ethnic bias. Organized religions stunt your spiritual growth.


2. The Solitary path: The only true Monotheism is One to one

In terms of logical solutions, one can only agree that the world would be much better off without organized religions, especially the Abrahamic ones that have come out of the desert where ancient men killed for control of water holes. The spiritual water of life is then made into a territorial mandate and whatever goodness in the religious territorial mandates there are always abrogated when it comes to territorial control of those drinking from the various holy water holes. We must get to universal spiritual consciousness without need of territorial group mind think and I believe God is working on the problem through the democracy movement. The democracy movement means to guarantee individual religious freedom which is the only way one can establish an authentic spiritual relationship with God, something not possible within existing organized religions that cannot abide freedom of individual consciousness.

The more people are faithful to their traditional religious belief systems, the more neurotic and/or sociopathic they also become. Fundamentalist Judaism, Christianity and Islam are producers of people who no longer can distinguish right from wrong. If their Scriptures say it right to kill others who don't agree, they will kill others. If their leaders invoke Scriptures to defend their acts of inhumanity, the followers obey without thinking. Thus the traditional Abrahamic faiths keep the world in a state of religiously disguised territorial warfare. Biomystical Christianity therefore sides with unorganized religion, where the spiritual beliefs and practice are between oneself and God.

The only true Monotheistic belief system possible is your own personal relationship with God. If your relationship with God is determined by trying to follow another man's relationship with God, your relationship with God is not authentically your own. You have divided your relationship with God in two; that of whoever it is you follow and your own your individual relationship. Monotheism must come to mean One God, one believer--One to one. Those whose spiritual relationship with God goes through Moses or Paul or Muhammad have divided their relationships with God in two, their own and the three religion founders. But only the Solitary path leads directly to God. "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who in by it." The real "narrow gate" is the Solitary path.


"Jesus said, 'Blessed are the solitary and elect, for you will find the Kingdom. For you are from it, and to it you will return.'"

"Jesus said, 'Many are standing at the door, but it is the solitary who will enter the bridal chamber.'"

--Gospel of Thomas


Biomystical Christianity is a solitary Gnostic spiritual path that untangles the twists in the evolution of Canaanite-Hebrew-Jewish-Christian religious traditions. Through God-given visions, revelations, and "biomystical" or guided research into the roots of my spiritual heritage from the Holy Land, God through this prophet has produced one of the few religious paths that will lead you out of social violence and into a personal relationship with God. Most all other spiritual paths are contaminated with other peoples personal and cultural agendas.


3. True and False Prophets

How do you tell a false prophet from a true one?

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?

Even so, every good tree bears fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.

Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

Therefore by their fruits you will know them."

--Matthew 7:15-20

The Judeo-Christian tradition has adulterated the natural order of Creation by making God unbalanced as a Unity with its God the Father only emphasis. There is no significant importance given the Feminine side of the Godhead, no recognition of the Mother or Goddess aspect of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. As symbolic of the process of patriarchal war against the Feminine aspect of God, in the last chapter of Revelation John describes the Tree of Life as having 12 branches. In ancient Canaan and Babylonia, the Tree of Life as a primary symbol of the Mother had as Her sacred numbers: 7, 13 or 28 branches: 7 for the Seven Planetary Rulers, 13 for the Lunar Year, 28 for the Lunar Month. Changing the Tree's numbers to 12 signifies the Solar masculinization of a basically feminine symbol.

In scientific actuality, both Sun and Moon cycles are necessary for the Tree of Life's abundant nourishment. The Holy One of Heaven & Earth, to be wholly One, has to be composed of both male and female aspects. Without the Unity of Mother and Father, woman and man, Yin and Yang, the Godhead of the Patriarchs is not whole, not wholesome, and has spawned all sorts of religious mischief with human societies modeling themselves on such divisive religious principles. Prophets of God the Father who were at spiritual war with the Great Mother have generated most of the Scriptures used as rationalizations for genocidal wars against non-believers. I am a prophet of EL and the Elohim, the Holy Family, and both God the Father and the Great Mother together lead the true identity of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. So our Bottom Line B.C. belief re prophets is this: It is historical evidence that proves or disproves the accuracy of a prophet's words. When words don't match reality, they're false, simple as that.

Real history will show whether or not a prophet's words expand or contract the Realm of the Holy One, or Kingdom of God, here on Earth where God's will is to done as well as here in our hearts and in our actions that follow the will of God shown to all suffering humanity through the love and compassion of the Spirit of Christ.

"Now Moses, in the law, commanded us that such should be stoned. But what do you say?

This they said, testing him, that they might have something of which to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with his finger, as though he didn't hear.

So when they continued asking him, he raised himself up and said to them, 'He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her.'

And again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.."

--John 8:7-11

In effect Jesus wrote a new commandment here, one that expresses the compassion for sinners that clearly separates a Christian from a Jew or a Muslim for that matter.

"So let it be written, so let it be done."--Pharaoh Ramses in the movie, The Ten Commandments.

A real prophet has only to write it down for it to happen because his mind is in sync with God's. Of course, being human beings, prophets are not without the ability to err, and to err mightily in the service of their visions from God. Every person is subject to their times and therefore no prophet's words are without their historical context and limits of knowledge. So please, no prophet idolization, no Word idolatry here, do not rely absolutely on anyone else's words, mine included. The truth is always recognized within you, not in someone else. I am just the appointed point man, the one who points you in the right direction to find God on your own.


4. Word of God Idolatry

Word Idols keep believers enthralled, blocking out information that undermines the Authority of the Book Idols be they Torah, Tanach, Talmud, New Testament, or Quran. Pieces of paper and ink people. That's all they are. No more "God's" literal dictation than Joe the Plummer's bill for unclogging your sink drain. Why do I say this? Because history bears out the FACT that each of these so-called "holy books" has inspired cruelty and misery and death to millions of people one way or another which proves beyond doubt to the un-mesmerized mind that God is not the Author of these books but men with incredible egos and territorial ambitions that would make Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and Hitler green with envy.

Three events have happened in the Abrahamic religious traditions that have made the Word(s) of God into papyrus or paper and ink Idols, the Torah for the Jews, the Bible for Christians, and the Quran for Muslims. The first event is the Exodus story where God literally writes the Ten Commandments with (His) finger in stone. The fact that God's first edition is broken to pieces by Moses in anger is lost to following generations of believers. The Word of God has been produced and that is all that matters. Written in stone, the Word of God is immortal while oral traditions are subject to human error in repetition. God can never lie if the Word of God is written in stone, right? Forgotten is the fact that no one except the legendary literary figures themselves had ever seen this Word written by God. (it's supposedly in with the Ark of the Covenant in present day Ethiopia).

The Word of God written in stone sets the precedent that God's instructions are to found in the written Word, written of course by those self-selected to be the official voices of God for the community, all others being imposters and enemies of God. Thus a priesthood of religious literati uses their knowledge and writing skills to govern the community in partnership with political power held by the ruling chief or king. Spiritual authority is handed down the generations through the written Word on scrolls and later, in books.

The written Word becomes so invested with spiritual authority that it takes precedence over personal spiritual experience. Thus ancient men continue to rule society from their graves via the Word of God they themselves wrote as if they and they alone could speak for God. As with Egyptian tomb curses, any who would dare rewrite or add to the original Word of God are cursed to eternal damnation. Traditional or Pauline Christianity continues this idolization of the Word of God. Belief in the Word of God as written by New Testament Gospel writers is made the mark of Christian belief in God. All who refuse to believe the New Word of God are condemned to eternal hellfire. And again the Word itself, instead of being recognized as mere symbols for God, becomes a god itself, capable of proclaiming a Christian (one who believes the Word) or condemning a heathen, one who refuses to believe the Word, or worse yet, a heretic, one who believes another Word of God.

It is always taboo to question the idol. It is taboo to doubt the stories of the Bible even though no one has ever been able to verify these impossible tales of miraculous men as having any historical reality. Always remember when traditional Christians hand you the line that Jesus was well documented in history that there is not one shred of proof for Jesus' actual historical existence. All supposed documentation of Jesus is hearsay evidence and which would be totally inadmissible in court as well in scientifically conducted historical research yet this historical truth is continually ignored by those under the thrall of bible idolatry.


5. The Rainbow Bible: the Official Bible of Biomystical Christianity

"Thinking the mission a failure, the accompanying friar complained to St. Francis, asking why they had not preached. Francis replied, "But, my son, we did preach." He explained that their deportment, their good example, their poverty and their holiness was more valuable than preaching with words. The whole incident is often summed up by attributing to St. Francis the words, "Preach the Gospel. Use words if you must."

The only Holy Book of God that this prophet was sent to bring is the Rainbow Bible, the best Holy Book around because containing no words it can never ever be used as weapon to create an "us", who believe this set of religious instructions apart a "them" who do not.  This is a false spiritual dichotomy, slicing one part of humanity off from another part when in reality they are all interconnected as One. The Rainbow Bible* contains no words, thus it is the only Bible whose words cannot be twisted this way or that to inspire hatred towards others and religious wars. Nevertheless, everything I have written under spiritual inspiration is the new Word of God :-)

* See the Rainbow Bible Story.


6. The Spiritual Authority of Arielmessenger

The role of leader does not sit well with my personal temperament, spiritual beliefs and communitarian philosophy of life. This puts me in a dilemma, one that has bothered me most of my activist life. I am a visionary type of person and since that Easter of 1979 experience, now a prophet of a compelling new vision of Christianity. I have been given a spiritual burden by God and in order to fulfill my spiritual mission I must lead those people who recognize the Holy One's voice in the spiritual and social change messages that God has filled me with. Whether I like it or not, I have become point man for a new spiritual movement and where I point others will follow or not follow depending on whether my "gospel" is meant for them. So I have to lead this "Biomystical Christian" mission and help organize the social blueprints for creating a new vision of God reality in the New Millennium and a new eutopian vision of worldwide communitarian society. But this is, in fact, the way history always evolves from the old tired and worn-out vision to the new one replacing it.

"Make straight the path of God in the wilderness".

Old systems start out young and fresh but deteriorate over time becoming twisted and warped so that they pit neighbor against neighbor instead of bringing all together in peace and harmony. Old systems are eventually replaced by new visions and new systems. The new visions are original templates, the first forms that will determine later development. The new visions will remain in leading position until gradually circumstances that brought them about in the first place change again and they lose relevancy. Finally, when new circumstances clearly show the inadequacy of the previous "new"  but now "old" vision, another newer vision comes into being and the cycle is repeated.

So here is how my spiritual authority really works: Just read what the big mouth of God has to say and see if it resonates within you. That's about it. The spiritual "magic" works by seeing the new message presented in your exterior world which matches your interior Spirit of Christ within, i.e., your conscience. If both are in spiritual "synch", they trigger off a responding "acknowledgment" in your belief system, they'll reinforce the existing spiritual pattern within you which will be either put into action to help create the Kingdom of God in our world or they will be ignored and life continues without spiritual guidance from "above".


7. "Few are chosen": Why only a few are selected for the role of prophet

For reasons God only knows I was chosen to go through a rare mystical religious experience over Easter of 1979. What was unusual about it was experiencing continuous "synchronicity" events for three days in a row. Many people experience synchronicity events sometime in their lives: A dream that comes true, a mysterious "coincidence" of related things happening to one that make you pause and wonder at their meaning, or the "deja vu" experience of remembering that you went through some event before that you're going through now. However, it seems to be an extremely rare phenomena to experience these types of synchronicity events happening one after the other in succession for three full days. I've read enough literature on varieties of religious experiences to know there isn't much said about this type of experience in the volumes of mystical experiences. And I know why.

When one experiences continuous synchronicity events one's perception of reality changes. Instead of experiencing life as a succession of events in which one is carried along willy-nilly, one experiences life as if it were following a script in which you are but an actor going through the lines of your role. By the third day of my continuous synchronicity experience it seemed as though I "knew" the Script well enough by then that I could predict what people I interacted with during those three days, my family and friends, would say before they said it. This experience is frightening because "Life" loses its "aliveness" or unpredictability. There is an excellent movie which comes close to portraying this type of mental shock: the movie is called "The 13th Floor" which has as its plot protagonists discovering their world is nothing more than a very sophisticated computer program.

I believe that God doesn't want people in general to know the true reality of our existence which is that our world really is "Maya", illusion, a grandiose, incredibly complex Play like Shakespeare said wherein we are all merely actors and actresses playing out archetypal roles as we unconsciously search for God and the meaning of life. If everyone experienced life as a scripted Play then Creation and Life loses their purpose which is to provide the circumstances that evolve human consciousness to the point of God-consciousness and God-Being. So therefore there are few prophets and fewer still who experience this type of consciousness. Luckily for me, the experience only lasted three days instead of permanently otherwise I don't know what I would be doing by now. Either locked up in some nut house or dead or another Christ. That one taste of this type of Gnosis was enough to last me the rest of my life. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss and blessed. You can read more about this experience in my original religious conversion experience chapter.


8. Old Gnostics and New Gnosis: Classical Gnosticism vs. Biomystical Christianity


Everyone who believes in the literal translation of Scriptures is a fundamentalist.


Everyone who believes in the symbolic interpretation of Scriptures is a Gnostic.

Old Gnostics worshipped at the Tree of Knowledge. They worshipped Sophia as Wisdom and a God alien to this world. They seemed to despise the material world, Life and Creation as we know it, as the botched product of a lesser god's ignorant fabrication which has become a trap for the human soul. Biomystical Christianity, however, knows the Father, the real one, as well as the Mother. Biomystical Christians know the Great Spirit of the Holy One is incarnate in all of Life, in all of Creation in fact, so we honor both the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life in the spiritual/material Garden of Eden. We all "have to get back to the Garden" as the song says, because gardens need gardeners.

As Biomystical Christianity parts company with Yahweh, tribal god of the Israelites, because of the discovery of EL, the true God the Father, Biomystical Christianity must also part company with most Gnostics in that BC believes the old Gnostic notion of a flawed Creation made by an unwise Demiurge is not true at all. They had this black and white dichotomy that believed everything about the material world was a trap for the soul. It's just not so as without the material world souls have no "school of living" to learn or relearn higher moral values needed for that other realm beyond the grave which I believe to be the purpose of life for us in our world.

While old Gnosis rebelled against Genesis 2's awful Yahweh god with good reason they didn't understand the Elohim goodness found in Genesis 1 where God creates Creation and finds it "good, very good". Same with man and woman, also "good, very good". All made in the image of God as "Us", and that too is now part and parcel of the Biomystical Christian belief system. We are God, but God way back in time evolving towards this Oneness which is already there ahead of us and behind us as well because to God, time and space are known from beginning to end.*

* See God's Cosmic Plan chapter and the Gospel of Humanity for more about this.

Biomystical Christianity holds Creation to be just as ELohim said it was: Good, very good indeed, and men and women made in Elohim's image the same, i.e., good and not born in sin, contrary to Paul gospel and Augustine's theology. To BC theology God has not made a material world to trap human souls but made the world to help release the soul of humanity.

Personification vs. channeling *

Biomystical Christianity is personification based in the sense that I as a prophet personify the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Elijah, the Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit of Stephen, i.e., I don't just channel spiritual information, I embody it.

* Things changed in 2007 when Father Jesus entered my life as a Voice. Now it's true, I have become a channel for Father Jesus who speaks to me and tells me what to relay to believers in Jesus Christ.


9. The authority of Scriptures: The Biomystical Christian position on the Bible

The basic Biomystical Christian position on the Bible is that the Bible is mostly myth, certainly not historically factual, and should be read as allegorical spiritual instruction and not as literal truth. If scriptures are taken allegorically, they become alive with meaning. They take you back in time to ancient cultures where pockets of wisdom were known and Archetypes as gods and goddesses roamed at will. The Bible in Biomystical Christian hands is taken comparatively, critically, and in the last analysis, compassionately, as the best spiritual work of ancient men at the time. However, Biomystical Christianity never forgets God is God of the living, not the dead. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, means that God gives differing instructions to different people at different times yet there is always a continuity, a chain of links taking one back to God Most High.

The Bible is a mythological account of Hebrew tribal history and national ambitions. The New Testament follows this pattern too with its stories of Jesus and the Apostles with the addition of world conquest for the religion of Christianity. The Jews created stories leading towards establishment of an earthly kingdom where Jews ruled supreme and all mighty nations bowed down to Israel's wisdom or might, whether one or the other or both is unclear. The Christians following Paul's lead created stories leading Christians to claim a spiritual Jesus and his Church as the rightful heirs along with the Jews to the Kingdom of God promised through the Messianic prophesies. Instead of Israel as the Chosen nation of God, the Christian Church becomes a New Israel and the special recipient of God's love while all other religious societies are branded spiritually untrue at best and spawns of Satan at worst. All except the Elect in the Christian Church will be condemned to hell in the final judgment. This is nationalism disguised as religious mandate from God. Biomystical Christianity is not about territorial ambitions but about the way to establish peace and goodwill between all individuals and between all nations as well as finding inner peace within ourselves as we cope with life's joys and sadness.


10. The Bible as Spiritual "DNA"

Another way to look at the Biomystical Christian interpretation of the Bible is to see the Bible as a sort of spiritual "DNA" code for making a spiritually conscious Human Being, one that is truly humane and wise reflecting the compassion and wisdom of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. But like biological DNA the Bible is filled with old blueprints that have long lost their effective usefulness because times have changed and humanity continues to evolve both in social organization and in spiritual consciousness. Biological DNA is a giant molecule made up a great many genetic blueprints, one conditioning the next in evolutionary succession, but only the final genes really determining the form of the creature in present day circumstances. Most of biological DNA genes are therefore dormant and necessary only as bases for the proportionately few further developed genes that determine our modern forms. Most of our DNA code are blueprints for older forms of our human selves going back all the way to the beginnings of Life. It is only a few chromosomes that mark us as Human Beings and not grasshoppers or chimpanzees. (Chimps are very close).

In the Bible's "DNA" code there's a Golden Thread of Goodness running through the Old Testament that Jesus found and pointed out to us with his teachings and his life of personal sacrifice. But there's also a whole lot of primitive blueprints that must be discarded for use if we are to be become True Human Beings. Now the same is true of the New Testament because we have found the authentic core of Jesus' teachings, the Sayings of Jesus as found in "Q" and in the Gospel of Thomas and within the otherwise propagandistic New Testament Gospels.


11. Mosaic Law vs. Christian doctrine of the indwelling Spirit of Christ

The way Biomystical Christianity views the Mosaic Laws outside of the Ten Commandments, i.e., the Mitzvot laws, is that these were laws made for hardheaded people who didn't know how to recognize the Spirit of Christ within themselves. In other words, they weren't always ready to obey their consciences that would stop them from causing harm to others, so they had to have strict authoritarian guidance rules on social conduct. I believe God gave us the Spirit of Christ through Jesus so that we have a Name for our conscience and know it is that little piece of God, the "spark" as Gnostics referred to it, that is stuck into each one of us at birth (although there may be some born without that piece-natural born killers or psychopaths).

Since Jesus brought us the Spirit of Christ we who believe in that Spirit through him have a clearer understanding of how God wants us to conduct ourselves so that we bring comfort and aid, sharing and caring, into our relationships with others which is way God spreads out the Kingdom in human society. If we are true to Christian principles we can follow Jesus example and go beyond the Mosaic Laws that were made for people who won't always listen to their consciences, their Spirit of Christ within. In No. 10 above I make the analogy between the Bible and DNA instructional codes. Most of the DNA code reflects instructions given to make species forms appropriate for past environmental conditions. These old instructions have been "turned off", i.e., they do not contribute directly to the biological blueprints for the newest species form but they are not dropped off the DNA molecule because who knows when some older genes on the DNA molecule might be needed for new conditions. "Not one jot or tittle shall pass away until all is fulfilled".

Mosaic Law as a social DNA code creates a devout Jew, one who knows that God is about sharing and caring. But the Mosaic Law social DNA code was made only for Jews and the sharing and caring ethic really stopped at the Gentile border. Jesus' added new "genes" to the Mosaic Law DNA code that create a devout Christian allowing the sharing and caring ethic to be applied to all humanity regardless of race, nation or culture. In doing so the new Spirit of Christ "genes" supersede the older Mosaic Law ones and "turn them off". Their strict controls are no longer needed for people who have a Name and a way to recognize and obey their consciences, their Spirit of Christ from God within. It's God's way of spiritually maturing human beings, evolving them into full humanity as humane beings. Christians are taught that Jesus didn't really change Jewish worship of Mosaic Law but that's not true. Here's one example in Deuteronomy that shows Mosaic Law is often totally opposite of Jesus' teachings:

Deu 21:18 "If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother, and who, when they have chastened him, will not heed them, "then his father and his mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his city, to the gate of his city. "And they shall say to the elders of his city, 'This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious; he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton and a drunkard.' "Then all the men of his city shall stone him to death with stones; so you shall put away the evil person from among you, and all Israel shall hear and fear."

Guess who fits the rebellious son description to a tee? Yes, Jesus himself. And here's what happened to him for his disobedience as proscribed by Mosaic Law:

Deu 21:22 "If a man has committed a sin worthy of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree... 21:23 "...for he who is hanged is accursed of God"

Paul in Gal 3:13 "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, 'Cursed is everyone who hangs from a tree."

Jesus was a Jew and it was in the Jewish religious tradition that he saw himself foretold. But let us Christians all remember that Jesus himself purified the essence of what the Torah taught, purified it down into the Two Great Commandments, Love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself." When God is Love one can do this but not otherwise. For the Jews God was also Hate and their Law reflects this face of God too much for Jesus and Christians who know a gentler Most High. We need to look at the Torah like we look at DNA. Most of the DNA molecule contains genes that have long since become dormant as the form of animal they would produce if activated have been outgrown as God advances through the forms of life on earth. Only a small part of our DNA code is activated that make us human beings today and the same is true of the Torah that Jesus was taught, whittled down to true spiritual purity and taught us the essence that allows us to rise above the Law meant for more savage times.


12. "Picking and Choosing"

I "pick and choose" from the Bible and in doing so I do exactly what traditional Jews and Christians do but deny. All Jews, if they were honest, must admit they do not practice all the Mosaic Law because if they did they would likely be arrested and thrown in prison for crimes against persons and humanity. Also, I have followed Jesus in whittling the moral purpose of the Law and the Prophets down to two great Commandments, one from the original Ten and the other cut and pasted from Deuteronomy laws. As for the traditional Christian saying of Jesus that "not one tittle of the Law disappear", I weight this statement against Jesus deliberate breaking of Mosaic Laws whose aims are purely selfish nationalism. Like all legendary figures though, to understand Jesus, one must be familiar with the ethnic and religious context that produced him, i.e., the whole of the Torah, therefore I am not about to throw out the Bible just as I wouldn't throw out Homer or Plato or early Greek civilization in order to understand Socrates. But it doesn't mean I endorse all their beliefs.

The Torah and Judaism was superseded as the necessary spiritual form from the Holy One by the appearance of the Spirit of Christ in Jesus two thousand years ago. I am not talking about a historical man as portrayed in the Gospel accounts who may never existed in reality but the legendary man who, just like many a legendary man, e.g. Gilgamesh, Heracles, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Israel, David, Solomon, were so believed to be "real" as to greatly influence huge populations of people. Not a shred of physical evidence supports these legendary figures yet no one can deny their powerful effect on their believers. Such is the way the Spirit moves us.


13. Purging "satanic verses" from the Bible

Biomystical Christianity does not recommend the abandonment of existing Scriptures but it does recommend mentally purging all those ugly verses from a Dark Side god that have produced so much horror and misery for so many people throughout the history of Judeo-Christian-Muslim world domination. "Purging" here specifically means mentally casting out as directives from God any commandments to any people that either condone or teach crimes against persons or crimes against humanity. Think about the results that happen if you obeyed each and every word of the Word of God as written in the Holy Books. Think how fast you would find yourself in prison in any liberal democracy where individual freedom and responsibility is cherished.


14. The Gospel of "Q" and Biomystical Christianity

What "Q" has going for it is the fact that orally transmitted sayings by necessity have to be short, memorable phrases--and it is exactly the short, memorable phrases of Jesus that show up almost word for word in all three gospels, Luke, Matthew and Thomas. Because the wording is so similar in the three gospels scholars believe each author was reading a text that held these oral sayings, a text they have named "Q", when they were writing their gospels. Luke and Matthew use Mark's narrative story and built it up with sayings from Q. Both Luke and Matthew use Old Testament references for Jesus, i.e., "to fulfill scriptures" Jesus did this or that.

But none of these authors knew Jesus directly, it was all second-hand material for them and cannot be considered as authentic words of Jesus. I mean just look at John's Jesus and see how John's Jesus talks just like John does (see 1 John for the phrase "my little children" like John has Jesus use the same phrase "little children"). It is the lengthy statements by Jesus in John that indicate the author's words put into Jesus' mouth: no way could all those words be successfully orally transmitted--far too long and complex to remember. Add to that the fact that those ancient writers had no modern day notions of plagiarism or intellectual honesty. They often wrote under the name of some famous person so as to get their stuff read and this was considered legitimate if they kept "in character" with the famous person they were writing as, e.g., Jesus or Paul or one of the Apostles.

To believe NT writers didn't sit down and read what others had wrote before them is to not understand how scriptures come about. There is no other way to explain how the same sets of phrases are passed down throughout the generations of Bible writers other than each writer was familiar at some point with the texts of others before him. This is how I write Biomystical Christian prophesies too which would have little meaning if they didn't coincide with past references that give them context and meaning. The Golden Thread of knowledge of God's goodness is passed along this way which informs us how the Holy One is reliable even if the men writing spiritual information are not always so consistent because of personal or religious community agendas interfering. The Sayings of Jesus found in "Q" are the fundamental teachings of Yieshu-Jesus that Biomystical Christianity holds to be the highest of spiritual truths. "Q" is the essence of the teachings of Christ.*  Beyond "Q" one is in the hands of the religious opinions of later authors writing about Jesus Christ as if they were there with him.


15. The Gospel of Thomas and Biomystical Christianity

The Gospel of Thomas contains many of the "Q" Sayings of Jesus plus many more curiously Zen-like statements. After going through my religious conversion experience I find many of those esoteric Sayings in Thomas to reflect the state of mind I found myself in during those three days of non-stop synchronicity experiences. For example the meaning within Saying 77 in Thomas, "Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find Me there.", made perfect sense because it was true that literally everything I did or saw was connected in my mind with the teachings of Jesus. There is so much spiritual truth in Thomas as to boggle the mind but honestly, I do not know how Thomas relates to the historical Jesus if it does relate. I think Thomas follows the later Gospel traditions that have the 12 Disciples with Peter and Thomas prominent instead of going back to the original Yieshu ben Pantera with his 5 disciples.


16. Simple Tauret (Celestial) Christianity: The Universal form of Christianity

The Two Great Commandments:

"'Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?'

Jesus said to him, 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind'. This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets."

--Matthew 22:36-40.

Yieshu-Jesus taught that the whole meaning of the Hebrew Law and instructions of the prophets was found in these two Great Commandments found in the Torah. Biomystical Christian theology adds these two qualities to Yieshu-Jesus' Two Great Commandments: Biomystical Christianity agrees with the author of 1 John 4:7-8:

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love."

Biomystical Christianity defines "neighbor" as the living beings of your community, plants and animals as well human beings as Web of Life ecological wisdom teaches along with spiritual truth: "We are all Holy One". The Two Great Commandments then read:

"You shall love Love with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind."

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."


Wherever love for one another is shown by kindness, sharing and caring, there too the Spirit of God can be seen. For it is love and not power that is truly the miraculous quality which the Great Mysterious One has brought to human consciousness. It is consciousness of love that produces our consciences, our little Christ inside that informs us how we are to live and be with one another in this life that is meant to prepare us for the World to Come.

Biomystical Christians give Love, honor Love, obey Love, rescue Love, and protect Love. Love is the heart of the Golden Rule. Creating Eutopia, the Good Place, is the God Work for Biomystical Christians. We devote time and energy to social organization for spreading God's will of Love and Compassion for our fellow beings in our own homes, our neighborhoods, our regional communities, our nations, and our Earth. Our spiritual work for our Lord and Lady, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth, is enlarging the Realm of Love which is the same as enlarging the Realm of the Holy One, the "Kingdom of God" in Old Christian terminology.


There is another religious concept that comes out of Africa that is similar to these basic Christian teachings. That is the concept of "Obuntu". Only justice and respect for every person, captured in the Bantu word Obuntu, can lead to peace and prosperity for both rich and poor countries. As Nelson Mandela described it, Obuntu recognizes that my humanity is bound up with yours.


17. Biomystical Christianity follows the spiritual instructions of Jesus as found in the Sayings Gospels, "Q" and the Gospel of Thomas.

John's Gospel is amazing too but a trap for the unwary Gnostic.* Matthew holds the fullest Sermon on the Mount and Mark shows how the Greatest Story Ever Told began..Biomystical Christianity in general follows the religious instructions found in the Sayings Gospels and not the whole New Testament set which are confused and contradictory, mainly because of Paul's influence on the foundations of Christianity. Christians obeying Scriptures end up inspired to be less than humane because the outmoded scriptures contain rules leading to cruelty towards others.

God is God of the Living not the dead. The God of Abraham is the God of Isaac is the God of Jacob which means God is a living Spirit that moves through the generations as symbolically represented by father, son, grandson. God's instructions to Abraham are different from God's instructions to Isaac and different from Its instructions to Jacob. Each of the Prophets brings a different perspective on God's instructions because times and circumstances change. Jesus' instructions from God compared to Moses' are much different but they share the same history, the same spiritual "DNA" as it were, only Jesus represents the advanced spiritual instructions for making a universal humane being whereas Moses' more primitive instructions can only make a more humane Jewish nationalist, who is still only a territorial Zionist at best. God wants a better model for creating a true Human Being in the Cheyenne sense of that term, i.e., a truly humane person, showing compassion and wisdom in all one's dealing with other human beings.

* After I learned about the Egyptian connection and the astro-theological meaning of the Son of Man tradition I gained far more respect for the Gospel of John which contains more of these references although they too, like the rest of the Gospels are in code.


18. The Biomystical Christian meaning of the "End Times"

In Biomystical Christian interpretation the "End Times" do not refer to a literal end of the world scenario but to the ending of the astrological Age of Pisces and the ending of 4th World in Native American prophesy. Many religious beliefs will fall victim to the New Millennium knowledge gained from modern scientific research. Old foundational stories of legendary religious leaders and miraculous events will be exposed by historical research as tribal myths borrowed from still older mythical lore. Modern science techniques used in historical research of ancient religions as well as psychological research of the religious impulse, will expose the way human errors and political agendas intervene in traditional religious doctrines. In the end these will deal final death blows to religious authority resting in Holy Book scriptures as inerrant truth. Only two religious concept will remain unscathed:

1) That God is One, wholly and Holy One, the Holy One of Heaven & Earth, but that One is pluriform, a Holy Family.

2) That the Holy One has sent the world the Spirit of Christ, a spiritual consciousness that has been carried from ancient Canaan through Hebrew scriptures and into early Christ Cult (Pauline) and Gnostic Christianity finally to re-emerge as a new holistic Christian vision seen here in these pages of Biomystical Christianity.

No moral compass

These are the End Times of all religions that lack recognition of the Spirit of Christ. These are the End Times of all patriarchal religions that lack recognition of the Feminine aspect of the Holy One. Traditional Pauline Christianity faces its End Times as Pauline doctrine is exposed as Paul's pagan mystery religion revision of Jesus' teachings and meaning of his life and death. The Holy One is sick of all the unnecessary violence seen throughout the history of patriarchal religions which shows no sign of diminishing in modern times. The Holy One is taking spiritual action to end it as we step ahead into the New Millennium. See the specific religion "End Times" pages for details on how these traditional doctrines contain their various Achilles Heels and are doomed unless they go through a radical revision that removes the "Satanic Verses" from their holy books such as Deuteronomy 13:6-10, calling for the stoning of the wayward son. In other words, scriptures found in the so-called holy books of Judaism, Pauline Christianity and Islam that historically have led believers to bring harm or death to their neighbors must be composted to allow traditional religionists to fit in with New Millennium standards of decency and civilized life.


19. The End Times of traditional Abrahamic religions and the rise of Gnosis of God.

Gnosticism is a religion based on knowledge and not blind faith. Gnosticism brings Saving Gnosis that alone will carry the Abrahamic religious tradition past its otherwise End Times as historical discovery reveals the roots of Abrahamic worship in Vedic Hinduism*

* See the End of Abraham chapter for more on this.

Gnosticism is a religion of revolution: the revolt against the false god of Israel

It is impossible for a religion that has created Israel to teach morality. It is impossible for a religion that launched the Middle Ages Crusades and subjugation of indigenous peoples in the Americas and Africa to teach morality. It is impossible for a religion that celebrated 9-11 to teach morality. By looking at Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, we can see where organized religion goes astray. It goes astray in mental slavery to past traditions about God. The God of the past is worshipped while the Living God is not recognized in the present. When God is boxed for mass consumption, the Spirit of God is lost and an Image of God is substituted in Its place. For pagans the Image was composed of natural world elements: planets, stars, animals, and gods and goddesses acting very much as human beings. For the Abrahamic monotheists the Image has evolved into the abstract Word of God, i.e., Holy Scriptures, a series of man-made little Images strung in rows and worshipped as a substitute for the Spirit of God. This is what organized religion does. It boxes the religious experience of one person or a few for mass consumption by the many and that process produces the kind of religious history we see in the history of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Biomystical Christianity says that history accurately reflects the flaws in each man who has produced Holy Scriptures, flaws in their individual and competing "Word of God" texts that followers follow blindly thinking they are following God by following these Images put on paper or parchment. BC calls this "Bible idolatry" because the idol, the Book of scriptures dictates the Spirit relationship instead of the Spirit itself dictating that relationship. And as all idols demand, it is taboo to question the authority of the idol. These are the End Times for all written authority from God claimed as the exclusive possession of any single group of human beings. Biomystical Christianity continues the prophets call for obedience to the Spirit of God for goodness for humanity and continues the prophet's role exposing false doctrines. BC advances the iconoclastic direction Mohammed took in further breaking the idol's hold on individual minds.

Through Biomystical Christianity, the Holy One exposes the last idol to fall to the Spirit of God, the idol of the graven image, the Scroll, the Holy Book which freezes the Spirit in the past instead of making it fresh and alive for this very day. The argument of wisdom to be found in the Holy Books is refuted by the evidence of history where leaders of society have used these Holy Books to guide their actions. How many millions more must die for the fact to register universally that the historical record shows conclusively that organized religions have brought far more division and strife between peoples than unification under God? Perhaps the solitary path is truly the only one that takes you directly to God as Gnostics have claimed all along.


20. Jewish Myths of Origin

Just as every other culture has produced myths of origin, so too have the Israelites. But unlike other myths of origin, the Jews and Pauline Christians following them, believe the ancient Israelite myths of origin to be real history and not myths at all. Unfortunately for them, archeologists and historians confirm the myths as myths because of complete lack of archeological evidence to support them as real events, e.g. the story of Adam and Eve, the Flood of Noah, the Exodus of Moses, and the Kingdoms of David and Solomon.


21. The "Root of Jesse"

The Root of Jesse is where the Messiah is supposed to spring from. Well, the Root of Jesse is found in two women, Rahab and Ruth. Rahab was the Canaanite prostitute who betrayed her fellow citizens of Jericho in order to save herself and family from destruction. She is glorified because she claimed faith in the destructive power of the tribal god of the Israelites. Ruth was the Moabite woman from the land ruled by the fire-war god Chemosh who demanded the sacrifice of firstborn sons. How can these two then be the genealogical root of the expected Messiah?

Biomystical Christianity knows God supplies hidden clues to spiritual knowledge to be revealed when the time is right. Two pagan women are key figures in the genealogy of the Messiah. BC believes they are God's indicators stuck within Scripture to guide us back to times of ancient Canaan and the beginnings of the Hebrew religion because the original "sin" in to be found there, the sin of the Hebrew priesthood's fraudulent elevation of their tribal god, Yahweh, to the position of God Most High, i.e., the position of his Father, El Elyon. All that is wrong with Judeo-Christianity stems from this initial lie. All that is wrong with the Hebrew concept of the Messiah is to be found in this initial lie.


22. Worshiping a schizophrenic god produces schizophrenic believers

Worshiping a schizophrenic god produces schizophrenic believers. Yahweh is schizophrenic, a god composed of a combination of several gods, with EL Elyon, Yamm, Baal, and Moloch the most prominent among them. The commandments of a schizophrenic god are schizophrenic, e.g, in Yahweh's case, the commandment found in the Decalogue "thou shall not murder" is abrogated in the commandment to Joshua to slaughter all before him and his Israelite invaders who did not obey the Law of Moses, one of which laws is that commandment not to kill. Pauline Christianity follows the same moral schizophrenia by producing a Christianity that says it honors and obeys Jesus' teachings, one of the biggest of which is forgiveness of sins, but then Pauline Christian doctrines, following Paul's lead, go on to condemn to hell any who do not obey Pauline Christian doctrines, thus negating Jesus' commandment to forgive sinners "for they know not what they do." This is Wisdom speaking through Jesus.


23. Biomystical Christianity rejects Yahweh as God Most High

Biomystical Christian theology states Yahweh cannot be used as the name of the true God of All because Yahweh is not God Most High. Yahweh started off as the chief tribal god of the Israelites. These tribal gods were under EL's authority, as president of the "Divine Assembly", the Canaanite word translated into Greek as "Armageddon". Yahweh then was one of the sons of EL, God Most High in Canaan but not God the Father of Creation and Father of Humanity. When Hebrews took control of Canaan they did a makeover of Yahweh by subsuming EL into this lower desert war god. EL's goodness was ascribed to Yahweh but it didn't fit Yahweh's tyrant nature or the Israelite territorial ambitions. So goodness of EL was secondary to the thirst of Yahweh matching the thirst of Hebrews for Canaanite territory for Yahweh's special people, the Israelites. This exclusion of the majority of humanity means Judaism and its tribal god are imposters posing as a universal moral religion yet who tenets and spiritual leaders are filled with deceit and violence. Lip-service is given to love but it is obedience to immoral commandments that mark Yahweh and Yahweh believers as schizophrenic at best and dangerous religious fanatics at worst.

God has warned the world with the name given to Jacob, Israel, which means literally "he fights with EL", i.e., Israelites fight with God Most High. Judaism cannot be universalized because it is too schizophrenic and contains commandments that are against the will of the Holy One's greatest Spirit to humanity, the Spirit of Christ. The schizophrenic commandments are those which Yahweh gives in one place and turns around and negates in another, e.g., the original Commandment not to murder which is negated by the Mosaic Law codes commanding murdering those who don't obey these rules of Yahweh. Also, the original Commandment not to take what is your neighbors is negated by Yahweh's later commands to steal the land of their neighbors, the Canaanites, to force the Promised Land prophesy given to Abraham. Here too the Commandment not to murder is breached by Yahweh's instructions to Joshua to genocide Canaanites, men, women, and children.

Judaism is often touted as a religion of morality and social justice but it cannot ever be such when the God worshipped by Jews (and traditional Christians) has never established himself as a moral god as the examples above demonstrate. There are many such examples of how Yahweh's supposed justice is a sham for favoring one group of human beings over another. Yahweh can never be successfully used as a universal God of Justice or Goodness because Yahweh's roots are hidden in deceit that have rotted out. The fruits of Yahwehism are a mixed schizophrenic mess of lip-service goodness with evil acts intertwined.

Pauline Christian doctrine reinstates Yahweh's schizophrenic character into Christianity and thus produced the schizophrenic history of our Christian religion where the recorded good acts of Gentile believers are few and far between but bad acts are well known to every nation and tribe falling under the armed might of Christian conquerors. Biomystical Christianity breaks this Pauline corruption of Christianity by revealing and honoring the true Father of Humanity, EL Elyon, God Most High. However, even EL is still below a virtually unknowable God, one known to Gnostic Christians as the "Ineffable" i.e., "unknowable" Father and to the Lakota Native Americans as Wakan Tanka, "the Great Mysterious One" or just "Great Mystery".

Bottom Line B.C. Belief about the name(s) of God:

People have their various names for God. "Creator" is the most universal one on earth. Biomystical Christians use the gender-complete name "the Holy One of Heaven & Earth" as the main term for the very highest God. But it's not written in stone. Women may feel more comfortable addressing God as She or any one of the Great Goddess names. The true God of All is really beyond human names although it must be understood that God is not sexless. The primary duality inherent in Life, the Yin-Yang, Mother-Father opposition, is rooted in the Holy One. The prohibition against taking God's name in vain refers to using the name of God to justify one's own vanity, e.g. "Thus saith the Lord, ...", and then setting up more false teachings that lead people away from, instead of towards recognition of the reality and will of the Holy One, that will being for humanity to create Heaven on Earth extending the compassionate, nurturing, and bountiful Realm of the Holy One to all lands and to all beings.


24. Spiritual Canaan, the Promised Land Connection

The Hebrews did reach earthly Canaan but the Jews never reached spiritual Canaan, the Promised Land. Traditional Christianity never reached spiritual Canaan either. Why? Because they didn't have the right God to give them the right directions to it. Biomystical Christianity reaches spiritual Canaan, the Promised Land where the Holy One of Heaven and Earth can be rediscovered as truly Holy One, i.e., representing the primary aspects of the Godhead, God and Goddess united in eternal Heiros-Gamos, as well as the whole Holy Family, the new Divine Assembly, the Elohim.


25. The Restoration of EL Elyon: the true God the Father and Jesus' "Abba"

Some of you may have seen earlier editions of my Biomystical Christianity material in which I make reference to "GaiaJah" as a name for the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. Now you see that I do not use this name but instead use either just "the Holy One", "Holy One of Heaven & Earth", or "Elohim". Here's why: Previous to my discovery of Jesus' "good Father" as the Canaanite God Most High EL, I, like many Gnostics, like many conscientious Christians, was at a loss about what to do with the difference between the merciful and compassionate God Jesus worshipped and obeyed and told us to do likewise, and the Old Testament God, Yahweh, well-known for his tendency to threaten wrath and eternal damnation for all who disobeyed his commandments.

The Old Gnostics in general tried to solve the dilemma many people of conscience have noticed about Jesus' God and Yahweh by reducing Yahweh's authority to that of a lesser god than the true God above all others. Old Gnostics feeling the spiritual need for wholeness in themselves coupled their unknowable highest God to Sophia as the Feminine aspect of this Godhead. My previous solution to the Yahweh/Jesus "Abba" problem was to accept the Rastafarian usage of "Jah" as God the Father, a Father of Love and Justice. I coupled "Jah" to "Gaia" to produce a name for the Holy One that I could see the wholeness of God in, a name that included both masculine and feminine characteristics. But after finding out about EL, after finding out that Yahweh started off as a lower tribal god in the Canaanite pantheon and merely one of the "sons of EL, God Most High", after finding out about the Canaanite roots of the Messiah concept, all this information has led me to drop the "Jah" name in favor of EL's name because without doubt, EL is Jesus' "Abba".

One has only to read about the way EL was perceived by His Canaanite worshippers to see where Jesus got his teachings about compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and non-judgment. And handily, EL already comes complete with a "wife", Asherah, the symbolic Tree of Life. Both EL and Asherah made it all the way through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, so now there is no need for a made-up name signifying the Holy One. It was there all along as the biblical "Elohim". Yes, it does denote the Father aspect of the Godhead without mentioning the Feminine by name but I personally feel quite comfortable with this name because of it's lengthy historical usage and the fact that I now know that EL and Asherah were and are inseparable aspects of the One true God of All.

Here are basic commandments of EL Elyon in the Old Testament to ones who would be "Sons of God".


Psalm 82

"How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked?

Defend the poor and fatherless;

Do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Deliver the poor and needy;

Free them from the hand of the wicked."


"Elijah" "My God EL is Jah"

"Elijah" "My El is Jah", can be true for Judeo-Christians if they take the Ark of the Covenant Lion of Judah Ethiopian express to Jamaica and smoke some Lamb's Bread sensi. Then they might meet Jah, One Love, made the same as EL, the Compassionate One through the sacrifice of Jesus as Yahweh the Son of God Most High. It is important to note that Biomystical Christian theology doesn't advocate a return to ancient pagan Canaanite religious worship but that Christians must now realize the Holy One wants us to recognize the principle aspects of the Creator which are to be found more clearly in the original sources in the Promised Land.


26. Biomystical Christianity and the Armageddon Choice

A jealous god is not God. It is a man-made creation based on fear of loss, loss of control, loss of ownership. The true Holy One "owns" everything, controls everything, so it is impossible for the true God to be jealous of anyone or anything. It created everything, animates everything alive, so how could it be fearful of loss of control? How could It be fearful and jealous of another god? Yahweh is a jealous god. Yahweh, therefore, cannot be the Most High. Biomystical Christianity states that traditional Christians and Jews have the choice of following a lesser god or the true God Most High. They cannot follow both at once as Jesus told us, "no one can serve two masters".* In the End of Zionist Judaism chapter you will discover the Israelite makeover of their tribal god Yahweh into EL Elyon, God Most High and why B.C. theology restores EL to His rightful position as the Father of Humanity and the Father of the Spirit of Christ.

* Also see the EL vs. YHWH chapter


27. "Dawidum" and David

Biomystical Christian theology is convinced David of the Bible was a mythical character, the Hebrew's idealized King as "Chieftain" of the tribe of Israel. David, like Heracles and many of the pagan demi-gods and legendary men, is given a "history", a genealogy to place him within the Hebrew ruling families. There is evidence too in the Old Testament Scriptures that David was thought of a god-like being, whose "city" was spiritual. Then there is the fact that the word "Dawidum" shows up both ancient Canaanite texts and on the Moabite Stone of King Mesha long before the Hebrews scribes composed their Tanach. This parallels the facts that the name of "Solomon" and other foundational Hebrew Patriarchs appear in the very ancient Canaanite religious texts found at Ugarit. Since Israeli and international archeologists have failed in over a hundred years of digging in the Holy Land to locate anything more than an inscription of bearing the name "House of David" it is very likely no great kingdom of David or Solomon ever existed. Read below and see how "House of David" may mean simply "House of the Chief".

Here are views of two scholars re the relationship of David to "Dawidum"

"...Hickman however, not bound by the stifling strictures of conventional chronology, was free to re-assess the earlier connection between the "dawidum" and the name David. As regards Lemaire's "dabduum" he noted that the use of the letter "b" instead of "w" or "v", did "not conclusively exclude the possibility that a word meaning 'David'" was intended in the letters; and that in the New Testament Greek "the name of David is variously written 'Dawid' and 'Dabid'." Even though, as he said. "current archaeological wisdom precludes it" , Hickman felt inclined nonetheless to Benjaminites and Davidites: Hickman found what he believed to be the people of Saul and David in the names "Benjamites" (Benjaminites) and "Dawidum" (Davidum), cited in "three date formulas" of the kings of Mari. It was customary for ancient kings to date certain years of their reigns with reference to notable historical events that occurred within those years. Thus the kings of Mari recorded these years:

1. The year in which Iahdulim went to Hen and laid hands on the territory of the Benjamites."

2. "The year that Zimri-Lim killed the Davidum of the Benjamites."

3. The year after Zimri-Lim killed the Davidum of the Benjamites."

...the possibility that "Dawidum" related to David and that Hammurabi belonged to the Davidic era.

Hickman was quite safe, from a linguistic point of view, in associating the "Benjamites" of the Mari Letters [ML] with the biblical Benjaminites. And, since Saul belonged to the tribe of Benjamin (I Samuel 9:1-2), he was quite entitled to suggest an identification between the "Benjamites" and the peoples ruled by Saul. André Lemaire concurred with this view that the "Benjamites" of ML corresponded in name precisely to the southern tribe of Israel."

The connection with Yamm, Yahweh and the Benjamites whose tribal territory included Jerusalem is taken up in the Yahweh, the Fraud of Israel chapter. Benjamite tribal influence over all of the tribes of Israel may be something to be considered by all claiming Hebrew descent or even Christian spiritual dependence on the Torah and Tanankh texts of Judaism.


28. Biomystical Christianity vs. Pauline Christianity

Paul created traditional Christianity as the world knows it as a new Jewish Mystery Religion. It is true that there are within ancient Hebrew religious traditions much of the elements found in worshipping Jesus as a "Son of God" but it is also clear that Paul's familiarity with pagan religious concepts play into Paul's and the later Roman Catholic Church's creation of Christianity as a type of Jewish Mystery Religion. To do so, Pauline Christ Cult Christianity combines these three elements together in the New Testament portrait of Jesus Christ:

1) Jesus as Isaiah's "Suffering Servant" model applied not to the nation of Israel collectively but to the coming Messiah as an individual who's innocent suffering and death atones for the sins of the Jews.

2) the Jewish-pagan Gnostic concept of a heavenly Redeemer who saves souls from the material world.

3) the Greco-Roman-Egyptian Mystery Religion motif of a dying/resurrection God-Man who's death atones for the sins of those who believe in these gods and god-men.

The Mystery Religions, like Pauline Christianity, promised their believers atonement from sin and eternal life by ritual identification with the dying/resurrection god or god-man either through baptism ceremonies or with Eucharist-type shared meals. In these Mystery Religions with dying/resurrection god motifs the god or god-man undergoes death typically by crucifixion, the god then "dies" but is "born again" to match the seasonal cycle of the agricultural year. The Mystery Religions of Attis and Mithra are two of these pagan Mystery Religions sharing many ritual beliefs in common with Christianity, Mithraism especially, e.g., same Sunday worship, same Dec. 25th birthday, Mithra, a sun god, claimed to be the "Light of the World", was crucified and rose from the dead in three days, would give his believers safety from the Evil One plus eternal life; followers baptized themselves (but in sacrificed bull's blood-yech!) and held Eucharist celebrations where they partook of the god by eating bread and drinking wine, etc...

The Catholic Church costumes and rituals are based on the costumes and rituals used by Egyptian Mystery Religion of Isis priests as is the Catholic icon of Mary as the Madonna with Child based on Egyptian icons of Isis and Horus.

Mark, as Paul's protégé, took Paul's basic supernatural Jesus Christ figure with its short history of sacrificial death by crucifixion and resurrection from the dead, and gave Jesus a three and half year "history" on earth loosely using a Sayings of Jesus wisdom book or "Q" that circulated around in early Christian circles to give Jesus his New Testament dialogues. Matthew and Luke later added more Old Testament references and more "Q" Sayings to fill out Mark's sparse gospel and explain the Christ Cult Christian interpretation viewpoint better. John came along later and added to the basic Markian story the mystical Hellenized Jewish Logos perspective for Jesus in mixed Gnostic and Jewish Apocalyptic terminology. The writer of the Gospel of Thomas also used "Q" to create a Gnostic Jesus Sayings gospel.

The historical Jesus may turn out to be entirely myth or someone lost to history but recreated as legend.* There are only hints of the historical Jesus. All that can be really said in truth is that somewhere between 30 A.D. and 50 A.D. a powerful Spirit of Christ became known to many religious people in Palestine and that Spirit was taken by these people, Jews and then Gentiles, as being the fulfillment of the Messiah prophesy. The Story of Jesus has worked its magic for almost 2000 years but is now coming to a close as historical research reveals the myth-making of early Christian writers and as new prophetic visions replace old ones with the coming of the New Millennium.

Biomystical Christian theology will eventually replace traditional (Pauline) Christian theology as New Millennium generations discard previous patriarchal mythologies in favor of seeing God, Creation, Life and Humanity as they are really are, as a Unity of all diversity, a whole composed of countless parts but so complex and powerfully mysterious to our limited minds we can only call it God, our Holy One of heaven and earth. This topic is crucial to understanding the difference between traditional Christianity and Biomystical Christianity. Therefore I've got a lot to say about it and have created a separate page for my "Jesus vs. Paul" theological stance for Biomystical Christianity. Please see the Biomystic vs. Paul chapter. Actually, BC vs. Pauline Christianity runs all through these pages as Pauline Christianity is the biggest weed growing in the Garden Jesus planted.


29. Mithraism and traditional (Pauline) Christianity

To show how closely traditional (Pauline) Christianity's view of Jesus Christ fits the Greco-Roman world's Mystery Religion traditions, I have posted this review of Mithra and Mithraism below:


Was born in a cave or grotto of a divinely impregnated virgin who was

thenceforth known as the Mother of God;

Has a birthday celebrated toward the end of December;

Is a member of a Holy Trinity;

Shared a last supper with 12 followers;

Redeemed mankind from sin by shedding blood;

Rose from the dead and ascended into heaven;

Leads a cosmic war against the powers of darkness;

Mediates between his father and his followers;

Encourages followers in life's struggle against evil,

lies, and the other works of the Prince of Darkness;

Has worshipers who partake of consecrated bread

and wine and who hold sacred the seventh day of the week;

Is served by celibates and virgins, priests and a pontiff;

Has a cross as a symbol;

Purifies the faithful through ritualistic baptism;

Demands that, after death, all must appear before the judgment seat, and then

unclean souls are handed over to the Prince of Darkness for eternal

torment, while the pure rise into the full radiance of heaven;

Will come to judge all and to establish an everlasting reign

of righteousness and peace at the end of the world ...

Does this describe Jesus or Mithra?

The cult of Mithra was derived from the ancient Aryan worship of Ahura-Mazda. "Dating from around the 15th century BCE [one and one half thousand years "BEFORE Christ"], Mithraism emerged in ancient Persia. Mihr (the Persian form of Mithra) was the word not only for the Sun but also for a friend; and that seems to be how this pagan god was originally worshipped -- as both supreme sun god and god of love. By the beginning of the third century BCE, the militaristic rulers in western outposts of what had been the Persian empire were venerating Mithras as a divine warrior, no longer a loving Sun god but the unconquerable god of soldiers and friend of power."

(From: Quest for the Past)

"Even with the comparatively slight knowledge we have of Mithraism and its liturgy, it is clear that many of Paul's phrases savor much more of the terminology of the Persian cult than that of the Gospels."

(E. Wynn-Tyson, Mithras)

Mithraism "postulated an apocalypse, a day of judgment, a resurrection of the flesh, and a second coming of Mithras himself, who would finally defeat the principle of evil. Mithras was said to have been born in a cave or grotto, where shepherds attended him and regaled him with gifts."

(Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy)

"Like Christians, the Mithraists [a millennium and a half earlier] believed that their savior had descended from heaven to earth; had shared a last supper with 12 followers; had redeemed mankind from sin by shedding blood; and had risen from the dead. They even baptized their converts to wash away past sins."

(Quest for the Past)

"He who will not eat of my body, nor drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him, shall not be saved." -- Mithraic Communion

(M. J. Vermaseren, Mithras, The Secret God)

"And as they were eating, Jesus, having taken bread, when he had blessed, broke [it], and gave [it] to them, and said, Take [this]: this is my body. And having taken [the] cup, when he had given thanks, he gave [it] to them, and they all drank out of it. And he said to them, This is my blood, that of the [new] covenant, that shed for many." -- Mark 14:22-26


Matthew "included Mark's last supper that equated Jesus with Mithra, and also a repudiation of the Mithraic custom of calling priests 'Father' and the chief priest 'Father of Fathers.'"

(William Harwood, Mythologies Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus)

"But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brethren. And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Neither be called masters, for you have one master, the Christ."

--Matthew 23:8-10

"The Mithraic Holy father wore a red cap and garment and a ring, and carried a shepherd's staff. The Head Christian adopted the same title and outfitted himself in the same manner. Christian priests, like Mithraic priests, became 'Father', despite Jesus' specific proscription of the acceptance of such a title (Matthew 23:9). That Jesus had been repudiating, not the Mithraists with whom he was unfamiliar, but the Sanhedrin, whose President was styled Father, is hardly relevant. "Mithra's bishops wore a mithra, or miter, as their badge of office. Christian bishops also adopted miters. Mithraists commemorated the sun-god's ascension by eating a mizd, a sun-shaped bun embossed with the sword (cross) of Mithra. The hot cross bun and the mass were likewise adapted to Christianity. The Roman Catholic mizd/mass wafer continues to retain its sun-shape, although its Episcopal counterpart does not. "All Roman Emperors from Julius Caesar to Gratian had been pontifex maximus, high priest of the Roman gods. When Theodosius refused the title as incompatible with his status as a Christian, the Christian bishop of Rome picked it up. Magi, priests of Zarathustra, wore robes that featured the sword of Mithra. Identical robes are worn by Christian priests to this day."

--William Harwood, Mythologies Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus.


30. Rejection of the Pauline Mystery Religion interpretation of Christ's sacrificial death

The Biomystical meaning of Yieshu-Jesus' sacrificial death

In biomystical consciousness that began with my first religious conversion experience, I was given a new interpretation of what God intends for humankind to learn from the Passion of Christ. God through Jesus' sacrifice addresses the biological instincts still inherent in men's roles (and women who follow into men's roles) of constantly competing with one another for power positions at all levels of society, from head of the family to President of the Nation. In these continuous battles to see who's who in the various pecking orders for domination of territories, the hapless masses put up with these animal escapades that are seemingly inherent in our very genes. But God has shown us the way out of animal territorial instincts through the Sacrifice rituals, the greatest of these being Yieshu-Jesus' Passion.

The Passion of Christ is the world's most psychologically powerful hypnotic trigger--the Ultimate Icon of Self Sacrifice, Jesus nailed to the Cross, the God in Man, not God Most High, but the Most High's Son, Yahweh. It was foretold in Psalm 82 that the Sons of God Most High would "die like men." Jesus was Yahweh in human form as a human-Spirit, Son of Man-Son of God put to death so that the Spirit of EL, the true Father in heaven could be released again on earth. This is the Biomystical Christian interpretation of the Passion: the Sacrifice of Power for Love. Biomystical Christians are instructed to end worship of bloodshed, i.e., end the worship of Christ shedding his blood for our salvation. Absurd on the face of it: A god can't feel the same anguish as a human being. Gods by definition are immortal and would have no fear of death while death is the great fear of a human being. The Pauline god-man Christ's sacrifice is meaningless for human beings as we are not god-men.

See more in the Biomystical meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death chapter.


31. The Mystical interpretation of Yieshu-Jesus' sacrificial death

In ancient Canaanite religious mythology, EL Elyon was challenged once by Yamm known as Prince Sea and representing Chaos in the seasons of the year celebrations of the Canaanite religion. EL won with Baal's help, who was known as "Lord" and who, as a military or war god, led Canaanites to victory in battle as well as securing the seasons through his victory and defeat and resurrection rescue via Anat, a warrior-princess goddess and daughter of Asherah. Baal, too challenged EL and this time it was Yamm who came to EL's side to defeat Baal. Of Biomystical Christian interest is the fact that ancient Canaanite cuneiform texts found at Ugarit contain statements showing EL changing Yamm's name to Yaw or Yawu. Yaw or Yah is also the name of the god of desert tribe Midians into which Moses married or so the Exodus story goes.

When exile Hebrews came back to the Holy Land from their Babylonian Captivity they brought back much to create the Torah story that masks the attempted Deicide of the Canaanite highest gods, EL Elyon, God Most High and Asherah, the Tree of Life. The Mystical Meaning of Yeishu-Jesus Christ's death on the Tree or on the Cross is the sacrifice of Yahweh, the real son of God, who takes on the sins of tribal hubris and narcissism when Judah priests and scribes falsely elevated Yahweh to EL's position as God Most High reducing the great compassionate and wise identity of EL to a mere generic word for "God". Like Lucifer in the Isaiah verse, Yahweh, the Israelite god of war, a.k.a. the ancient Canaanite god of chaos, meant to overthrow God Most High and for 2500 years it has looked like Yahweh pulled it off. By swallowing EL Yahweh choked and became schizophrenic, unable to balance EL's compassion and wisdom with the ever-present need of military commanders for absolute obedience.

Modern archeological evidence shows the true, original identity of EL Elyon plus careful reading of the Tanach (Old Testament) itself. Jesus Christ stood in for Yahweh and took the punishment of the schizophrenic-criminal god Yahweh was. The schizophrenic-criminal god inspires the history of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faiths and is in full force today because Paul, a Benjamite, a Son of Yamm, yoked the Christian Jewish revolt against the worship of Yahweh, the Son of God, substituted as God Most High. In the act of sacrifice to which God does Jesus cry out to? Who is Jesus' Father? "Eloi, Eloi"; my (God) EL and not my (Lord) Yahweh. How could he cry out to himself?

Jesus Christ atones for the Deicide of EL Elyon. "Jesus Christ" is the Transfigured Yahweh, Yahweh cleansed of sin and made worthy as a true Son of God, a true Son who follows the compassion and wisdom of God Most High. Jesus Christ has to be raised from the dead in order to re-establish his relationship as Son at the right hand of the Father. In that position he acts as a Heavenly Intercessor between human beings and our heavenly Father, who represents the Masculine face of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. By establishing the world's most powerful psychological Icon of self-sacrifice, Jesus Christ, gives the model for every man and woman on earth on how to overcome the Alpha Male territorial battling behavior inherited from our lives as wild animals. This behavior pattern in the hands of heavily armed men without control holds the world in terror of perpetual warfare while it oppresses human societies and stunts the development of human potential for peace and harmony among all peoples and the life of the land. It has to end and God, through Geisha-Jesus' sacrifice of Power for Love provided the way to do it.

By sacrificing himself as Yahweh on a dead Tree of Life, the Cross, Jesus Christ creates the world's most psychologically powerful spiritual icon of self-sacrifice, one that is necessary for all human beings, especially men, to have a spiritual-psychological model for overcoming their interior Tyrant Kings, their little war gods inside--their egos that keep them at war with their fellow human beings instead working out ways in which to live in peace and harmony. But the God of Israel is still loose in the world creating chaos and war because Paul twisted the meaning of Christ's sacrifice and put Christianity in Roman imperial hands. This god inspires Judaism and a repeat of the genocidal policy of Joshua in modern Israel. But bloodiest of all are the hands of Pauline Christians inspired by the God of Israel to inflict murder and mayhem on millions of people throughout the course of political domination of Western Civilization by Christianity.

Mohammed, too, completely taken in by Judaism's religious mythology, honors the war god Yahweh by seeing Allah in this Tyrant King-Sage King schizophrenic image of absolute obedience to commandments or else face damning punishment-this from a God of Mercy. War gods must all be sacrificed. Jesus knew this and took on the Son of Man-Son of God role himself as a pure sin offering. It was the only way to release the Spirit of EL back into the world but the attempt was aborted by Paul and the Romans.

Honor Yeishu-Jesus' sacrifice by honoring his Father in heaven, God Most High, the Heavenly Sage King, compassionate and wise, the Father of the Spirit of Christ inspiring compassion and wisdom wherever it is discovered by men and women in touch with their better selves. Only the true Father of Humanity can inspire human beings to become truly humane beings. Jesus is honored again and again every year to remind us how sacrifice of self is necessary for peace and goodwill. But because of Yeishu-Jesus setting the unforgettable image for all time, no one has to literally sacrifice themselves. Vicarious atonement by blood sacrifice is Paul's pagan Mystery Religion idea. It is not to be found Judaism or in Biomystical Christianity.


32. "Saved by the Blood of Christ": Biomystical Christian rejection of Vicarious Atonement doctrine

"For I desire mercy and not sacrifice"

--Hosea 6:6

The concept of sacrificing a living thing in order to atone for sin is a carry-over from primitive religions wherein the spirits or gods must be appeased when things go wrong like droughts, floods, defeat at enemy hands, stuff like that. Since God or gods are superior to human beings the blame falls on the little guy because the little guys are taught from birth the Big Guy or big guys cannot be blamed. But if they can't be blamed they can be bought off from continuing to bring calamity to the individual, the tribe, the city or nation with the proper sacrifice items. These usually included firstborn animals without blemishes or the best foods grown or whatever was held valuable but willing to be sacrificed or given away as bribes to appease the God or the gods. The sacrificed items were fed to the gods on altars, the blood sacrifices usually burned. Not coincidentally, the priests running these religious events often ended up with the best parts of these sacrificed meals and items.

It seems to be a human trait to blame oneself when the thought of blaming others is out of the question, i.e., blaming the tyrant husband, the tyrant boss, the tyrant king, the tyrant god. The concept of sin and atonement through sacrifice seems a universal concept in most religions. But the bottom line is: it is a form of bribery that tries to appease superior power with a show of self-sacrifice, i.e., it is a "show" put on that may or may not be symbolic of real contrition on the part of the "sinner". That's why one picks up a strong current in the Old Testament that God hates sacrifices. If the sacrifices are empty propitiation rituals because nothings changed in the hearts of the believers, why bother? It boils down to Works vs. Faith, folks. Doing the will of God to bring life more abundantly, that's what counts to God and to our own self-worth as human beings made in the image of God.

When we have God's will to bring kindness and compassion into this world it will "show" from the outpouring of our own hearts as we do actions helping our fellow beings in need. When God's will is in your heart it becomes impossible to do otherwise without feeling like you're shirking your duty to not only God and your neighbor but to yourself as well. "Sacrifice" of self then becomes irrelevant because there is no other way to be fully yourself, i.e., your self that realizes God is within you as well as outside of you. You have internalized God's will as the Spirit of Christ within which then becomes your guiding conscience determining your actions towards others. And once you have learned the difference between EL Elyon and Yahweh, you will understand why the Messiah was to be named "Immanuel", "EL is with us".


33. Rejection of the "Tinkerbell Belief System", the faith system of Pauline Christianity

Peter Pan says to the Lost Children when Tinkerbell lies near death, "If you will believe in fairies with all your heart, Tinkerbell will live!" They do so believe, the readers of the story do too, and lo and behold, Tinkerbell lives on in the hearts and minds of those who know and love the story. The New Testament writers ask Christians to believe in their Gospel story of a miraculous Jesus Christ, a literal Son of God who works wonders, heals many, runs afoul of the Roman and Jewish authorities, is tried, crucified, and then, as proof of divinity, is resurrected bodily into heaven. The NT idea is that if you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all your heart and all your mind you will be saved and your soul will live forever in heaven with Jesus and God. Of course, the New Testament writers go a bit beyond Peter Pan by throwing in a threat of eternal damnation in fiery hell for all who refuse to believe in their Gospel of Jesus Christ as written by them. But otherwise, the two belief systems ask the same type of magical thinking or the same type of self-hypnotic enthrallment.

In the end salvation comes not by faith but by knowledge. Faith in scriptures doesn't do a soul any good if the scriptures one has faith in are themselves fraudulent accounts. By most Christian scholars judgment, most of our NT scriptures are propagandistic forgeries that must be taken literally by "Pauline Christians" as proof of "faith", i.e., faith placed in the words of Paul, who is always the most quoted apostle by traditional Christians. Mithraists were told also that their faith placed in the dying/resurrection of Mithra would atone for all their sins. And of course, the Lost Children are told by Peter Pan that Tinkerbell will be saved from dying if only they will be believe in fairies with all their heart. Faith in words of men doesn't cut it spiritually. Not in the long haul. Only Gnosis of God keeps one from succumbing to myths taken as reality.


34. The New Biomystical basis of Christian faith:

Faith in synchronicity signs, faith in God's "Sign Language", faith that the Creator can reach you directly by arranging your personal world to bring you "Signs"

You may ask how God guides me then and the answer is very simple: God guides me and actually everyone of us by "signs", by synchronistic events or "unexplainable coincidences" that carry spiritual meaning to the experiencer.* This is the way of the prophets and is the way of Native American spirituality. I am prophet, high priest, rabbi, bishop, pastor and congregation of the church I carry on my shoulders. My spiritual walk with God is between God and me and that is how it should be as no one can intercede spiritually for another.

It is the solitary Gnostic Christian path to knowledge of God. And it vastly surpasses spiritual slavery to ancient tribal words of others who have fooled you into believing they and they alone can tell you about the God of the whole world. However, what is the real difference between believing in words of the Bible and believing in synchronicity Signs? This tremendous difference: I know who I am and I trust my judgment. I don't know "Paul" or "Luke" or "John" and I am not going to place my faith in the words of men unknown to me and virtually unknown to history as the authentic individuals who wrote the New Testament. For God is God of the living, not the dead.

The Bible is the repository of the story of the spiritual descent of the Spirit of God into the world. The Bible was written by men and therefore contains errors men are prone to. The Bible cannot be used as a legal instrument of worldly rule. It is a teaching device, nothing more, for finding out how the Spirit world of the Holy One interacted with the human world in the ancient Near East to produce Jesus Christ, the founder of our religion. The Story of Jesus is told four different ways in the Bible and each way is loaded with mythology that cannot be taken for anything more than what it is--symbolic instruction for raising spiritual consciousness. Teachings of the Holy One are not confined only to the Bible. The Holy One can and does use everything of this world as spiritual instruction. Therefore, Biomystical Christians cannot use the Bible as ultimate authority to dictate social rules to anyone. There has been two thousand years of that nonsense and it ends here. The ultimate authority is the Spirit of Christ within one's heart and mind put there from the beginning by the true God of All.

To people who can only relate to God through the words of their particular scriptures they cannot fathom the Gnostic position of knowing God uses everything to bring Its messages to humankind. This has nothing to do with meditation but is the path of mystical enlightenment wherein God "speaks" through many mediums, from the symbolic meaning of a particular animal or bird seen during a Native American vision quest to being "drawn" to knowledge sources by singularly curious coincidental happenings, i.e, synchronicity experiences, again "Signs", the sign language of God. When you're in that mystical state All things of God become vehicles of God's instructions. This why orthodox believers were baffled by Gnostic groups using religious reference texts from many sources, e.g. the range found in the Nag Hammadi Library. Once you achieve this mystical state you see God's instructions everywhere, but hidden usually deep in symbology in the "official" patriarchal Holy books. This is the meaning of Jesus Saying in the gospel of Thomas, "Split a piece of wood, and I am there,you'll find Me there. Lift up the stone, and you will find Me there."

My religion comes from seeing this mystical state for myself. It is why I believe in God. No reading of books could do that, no "confessing my sins" to Jesus as my savior dying on the cross could do that as Pauline Christianity instructs traditional Christian believers. God alone has the power to manipulate our world which It did for me for three days in my initial religious conversion experience that brought me out my atheism (that's what agnosticism really is because agnostics have never consciously experienced God), and into knowledge that God truly does exist. And it isn't just about personal spiritual enlightenment because God does have plans for our lives. It is "perfecting" us in spiritual understanding. What good is my personal enlightenment if I sit around in the lotus position when the world screams for salvation, comfort, nurture, and humane love? What good is it if Jews, Arabs, and Christians miraculously agree to settle their different views of Yahweh when whatever they do can't erase the fact that there are literally billions of people unaffected by Middle-Eastern religious practices and beliefs? The only thing they would care about is that Arabs and Jews and Christians don't ignite a world war through their violent religious squabbling. But the Spirit of Christ, that's different because it is a truly universal Spiritual phenomena, a universal awareness of a Good God that creates true humanitarianism. It is true humanitarianism. It is true Agape Love. It is true Karuna compassionate action, and it always promotes Peace, Love, and Harmony, to all of God's beings.

Bottom Line Belief: Biomystical Christians recognize and honor the Spirit of Christ vs. the Word of God. The Spirit of Christ is manifest in all people, from every culture and religion who actively work helping their brothers and sisters all around the world create a better world, help build eutopia, the good place, the Realm of the Holy One, on earth as it is in heaven.


35. The Messiah concept in Biomystical Christianity

The concept of the Messiah began in the ancient Canaanite religion. EL Elyon, God Most High ruled the Pantheon of gods and goddesses and thereby ruled all of Creation through them. The man, the earthly father, and the earthly king, both were to model their behavior on EL's behavior which was known for its wisdom and compassion in dealing with the foibles of human beings. The earthly king who mirrored his heavenly Father became a "Son of God" and so too did each man who did his best to be like the heavenly Sage King. This concept was carried over into Judaism through the concept of the prophetic name of the Messiah to be "Immanuel", meaning literally "EL is with us". This is why it is so important to understand that God the Father is not Yahweh, never was Yahweh, but EL Elyon, who unlike His son, Yahweh, fully deserves worship as the Heavenly Model for a Good Man. Messiahship in Biomystical Christian understanding is to be universalized as the way social leadership ought to be, modeled on the wisdom and compassion of EL Elyon with each of us who is called to social service carrying that compassion and wisdom into our daily lives.


36. The Reality of Jesus vs. Yieshu ben Pantera

The historical Jesus as portrayed by traditional Christianity in the New Testament Gospels is a mythical being. Biomystical Christianity does not idolize prophets because to do so devaluates everyone else. Biomystical Christianity does not deify Jesus since God Itself is devalued by Jesus' deification. There was no historical Jesus of Nazareth born in Bethlehem, the literal Son of God. Even Jesus in the Gospels tells us that he is not a human being.

"For I say to you, among those born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist; but he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he."

--Luke 7:28

In other words, Jesus is confessing he was not born of woman. Who was he born of then? This is a "Q" Saying, so it is foundational to Christ's teachings. It shows how Jesus Christ of the Gospels is a literary invention of Gospel writers, how they created a literary "golem" Jesus brought to life in the minds of Christians taught to believe the Story is reality. Here is another clue to Jesus' spiritual identity. "Son of Man" means Jesus is created by man, by religious writers as opposed to "Son of God", created by God. The reason "Son of Man" is used by Jesus is to inform us that he is a spiritual being created by the mind of men inspired by God. Jesus is the Son of Man who represents the new Adam created by man instead of God.

Traditional Christianity based on the Gospel accounts will wither in the face of continuing non-evidence of their historical Jesus from any historically reliable sources not contaminated by Roman Catholic Church tampering of historical records, e.g. like those of Josephus were so tampered. Because of the authentic voice of a revolutionary new visionary that comes through the stories of Jesus, a real person named Jesus may have existed, a wandering wisdom teacher-healer, who started the legendary mythologies of Jesus. We may never know for sure. We do know "Jesus" became a legendary person and a repository of Pharisaic Jewish wisdom traditions plus Messianic and apocalyptic expectations all wrapped together in a new Jewish-pagan Mystery Religion God-Man healer-miracle worker. And then there is the Yeishu ben Pantera issue. Yeishu seems to have been the model for Jesus Christ. Living nearly a hundred years prior to the time of Jesus Christ, an earlier B.C. Yeishu got into hot water with his rabbi and the leaders of the Sanhedrin.

The Talmud commentaries state "he led many astray". There are so many parallels to the story of Jesus Christ as to be impossible to believe they are not somehow connected. Biomystical Christianity believes Yeishu ben Pantera is the closest to the Historical Jesus we may ever get. Only time will tell. Biomystical Christianity isn't distressed if the story of Jesus may be mostly myth. Myths themselves are evidence of the workings of the spiritual world of God which underlies our physical world. As in Jungian psychology and Gnosticism, Biomystical Christianity recognizes that human lives play out archetypal scenarios which can be found in mythological lore around the world. In all of history Jesus Christ still reigns supreme as the most powerful of hypnotic triggers, one enabling men especially to reach their inner consciences and change their natural proclivities for aggression and domination to subservience to the needs of others.

Bottom Line: The truth of the spiritual power of the Spirit of Christ coming down to earth through the Jesus phenomenon cannot be denied as the effects of that Spirit transforming Western Civilization and the world are there in the historical record for all to see. This is a big Biomystical Christian topic that is too big to fit into these Basic Tenets pages.


37. The Undivided Realm of the Holy One

The Divided Word of God

A word is a symbol for something else. Words divide reality into descriptive units but they are not those units but merely socially agreed upon symbols for those units or separate things that comprise reality. Therefore there was no Word in the Beginning that was "with God and was God". The concept is false and divides the One into symbol vs. reality as it also idolizes the written word. It is benign when children believe in fairy tales but such suspension of critical thinking in adults quickly turns into mandates for cruelty to others when religious myths are taken as historical facts. Especially when those who disbelieve in the religious mythologies are branded enemies of God while those so believing convince themselves they are the Chosen of God.

Biomystical Christian theology goes beyond creation of "Us" vs. "Them" divisions of humanity. BC reinforces the spiritual-material truth that God is Holy One and we are made in Its image wholly one, no division of humanity into "us" and "them", into Jew or Gentile, Christian or pagan, Muslim or infidel. God is One and undivided. Biomystical Christianity believes in the Undivided Realm of the Holy One. This Unity demands no nation on earth, no peoples on earth claiming for themselves a special relationship with the Holy One who is nothing less than the universal God of all peoples and all Creation, not just God of one tribe, one congregation of peoples amongst all that comprise the worldwide human family.

This wisdom saying of Jesus tells of the danger of dividing God's loyalty between this community or that one.

 "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation,

and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

--Matthew 12:25

In Biomystical Christian theology God's loyalty and love of all humanity made in Its image cannot be divided. No one is perfect. All have far to go to reach spiritual understanding of material reality and our personal roles within God's Creation. The point is doing the best we can with what we have, all of it, so that we remain our brothers and sisters keepers in order that no one is left out and nothing of value is lost and forgotten. We all go together or none of us really gets to the destination of spiritual unity, one with God.


38. Jesus taught us how to "bind" our enemies

Jesus' "Binding" is a non-violent way to defeat one's opponents. It is a method with heavy risks and no personal worldly reward. Jesus taught us how to bind the Strong Man in order to steal his goods. The way the Strong Man is bound is by exposing his Fatal Flaw. This works to defeat every superior opponent but the defeat may and often does take considerable time. Few have the inclination for such effort but Jesus did.

Jesus bound John the Baptist by making him fit the prophesy of the return of the Spirit of Elijah.

Paul bound Jesus by making Jesus fit the pagan mystery religious ideas of dying/resurrection god-men.

I bind Pauline Christianity by exposing its roots in myth-making and by transferring worship of Yahweh back to EL Elyon, the true God Most High.

I bind old Gnosis by discovering Jesus' true heavenly Father who is not the nemesis of ancient Gnostics, Yahweh.

I bind Judaism by exposing the fraudulent elevation of Yahweh to God Most High's position. I bind Judaism by showing the Jewish myths of origin as myths without historical foundation.

I bind Islam by pointing out Muhammad's errors of knowledge, lack of spiritual discernment, and totalitarian and violent commandments.

I bind Buddhism by showing its fatal flaw of brain manipulation to create and glorify one brain state over all others.

Jesus taught us how to bind the Strong Man in order to steal his goods. The way the Strong Man is bound is by exposing his Fatal Flaw. This works to defeat every superior opponent but the defeat may and often does take considerable time. Few have the inclination for such effort but Jesus did. The Fatal Flaw of the material world is Death. The Fatal Flaw of human society is carry-over behavior patterns from our past as wild animals, most especially the Alpha Male domination pattern. In Gospels, Jesus showed us how Death is defeated through the Resurrection. In society, Jesus taught us how to bind the Strong Man by declaring it impossible for a rich man to enter heaven. To overcome the whole Strong Man domination system, Jesus gave his life deliberately sacrificing Power for Love. To establish the superiority of the Spirit of Christ over the Strong Man in power, Jesus did the reverse of the expected: the Messiah, the King of Kings, with miraculous power from God, declines to use it, instead deliberately chooses to lose the contest, the Trial at the behest of the highest Alpha Males of his time and place, the Jewish Sanhedrin and Pilate, the Roman Empire's man in Jerusalem. This is how Jesus provided the model for defeating the Strong Man/Alpha male domination system for all time.

Did it save Jesus? Not on earth but as a Heavenly Son of God, well, look at His record on that one..most importantly for us, Jesus' sacrificial death created that Icon of Icons, the Passion of Christ, and the Resurrection which followed, both of which show every man on earth what needs to be done to bring peace and goodwill to all, i.e., to establish the Kingdom of God, the Realm of the Holy One, on earth as it is in the heavenly Archetype it is necessary to sacrifice one's selfish desires through helping others. Biomystical Christianity "binds" other religions and philosophies by exposing their fatal flaws. If they haven't any that are fatal, they will survive into the New Millennium. Most, however, are doomed.


39. Heavenly Intercessors

It is the role of the prophet to dramatize divine intercession. In Biomystical Christianity, Heavenly Intercessors are acceptable, even necessary for guiding one's spiritual journey. Earthly ones (men) are not acceptable as final spiritual authorities. The appearances of Mary to many Catholics, and the clue given at Lourdes, "I am the Immaculate Conception" shows the spiritual origin of Mary as a principle Heavenly Intercessor. Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, is the Asian Heavenly Intercessor. The Lakota's Savior White Buffalo Calf Woman is also another such Heavenly Intercessor. I have had the great privilege of seeing Her as now She has appeared as Christ Josephine uniting Old and New World spiritual traditions together. Please see the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter for my report of this experience.

Angels, of course, have always been known as Heavenly Intercessors. The Angel Gabriel informed Mary of the coming of her Son. Gabriel guided Mohammed in his creation of the tenets of Islam. The Angel Ariel guides me in the creation of Biomystical Christianity. Heavenly Intercessors are established facts of history. You may not believe in Them but They certainly pop up in history guiding human beings to special spiritual knowledge. What exactly is a "Burning Bush"? Anyone see those things around lately? Might they be Metaphors for spiritual architecture we human can't see? Archetypes are eternal and the Heavenly Messenger archetype is often seen in foundation religious visions, e.g. Gabriel announcing the birth of Jesus, e.g. Gabriel guiding Mohammad's spiritual knowledge, e.g. Mary sighted so many times She's about the strongest of all of Them. Ignore these Archetypes at your risk because if you don't acknowledge Their existence you are already under Their enthrallment and some of Them aren't so nice, e.g. the Moloch Problem with the Angel of Yahweh and the God of Abraham.


40. Ariel, the Angel of Peace and new Archangel for the Age of Aquarius

There has been a revolution in heaven. Ariel has been elevated in spiritual importance to become the new Archangel for the New Age. Michael is still there and still protects the Faithful but it is Ariel who has now become the main angelic Heavenly Intercessor for men and women seeking the spiritual source of the Peace Movement that is slowly but surely undoing our world that has been constantly at war.


41. Arielmessenger's Spiritual Intercessors

Heavenly Intercessors for Biomystical Christianity include the Spirit of Christ Jesus, the Spirit of Christ Josephine, and the Archangel Ariel. A Spirit of Elijah also runs through the spiritual work of Arielmessenger and one can instantly tell the difference between Spirits from Above and Spirits from strong men who have gone before, e.g Elijah. Love, forgiveness, compassion, mark the spiritual instructions from Above. Judgment, harsh criticism, challenge, and finally condemnation mark the spiritual instruction from the spirit of Man. That's why it is so important to recognize our Godhead as containing the compassionate and non-judgmental Feminine attributes of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth.

Ariel, the Angel of Peace and new Archangel of the Aquarian Age, is my main spiritual guide, the Angel who started me on my religious path and the one whose "home", Jerusalem, is the center of my mission from God. Within the spiritual influence of the angel Ariel I can detect the presence of EL Elyon, God Most High, and Shalom, Salaam, Salem, the Evening Star name of God as Peace when peace was first worshipped at Jerusalem. The Piscean Age Archangel Michael is always with me having been placed in my full name at birth. With Michael's influence, like he judges as recording Angel sinners at the End of Days, I judge sinful religious practices that lead up to that climax in each person's life. And like Michael, the Intercessor for the Nations, I intercede for nations oppressed by other nations. But the Spirit of Christ Jesus also spiritually motivates me as it motivates so many others. The Spirit of Christ: first manifested around 2000 years ago in the teachings and sacrifice of the man Yeishu ben Pantera who became the historical core figure for the later purely spiritual Being, Jesus Christ, who was given Yieshu's history only vastly sanitized and sanctified. Now that Spirit is back but not in the way traditional Christianity expected.


I have seen a Goddess!

I have seen a spirit woman, The Spirit of Christ Josephine*: Within the Spirit of Christ Josephine I can detect the presence of the Spirits of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Kwan Yin, and Ishtar-Venus. The Spirit of Christ Josephine manifests Itself in my spiritually-inspired economic development work and relationships with tribal people and people under oppression who are in serious need of political salvation from genocidal policies of Western nations. I have worked for years with a local Native American tribe here in Northern California trying to help them regain thousands of acres of lost ancestral land, that work reported in the Headwaters and Heartlands pages.

* See the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter.

I also have a spiritual mission to help the Palestinians whose predicament mirrors the predicament Native Americans found themselves in during the last 500 years of European-American colonization and domination of the New World. She is with me there as well.**

** See Part I in the Story of Paxcalibur chapter to see how Christ Josephine showed how She was with me in Israel.


42. Hiero-Gamos: The biomystical meaning of "The Wedding"

We humans cannot conceive of something totally singular. Our brains are hardwired to perceive things dualistically, i.e., something in contrast to something else. One stands out in contrast to two or many, light in contrast to darkness, good in contrast to bad, etc.. So too with the Godhead which includes the basic Female and Male configuration of the Universe. Two poles of One Unity. Yin and Yang. The mating of all things and all systems of things. This is the Wedding the Spirit of Christ invites us to.

We could use the English words "Mother-Father" as our term to describe the Unity of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. However, in order to honor the roots of Biomystical Christianity, I choose to use the religious language of the ancient Canaanites and Hebrews to call the Holy One of Heaven & Earth "Elohim", the "Us" in Genesis I which signifies EL Elyon, God Most High, as "Father of the Divine Assembly". We cannot use Yahweh to signify the Holy One of Heaven & Earth because Yahweh is not God Most High but one of the sons of EL Elyon, God Most High. This is revealed in ancient Canaanite texts and in the Bible itself. Also there is the undeniable patriarchal prejudice fact of YHWH's refusal to recognize the Goddess aspect of the Holy One.

In the Promised Land of Canaan, EL was married to Asherah, the Great Mother Goddess. Without understanding the spiritual concept of Hiero-Gamos, the Holy Marriage of God and Goddess, we cannot be whole within ourselves as we humans are made male and female in the image of God as Holy One. The Prince of Peace kisses Sleeping Beauty, they marry and become God and Goddess united as Holy One and live happily ever after, and so do their children made in their image.


43. Biomystical Christianity is, like Christianity itself, Polytheistic, not Monotheism at all

Whenever you have more than one God, e.g., Father and Son, that's polytheism no matter how much Pauline Christian leadership tried to deny it.

Biomystical Christianity uses "aspects", "faces",
"emanations" of God and "archetypes" to describe God's ways in our world

Healing the Godhead: The Godhead in the human mind at present is dysfunctional. Biomystical Christianity restores the functional Holy Family called variously "Divine Assembly", "Elohim", "Us", and "We", these last terms found to refer to God in the Genesis 1 and 2 chapters and all through the Quran. "Pluriform monotheism" is the form of monotheism that recognizes the various gods of the Divine Assembly or ELohim as independent spiritual entities yet at the same time understands they are to be considered manifestations of the One and same Divine Presence. This is not a new concept for the Trinity idea does the same as does the Hindu conception of their godhead. It is not really a whole lot different from ancient pagan polytheistic beliefs that held one god to be highest in the pluriform Godhead. What has been called "polytheism" is in many cases only the respect for the power of Archetypes called "gods" and "goddesses" by the ancients. Gnostic "knew" this. Intolerant and ignorant monotheists did not. What must be remembered is that names of God and Goddess are only to signify aspects of the One God, the Holy One of Heave & Earth. They are "gods" in themselves, only in the sense that they represent eternal archetypal configurations that are always manifested one way or another in our material world.

Biomystical Christian theology rejects the Pauline Christian interpretation of Jesus, the man, as a separate god, a literal Son of God, but accepts the heavenly Jesus Christ as the major emanation, or "Son", of the Creator. Making Jesus into a separate god is Paul's work of making Jesus fit the pagan Mystery Religion, dying/resurrection god model that his Gentile audiences were so familiar with. However, by doing this Pauline Christian doctrine negates the basic monotheism of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. Traditional Christian belief in the Trinity of God is basically polytheism with a Christian sugar coating to disguise the fact that the Trinity concept holds at least two Gods--God as God, and Jesus as another god, a literal Son of God, a God-Man being, a concept that is alien to earthly reality but  widely accepted in ancient pagan polytheistic mythologies and pagan worship of earthly rulers as divine beings. I have recently discovered a new bible scholar, Margaret Barker, who has brought out the fact that Yahweh may have been worshipped as a Son of God by ancient Hebrews, i.e., as a secondary god making ancient Judaism polytheistic. Certainly ancient Judaism was not monotheistic as it recognized the existence of other gods besides Yahweh.

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods (the Elohim), knowing good and evil."

Genesis 3:5

"Who is like unto thee, oh LORD, among the gods?"

Exodus 15:11.

"Now I know that the LORD is greater than all other gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them."

Exodus 18:11.

"Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people."

Exodus 22:28.

(Why command us not to revile the gods if the gods do not exist?)

"Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods."

Exodus 23:32.

(Why tell us not to make a covenant with gods if they do not exist?)

"Upon their gods also the LORD executed judgments."

Numbers 33:4.

(How could Jehovah god execute judgments on gods that do not really exist?)

"For the LORD your God is the God of gods and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and terrible."

Deuteronomy 10:17.

"The LORD, God of gods, the LORD, God of gods, he knoweth, and Israel he shall know; if it be in rebellion, or if in transgression against the LORD."

Joshua 22:22.

"Woe unto us! Who shall deliver us out of the hand of these mighty Gods? (elohim) For these are the Gods (elohim) that smote the Egyptians with all the plagues in the wilderness."

1 Samuel 4:8.

"And the house that I build is great: for great is our God above all gods."

2 Chronicles 2:5.

"GOD presides over heaven's court; he judges among the gods."

Psalm 82:1.

"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High."

Psalm 82:6.

(Jesus quotes this verse to hostile Jews in John 10:34: "Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?")

"I will praise thee with my whole heart: before the gods will I sing praise unto thee."

Psalm 138:1.

(What sense would it make to sing praises in the presence of the gods if they do not exist?)

Prof. Margaret Barker* believes that the Deuteronomy authors instituted a monotheistic revolt by fusing Yahweh with EL Elyon but that this act was never fully accepted by all Hebrews. She believes early Christianity carries on the polytheistic Yahweh as a Son of God tradition with Jesus Christ being Yahweh in the flesh. This is a very interesting point of view and I've included it as something needed to fully understand the advent and rapid rise of Christianity out of its Jewish womb.

* See Prof. Margaret Barker's book, The Great Angel.


44. The Return of the Great Goddess

Without the acknowledgment of the Great Goddess aspect of the Godhead, patriarchal monotheisms are only religious mandates for continuous male battles for domination of territory. Without a heavenly Model of the Goddess, i.e., God as She, the whole of Creation suffers because the Feminine Face of the Holy One is devalued. Without a heavenly Model of the Family, the family too is devalued in importance. God is correcting the Deficiency as we Gnostics call it. And it requires the acknowledgement that God is "Us", that a monotheism that subtracts the Feminine from the Godhead is a crippled concept producing the historical results that happen when any of the three Abrahamic faiths are in political power. Why am I not then a Pagan Goddess worshipper? Because when She is worshipped alone it creates the reverse prejudice found in the Abrahamic God the Father only religions. Males are reduced in importance symbolized by the role of the Horned God who is worth is no more than his role as the Divine Dildo of the Goddess.


45. Asherah, the Great Goddess

The Great Goddess has had many names. Because Biomystical Christian theology can trace the Goddess Spirit as it manifests through time via the names of "Asherah", "Ishtar", "Isis", "Aphrodite-Venus", "Kali", "Gaia", "Sophia", "Shekkinah", "Mary" (really Mari-Yam, or "Miriam"--the Goddess reflecting Her relationship with the Sea), we can use all these appellations of Her as they are met within the Canaan-Judeo-Christian epic as it unfolds the Holy One's will through history. Each name is used for Her in Her appropriate Triple aspects-- Virgin, Mother, and Crone, symbolizing the Life cycle of birth, life, and death.

Greek "Gaia" to honor the Great Goddess as our spiritual-material foundation of Mother Earth.

"Aphrodite-Venus" or "Ishtar" to signify Her as Virgin-Maiden and Lover.

Canaanite "Asherah", the Tree of Life, to reflect Her highest Goddess conceptualization as Mother of all Life*.

Mary and Isis to honor Her as Mother of Humanity.

Ishtar and Isis to signify Her Power as part of "I AM" because She too has Her I AM appellation which the Babylonian daughter of Sargon used in a poem dedicated to Inanna, Goddess of the Babylonians. Ishtar can also be spiritually connected to the I AM that Moses met in Sinai.

Isis Mystery Religion worshippers too inscribed this "I Am" statement on their temple of Isis in Sais, Egypt as reported by Plutarch: "I am all, that which has been, is, and shall be." Revelation's author borrowed this for Jesus in Rev 1: 8- "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, says the Lord, "who is and was and who is to come, the Almighty."

"Sophia" and "Shekkinah" to signify Her Wisdom without which the Holy One cannot create the kingdom of heaven on earth.

"Kali" to signify Her in Her role as death bringer, a role earthly Life cannot do without.

But these are Old World names for Her and only those that are spiritually connected to the Near Eastern religions in which She can be found. She is Universal so of course She has names in every tongue and society throughout the world which can see the Moon and the Morning Star above and the Earth below.

In the New World She has been known as Spider Woman and of course, Mother Earth.


46. The Vision of Christ Josephine: coming as the Daughter of God and Bride of Christ Jesus instead of the Church being the Bride of Christ

Biomystical Christianity does not accept the traditional Christian doctrine that the Christian Church is the "Bride of Christ". The concept is illogical if the Church also claims to be the Body of Christ. Christ, a male, marrying itself as a collective group, Christ, the Son of God, marrying itself as represented by an unstable and constantly fragmenting group of bickering human beings which is the historical reality of "the Church", the whole notion is ridiculous logically and historically. One gets married in a church, not to a church. In order to complete the spiritual representation of the true Holy One of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, a spiritual being and Son of God, is destined to spiritually marry another spiritual Being, a true spiritual representative of the Holy One, nothing less than a Daughter of God. Why? Because together, They are the Holy Spirit parents of the Children of God, the ones invited to the Holy Wedding who accept the invitation this time around instead of rejecting it. (note Jesus' Parable of the Wedding in Matthew 22).

See more about Christ Josephine as the 2nd Coming of the Spirit of Christ in the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter.


47. The Biomystical Pantheon of the Holy One-the Upgraded Divine Assembly

Elohim- the Holy One of heaven and earth

Why is "Elohim" used as a name for the highest God or the Holy One of Heaven and Earth? Because God is Holy One yet plural: Genesis 1:26-- "Then God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness." Gen 3:22-- "Then the Lord God said, 'Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil." Then again in Gen 11:7- "Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." All through the Quran, Allah too is referred to pluralistically as "We". God is One yet our biomystical understanding is that the One is multifold.


48. The Return of the Holy Family

EL is Grandfather Sky above, and Gaia/Asherah is Grandmother, Mother Earth and the Tree of Life, our ground of being. Our spiritual parents are the Spirits of Christ Jesus and Josephine united in Holy wedlock. We are their spiritual children and we are all Holy One. Two thousand years ago, Jesus, representing God's impartiality to family loyalties, purposely broke apart family commitment.

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man's foes will be those of his own household. He who loves father and mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me".

-Matthew 10:34-37

"Then one said to Him, 'Look, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak with You.' But He answered and said to the one who told Him, 'Who is My mother and who are My brothers?' And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, 'Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother."

-Matthew 12:47-50

Two thousand years ago Jesus' mission was to direct human awareness beyond material life which was centered around family needs and family loyalties. He did this in order that individuals could discover spiritual awareness of God when the "noise" of daily family-centered life was absent. Jesus was a spiritual Redeemer and not a Davidic Messiah. Jesus Christ, the bachelor, embodied the Virgin Spirit of God and manifested the anti-material world Spirit that pulled at spiritually conscious people of the late centuries B.C. and early centuries A.D. in the Near East and Mediterranean region. Jesus therefore directed our primary attention to the spiritual world instead of this world. But He left a Message plain and clear that there was to be a spiritual Wedding and God invites us all to come.

Bottom Line: There will be no peace in the Holy Land or the world until the Holy Family is restored in our understanding of the Godhead. The Holy Family returns God's desire for strengthening the spiritual bonds of family life. Promoting the concept of the Holy Family is our manifestation of the Holy One's will for the New Millennium that human families be spiritually strengthened and healed. When families are healed societies will be healed because the family is society in embryo.


49. Baptism

Baptism is necessary to establish the self as "born again" in the Spirit of Christ. One must symbolically and literally dip the self into the realm of the Goddess, the waters of Life, and come out again, reborn as a spiritually conscious human being. Baptism in the Jordan has now a new spiritual meaning: The Jordan river is unique in that it does not flow into the sea or into a living lake but flows instead into the Dead Sea. It is therefore a river that leads to a dead end for the realm of the Goddess, i.e., into a body of dead water. No salmon in the Jordan. No Salmon of Knowledge archetype therefore. The patriarchies of the Middle East gain spiritual support from the Jordan in their perpetual war against the Great Mother which has this irony: the main spring, the headwaters of the Jordan has the ancient name of Baal Gad, "Lord Gad", a Pan-like Goat God. It seems both pagan and patriarchy run into a dead end. Bottom Line: Biomystical Christianity advocates being baptized in any of the great many living waters of Mother Earth to symbolize our unity with the Heavenly Father and the Great Mother as Holy One.

The Baptism of Renunciation vision (9/13/06)

Baptism in the sea is the only way to cleanse religious dogmatic impurities from one's soul.

Aquarius and the Baptist role:

The amazing expansion of the meaning behind baptism connecting it to Christ as the Aquarian Humanitarian Man who pours out Living Waters to humanity. See the Christ Aquarius Revelation.


50. Circumcision

The following is what I learned from God during my original conversion experience back in 1979.

"Still later in Genesis, following Shem's line, Abram meets with God and God gives him the covenant of circumcision and changes Abram's name to Abraham. Circumcision is a hypnotic ritual meant to draw maximum attention to the roots of male aggression and territoriality. The more primitive the society, the more pronounced and gruesome the ritual becomes. Christ is the first Jew to see that it is all symbolic and that it is the heart or mind that needs to held within bounds, not just the outward body. Abraham, though, misunderstands, and when he hears God call on him to sacrifice his and wife's firstborn son, Isaac, he dutifully prepares to kill him, just as all old Warriors dutifully sacrifice their sons in wars. Abraham discovers that God is not so cruel and provides the symbolic sacrificial substitute Abraham and his time can understand- a ram instead of a child."

The connection between sex, aggression, and territoriality, is one of the basic "Biomystical" concepts of Biomystical Christian theology. Circumcision is the symbolic act of "circumscribing" male violence, e.g., the boxing ring where violence is circumscribed within a ring with rules to insure that the violence does not injure non-participants. There's a lot more to it if anyone is interested in continuing to know why God sent us the Christ as a way to overcome our otherwise inherent predisposition to following old animal behavior patterns where the strong and ruthless rule the weak and powerless.

See more about this in the Biomystical meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death chapter.       

Since Paxcalibur is in Israel there is a whole new meaning for the circumcision symbolism. A brand new icon has been given to all humankind from Jerusalem once the Paxcalibur Peace Mission is completed. Even now, the icon of circumcision of the power to kill has powerfully effected those who have seen it with their own eyes.

Does Biomystical Christianity recommend circumcision? Yes, indeed, we do. Scientific studies have shown that women who have sexual intercourse with uncircumcised men have a higher risk of contracting uterine infections than with circumcised men. We men love our women and God wants us to treat them right. However, circumcision must be done painlessly or otherwise psychological trauma could possibly accompany the procedure.


51. The Meaning of Life: We are Holy One

We are Holy One but quite down the line in God's time-space continuum's evolutionary chain of spiritual and material development, i.e., God's Cosmic Plan. Life is the toughest school on Earth. No one gets out alive. But do it right and you get to graduate to Heaven and another life beyond this one.


52. The Spirit of Christ within

The Spirit of Christ within you is your conscience. Your conscience is your little Christ inside you. The sign that the Spirit of Christ within you has been activated happens when you are compelled to do right. When it is beyond a matter of choosing right over wrong but actually being compelled always to do the rightist thing you are aware of, this is the Spirit of Christ within--of course, there's the rub..self-awareness.


53. "Become as little children"

Curiosity about life characterizes children. Adults become less and less curious and more and more cynical, jaded, then hardened. In human evolution it has been the retention and development of childhood structural features into adulthood that mark the advancement of Homo-sapiens.


54. "Judge not, lest ye be judged"

Most Christians do not understand that saying of Jesus about not judging others.

"Judge not that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the same measure you use, it will be measured back to you."

Every human being on earth judges things from the moment they become conscious of the need to make choices between this or that. It is impossible to live without making judgments. So therefore, in Biomystical Christian interpretation, what Jesus is telling us very plainly is that the judgment we use will be the same judgment others will use to judge us. Jesus is not saying "Do not judge" but saying "If you judge you better be prepared to meet the same judgment yourself", and that's why he exposed hypocrisy and that is why I expose hypocrisy. If I can't meet my own standards that I apply to others then I join the ranks of the hypocrites and do not follow Jesus in truth. But I am ready to be judged by my own standards so I don't believe I am being a hypocrite. However, it does become a fine line when judgment leads to the destruction of cherished beliefs. Pain of loss is practically unavoidable when traditional beliefs are judged with harsh reality, e.g., judging the terrible history of Christian practices vs. the accepting the loving kindness of Jesus' doctrines. But sometimes the Spirit of Christ uses a sword of the mouth to condemn what must be condemned otherwise greater evil results.


55. The Biomystical Christian definition of "sin"

To the Jew sin was not following Mosaic Law. To Pauline Christians sin is not following New Testament "Word of God" scriptures. To Biomystical Christians sin is doing selfish and mean-spirited acts which bring unnecessary violence into the world by breaking apart biological-spiritual bonds that hold individual and community life together. Biological-spiritual bonds are broken when one causes unnecessary physical or psychological injury to others. This is quite different from the list of sins one reads in the Bible. But it is directly in line with Jesus' teachings reflected in the Two Great Commandments to love God with all one's heart, mind and soul and to love one's neighbors as one's self.

You might ask "What's God have to do with this so-called Biomystical Christian sin of breaking apart physical and psychological bonds holding individuals and communities together?" Everything! As someone who has directly experienced God's omnipotent Presence and seen how God spiritual reality underlies everything that happens on Earth and in this Universe, I can speak without doubt that the Great Spirit of God resides within each one of us, in each of our communities all around the globe, and in the composite community of Life universal. Most of us are just spiritually blind to God's omnipresence. Those who are fortunate enough to see God's Presence either by fated destiny or by determined effort know that the Spirit of God is everywhere.


56. Good and Evil

My Godhead is actually beyond the limiting definition of "Elohim" and more towards the concept of the Great Mystery. It is far too big to encompass in any human mind so It "sends" "emanates" Faces of Itself, Archetypes, primal spiritual configurations such as angels which humanity has labeled "gods and goddesses" in the past. In order to explain how "evil" arises in a world made by a supposedly Good God, many people have elevated one of the primary Archetypes to the role of "Satan" or "Demiurge" or Freddie Kruger. But it's not necessary to do this intellectual exercise to explain how bad things happen in a world made by a Good God. It's just the mechanics of Creation.

Creation isn't "good" or "evil", it just is. When you start off with a space-time continuum in motion, well, anything that moves courts disaster at some point. Every on switch calls for an off switch, every creature calls for another to eat it so that first creature won't eat up the whole world, and on and on go the Checks and Balances of our natural world, the very same world that God created for our spiritual education. So often what is consider "evil" behavior is carry-over behavior from our earlier days as wild animals. When those out-dated animalistic "kill or be killed", "destroy your competitor" behavior patterns pop up in "civilized" life they are branded "evil" but they're only part of the human behavioral response systems that most of humanity has gotten past. We don't eat people any more and perhaps in time, we all will get past murder and mayhem as well. Then there is also the old traditional excuse for God's toleration of evil in this world that actually still makes sense which is the fact that human beings--by being limited in comprehension to only being able to distinguish things by contrasting one thing against another--can really only understand "goodness" by contrasting it to acts that are comprehended as opposite to goodness.


57. There is no Free Will

Psalm 139:16

"Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.

And in Your book they all were written,

The days fashioned for me,

When as yet there were none of them."


If God is omnipotent and omniscient, God knows past, present, and future. If God is beyond our time-space continuum, God would have the ability to look up and down the time line of our universe. If what we think of as "reality" is an illusion, is in fact a magnificently orchestrated Play with the most amazing technological effects light years beyond our Hollywood's best productions, then to think we have "free will" is only our own delusion because we human beings are blind to the future. Our limits are not God's limits.

"More Than Good Intentions: Holding Fast to Faith in Free Will"

From an essay by John Horgan

"One of the risks of science journalism is that occasionally you encounter research that threatens something you cherish. Free will is something I cherish. I can live with the idea of science killing off God. But free will? That's going too far. And yet a couple of books I've been reading lately have left me brooding over the possibility that free will is as much a myth as divine justice. The chief offender is "The Illusion of Conscious Will," by Dr. Daniel M. Wegner, a psychologist at Harvard. What makes Dr. Wegner's critique more effective than others I've read over the years is that it is less philosophical than empirical, drawing heavily upon recent research in cognitive science and neurology. Dr. Wegner also carries out his vivisection of free will with a disturbing cheerfulness, like a neurosurgeon joking as he cuts a patient's brain.

We think of will as a force, but actually, Dr. Wegner says, it is a feeling — "merely a feeling," as he puts it — of control over our actions. I think, "I'm going to get up now," and when I do a moment later, I credit that feeling with having been the instigating cause. But as we all know, correlation does not equal causation. When neurologists make patients' limbs jerk by electrically zapping certain regions of their brains, the patients often insist they meant to move that arm, and they even invent reasons why. Neurologists call these erroneous, post hoc explanations confabulations, but Dr. Wegner prefers the catchier "intention inventions."

He suggests that whenever we explain our acts as the outcome of our conscious choice, we are engaging in intention invention, because our actions actually stem from countless causes of which we are completely unaware. He cites experiments in which subjects pushed a button whenever they chose while noting the time of their decision as displayed on a clock. The subjects took 0.2 seconds on average to push the button after they decided to do so. But an electroencephalograph monitoring their brain waves revealed that the subjects' brains generated a spike of brain activity 0.3 seconds before they decided to push the button.

The meaning of these widely debated findings, Dr. Wegner says, is that our conscious willing is an afterthought, which "kicks in at some point after the brain has already started preparing for the action." Other research has indicated that the neural circuits underlying our conscious sensations of intention are distinct from the circuits that actually make our muscles move. This disconnect may explain why we so often fail to carry out our most adamant decisions. This morning, I may resolve to drink only one cup of coffee instead of two, or to take a long run through the woods. But I may do neither of these things (and chances are I won't).

Perfectly healthy people may lose their sense of control over actions their brains have clearly initiated. When we are hypnotized, playing with Ouija boards, or speaking in tongues, we may feel as though someone or something else is acting through us, whether a muse, ghost, devil, or deity. What all these examples imply is that the concept of a unified self, which is a necessary precondition for free will, is itself an illusion.

Dr. Wegner quotes Arthur C. Clarke's remark that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Because we cannot possibly understand how the fantastically complex machines in our skulls really work, Dr. Wegner says, we explain our behavior in terms of such silly, occult concepts as "the self" and "free will." Our belief in our personal identity and self-control does have its uses, Dr. Wegner grants; without it, "we might soon be wearing each other's underclothing."


Everyone has done what they're going to do. What you will do, you've already done.


58. Resurrection of the dead

What Jesus did do in regards of an active Afterlife for the soul in heaven is confirm for Judaism and the world that such indeed could be expected. Instead of the dust and darkness of non-life in the previous Jewish concept of Sheol, in the resurrection of the Spirit of Christ soul, i.e, one who's soul is one with the Son of God Most High, one could and should expect Heaven, life in a world beyond the grave.


59. The Afterlife: The Bible Heaven vs. Near-Death-Experiences of Heaven

The Bible Heaven believer:

"First of all Heaven is a real place and that is and should be everyone's ultimate goal. All the scriptures you gave regarding certain people not in heaven yet are true. They are not in heaven yet but they will be resurrected and inherit the kingdom of God. You see what is going on in this world today:) and it can't last. Man is truly destroying the world with every evil imaginable. God must purify the earth and remove all sin to prepare a place for the Holy City to come down and rest here. This earth truly will pass away and a new and better earth will be made."

Traditional Christianity does not prepare Christians for the real Heaven. Only Biomystical Christianity does. People who believe in the stereotyped heaven described in Bible and apocryphal apocalypses, please do some critical thinking about the things described in these apocalypses. For example, I tell all Bible literalists that I want an environmental impact statement filed first before any New Jerusalem cube as described in Revelation falls from the sky onto earth. Have you considered the measurements of this monstrosity? 1400 MILES on a side! It would stick up 1400 miles into the stratosphere. From space it would be seen as the most prominent feature on the planet. Made of crystals, gold and gems, it's incredible weight would no doubt totally disrupt plate tectonics. The New Jerusalem cube is too absurd a structure to contemplate seriously. Much better to analyze the vision from its source of supernaturalization of Hebrew Temple items, New Jerusalem being a supernaturalized Holy of Holies (that's why no sun-holy of holies had no window).

The "no sea" refers to the doing away with Solomon's Temple "sea", the large water basin called that in the Temple court. These "seas" were a Canaanite temple carryover into Hebrew temple design. They originally were part of Asherah and Yamm worship as Goddess of the Sea and Prince Sea. The BC view is that Heaven exists and its nature can be glimpsed by reading accounts of people who have accidentally "visited" there in near death experiences, "n.d.e.'s", and were "sent back" to tell us. So many reports are similar. One goes through a tunnel towards the "Light" and reaches the threshold of a Place of "Golden Light" filled with warm feelings of an all encompassing Love. A Being of Light is often met as well as friends and relatives who have died. Heaven is where all our love relationships are forever stored. All our loved ones are there waiting for us. The place is "heavenly", green fields, flowers abounding, much like a description of a heavenly Garden of Eden.

Heaven, in n.d.e's, is never described the way heaven is in Bible prophesy as the heavenly original template of the earthly Jewish Temple layout. Like the earthly Temple is ruled by the High Priest, the Heavenly Kingdom is ruled by God in with His Throne and thrones for sub-gods around Him. The King in other words, with Jesus beside Him and pious Christians on thrones ruling the twelve Tribes of Israel in a city with walls of twelve different gemstones and pavements of gold and a few symbolic trees thrown in. However, Bible accounts of prophets "ascending to heaven" and returning do not jive with n.d.e. reports. Bible accounts of the Afterlife follow established apocalyptic themes that seem to have more to do with supernaturalized Temple worship than anything else. N.d.e.'s, for example, rarely cite visits to a "Hell" which one would expect from the great number of sinners going there by Bible standards of righteous behavior.

"We don't banish anyone to Hell anymore. Fresno has been that destination for quite a while now.."

And there is this to consider: Heaven as eternity would get boring unless randomness is present or reincarnation of souls into ever-evolving but mortal life-forms. Ultimately, it is change that makes Life interesting..and change seems to require a death of some sort..something dies and is replaced by something new.


60. The Being of Light

The Being of Light is the closest human beings can come to seeing God, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. Biomystical Christianity believes that Geisha-Jesus somehow found out about the Being of Light. And by finding out about It in some sort of "ascendancy to heaven" actually became the Christ, the human representative of the Being of Light reported by many who have had near-death experiences. Bottom Line: Biomystical Christianity believes the Spirit of Jesus Christ is the manifestation on Earth of the mysterious Being of Light.


61. The Library

The Library: Sophia's Archives of Wisdom

Jesus found the Being of Light and He also seems to have found The Library of all Knowledge in Heaven also reported by near-death experiencers who have stepped into and returned from that world beyond death. Jesus brought back the main spiritual Keys to human existence from that Library and by doing so, became the main Spiritual Key to Knowledge, or Gnosis of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. Bottom Line: Understanding the Spirit of Christ is the Key to entry into The Library with its knowledge of all things and the Key to wisdom through Gnosis of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

Libraries are the real temples of God.

The ancient Library of Alexandria played an important role in the origination of Christian theology as exile Jews formed the largest ethnic group in Alexandria at the time Mark's Gospel was being written with the Egyptian Coptic Christians claiming Mark as the founder of their Order and the founder of the first Christian church anywhere in the world.


62. The New Sacrament

The New Sacrament for Biomystical Christianity is the cannabis Indica species of marijuana. The marijuana issue is a watershed one for dividing Old and New Christian consciousness. Old or traditional Christians are almost always strongly opposed the use of marijuana for any reason, let alone as a sacrament. However, for the Flower Children generation of the Sixties who introduced the herb to all America, and for all the generations since then who have learned to overcome traditional society's fear of the quiet spiritual power of this plant of the Goddess, the title New Sacrament is completely appropriate. Remember, Jesus never said no to drugs as He made wine the sacrament of traditional Christianity. Holistic Consciousness means the ability to experience a full spectrum of conscious states of which so-called "normal" consciousness is only one. The ability to "see" the biomystical reality of God comes about in mystical experience which by definition is an altered state of consciousness.

Why is Cannabis Indica a plant of the Goddess? Because marijuana gardens have replaced trees of worship in the old Goddess religions creating gardens of female plants that produce the herb with the ability to take one into God consciousness. Marijuana is most powerful in its virgin female form, Sensimilla, meaning literally "without seed" or male insemination. In fact, it would seem the cannabis species has made a symbiotic relationship with human beings in order to propagate itself without natural fertilization. The plants use human beings to propagate the species all around the world.

Consider this mystic meaning for the word "marijuana": "Mari", a Middle Eastern name for the Goddess Mari who shows up in Christianity as the Mother of the Son of God, Mary. Consider "Juana", the feminine form of "John" meaning, "God is gracious". "Gracious" comes from the attributes of the Three Graces, female aspects of the Triple Goddess, as Aglia, "Brilliance", Euphrosyne, "Heart's Joy", and Thalia, "Flower Bringer". The Goddess walks with God in gardens of sensimilla.

What does the New Sacrament do? What's it good for? It is a truly inspirational mind food. It inspires creation and discovery. It opens up association pathways in the human brain so that memories are linked together more easily which in turn enhances creative problem solving as well as enhancing spiritual awakening through recognition and realization of symbolic meanings of synchronicity events, the "Sign" language of God. The New Sacrament is also a proven herbal medicine with the power to heal or reduce physical pain and discomfort for scores of human illnesses. It is a real panacea. And it is one of the most benign intoxicants known. Unlike most other intoxicant human beings use to change consciousness, cannabis does not poison and kill body cells. It helps heal damaged body cells by increasing blood circulation. It helps heal damaged bodies by helping the recovery of appetite and nourishment for the body that ails and so often loses interest in food. These are only a few of the New Sacrament's amazing properties. As hemp material it also has hundreds of practical uses as it is stronger than almost all other plant fibers.

What about the Law? I am fortunate in that I live in a state which has recognized the medicinal benefits of our New Sacrament. I can legally use the New Sacrament every day as it definitely is medicine for the chronic G.I. tract ailment I suffered most of my life. But others may not have enlightened state legislation such as California. And to only be able to claim our New Sacrament as medicine is not enough. It is totally worthy of Sacrament stature and deserves the same protection under the First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom as the wine sacrament of old Christianity.

Is a sacrament, new or not, necessary for spiritual consciousness of God? No, but our New Sacrament can help one achieve God-consciousness by focusing attention onto memories that reveal the synchronicity signs God leaves us in the real world for our spiritual education. But altering the brain itself to experience God consciousness is not the goal of Biomystical Christianity. God can do that in as many ways as there are individuals. A sacrament is only one tool among the many means God has to open up our hearts and minds to spiritual reality. Bottom Line: Of all the sacraments in the world, of all the mind altering chemicals in the world, which one is most associated with peace? God rests Her case. However, it is not required that all Biomystical Christians use the New Sacrament, but it is required that they honor the religious right of those who do.

"All flesh is grass. Surely the people are grass"

"Grass" is our sacred smoke as we remind ourselves of the necessary sacrifice of self whenever we light our pipes and our joints.


63. The Biomystical Christian Code of Honor

Frankly, as of this writing I am getting appalled at the so-called "Christian" responses to the terrorist 9-11 attack this year, 2001*. It's like most Christians are ready to throw out Christ as soon as the battle cry of "Revenge!" is heard. Why is it so hard for those claiming to be "Christians" to follow Jesus' instructions? Twisting what are clearly pacifist instructions of Jesus into non-meaning as I have seen Christians do with the famous non-violence commands of Jesus isn't going to help them understand why God sent Jesus as the Christ to us. One "Christian" posting on the Internet talkboards claimed that Jesus was only talking about interpersonal relationships, not about warfare or criminal behavior. Jesus wasn't talking just about interpersonal relationships but about all relationships, especially ones with your enemies:

"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy'. But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He make His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as you Father in heaven is perfect."

-Matthew 5:43-48

The Holy One knows what it's doing regarding instilling the pacifist Spirit of Christ in us. Social violence met with violence just creates a vicious circle. The whole eye-for-an-eye concept is a recipe for the very type of warfare we see around the globe in Israel, in Bosnia, in dozens of nations that have two or more differing social groups battling for political and social control of the same turf. We see it in American gangster land. Somewhere along the line somebody's got to be bigger than that, take the hit, and not return it with another strike but with something better, something that will eventually end the whole cycle of feudal warfare. That something is Love, shown as real commitment to stopping the violence by stopping the impulse to revenge with forgiveness as shown and taught by our Savior.

To be a Christian sometimes means you have to be a human shock absorber. You have to take social violence shocks and not pass the shock wave on. Instead you pass forgiveness of the sin of unnecessary violence on. Instead you look deeply and dispassionately, like God does above it all, upon the whole problem to see where the roots of social violence stem from. Almost every time it stems from social injustice in one form or another. From the injustice of parents raising kids without adequate means, without adequate knowledge, without adequate social support from the family or the community or the Church or religious fellowship, without help from the nation, this form of social injustice breeds our criminals. Then on to the injustice of national imperialism taking away resources of other nations to build one's own nation up and only "helping" those other nations that help us, i.e., doing what any "tax collector" would do. And often our "help" comes in the form of arms for toady regimes held in place only by our imperial subsidy.

God wants us to short-circuits the vicious cycle of an eye for an eye, the feudal revenge syndrome and so God gave us Jesus Christ as the model to follow. When we remember the Lord's Prayer, all of it, and obey it, then we do the will of God to help bring in the Kingdom of God of compassionate action shown into not only our interpersonal relationships where we help one another out by sharing God's bounty but in international relationships as well as we fairly share God's bounty with all our neighbors worldwide.

No unnecessary violence

What about all those classic situations posed to Christian ethics wherein violent response is the only way to stop harm being done to loved ones, country, etc.. Biomystical Christianity is non-violent in the sense it is opposed to initiating violence but Biomystics will meet violence with violence if this is the only way to protect one's family, friends and community. We will turn the other cheek for a slap on the face but further escalation of violence will be met with protective violence. Whatever our moral intentions in times of peace, they cannot be relied upon in actual situations where one's family or beloved country is clearly threatened. No violence beyond protective violence is allowed though. No "eye for an eye" retribution which only guarantees the cycle of revenge one sees so often in societies lacking basic understanding of Christian morality. I think I was more influenced by cowboy morality seen in Westerns than any Christian teachings I was exposed to as a kid. The Cowboy Code of Honor was perhaps best seen in the movie "Shane". Here are the tenets of the Code of the West.

Loyalty. A cowboy took pride in being loyal to his "brand." The highest compliment a man could receive in the Old West was: "He’ll. do to ride the river with." This was a tribute from the old trail days when only the fearless dared to swim herds across treacherous rivers. If a life-threatening mishap occurred in the crossing, the help of the nearest cowboy would be the difference between life and death.

Friendship. There was no more sacred obligation than to be there when your friend needed you.

Hospitality. There were no motels in the Old West. Anyone who wandered in - even an enemy - was welcome at the table. The same was true for riders who joined cowboys on the range.

Fair Play. Westerners despised duplicity or under-handedness of any kind. The Code dictated that one could not shoot an unarmed or unwarned enemy (also known as "the rattlesnake code": always warn before you strike). All bets were off, however, if someone was being stalked.

Liquor. Drinking on duty was grounds for instant dismissal and blacklisting.

Generosity. Most cowboys were generous to a fault.

Curiosity. It was dangerous to inquire into what someone was back "in the states." On the frontier it didn’t take long to take the measure of a man.

Kindness. Consideration for others was central to the Code. You didn’t stir up dust in the vicinity of the chuck wagon; you didn’t wake up the wrong man for herd duty.

The Environment. The cowboy spent most of his time in the open. He would rarely smoke during rides across fire hazard country. He had no tolerance for those who would disfigure trees or rocks.

Integrity. Honesty was an absolute. Locks on doors were unknown until nesters moved in. Your word was your bond; a handshake was more binding than a 100 page contract. When the terrible winters of 1887-89 virtually wiped out the cattle industry, ruined ranchers literally worked their way into early graves rather than go back on their word. Should a parent die before debts were paid off, the inheriting son or daughter assumed them. Bankruptcy was not an option.

Religion. To the average cowboy, religion meant living by the Golden Rule.


64. "Friendly Persuasion"

The Biomystical Christian missionizing method uses "friendly persuasion" to get people to change. No guns, no draconian laws, only rationality, reasonableness, patience and trust in God's ability to cut through the agendas of men.

Non-belligerence in speaking about Biomystical Christian beliefs

Perseverance in proving your point but withdrawal of effort if getting a wall of resistance. "And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house  or city, shake of the dust from your feet." --Matthew 10:14

Adding humorous analogies when arguments get too heated up

Tying Biomystical Christian beliefs back to the Holy One and the Spirit of Christ with every sermon or BC talk session.


65. Biomystical Christian position on Abortion

Christians who want to abolish abortion should abolish God. God is the busiest abortionist around. God has carried out spontaneous abortions on just about every woman who has ever lived. Most women never notice in the earliest stages of pregnancy but do so when the fetus is more developed and the abortion is termed a miscarriage. Now, if God is the world's busiest abortionist performing countless spontaneous abortions each and every day, why is it a sin for a human female to follow God's example? God usually chooses to abort a baby because something is wrong in the mother/baby system. To the woman this is an unconscious mechanism. What then, is the moral difference when a woman becomes conscious herself of something wrong in the mother/baby system that leads her to the conclusion that life for the newborn infant would be difficult at best and likely terrible in reality if there is not adequate family situation for a new child?

What I'm trying to do is get those who would try to criminalize abortion to understand that God Itself performs abortions and one never hears Christians trying to brand God an evil abortionist. If God choose to bring the abortion decision from unconsciousness to consciousness in a woman's mind, who are Christians to deny God's real ways of dealing with the mother/child relationship?


66. The meaning of "Islam" in Biomystical Christianity

Biomystical Christianity takes "Islam" to mean to surrender oneself to God as Peace. This meaning of Islam therefore is actually an essential part BC theology. It is necessary to surrender one's self, one's egotistical desires that end up pitting one against others, then pitting one's community against others and thereby dividing the world and people into rigid categories that erase bonds of commonality. It is precisely these bonds of commonality that are potential bonds of love and respect which creates harmonious society. Biomystical Christianity honors Mohammed for his recognition of the spiritual-material necessity of surrendering one's self to God but to God given the highest of names, i.e., that of Peace: Shalom, Salem, Salaam. Islam.

See more about the special relationship of Biomystical Christianity with Islam in the Coming Islamic Reformation chapter.


67. Biomystical Christianity vs. Buddhism

Christians enthralled with Buddhist philosophy may do well to study the history of Zen Buddhism as practiced in Japan by samarai warriors in service to warlords. Zen's record is not all that peaceful or non-violent. Also Christians would do well to consider the findings of scientists studying Buddhist Monk's brains while meditating and finding a direct correlation between the monk's opinion of their individual progress towards satori state and their ability to shut down electrical input into the brain's sense of self center where our sense of self resides. Buddhists are confusing brain manipulation for outer reality as they close down part of their brains responsible for the "I am" recognition. The tranquilized sense of self center, now an electrical void created by meditative technique, is projected to the outer world as the Void devoid of individual identity but it's all an illusion, a trick of the tranquilized mind.

Christ is not a Buddha telling you how to tranquilize your mind but the spiritual Son of God telling you how to save the world. A comparison of the two Avatars of Compassion shows why Biomystical Christianity chooses Christ over Buddha. Biomystical Christianity recognizes the power of the Spirit of Elohim behind the story of Jesus Christ. It recognizes the power of the Spirit of the Holy One that used the hypnotic story of Jesus to bring into the world a supreme model of sacrifice of power for love. Without the Christ model human beings have no other super-transcendent model of sacrifice of ego and power for mercy and compassion except for Buddha and Buddhism. But Buddha's message doesn't carry the evidence of the Great Spirit of God, nor does it evidence God's parental concern for humankind as It's "children" as does Christianity. Without Christ's example would any man know how to give up his ego and become "born again" as a helper to his fellow man and society? Yes, Buddha is there too as a super model of compassion but the Buddha never quite reaches the full sacrifice of ego that the Christ story exemplifies. Buddha didn't sacrifice his life for his fellow man. Buddha never relinquished all human control to God.

Buddhism is still a philosophy of control--control of one's self through the elimination of desires*.  That's not to say Buddhism isn't a valid as a philosophy but the bottom Line for Biomystical Christians is it is Christ who provides the supreme "biomystical" or hypnotic model for answering Cain's question "Am I my brother's keeper?" Christ's answer will save the world and our souls. Buddha's answer rescues Buddhists from psychic pain but at a great expense--loss of self-identity, loss of creativity, and loss of courage to face emotional pain that is part and parcel of human relationships.

 * See more in the End of Buddhist Philosophy page.


68: Reincarnation

Spirits get recycled in our worldly existence but not souls. The "soul" of something is its essence, its uniqueness, its special character that sets it apart from others. When man and woman unite they create through the fertilization of sperm and egg, a new unique being, unlike any being gone before even though sharing similarities of physical form or even mentalities. This is because the time and place of conception, carrying to term, and delivery conditions act together with the DNA blueprints for life to create a unique situation for every newborn which in turn makes that newborn a unique being having his or her own unique soul. Under the reincarnation theory, the soul of a human being would have to somehow share the soul or souls of previous unique human beings but that sharing makes the whole concept of a unique soul meaningless. Two or more unique souls cannot exist in one body by definition. The closest approximation would be split or multiple personalities existing in one person which we understand is not a healthy or more exactly, a "wholesome" condition. Population growth also limits reincarnation theory because more souls are produced than the past soul/bodies could accommodate. The mind and body should reflect the Unity of the Creator which holds differing aspects within Itself as a harmonious Unity, i.e., It is "Holy One".

"But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate".

Reincarnation theory goes against this saying attributed to Jesus by adulterating the union of man and wife's creation of a new human being with its uniqueness. By introducing outside reincarnated personalities into the union God intended for the birth of new and unique individual souls no soul could be unique unto itself. Reincarnation theory means every union results in producing a receptacle for past souls which either leaves out the unique soul as the spiritual fruit of a specific union of man and woman, or adulterates the unique soul produced from this union with the addition of other souls or spiritual entities. This adulteration problem is the same problem seen in neo-Pagan "All gods are God" philosophy--which dilutes the uniqueness of God making God into an impersonality. Reincarnation theory follows suit, diluting the uniqueness of individuals and their uniquely individual souls made in the image of our Creator.


69. Evolution vs. Creationism

Having majored in anthropology at one time it is impossible for me to believe literally in the Bible's creation stories. As for the biblical time line for the age of the earth--it is absurdly short. Bible literalists want to freeze God's Creation when it is in constant motion, changing all the time as organic and inorganic systems interact with each other to create the world we see. Creationists say there's no proof for the theory of evolution. Here's proof of evolution's reality that can be seen in our own lifetimes.

WASHINGTON - Finches on the Galapagos Islands that inspired Charles Darwin to develop the concept of evolution are now helping confirm it - by evolving.

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer

"A medium sized species of Darwin's finch has evolved a smaller beak to take advantage of different seeds just two decades after the arrival of a larger rival for its original food source. The altered beak size shows that species competing for food can undergo evolutionary change, said Peter Grant of Princeton University, lead author of the report appearing in Friday's issue of the journal Science. Grant has been studying Darwin's finches for decades and previously recorded changes responding to a drought that altered what foods were available

It's rare for scientists to be able to document changes in the appearance of an animal in response to competition. More often it is seen when something moves into a new habitat or the climate changes and it has to find new food or resources, explained Robert C. Fleischer, a geneticist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and National Zoo. This was certainly a documented case of microevolution, added Fleischer, who was not part of Grant's research. Grant studied the finches on the Galapagos island Daphne, where the medium ground finch, Geospiza fortis, faced no competition for food, eating both small and large seeds.

In 1982 a breeding population of large ground finches, Geospiza magnirostris, arrived on the island and began competing for the large seeds of the Tribulus plants. G. magnirostris was able to break open and eat these seeds three times faster than G. fortis, depleting the supply of these seeds. In 2003 and 2004 little rain fell, further reducing the food supply. The result was high mortality among G. fortis with larger beaks, leaving a breeding population of small-beaked G. fortis that could eat the seeds from smaller plants and didn't have to compete with the larger G. magnirostris for large seeds. That's a form of evolution known as character displacement, where natural selection produces an evolutionary change in the next generation, Grant explained in a recorded statement made available by Science. The research was supported by the National Science Foundation."


70. Climax Civilization

Biomystical Christianity presents the Seed of Light, the New Millennium spiritual and social DNA code for "saving" our souls by following the will of God to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth through the creation of Climax Civilization, a truly sustainable worldwide cooperative society. Pax Aquariana starts here.

See more in the Climax Social Evolution Theory chapter.


71. Communitarian Society

Communitarianism and capitalism: A dual system approach

I believe in democracy, in cooperative decision-making but several times in my activist career I've seen how group decisions have ruined cooperative community projects. And I've seen how the free enterprise system gets things done a lot simpler with leadership self-selection and economic rewards for project workers but usually at the hidden costs of worker and consumer exploitation, i.e., unequal distribution of decision-making power, unequal distribution of labor and profits and sometimes negative social and environmental impact. Actually, early on in my communal experience I came to the conclusion that socialization of community politics and community economies should be two tiered: Co-operative and Free Enterprise or socialized and capitalized.

All the basic necessities to individual and community life support and well-being should be democratically socialized: basic food distribution and its quality, basic housing, healthcare, basic education, basic transportation, basic community rules on environmental quality, e.g., air, water, sewage, etc.,etc. But after the basics are covered the creative spirit of people should be given freedom to bring novelty, pleasure, and self-fulfillment to each individual and each community. That's where capitalism can fit into social life without destroying it.

Let's have a capitalist system for society's non-essential economy. No, it won't be "free enterprise" because our technology has given us the negative ability to create enterprises that wreak havoc in large eco-systems and large segments of society, so basic environmental and social rules must apply. But a cooperatively managed two-tiered economy such as this one outlined above may well provide the solutions that neither system can do by itself.


72. Stop Cruelty to Animals: prompted by the experience of meeting the "Abomination of desolation" in Jerusalem*

Biomystical Christianity is appalled at the ritual slaughter of animals by Abrahamic religionists, now confined mainly to Muslims. To bring harm to an innocent animal used as a sacrificial victim can in no way absolve or atone for a human being. The killing negates any forgiveness as life is not traded for death. During my visionary trip along the EL Camino highway while stopping in Santa Barbara's bird sanctuary and Zoo, I also made a commitment to do what I can to save and protect animals. So don't buy Thanksgiving turkeys and help end the cruel existence of commercially raised chickens, pigs and calves.

In Biomystical Christianity, our "12" represents not Jesus' 12 disciples but the original Archetype, the Zodiac, a word which means "Circle of Animals".

* See the Story of Paxcalibur, Part I.


73. Physical Immortality--a possible future choice for human beings

Biomystical Christianity urges mental preparation for physical resurrection of human beings who have died. The physical resurrection reproduces the person as they are at time of death or as they were at a younger and more vibrant age. Physical resurrection of the dead is a distinct possibility coming in the future. Consider this presently SCI-IF scenario:

In the future science has perfected machines capable of reading one's entire atomic structure and reproducing it exactly, atom for atom. They also have perfected a process for transferring one's consciousness via attachment of brain signals to corresponding brain signals in the new identical clone body so that the transition from old body to new is seamless and one's consciousness never dies. The process can be duplicated forever. The choice then between Heaven or Hell becomes a brand new ballgame..


74. God's sense of humor

Does God Most High have a sense of humor? Well, I guess. I mean the Creator must have if It made the class clown into a prophet of God. That old Abrahamic God certainly seemed devoid of humor. Not so ancient EL Elyon when He was known in Canaan. When we restore EL Elyon back as the true God Most High we will learn what God the Father was like in ancient times, why the Hebrew fanatical monotheists erased all traces of Canaanite EL to replace Him with the Hebrew's Yahweh who seems devoid of not only humor but also wisdom about human frailty. EL was reduced to a generic word for "God" but that's now in the past. Now we can read the ancient texts and find out why EL was sometimes the butt of ribald Canaanite jokes about His Most Highness. Unlike Yahweh who was always big on revenge, EL seems to have taken all the Canaanite ribbing in stride, not smiting a single worshipper in anger that this writer knows of. Yes, the Most High can take a joke but can we?


75. Biomystical Christian Holy Days


Christmas December 25th

Celebrating the traditional birthday of Jesus Christ as the Son of God with the Spirit of EL Elyon, God Most High, who is represented in Christian mythology by Santa Claus. The story of King Wenselaus also bears witness of the King as servant to the poor and needy. Mary, a Heavenly Intercessor in her own right, represents the Mother of mercy and lovingkindness. And the Christmas Tree? It represents Asherah, the Tree of Life, without whom EL cannot preside with wisdom and compassion over the Divine Assembly.


Good Friday

Honoring the Biomystical meaning of Yeishu-Jesus' sacrificial death. For the Mystical meaning of Yeishu-Jesus' sacrificial death, see #31 above.



Honoring the Resurrection of the Spirit of Christ and Yeishu-Jesus' establishment of Heaven as the destiny of all who follow his wisdom and compassion that he himself learned from God Most High. Honoring the Triumph of the Soul over the Body. The Soul cannot be killed but it can be cast into Gehenna, the fiery furnace that kills the child within and turns life into a garbage dump. Honoring the Victory of Love over Power that Yeishu-Jesus' resurrection at Easter represents to all men and women who know sacrifice of self is necessary in order to live a moral life. The reward is spiritual and not material coming within one's life and carrying it beyond the reach of death. Honoring the Son of God's victory over death and salvation of souls and honoring the Daughter of God, Ishtar's same victory that preceded Jesus Christ's. Raisin cakes have become hot-cross buns but still Easter eggs and bunny rabbits mark Her Presence honored still within Christian cult.*

* See more in the Ishtar and Easter chapter.



Honoring Christ Josephine who Spirit has re-sanctified and reestablished the good meaning of Thanksgiving which is the joining of the Old and New World spiritual traditions and peoples.

Honoring Christ Josephine as White Buffalo Calf Woman bringing Abundance to Share between the Nations. Bringing stern warning against abuse of women and the natural world. Bringing ceremonies to organize the spiritual life of the Lakota in Her 1st Coming and bearing the Spirit of Christ in Her 2nd to confirm the spiritual unification of Old and New Worlds. This marks the beginning of the New Age and the 5th World.


Day of the Dead:  November 2nd; All Soul's Day

Celebrating the Victory of the Soul over death and the conquering of the fear of death by greeting the happy ones who passed on to the World to Come.


76. Poverty vs. wealth

I don't know where I signed up but somewhere along the line God decided it was best to keep me in involuntary poverty. I just can't make a go of it in the financial world although I try here and there to play the money game. I am forced to mingle all my life with people in similar straits but, you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. In my life I seen how having wealth actually strips one of experiencing the reasons why God is always on the side of the poor and down-trodden and never for the uppity-ups. Having money allows people to skip over some heavy lessons in life that we all need to learn in order to appreciate and work for all humanity. The poor share, they have to.


77. Homosexuality

"If Christ never criticized it, how come so many of his self-proclaimed followers do?"

Paul's the problem.

Most "Christians" follow Paul's teachings, not Jesus'. Paul taught Christians the Jewish prohibition against homosexuality. Jesus didn't say a word about it and judging by his compassion and friendships with the social outcasts of Jewish society, there's every reason to believe Jesus would never condemn what is natural in God's kingdom. Homosexuality runs about 10% throughout human societies all over the world. Native Americans knew the worth of those who could bring their societies the alternative perspective needed for holistic social balance.


78. Sexual Insanity

In some respects Muhammad's allowance of Middle Eastern cultural traditions of arranged marriages between old men and young girls is far more socially realistic than the Christian West's attempt to criminalize this ancient human behavior. This is not to condone Muhammad's and his Islamic culture's acceptance of such behavior but to ask the question: Does imprisonment for sex with young women, girls, when nature and our species evolution has given them sexual and biological ability to have children which human beings have so done for thousands of years, constitute cruel and unusual punishment? Isn't it the same as stopping girls who desire sex from having that pleasure and education so that they develop normally? Isn't it the same as forcing young girls to have their feet bound and forced into shoes that cripple their feet for life? Isn't it the same with homosexual young boys and men since Nature has already predisposed a certain percentage of men and boys, women and girls to homosexuality?

Why not deal with sex realistically by not forcing a battle we always lose against our biological predispositions? Every population exhibits a bell-curve of behavior as human beings are not all the same. This wisdom must apply across the board without cultural or religious prejudices dictating impossible standards all must conform to. Like boys, some girls will be more sexually adventurous than others. Why make men pay for falling prey to biological instincts that are working both ways to form attractions regardless of society's prohibitions? Some boys seek men. Why stop them? Why try to change natural inclinations of people and their mutual feelings of attraction for one another? Between consenting human beings love is no one else's business. Human beings never have paid much attention to sexual restrictions that some in society demand - - and too often get as Abrahamic anti-sex, anti-women ideas have been forced into most Western cultures forcing individuals and society itself to pay the price of sexual insanity.


79. The Egyptian Connection

The discovery of embedded Egyptian religious astro-theology within the Gospels compels a radical reevaluation of Christianity. It appears that Christianity is really a Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion wherein the Egyptian mythological personages have been Judaized, remade into Jews speaking to Jews using Jewish scriptures to promote a pagan theology where gods can descend to earth and father offspring, where another dying/resurrection god-man has come in Jewish form. Even Osiris is brought into the story via a Hebrew name change from EL Osiris to Lazarus where Lazarus reenacts the Egyptian Mystery of Osiris' resurrection from the dead performed in the Egyptian House of Annu which in the Gospels become Hebrewized as "Beth" (House) -any-Bethany. There is much more hidden within the Gospels bearing a signature of Alexandrian Jews deliberately creating a new Jewish religion melding the Jewish Messiah expectation with the Osiris/Horus Egyptian mythology.

Why did Alexandrian Jews do this is the big question which I will answer by saying they wanted all Jews to have the hope of resurrection to eternal life, something not found in Jewish theological ideas of the afterlife as only some sort of feeble existence as shadows in Sheol. Joining into the Roman Empire as equals in sun god worship theology also may have been a contributing factor. In any event, Christianity contained a universal application while Judaism was for Jews only. A new spiritual covenant was established through the Jesus Christ mythos which I believe was based on a real historical person, my best guestimate that person being Geisha ben Pantera, the rogue Jewish healer with many of Jesus Christ's Gospel biographical elements reported in the Talmud for "leading many astray" and killed for blasphemy.


80. God favors Democracy

Social democracy spreads the human gene pool. That's one big reason why God and Nature favor this form of government. It makes for a healthier, stronger species, e.g. our European Neanderthal genes that helped boost our immune systems are being spread around the globe by European colonial imperialism that has introduced democracy to the non-European peoples whose lands invading Europeans have seized control of or have failed to do so. Either way, the idea of democracy is spreading along with Neanderthal genes throughout the human species making for a healthier homo sapiens.


81. Sympathetic Magic

In the Synchronistic Mind chapter I told of how God communicated spiritual insights through synchronicity experiences. Sympathetic magic shares the same mindset that sees patterns in life that appear to follow the "As above, so below" astrological pantograph. Certainly all spiritual prayer relies on sympathetic magic. It is "natural" to use it when one believes in God and spiritual reality. If it is illusionary, then so too must all spiritual events and spiritual knowledge be illusions of the mind. For that matter, sympathetic magic shares the same symbolic relationship to reality that all verbal communication uses so in a real sense words themselves are forms of sympathetic magic.


82. Agape and Empathy

Empathy = Agape Love

Empathy is the essence of being a humane being which is the goal of Christianity, the transformation of human beings into humane beings. This is the goal of God and religion throughout the Ages. Empathetic network functioning in human brains is essential to humanity. Without it we the the animal world in human form. Empathy and God-consciousness are one and the same. God is the Source of empathy for all Life. Empathy can be measured and will be so in the future so that Christian hypocrisy, Muslim hypocrisy, Jewish hypocrisy, all forms of religious hypocrisy, will be exposed by brain scan measurement and in this way Pauline Christianity will end its division of empathy that was never God's or Christ's.


83. The Emotional Cascade

I seriously doubt that anyone can become a follower of Christ without the shedding of tears, without the breakdown of ego. In each spiritual awakening there comes a point where one feels the guilt of past mistakes with people, especially the misjudgment of family and friends, the erroneous acts that cause relationship meltdowns, that cause headaches for others trying to deal with you reasonably. Without ego-reduction you just cannot become the humane person God through Christ wants you and everyone to be. And in true conversion this happens naturally, one sheds the false ego and adopts the true eugo, the good self.