The Story of Paxcalibur

Sword of Peace


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Part I

Paxcalibur and the Aquariana Crusade




This vision began as a personal vision quest involving spiritual and mental purification of myself through following a kind of vision quest, a spiritual mission I received mentally in 1989 as a series of visions that began with the acquisition of a hand-forged sword the company that made and distributed it along with other types of swords, called "Excalibur". It remained my personal vision quest for most of the years involved in living it out even though it contained universal spiritual elements. But that changed after I completed the vision's instructions in Israel last year, 2003.


About three months after I returned to the United States from Israel, the visions started up again and this time they were about God's vision, not my own. God took over completely and for good reason: God has created the Sign of a universal Messiah and a universal Religion of Peace through Its vision. The Messiah of the Religion of Peace overcomes the problem of three different expectations of the Messiah by the three different Abrahamic faiths. I have been appointed to the traditional prophet's role as spokesman to announce God's Gift, The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace, to the world. The second part of the story of Paxcalibur tells how Paxcalibur, the Sword of Peace, became the new Word of God and the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace. The following report tells how the Story of Paxcalibur began and how Paxcalibur became sanctified and holy by following the ritual steps God had instructed.


How the Story of Paxcalibur began as a personal vision quest

Shortly before Christmas of 1988 I had a long visit and as it turned out, my last one with my father who died within a few months. There wasn't much to do at my father's house except a little housework. Knowing I was a reader, my mother-in-law gave me a book to read while sitting quietly with my father. The book was a historical romance novel called "All Things are Lights". It was a love story revolving around principle players in the 1244 slaughter of Gnostic Cathars at Montsegur castle and in King Louis IX's unsuccessful crusade to save Jerusalem which he had vowed to do in 1244 on his recovery from near death dealing illness. King Louis IX became St. Louis. I was born 700 years later in 1944.

The Cathars at Montsegur were reported to be in possession of the Holy Grail. This was interesting to me because a few months previous to my visit with my father I had decided to obtain a symbol of power to put on my wall so that I could visualize myself as a person with power to lift the seemingly endless curse of bad luck that had plagued me ever since I changed my name to Ariel in 1975. (If I had only read Isaiah 29, the Ariel chapter that has described my life as an Ariel messenger..sigh). The symbol I had chosen from reading the "All Things are Lights" book was a hand forged sword, an accurate reproduction of the kind of sword used by early English Knights. The company making these reproductions called the sword model I had chosen "Excalibur".


Knight_pic.jpg (45678 bytes)

Cover art of the "All Things are Lights" book. Note the Sufi Flying Heart designs.



I received my Excalibur sword in the mail the day after my birthday in February and within thirty minutes of unwrapping and holding this sword in my hands I had a series of visions of just what God intended me to do with my symbol of power. I was to transform "Excalibur", a name which means as far as I can tell "Out of steel", into "Paxcalibur", the Sword of Peace. I was to follow Isaiah' 2:4's familiar words, the ones Martin Luther King Jr. incorporated into his famous speech, "..They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore." 

The sword "Excalibur" was to be literally changed into a plowshare and following seven steps I will detail later on, the transformed sword would become "Paxcalibur" and a symbolic peace offering for all times to come. Along with the Paxcalibur rituals and delivery to the Holy Land, I was also to deliver an "upgraded" version of my old World Community Land Trust Proposal. The new proposal was to be specifically geared to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict situation. It would be known as the Holy Land peace plan.


The Aquariana Revelations

I call the series of visions that I received about the making of Paxcalibur and the pilgrimage that accompanies it, "Paxcalibur and the Aquariana Crusade". These revelations have a number of aspects and require some background. Perhaps the first thing I should say is that it is impossible to be someone who seriously believes himself to be a prophet of God and not come across without appearing supremely arrogant. My advice is to just bear with the fool for Christ's sake in his role as mouth of God. The second thing I need to clarify is my Christian approach to the conflict in the Holy Land which may offend Islamic memories of the Crusades launched a thousand years ago. However, the spiritual reality I believe in with all my heart is that it will be the Spirit of Christ that will eventually save the Holy Land.

Neither Zionist Judaism or traditional Islam have the ability to overcome religious mandates for exclusive territorial control that are given in their Holy scriptures. This will always separate them until they realize God has moved on past their old traditions that are not appropriate for the New Millennium world.


Ariel's Messenger

As I explained before, I had taken the name "Ariel" in 1975 as a protest against my father's name and the world he symbolized and to identify myself with the New Age, the Age of Aquarius. When I changed my name to Ariel I thought the name to be the creation of Shakespeare in his play "The Tempest". During my religious conversion experience in 1979 I was shown by God that Shakespeare got the name "Ariel" out of the Bible, out of Isaiah's chapter 29 where he uses Ariel as a name for spiritual Jerusalem.  "Ariel" has three other meanings in Jewish lore: "Lion of God", "Messenger of Peace", "Hearth of the Altar of God". Also, in the Gnostic gospel called "On the Origin of the World", "Ariael" is a name for Yaldabaoth, the Gnostic name for Yahweh, the God of the Jews who was held responsible by the old Gnostics for creating this physical world and all its problems.

One of the biggest problems that I have had to overcome regarding my revelations and ministry is leadership. I am not by nature a charismatic individual. Except for episodes of mystical communion I am pretty much an average middle-aged activist-type who tends to shun the direct spotlight. Also, my politics urge cooperation and not leadership divested in one personality. But now I realize that spiritual leadership must entail becoming some sort of spiritual leader because there is no other way for this new Gospel, this new Good News to be accepted except as coming from the Holy One through Christ through Ariel through Stephen/Arielmessenger, another Jewish prophet of God. Gospels act as hypnotic triggers to remind us of our true spiritual path. Hypnotic triggers work best through outside authority acceptable to one's inner or subconscious self. So consequently, according to my vision I've been elected point man, whether I like it or not, whether I am capable or not, for the spiritual component of the Aquarian Age. I speak with the authority God has provided me but it's up to you to judge whether what I say has any relevance in your life.


The Rainbow Bridge

By my spiritual leadership in our Mateel Nation I am able to link our community with the Holy Land. Through the Aquariana Crusade I am building a Rainbow Bridge connecting the Promised Land of the Hebrews to the Land of the Mateel which God has given to us, the new Habiru, a spiritual nation and remnant peoples keeping alive the cultural revolution of the 1960's. This is part of the spiritual linking of the Old World with the New.


The New Habiru

"Habiru" is the ancient Egyptian name for the class of people in their society who were neither citizens nor fully slaves. "Habiru" meant "outsiders", "people from the other side" (people who had 'passed over'). Habiru meant "passers-by" at best and "murderers', "thieves", and "outcasts" at its worst definition. Scholars believe that the word "Hebrew" may derive from the Egyptian "Habiru".

The Mateel Nation is made up of refugees from the 1960's and other folk who just don't "fit" into mainstream American society. Because our generation rebelled strongly against mainstream America values while admiring "hip" culture, we were branded "hippies" and outcasts and the powers that be made a determined effort to exterminate our counterculture lifestyle and our hold on this land so prized for its redwood trees. Without too much stretch of the imagination we too can be called "Habiru" and to those of us who value the Spirit of God I have been sent to confirm our connection to God's will for the Holy Land. Like Moses for whom my mother's ancestors looked for spiritual guidance, I am one who has found my people in spiritual bondage. 

With God's guidance I have the spiritual knowledge needed to lead the New Habiru to our own "Promised Land", the spiritual Mateel Nation, and by helping to guide the Mateel Nation I will be helping to lead all spiritual people to the New Holy Land, Mother Earth.


Time Gate to the Age of Aquarius

The Aquariana Crusade will open up a spiritual "time gate" to the New Age, the Age of Aquarius. This will happen when I pass through the Lion's Gate-Stephen's Gate in old Jerusalem. The Age of Aquarius will not really begin though until Jerusalem becomes as it should be: a Holy City of Peace. I am to plant the seed of peace in Jerusalem by completing the Paxcalibur ritual and by introducing the Canaan Peace Plan as God's method of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Ariel, the new Archangel of the Aquarian Age

There has been a revolution in Heaven in preparation for the End Times of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The Archangel of the Piscean Age was Michael who will still lend support to the spiritual battle that marks the end times of the Blind God of patriarchy and war. 

Even now the new Archangel Ariel, the Angel of Peace, is in movement to wipe away blindness from the eyes of God's spiritual children by destroying false religious doctrines that keep believers enslaved to endless religious warfare, by revealing the true name of God Most High as EL, the source of the Immanuel prophesy, and by revealing the true meaning of God's promised New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ.


A Gnostic Crusade

For years after changing my name back from Ariel to Stephen I have been trying unsuccessfully to get out from under the possession by the Ariel archetype. I had thought that finally publishing my original Biomystical Gospel report would be enough to satisfy my mission for God. But instead of spiritual quiet from my guardian angel Ariel,  I have been given even more revelations and spiritual tasks to accomplish.

The Aquariana Crusade is a true Gnostic spiritual adventure. I will do a new Gnostic spiritual ritual in Jerusalem to exorcise the Blind God which symbolically represents purging myself as well as the Holy Land from spiritual blindness. In Gnostic mythology, Yaldabaoth's lion-like aspect is Ariael so Ariel will conquer Ariel. Like Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and the enemy is us). 

While in the Holy Land I will be giving Paxcalibur it's final baptism in the Jordan river at the spot where John the Baptist is said to have baptized Jesus. In the Jordan I will release the spirit of Ariel back into the Pleroma, the spiritual realm from which this angel originates. The Aquariana Crusade will raise up and release the spirit of Ariel as the Archangel of Peace for the New Age.


Klimas Heptapylos: The Seven Steps of the Aquariana Crusade:

The first two steps of the Aquariana Crusade involve baptisms of Paxcalibur, the Sword of Peace, in the two rivers, the Eel and the Mattole, which give our Mateel Nation its name and which mirror the two rivers on the coast of ancient Canaan, home of the original Divine Assembly presided over by EL, God Most High. The purpose of these baptisms is to immerse Paxcalibur in the living waters of the Mateel Nation in the New World to begin the building of the spiritual bridge with the Old World.


 Pax on rug.bmp (2976534 bytes)

Paxcalibur before transformation


Step One

Step One was done on the morning of the Spring Equinox of 1989 in the Eel River at the spot where I was baptized a few years before.


                            Baptism_1a.JPG (15909 bytes)                    Baptism_1b.JPG (14753 bytes)


Step Two

Step Two was done by my very dear friend Susan on Summer Solstice day in 1989 in the Mattole River at the Redwoods Monastery, the monastery that Thomas Merton stayed at while living in our area. A decade later Sanctuary Forest, a forest preservation organization, managed to get 10,000 acres adjoining the Redwood Monastery preserved forever as a group cooperative of state and local forest ownerships. 

                       Baptism #2.JPG (184343 bytes)                  Baptism #2b.JPG (185713 bytes)


  Baptism #2c.JPG (211202 bytes)


Step Three

Step Three was done by my dear friend Bridgit at the Fall Equinox of 1989 at Centerville beach in the Pacific Ocean between the mouths of the Eel and Mattole Rivers. This Pax baptism site also became protected forever as an ecological preserve. See the Paxcalibur miracles below.


                       Baptism #3a.JPG (164223 bytes)                         Baptism #3b.JPG (171169 bytes)


   baptism 3c.JPG (117031 bytes)

Bridgit with Pax and the Rainbow Bible which has accompanied each Pax baptism ritual


Pax__me_at_the_Grotto.jpg (11949 bytes)

Pax and me at the Grotto of the Blessed Mother at Centerville Beach


Step Four

March, 1995

Step Four was originally to be the final baptism of Paxcalibur. It was to take place on Winter Solstice Day, 1988 at that spot in the Jordan River in Israel where Jesus was reported to be baptized by John the Baptist.  But it didn't work out that way. Two things happened between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice that changed the Seven Steps of the Aquariana Crusade. The first problem was lack of funds to go to Israel. If the Holy One wanted me to do finish the ritual Paxcalibur baptisms in the Jordan then I expected the needed funds to come from some place to do this. They didn't come and as I seem to have become a permanent member of the Clan of the K-mart, or among America's involuntarily poor most of the time, I didn't finish the forth Paxcalibur baptism in the Jordan that year or the next. Then the other dramatic change in my life occurred: Headwaters Forest.

In 1990 I became active in the Headwaters Forest environmental conflict here in Northern California. I became a Redwood Summer organizer of the Visioning Committee where we set up dialogue sessions between environmentalists, the community, and Pacific Lumber Co., the owners of Headwaters Forest, the last stand of virgin old-growth redwoods left in private hands. I didn't know it at the time but getting involved in the Headwaters Forest issue was still following the spiritual path the Holy One had led me along since the beginning. 

In Fall of 1990 I was asked by the president of Pacific Lumber Co. to continue what I had tried to accomplish with our Redwood Summer Visioning Committee dialogue sessions. In 1991 I organized three talks between Pacific Lumber and their toughest environmental critics, the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), which had been suing P.L. right and left to stop their harvesting of old growth trees. The talks went nowhere as EPIC, following the hard-line environmentalist slogan of "No Compromise", stonewalled all P.L. environmental compromise offers which now, 13 years down the road, would have saved thousands of old growth trees on P.L. lands. Compromise negotiations would probably have stopped the company from changing their timber management policies starting in 1992 to match the large clearcutting, total old growth cutting, herbicide spraying, fiber farm techniques used by the other big timber corporations in Northern California.

Seeing all this environmental protection stupidity by my peer activists did not settle well with me but as one voice against hundreds of other activists I was powerless to do much about it except write letters to the editor in our local papers. In the decade since Redwood Summer three-quarters of all PL's old-growth trees have been cut in spite of scores of protest demonstrations and lawsuits. The "No Compromise" policy of militant environmental activists has cost us all thousands of old growth trees that could have been saved if environmentalists knew anything about negotiation instead of demonstration and litigation. After my inability to alter the environmentalist/Pacific Lumber Co. conflict, I stayed out of the Headwaters Timber War until early March of 1995 when I got the idea for saving Headwaters Forest by organizing a Native American-run Headwaters Lottery as a way of not only buying out Headwaters Forest but to do it through local Native Americans. Local Native Americans would become the legal owners of their ancestral lands stolen from them last century when their tribal communities were massacred in the California Indian Wars between 1858 and 1864. 

For five years I put aside finishing the Paxcalibur baptism ritual until I realized that since Headwaters had become so important in my life, God meant it to be included. Years later, 2001, I learned the spiritual reason why the Holy One meant for me get so involved with this issue. It has to do with God toughening me up by forcing me to overcome many set-backs, heavy personal attacks, and a life-long lack of confidence in myself so that I will become like a "Salmon of Knowledge". The Salmon of Knowledge was an ancient Celtic religious motif signifying spiritual maturity because a salmon that grows to be old and large has had to conquer all sorts of obstacles in of its return to spawning grounds in the headwaters of its birth stream (see note below). 

Because of my typical American mixed ancestry, mine including French, Irish, German, English, Jewish, (and possibly Seminole contributors), my prophet path has me tying several religious streams into one new "Biomystical" one. In March of 2003 I learn that what I had termed "biomystical" was a match for the Lakota religious term "wakan".


The Salmon of Knowledge:

My original religious conversion experience took place at the headwaters of the South Fork of Salmon Creek. The Fourth Baptism of Paxcalibur took place in another Salmon Creek, the headwaters of Headwaters Forest. In Celtic mythology there was the great Salmon of Knowledge. The word "salmon" actually derives from the same root as "Shalom", Salem, and Solomon. Fish were thought by ancients to represent spiritual life as opposed to earthly life because the ancients thought fish did not have sexual reproduction, they just "appeared" magically from eggs or live. The dolphin was different from other "fish" in that the ancients saw dolphins mate like other animals. That's why the Goddess Aphrodite rides a dolphin.

The Salmon of Knowledge got its wisdom from eating nuts which the ancients believed mirrored the mind and therefore knowledge. The Salmon of Knowledge becomes wise because of all the hardships and struggles it had to go through to going back to its place of origin, there to begin a new beginning with the birth of new salmon. But in the Holy Land, the river Jordan flows into the Dead Sea. With no sea access there are no salmon in the Jordan. Wisdom needs a spiritual home base and finds it the rivers where salmon can live free from harm. By following the Aquariana Mission ritual steps I create a spiritual rainbow bridge across time and sea for spiritual wisdom from the Holy Land and the Old World to come over the rainbow and find a new home in salmon bearing streams of the New World.


Headwaters_Forest.JPG (19391 bytes)

Headwaters Forest


Step Four: Paxcalibur was baptized on Winter Solstice day, 1995, in the headwaters of Salmon Creek within Headwaters Forest.  

Baptism # 4.JPG (137953 bytes)


Me & Pax in Headwaters.JPG (132133 bytes)


After reciting Isaiah's sword into plowshare passage as I baptized Paxcalibur in the Headwaters stream, I also dedicated that stewardship of Headwaters return to the Native American tribe whose ancestral land included Headwaters Forest. I went on with my spiritual brother and Bear River tribal member Don Brenard to organize the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria's Heartlands project for the recovery of Headwaters Forest. 

In 1998 after lengthy negotiations the federal government and the State of California bought Headwaters Forest to preserve it a wilderness park. It costs the taxpayers almost a half a billion dollars whereas our lottery funded Headwaters buyout would have cost taxpayers nothing. This story is not over yet but does add another baptism site to Pax's record of environmental preservation. (See the Pax miracles below)


The Fifth Step

November 2, 2001

The fifth step of the Paxcalibur ritual was not a baptism per se. It was done on the Day the Dead, All Souls Day (Nov. 2nd) of this year, 2001. It was performed on Indian Island in our county, the site of one of America's largest but little known massacres of Native American peoples and of the most gruesome ones. I asked for and received permission from the Wiyot tribe to go to their former religious ceremonial island site that was invaded in 1860 by a white settler death squad which butchered nearly 200 Wiyot women, children and old men. The able-bodied men had left before, thinking the settlers were looking for them only and wouldn't harm innocent women and children.

This massacre and the Indian War period in California during the 1860's created a Holocaust for local tribes that still reverberates to this day. Tribes were extinguished all together, tribal lands taken, tribal languages lost, artifacts taken, and survivors mixed together into artificially created new tribes destroying tribal identities. Paxcalibur, a weapon that has never been used as such will not be baptized here but was allowed to "taste" the old blood soaked soil of Indian Island where this tragedy of warfare occurred. Pax was stuck into the old blood-soaked ground of Indian Island to form a grave marker cross while a prayer for the dead and the living was given.


                    pax_indianis_01.jpg (11573 bytes)               

  Paxcalibur at Indian Island.

This fifth Paxcalibur ritual along with the 5th baptism in the Jordan River is symbolic of the death of the 4th World and birth of the 5th World in Hopi prophesy


Paxcalibur is blessed

Dads_pic.jpg (1903 bytes)   My father, Stephen Paul Lewis, blessed Paxcalibur shortly before he died. I had asked for his blessing but was prepared to be refused as my father knew my Christian path to be heretical according to his own fundamentalist Christian faith. But still he loved me and did what I requested.

Eleanor Smith, former Bear River Tribal Council member that I worked with on the Headwaters & Heartlands Project* also blessed Paxcalibur too and these blessings I believe helped pave the way for Pax's incredible adventure in the Holy Land.

Sep18019.JPG (9868 bytes)

Eleanor Smith, Bear River Tribal Council member who blessed Paxcalibur, with her daughter, "Jo". Eleanor too has passed this year 2012.

* See the Heartlands Project chapter.



Step Six

The Jordan Baptism:

Rituals I expected to accomplish and what really happened.

The final and last baptism of Paxcalibur in the Jordan River in Israel is still left to do as of this writing, December, 2001. I hope to be provided with funds for the trip to Israel and plan the final Paxcalibur baptism (when funding allows, hopefully in the near future) in the Jordan at the spot John the Baptist was said to have baptized Jesus. I will release the spirit of Ariel there to ascend back to the Pleroma to become the Heavenly Baptist, baptizing the whole world from above with Living Waters of Christ consciousness.


Exorcising Ezekiel's Curse from Jerusalem

As a prophet I will perform an exorcism ritual to nullify a curse put on Jerusalem by Ezekiel. see Ezekiel ch. 5). Ezekiel epitomizes the schizophrenic duality and lack of love in favor of unquestioning obedience exhibited by the commands of Yahweh. Ezekiel prophesizes Israel's punishment for idolatry yet he himself hypocritically supernaturalizes Hebrew Temple cult objects in his prophetic visions. These Temple cult objects and earlier Hebrew cult objects like the Ark of the Covenant, Moses brass serpent, and Aaron's Rod and Hebrew rituals served the same functions as pagan ritual cult objects and religious rituals, but the patriarchs and prophets labeled the pagan objects "idols" and pagan religions "idolatry".

Ezekiel's prophesies are held important in both Judaic and Christian expectations of the Messiah. Ezekiel's curse on Jerusalem was never repealed as the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple in 70 A.D. demonstrates. The Temple Mount conflict of modern Jerusalem also shows the lasting conflict with the Muslim's Dome of the Rock sitting on the site Jews claim for building their third Temple.

I will exorcise Ezekiel's curse on Jerusalem following the symbolic ritual he used in putting it on but instead of putting a curse on Jerusalem in Yahweh's name, I will give the Holy City a blessing in the name of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. Afterwards, a circuit will be made around David's city, starting at the Lion's Gate (which is appropriate for Ariel as the "Lion of God") and ending at the same gate which is also known as St. Stephen's Gate. It takes a prophet of God to undo the actions of another prophet of God.


The Lion's-St.Stephen's Gate in Old Jerusalem

 wpe25.jpg (108990 bytes)


Paxcalibur will then be turned over to the Israeli-Palestinian peace group who will follow Isaiah's famous words and create a bonding peace ritual literally transforming Paxcalibur from sword into a plowshare symbolizing the forging of a lasting bond of peaceful co-existence. Copies of the Canaan Peace Plan will then also be given to all appropriate Israeli and Palestinian peace groups and government agencies.

The original Holy Land vision I received in 1989 asks the Israeli and Palestinian governments and citizens to agree to set aside "Canaanite Communities" which will be new cooperative communities composed of those Palestinian and Israeli citizens who want to live together in peace. But a new vision has occurred which expands the older one. The new vision asks for Israelis and Palestinians to set up the world's first spiritually honored nation, the Holy Land of Canaan, which will contain within it autonomous internal Israeli and Palestinian communities. What happens after that is in the hands of the Holy One.


The Christ Josephine Connection

In 1998 I received the Vision of Christ Josephine, a vision of the Spirit of Christ returning as a spiritual Native American young woman representing all the "Last" people in social importance who will become the First in importance in the spiritual New Age. The Spirit of Christ Josephine will champion the cause of Peace on Earth. Her Spirit endorses the Canaan Peace Plan solution and will ride with Stephen as Her emissary to the Holy Land where the world's oldest tribe and the world's oldest tribe and longest persecuted minority, the Jews have their roots. The problems faced by the Jews and their old enemies the Philistines now called Palestinians are archetypes of inter-tribal warfare thousands of years old. 

There Stephen will introduce the Canaan Peace Plan proposal in Christ Josephine's honor as it is based on the Native American spiritual concept that only the Great Spirit of God "owns" the land and the life it supports and only God can and must "own" the Holy Land and its Holy City of Jerusalem. The Canaan Peace Plan will be the model for ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the solution to ethnic strife throughout the world where two or more differing populations are warring over the same territory. .


The Paxcalibur miracles

In three out of the four sites that the Paxcalibur baptism rituals were performed, years afterwards the land surrounding the sites became ecologically preserved one way or another.

Some 10,000 acres around the Mattole River site where Pax was baptized in 1989 has now, under the stewardship of the Sanctuary Forest association that developed in the middle and later 1990's, become part of a large cooperative alliance of private and non-profit group ownerships and government lands dedicated to preserving the ecological integrity of the these lands forever.

In 1998, Headwaters Forest is saved from cutting and turned into Headwaters Forest Reserve, a new 7,500 acre BLM/State of California wilderness Park.

In 1993, the Centerville Naval facility that sat right above the beach where Pax, in 1989, was baptized in the Pacific ocean, became decommissioned. It was a spy listening post that used ultra-sensitive hydrophones to track submarine movements all around the Pacific.

Earlier this year, 2001, 600 acres of coastal land starting a Centerville Beach became included in a new coastal ecological preserve with the old Naval installation to serve as the new preserve's Visitor Center.

So, altogether, over 18,000 acres of forest land and coastal land has been preserved forever at three out of the four sites the Paxcalibur ritual was performed. And there may be more as the former Director of Sanctuary Forest was so impressed by Pax's record when I told him about it he asked me to do the ritual for another disputed land site of some 3500 acres.


July 1, 2004 Update

A big step towards the full return of Indian Island to the Wiyot people happened on June 25th of this year when the City of Eureka turned over 40 acres of the island to the Wiyot tribe. Here is a local newsmagazine photo of happy Wiyots with Indian Island in the background.


wpe26.jpg (11412 bytes)

The Paxcalibur ritual was done on Indian Island Nov. 2nd, 2001. The Wiyot people have worked hard to reclaim Indian Island and they are the ones who should receive credit for this property transference. But I don't think Old Man Above, the Wiyot concept of God the Father, has forgotten them at all.


More Christian shaman work

In 1993 I went to Joseph, Oregon with my sister where she was checking out the town's art community for her husband. I was puzzled by the fact that there didn't seem to be any Indians around the town even though the whole town has these Indian motifs and artifacts and galleries featuring Indian art. The town is named after Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce. While babysitting my sister's boy by letting him play in the rocks on the edge of Wallawa Lake right at the spot where Chief Joseph had his village camp, I wondered up to the cemetery on the rise overlooking the lake. I found not Chief Joseph's but his father's grave-marker there. His father was also named Chief Joseph.

The Chief Joseph known to history died in exile in Washington I believe and the Nez Pierce were driven out of their homeland. At Chief Joseph's father's grave tombstone I said a prayer asking the Great Spirit of the Holy One to return the Nez Pierce to their homeland. In 1998, seven years later, I read an article in the Sunday paper which told about local ranchers and landowners around the town of Joseph, Oregon donating land to the Nez Pierce tribe so that they could begin to return to their old homeland. Now there has been established the Wallowa Nez Perce Interpretive Center which is coordinating plans to regain a 160 acre site for the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce.

Always ready for Sign direction from God reading a recent newspaper update on the Joseph Nez Perce project I was struck by the coincidence of names between the Lakota man I've made friends with who raises buffaloes and who will supply the four horns for the new Altar of Peace (see Pax in Israel below) and the Nez Perce spokesman for preserving the cemetery as a Nez Perce sacred site. Same last names, White Plume, now connecting me to two different tribes. I look for God's direction from such "signs" connecting things together for spiritual purposes. It seems God has again connected me with the Nez Perce as they fight against a rich home development scheme to adjoin the cemetery where Chief Joseph's father lies buried which is now considered a sacred site by the Wallowa Band of Nez Perce. I am trying to restart the ancestral lands lottery project that I worked on for over three years with the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, a local Native American tribe in our efforts to regain 60,000 acres of lost ancestral land.


Fall, 2006 Update:

Don and myself are awaiting word from my friend Alex White Plume's tribe, the Oglala Sioux Nation which he has become President of, to see if they are going to use our Heartlands Project to raise money to buy buffer space around their sacred Bear Butte mountain.


elderchiefjoseph.jpg (67682 bytes)

Elder Chief Joseph's gravesite outside Joseph, Oregon, where I prayed for the return of Chief Joseph's people


Nez_Perce_at_elder_Chief_Josephs_gravesite.JPG (31277 bytes)



Paxcalibur in Israel

Easter 2003


Frustrated for years that I seemed unable to raise enough money to go to Israel to complete the Paxcalibur mission, in December of 2002 I decided to send Pax to a Pax Christi organization in Jerusalem that was organizing a Peace March from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. Pax was duly sent but Israeli Customs confiscated it, claiming no such "weapon" could be allowed into Israel. After a month, Pax arrived back home and Israeli and Palestinian friends say I was very lucky to have it returned. It was necessary to test the waters so to speak to see if Paxcalibur would be allowed into Israel as a sword and clearly it was not. How then get Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace, into Israel became the next issue besides raising money to go myself.


God works in mysterious ways

It wasn't until the following year that God finally provided me "magically" with the means to go to the Holy Land. Another string of "Signs" began in March when I learned that my Vision of Christ Josephine was a match for the Lakota prophesy of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. After waiting 14 years for the financial means to complete the Paxcalibur mission, 3 days after learning that my Vision of Christ Josephine matched the Lakota's prophesy of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, I try gambling one more time to raise funds for the trip. But unlike previous attempts, this time I am successful and run $75 up to $1300, enough to pay for my ticket to Israel.


Step 6: The necessary early transformation of Paxcalibur

But how do I get Pax in was still a major problem. God gave me the answer with another little vision of how to solve the problem. Start the transformation of Paxcalibur from sword into plowshare early by a first transformation of the blade into a peace symbol. I had a local metal smith do this and then I mounted the new Pax onto a small redwood burl slab taken from one of our fallen local ancient giant redwoods. I oiled the burl slab with olive oil and the result was that Paxcalibur became a work of art and as such Pax sailed right through Israeli Customs.


 Pax_on_the_Jordan_bank.JPG (25370 bytes)

The transformed Paxcalibur on its redwood burl on the bank of the Jordan River


This transformation of Paxcalibur now supersedes Isaiah's vision of turning swords into plowshares. That vision was actually nullified by the later prophet Joel who reversed it in Joel 3:10 telling Israelites that God wanted them to beat their plowshares into swords again. The prophet Micah reinstates it but the damage has been done. God is informing the world through this new sword transformation vision that the Peace Symbol is blessed by God. Paxcalibur, the peace-symbol sword, has now become the new Word of God that needs no words to describe what God desires of us, to turn all our weapons that harm others into peaceful alternatives.

"Behold, I have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire. Who brings forth an instrument for his work; And I have created the spoiler to destroy. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn."

-Isaiah 54:16-17


April 19th, 2003

I stayed with an Israeli peace activist, Hagit Ra'anan, near Tel Aviv the first day in Israel then we went to the Sea of Galilee to complete the last baptism of Pax, the Sword of Peace. There was a commercialized spot at the spot where the Jordan empties out of the Sea of Galilee, the place tradition has it that Jesus was baptized by John. But the building and cement area just looked like a zoo compound so Hagit and I snuck through a fence and went downstream about a 100 yards to a wild area of the Jordan and did the baptism there.


Pax Jordan baptism pictures 009.jpg (112089 bytes)

The Jordan River, not far from where it flows out of the Sea of Galilee


Step Seven:

Paxcalibur's baptism in the Jordan River


     Pax Jordan baptism pictures 004.jpg (90876 bytes)  


Pax Jordan baptism pictures 015.jpg (79285 bytes)


                     Pax Jordan baptism pictures 006.jpg (47333 bytes)                       


Now the next step was to find a home for Pax while it awaits the time when Israeli and Palestinian peace workers will continue its transformation into a plowshare. I had thought a church would be good as Christians are somewhat neutral in the Jew/Muslim conflict in Israel/Palestine. Hagit knew a priest in Nazareth and we went to see him. He liked the story of Pax so well he invited me to stay over (a married Catholic priest, married before becoming a priest) and join his church procession in the scheduled Easter parade the next day. But I had to get back to Hagit's that night so I promised to come the next day.


   0039+Hagit.jpg (51212 bytes)  Israeli peace activist Hagit Ra' anaan


The Spirit of Christ Josephine went with me to Nazareth


April 20th, Easter Sunday

I rode one of those notorious buses from Tel Aviv to Nazareth. A third of the bus being Israeli soldiers. Falasha Jews too, looking and acting exactly like US Blacks, only speaking Hebrew. A Filipina woman got on and sat next to me and since she started reading a Gospel of St. John I asked her if she happened to be going to the Nazareth Easter procession. No, but her sister or some relative was. She confessed to being afraid to be on the bus as her husband usually drove her to work. I played brave American and said "..so many buses.." Actually, I didn't have a single moment of paranoia in Israel, I was too high on just finally fulfilling my vision quest. We talked and I told her of my pilgrimage and I swear there was some rapport going on. She asked me twice how long I was going to be in Israel and I told her I had to leave in two days. I believe if I had been able to stay longer she would have asked me to stay with her and her husband. We held hands when she left--and I was given another little God-sign, a synchronicity sign to remind me that the Spirit of Christ Josephine was with me too as when I asked her name--it was Josefina.

The Abuna, (Arabic for 'Father') Abou Hatom M., met me in Nazareth and we went to his little plain Catholic Church of St. Mary. Plain on the outside, but beautiful Catholic inside but more "primitive" (read poorer) than Catholic churches here in America. Abuna had me prepare Pax for the Easter procession by putting a olive branch and palm branch on it. Then the congregation started showing up. There were also 30 Israeli/Palestinian scouts milling around the tiny church courtyard and a couple of them kept coming up to me and asking "Ahmerican, Ahmerican? with big grins and I said "yes" and they would smile and go off and come back and ask again. I guess seeing an American at their church was news. The people started to file into the church for the service. I stayed outside as I'm not Catholic but the people near the door motioned me to come in. I was literally propelled through the church to the little alcove behind the Abuna as he spoke to the congregation. I didn't know why I was there and because everything was in Arabic I didn't know what was going to happen. Abuna did communion and led the group in hymns. Beautiful Arabic Christian songs..then we all started to file out for the procession..

The Miraculous Spiritual Power of Paxcalibur!


When I picked up Pax and held it aloft the people suddenly understood why I was there. All I had to do was lift Pax up and they understood the symbol immediately. Pax spoke for itself. Several wanted photos taken with me and Pax. The 30 scouts formed the head of the parade with me put in behind them and immediately in front of Abuna and two other Catholic priests (the Easter procession is an annual ecumenical affair) with about 500 Palestinian Christians behind them. We marched through narrow streets with lot's of noise from the scouts bugles and drums. Muslims in balconies above us showered us with flower petals and candies. The procession went the 2.5 kilometer walk to the large courtyard of what I believe was the Basilica of the Annunciation.


The parallel between the Paxcalibur experience and the New Testament Pentecost story that set Christianity on its course.

A hundred and twenty disciples of Jesus witness this at Pentecost:

"Now when the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Now there were dwelling in Jerusalem, Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven. And when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language. Then they were amazed and marveled, saying to one another, 'Look, are not all these who speak Galileans? And how is it that we hear each in our own language in which we were born?" "Parthians and Medes and Elamites, those dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea, and Cappadocia, Pontus, and Asia. Phyrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya adjoining Cyrene, visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs--we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God. So they were all amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, Whatever, could this mean?"

This was the Story written by the author of Acts, "Luke" writing perhaps a century or more after the supposed fact.

Over 500 real live people witnessed a real live Sign of God "speaking to them" without need of any one language. Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace and Sign of the Messiah was able to communicate God's will without need of written or spoken words. This event happened and will happen every time Pax is shown to believers of all faiths and nations.

The scouts and I came into the courtyard first and we filed out to sides to let Abuna and other priests march up the wide steps before the Basilica. But again, Abuna motioned me to come up with him so up the steps I went with Pax above me. Abuna and the other priests read liturgy and then Abuna spoke again. I heard the word "Paxcalibur" and understood he was telling this large crowd of Palestinians about my Paxcalibur mission. They listened and then applauded and then Abuna led them in song. Tears ran down my face as this was without doubt the happiest day of my whole life.

Such an ending to the Paxcalibur story! Such incredible warmth from these people who have every right to hate me as an American who country provides Israel the means to occupy and oppress Palestinians. Although many photos were taken of me and Pax at the Easter procession, even TV news cameramen documented Pax but thus far I have not been able to attain any sad to say. I was too busy carrying Pax to take photos.

Pax now resides in Nazareth in a special meeting room in Abuna Hatoum's home. It is now a religious icon in Nazareth and perhaps even now is working its peace magic to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Christian pilgrims visiting Nazareth at Easter now will be told of the Story of Paxcalibur.

abuna_in_jerusalem.JPG (14386 bytes)      
Abuna_2.jpg (1902 bytes)    
Abuna Abou Hatoum M.                


I was so happy and so honored by these people who just accepted me and my Pax mission as if it was meant to be. Handshakes and hugs, and kisses from many afterwards. And then I went on to Jerusalem with an West Bank Palestinian, Ali, and two Israelis, Avraham and Lee, who are all involved in peace activism. We ate good food at an Arab restaurant and then went to Ibrahim's home on the Mt. of Olives.

Ibrahim took me to the Old City tomorrow. It turns out he is good friends with a woman rabbi in my home county who I also know. She too is a peace activist and invited Muslim Ibrahim to America for her ordination. All these peace workers and you never hear about them, but they are there helping to overcome the problems between the two peoples, Israelis and Palestinians, which is really the microcosm of problems between Judeo-Christians and Muslims.


Lack of photo documentation of the Nazareth and Jerusalem visits

I'm sorry but I couldn't take pictures and hold that heavy burl and sword at the same time--I was exhausted after the 2 kilometer parade. (later note: Photos of Pax in the Nazareth Easter event exist as several people took pictures of me and even three TV cameramen but unfortunately I haven't been able to receive any. Pax may have been on local TV news or may not have been, I just don't know. The Arabic/Hebrew political/language barrier makes finding information in Israel very difficult.. I did take some photos with my cheap digital camera but the images were very poor and then I seem to have lost the stored images altogether when my computer crashed and I lost several important files.)

Later that day I went with a Muslim Palestinian peace activist to the West Bank part of Jerusalem and stayed overnight there. I sat on a couch in their home with four Palestinian women, three dressed traditionally. We watched Arabic news which told of three Palestinians killed that day in Gaza. The women erupted with anger and one turned to me and said, "You see? You see?" and I said I did and that I didn't agree with our President's policy towards Palestinians. That flash of anger was the only moment of criticism I got from Palestinians and it passed so quickly it was forgotten immediately as one of the women brought food in to eat.


The surprising spiritual power emanating from Mecca

When I was staying at Ibrahim's place on the Mt. of Olives I watched Arabic TV with the householders, not understanding a word of it except newsmaker names. But this station played a live feed direct from Mecca and I watched hypnotized as Muslims filled the Cabah square and slowly walked around the huge Black Cube. Knowing that this rotation around the Cube was a direct continuation of the ancient pagan worship rites there I was kinda stunned because you could just feel an immense spiritual power radiating from this slow rotating dance-walk of worshippers. A slow, soft voice spoke the Arabic verses as worshippers walked.

The circular movement I saw links together in my mind hurricane Josephine, that contributed to my daughter's vision of Josephine, with the circular movement of Mecca worshippers with the Ghost Dance of the Lakota. At some point I would very much like to go to Mecca myself as it is only there that one can clearly see the power of the old ways of worship is still active in our modern world. Because I know the history of Goddess worship at Mecca I am prophesizing that sooner or later Islam will recognize Her spiritual power, the power of the Feminine face of Allah, the Muslim name for the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. Already there are signs of strong Muslim women coming to the forefront of Islam, preparing Muslims for the coming Islamic Reformation.

Islam has tremendous spiritual power, folks. Do not ever underestimate it. Yes, Islam needs to go through its Reformation period to humanize the ancient savagery found in all three Abrahamic religions. But I have always felt in my spiritual heart that Islam can and will make the transition to a religious doctrine anyone on earth of good heart and good will towards all can understand and appreciate.


April 21st

Finding Jerusalem spiritually dead

Jerusalem is spiritually dead. It is one large tomb of a city and has been I believe now, ever since Yeshua walked there. He was the last prophet of spiritual power in Jerusalem. For 2000 years now no spiritual power has come from Jerusalem and I will tell you as a prophet no spiritual power will come from there until Paxcalibur resides there on the Altar of Peace within the Dome of the Rock. Until that happens, Jerusalem has joined the ancient civilization monuments to past glory, Egypt, Babylon, Jerusalem. The Paxcalibur peace rituals I was to do from Jerusalem could not be done as the place is currently without soul, or none that I could feel spiritually.


The "Abomination of desolation"

I found the symbol of this spiritual grave in the middle of the Old City, a small horse tied to a heavy utility cart, the horse with so many straps around its body and head that it couldn't move anything except the bottoms of its feet. An actual chain was wrapped around its muzzle. Thousands of religious pilgrims walked by and no one except me seemed offended by the treatment given to this poor half-starved horse. I have since contacted the Israeli Humane Society to report the horse as well as asked around the vendor stalls in Jerusalem to see who owned the horse but no results.

Christianity has moved the Holy One's spiritual power from Jerusalem to Rome and the Catholic Church. The spiritual power center divided when Mecca became a spiritual center. Then the spiritual power center in the West divided again when it moved to England with the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment. With Columbus and the New World discovery, the Western spiritual power center moved to America where it has become manifest again through the Western Wakan Revelations of a modern Jewish prophet who is prophesy bearer for both the spiritual heritage of Canaanite-Judeo-Christianity and the Native American Lakota traditions. The Paxcalibur Mission unites the Spirit of God found in the Old World and the New World.

Altogether I had two incredibly wonderful days in Israel and one bummer day. I was glad to get back home. Israel was not a friendly place to visit, much like an army base atmosphere and the obvious dichotomy of wealth between Israelis in the nicer homes and neighborhoods vs. Pals in the slums was hard to take. Yet it was in Israel that I experienced the happiest day of my life.


A "miracle" for Acomtha

Acomtha, no, CNN wasn't there, but for you, a biblical "miracle" was done at the Jordan. Read the "miracle" of Elisha raising the double-ax head with a stick in the Jordan that was lost on the bottom of the river and making it float on the Jordan. Pax went to the bottom of the Jordan, I placed the ancient redwood burl piece under it, and behold, it came up to float on the surface of the Jordan. Elisha made an ax-head to float. Arielmessenger made a whole sword to float on the Jordan.

Acomtha, the real miracle will be Peace in the Holy Land--it is now on its way..

(Elisha's "Miracle": Elisha, no dummy, selected a long enough stick to offset the weight of the ax-head. He then stuck the stick through the ax-head hole where the ax-handle went, and of course, it floated and appeared to "swim", the ax-head looking like fish fins with the stick the "body".)


Pax_baptism_Jordan_river_13.jpg (7654 bytes)




The Story of Paxcalibur

Part II


Paxcalibur and the Religion of Peace


God takes over the Paxcalibur Mission

Pax_Jordan_baptism_pictures_028.jpg (18699 bytes)



Commissioned again

When I returned home from my vision-quest pilgrimage to the Holy Land I thought I had finished it, completed every step God had given me to do to sanctify Paxcalibur and bring it to Israel for the spiritual promotion of peace between all peoples sharing the Holy Land. But I was wrong. Several months passed and then the Paxcalibur visions began again..


The Paxcalibur Vision that was and wasn't to be


Was Ariel fading? Was the Angel of Peace losing spiritual power? Ariel Sharon, manifesting Ariel as a spiritually unconscious Lion of God, was brain-dead by December 2005. By December 2007 Father Jesus had taken over my spiritual guidance from the Angel of Jerusalem and radically changed the Paxcalibur vision along with my whole theology!

What follows below are the final Jerusalem visions of Ariel as Lion of God wanting Paxcalibur to join the religious war for control of Temple Mount and the rock Jews claim as the spot where Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac. This was the first of the Abrahamic destructions of other people's sacred sites as the high point of Jerusalem probably hosted a Canaanite temple of worship where the Canaanite god of peace, Shalom was worshiped before Hebrews replaced Shalom with Yahweh temple worship, then the Muslims replaced Yahweh worship with worship of Allah and none of these Abrahamic believers remembering why God made Jerusalem special as the place where God as peace was first worshiped.


The new Paxcalibur visions recorded in chronological order as they arrived


December 2003

The new Eighth Step: Paxcalibur is to go to Jerusalem

Paxcalibur is to go into the Dome of the Rock


Dome_of_the_Rock1.jpg (121873 bytes)

Haram es-Sharif-Al Sakhra-the Dome of the Rock


inside_Dome_of_the_Rock.JPG (34722 bytes)

Inside the Dome of the Rock


I have received two visions this month that see Paxcalibur taken to Jerusalem. The first one says God wants Paxcalibur in Jerusalem, that there will be no peace until Pax is in Jerusalem. The second one which came in several "pieces", says Pax is to go inside the Dome of the Rock.

Pax is to be mounted on a new Altar of Peace, one shaped similar to Jewish incense and burnt offering altars but bearing real buffalo horns in place of the symbolic brass/wood ones on the old Temple altars. These new visions of Paxcalibur will take a true miracle to fulfill but Abuna, the Palestinian priest, says "Come". Hagit, the Israeli teacher of peace, says "Come", and I will come, God willing.


The Altar of Peace


Ariel, a name meaning "Spiritual Jerusalem", "Angel of Peace", and "Hearth of the Altar of God", is the angelic Lord of the Altar of Peace and has given these instructions for the construction of the Altar of Peace to be placed in the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount.


Temple_Incense_burner_1.gif (18433 bytes)

Ancient Jewish Temple Incense Altar


The new Altar of Peace will be made following ancient Hebrew Altar designs for the Temple Incense and Burnt Offering altars. It will be similar to the Temple Incense Altar shown above but with a square top large enough to accommodate Paxcalibur resting on its oiled redwood burl board. I see in the vision a circular base or a circle somehow included in the Altar of Peace design as it is important to establish a symbol of Wholeness with the Altar. Also, the Altar should be low enough for children to see Paxcalibur or there should be a bench where children could stand to see Pax on the Altar of Peace. Only flower petals are allowed as offerings.

The Altar of Peace is to be made by Palestinian Muslim carpenters and Israeli metal smiths working together. Since Hebrew altars had "horns" on their four corners I am instructed to bring four buffalo horns from America and the Lakota peoples to honor the presence of God Most High as in His Native American form as Wakan Tanka.* Both EL Elyon and Wakan Tanka were represented by the white bulls. EL as God Most High was symbolized by the white bull of heaven (as in the Book of Enoch) which matches how Wakan Tanka as the white buffalo bull was known to the Lakota and Plains Indians.

Paxcalibur resting on the Altar of Peace will "point" towards Mecca. Why? God's answer came to my mind: "Because She is there". EL is at Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem and Asherah as the Triple Goddesses is at the Cabah in Mecca. The Holy One says they are to be spiritually reunited again in our hearts and minds as heavenly Models for the Holy Family. See more about this below.

* It took me 24 years to discover that God came to me via the spiritual signs of Wakan Tonka, that all along I have been spiritually connected to Native America even though almost all my religious visions save Christ Josephine have come to me in my own religious heritage language.


Paxcalibur as the Peace Symbol Sword

The symbolic meaning of Paxcalibur is the circumcision of power to harm or to kill.


February 26th, 2004

When I began the Paxcalibur mission, I was guided by the image of Pax finally becoming a plowshare following the famous words of Isaiah. But then I discovered Isaiah's words about swords beaten into plowshares was reversed by the prophet Joel who said God wanted the plowshares beaten back into swords.

Paxcalibur will not be transformed into a plowshare. The Peace Symbol Pax will not have this contradiction that reflects the schizophrenic morality of Judeo-Christianity. It will remain as it is now--a sword made into a peace symbol.


The initial reasons given to my understanding why Paxcalibur must go into the Dome of the Rock.

God wants this newest icon of spiritual transformation put where all Abrahamic faithful can see it. Paxcalibur is to go into the Dome of the Rock, Al Sakhra, to restore the spiritual meaning of spiritual Zion, not the territorial claim of Jews but the Place where Peace was first worshipped in the world, the center of Shalom, Salaam, Salem, all meaning "peace". Here is the major reason God desires Paxcalibur to be housed under the Dome of the Rock in the spot where Abraham was said to have offered his son up for sacrifice.

God wants all people, but all men especially, to re-examine the spiritual meaning of the Sign of circumcision given to Abraham as men, even religious men, have not understood what God wanted through this symbolic covenant. Circumcision is the symbol of circumscribing the power of males to provoke aggression in territorial conquest. It was never really about lust for women but about a symbolic act for curtailing excess testosterone in males. The lesson hasn't been learned so God has given the world via Paxcalibur, the Sword of Peace, a new model for circumcising power, the Sword blade broken and remade into a peace symbol within a circle of brass.

The Peace Symbol is now the most universally recognized symbol of peace in the world and it will be seen in Paxcalibur mounted on the new Altar of Peace within the Dome of the Rock. A new Christian icon mounted on a Jewish altar within a Muslim building. This is what God desires to see on Temple Mount. All other buildings on this holy spot are only being monuments to men's territorial ambitions. When Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace are in place on Temple Mount, Jerusalem will become once again a Holy City with the Spirit of God returned.


March 18th, 19th, 2004

More Pax vision coming in..

Paxcalibur resting on the Altar of Peace will "point" towards Mecca. EL is being re-established at Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem and Asherah, EL's consort and Her daughters Astarte and Anath are still active as the Triple Arabic Goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat, all three still being secretly devoted to by the circle walk of Muslim pilgrims around the Black Stone at the Cabah in Mecca. It was and is Their spiritual energy that I saw so apparent when staying with Ibrahim's family and watching the Arabic TV station's live broadcast from Mecca. The Holy One says they are to be spiritually reunited again in our hearts and minds as heavenly Models for the Holy Family.

I have done a little research tonight and have discovered Muhammad was told this and he wrote it into to the Quran but later said the Devil tempted him and he retracted the verses as authentic of Allah's will. Below is the text which contained in the earlier Quran the famous "Satanic Verses" that got Salmon Rushie in so much trouble with Muslims worldwide. Mohammed was told by Allah later that the Devil made him do it, made him put it in the Quran.

Here is how it reads today in the Quran:

"Near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest! Have ye seen Lat. and 'Uzza, And another, the third (goddess), Manat? Near it is the Garden of Abode.

Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest! Have ye seen Lat. and 'Uzza, And another, the third (goddess), Manat? These are the exalted cranes (intermediaries) Whose intercession is to be hoped for. Words of Satan Deleted] What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female? Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair! (an-Najm 53:19-22)

"These are the exalted cranes (intermediaries) Whose intercession is to be hoped for."

"..And what precisely are we to understand by "exalted cranes"? The Muslim authorities were uncertain about the meaning of gharaniq, as are we. But what they did know was that this was the refrain that the Quraysh used to chant as they circumambulated the Ka'ba: "Al-Lat, and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other; indeed these are exalted (or lofty, ‘ula) gharaniq; let us hope for their intercession." (The Hajj  F. E. Peters, p 3-41, 1994)

Even though their principal shrines lay north and east of Mecca, al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat were all worshiped by the Quraysh of Mecca, and at least al-Uzza numbered no less than Muhammad himself among her worshipers. (The Hajj)

..Al-`Uzza is supposed to have come from Sinai, and to have been the goddess of the planet Venus. As the moon and the evening star are associated in the heavens, so too were Allat and al-`Uzza together in religious belief, and so too are the crescent and star conjoined on the flags of Arab countries today."


EL (Al) wants Al-lat back.

EL wants His wife back in order to end the Abrahamic divorce and restore the true Godhead of the Holy Family in heaven, the "We" of the Quran and the "Us" of Genesis. The hint of this archetypal Heirs gamos has always been there in the name "Allah". What will they do with me when I tell them EL Elyon, the "AL" part of AL-Lah, has told me Pax must be placed this way and the meaning clear. He desires She again to be included in the Godhead as the Yahweh monotheistic model is corrupt, giving a false spiritual image of God as a powerful man who acts very much like a warrior king.

Mohammed recognizes the "Us" of the Godhead in his script in the Quran but does he recognize the Us as He, She, Son, Daughter, Daughters, God as They? God as a Holy Family? No one who believes in the Holy One of Heaven and Earth ever need worry about the fact that all along the very highest Godhead intended us to realize we humans are made in It's image Male and Female. Our whole perceptive apparatus is geared to polar opposites and it is impossible for the human mind to think of something as One. Try it. You'll see that One only has meaning by contrasting it with More than One. Contrast is how we perceive our Universe and God knows this.

The Archetypes, known as gods and goddesses, angels, Presence, Name, Logos, Savior, etc, are aspects or "faces" of God, the primary ones being Father, Mother, Son, Daughter. These gods and sub-gods reflect our limited perception, our inability to comprehend something immense yet personal like a God who is active in our lives like a guiding parent but who is beyond any "parent" concept we can understand. So, once again, we are not to worry about offending the highest god with acknowledgement of a primary face of God that has reached you personally.

God comes to most men as God the Father, Grandfather, Sky Father. God came to Jews and Christians as the Son of God only they don't acknowledge the Mono-polytheistic truth. God comes to women as God and the Goddess. Mary is still one of the most powerful of Spirits or Angels, this Archetype of the Great Mother Goddess, very much like a Christianized Isis. The Archetype of Ishtar, warrior maiden, daughter of Asherah, the Tree of Life, and EL, whose totem animal was the Bull, reached the New World with the appearance of White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Now White Buffalo Calf Woman has reappeared, this time bearing the Spirit of Christ. Ptsan Win has reappeared as Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, yet She still carries aspects of Ishtar the warrior maiden in Her as well. She is Mother too, like Mary, yet no milk-toast. As Kwan Yin, She somehow always manages to accomplish Her work without violence, working through sheer grace. No one denies Her what She asks for because whatever She asks for is recognized as absolutely necessary for peace and harmony to rule our world instead of men with guns and gold.

This then is the spiritual link between my Vision of Christ Josephine and the Paxcalibur Mission. Christ Josephine directs us all to Her manifestations as part of the Holy Family, those manifestations birthing religious celebrations such as the one at Mecca honoring the Goddess in Her Triple Goddess manifestation form as the three goddesses Mohammed himself once worshipped. The Goddess is going to be acknowledged at Mt. Moriah, Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock as well as at Mecca. Still, no one should forget that She, although the Spirit of a Great Goddess, is still only one Face, one aspect of the Great Mysterious One, the unknowable Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

On Internet religious talkboards one Muslim contributing the discussions called me a "Sufi Christian" because of my Gnostic brand of Christianity. In general, there is more in common between Sufi doctrines and Biomystical Revelation than with traditional Christianity, but is Islam ready for this? Is Islam ready to honor those who are willing to surrender their lives to service for God as Peace, i.e., honor the true root meaning of "Islam"? Is Islam ready to seriously confront the issue of spiritual prophesy in another man? Has prophesy ever been frozen in time regardless of the wishes of those who would freeze it to the standards of their own times?

In our religion, God is said to God of the living, not the dead, meaning God reaches us in the present, not the past, and the spiritual instructions given are given to fit the historical circumstances which can change..and so finally: Is Islam ready to confront the Power of the Feminine in the Godhead of Allah that has reached out twice now to focus Muslim attention on that remnant verse of Her Mohammed first put into the Quran as instruction from God? If Mohammed was instructed to direct Muslims to worship Her in the form of heavenly Intercessors, was he really being tempted by Satan or was he being told the spiritual truth? I can't answer that for Muslims but it is clear where Biomystical Revelation stands regarding this issue.

Heavenly Intercessors are present in every religion and they seem "natural" for all who establish spiritual contact with God. Mohammed had his Gabriel and I have my Ariel, both Heavenly Intercessors. Why should not women too have their Heavenly Intercessors? Can I as a modern Gnostic Christian prophet of God even bring these things before Islam to consider. I hope so. I am no Salmon Rushdie, born to Muslim heritage, poking fun at Mohammed. Although admittedly untraditional in comparison to traditional Christian doctrines, everything about my spiritual mission "fits" the traditional Gnostic way, the Knowing Way, established within a few centuries after the death of Christ that unites the "syzygies", the dualities of existence into a comprehensible and harmonic Whole.

There is no disrespect of Mohammed or Islam intended here. In fact, the opposite is my intention. A mutual acknowledgement of "Islam", of surrendering to the will of God as Peace, is what I most fervently hope all Muslims will see in my spiritual mission bringing Paxcalibur, the Sword of Peace, to Jerusalem, to Temple Mount, to the Dome of the Rock where it belongs. We have been invited by God Most High and His Woman and Her Daughters. We have seen Her Sign flying in the formation of three, flying high in the sky for eternity..


March 21st, 2004 Spring Equinox

Once Paxcalibur is accepted at the Dome of the Rock the curse on Jerusalem and the Holy Land will be begin to be lifted and spiritual authority will once again radiate outward from the Holy City. The spiritual authority of the Religion of Peace will be established from Jerusalem.


April 6th, 2004

Invitation only

The Eight Step is invitation only. I am invited by God but that invitation must be honored by Islamic stewards of the Dome of the Rock or otherwise the spiritual Peace process is lost. Therefore, after hearing the Eighth Step Paxcalibur-Altar of Peace proposal Islamic stewards of Al Sakra make the decision whether or not to honor a vision from another religion, a vision that, while beautiful and pure of hostility still strikes at a sore spot in the life of Mohammed and the doctrines of the Quran. Does Paxcalibur resting on the Altar of Peace stand for peace and mirror the humane heart of Mohammed's vision or does it violate fundamental Islamic principles? Whether or not Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace are to be placed within the Dome of the Rock is in the hands of Allah. Their yes or no from now on decides whether or not a miracle of peace and understanding given in a vision from God can happen again where it happened for Abraham.


April 9th Good Friday

April 11th Easter

April 12th, 2004

Spiritual Supersession


Judaism, through its series of prophets and production of the Torah that guided believers towards the monotheistic concept of One highest God, superseded the Canaanite religion with its worship of many gods. The Canaanite God Most High, EL Elyon was subsumed into Yahweh, tribal war god of the Israelites. Later, Christianity superseded Judaism by Yeshu-Jesus Christ's overthrow of Pharisaic-Rabbinical Judaism with a new set of Scriptures, based on the Christian slogan "One Way" that formed the spiritual backbone for the rise of Western Civilization and the temporal power it still strongly holds in the world today. Islam is Christianity's stiffest competitor religion, as it claims that the visions and tenets of its founder Mohammed made the previous religions of Judaism and Christianity secondary to the spiritual truth of Islam. Pointing to its rise as the second largest world religion, Muslims are convinced their religion is second to none.


Religious War


Now we are in the midst of religious warfare between the forces of Judeo-Christianity and Islam. God has told me in revelation that the Paxcalibur Peace Challenge to Islam is the only way to avert further worldwide religious war between Muslims and Christians, between Muslims and Jews, and between Muslims and Hindus. The Paxcalibur Peace Challenge marks the beginning of the Islamic Reformation that will save Islam from the fate of Judeo-Christian religions doomed to great loss of spiritual authority once the Biblical myths of Judaism and Pauline Christianity become known to the laity as they are becoming known to scholars of the Abrahamic faiths.

Islam too will lose great spiritual authority that resides in the authority demanded and granted to Mohammed once the myths of Judaism and Pauline Christianity become well-known throughout the world's intelligencia. One of the main reasons religious warfare happens is that religions and most religionists are as caught up in the same Alpha Male animal territorial battling behavioral patterns as those to whom the world is everything and God's will only gets in the way.

I am a Christian, however radical, because only Yeishu-Jesus understood the basic problem and addressed it head-on, giving his life as the supreme icon of self-sacrifice of Power for Love to do so. God Most High willed that at some point an Alpha male of highest rank had to establish the model for the highest in rank to serve the lowest in rank, the firstborn serving the lastborn, Cain serving Abel instead of killing him. That is what God desires. The ultimate Icon for sacrifice of power of the Highest Man was given by Jesus Christ as the Messiah when he took on in the highest Alpha males of his time, the Jewish Sanhedrin and the Roman Empire's man in Jerusalem. Jesus Christ won the contest of wills by losing his physical life yet his Spirit went on to inspire the creation of Western Civilization, the most powerful civilization the world has ever known.

The Passion story shows the ceaseless spiritual and psychological power of the Icon of Self-sacrifice Jesus gave the world. This Icon is what gave the spiritual power of Christianity to supersede Judaism and paganism and the power to supersede every religion lacking the model of Sacrifice of Power for Love. Unfortunately most all Christians fell for Paul's pagan Mystery Religion dying-resurrection god-man sin atonement doctrine while telling them to kow-tow to Roman authority. When the highest Roman Alpha male, Constantine Christianized the Roman Empire, the Alpha male territorial battling behavior was back in the saddle again in full force with Popes and the Church hierarchy battling for domination of believers, inevitably running up against Muslims who follow the Prophet convinced his doctrine superseded the ones before. Their spiritual battles became territorial warfare that hasn't ceased. It's on the frontpages of our newspapers everyday.


How does God bring peace to religionists trained to recognize Power before spiritual truth?

By using the power of intellect as the only weapons allowed in a circumscribed arena. A new religion now challenges all the rest for position as the bearer of God's will for humanity in the New Millennium. Old faiths based on religious mythologies taken as real history no longer carry the spiritual instructions of the Living God, spiritual instructions necessary for New Millennium conditions. A spiritual showdown is therefore inevitable between myself, as prophesy bearer of the Spirit of Elijah and founder of the new Abrahamic religion of Biomystical Revelation, and Islam because according to the tenets of Islam, no prophet after Mohammed is recognized.

The Story of Paxcalibur, the documented spiritual power of Paxcalibur, the documented spiritual unification of Old World Holy Land spiritual traditions with those of the New World Native America through the Wakan Tanka Revelations that happened without any human being's intent, plus the complete new set of religious tenets of Biomystical Revelation produced over 24 years of this person's walk with God, all this is evidence of Divine Intervention, the Hand of God upon Stephen as the newest prophet in the Hebrew tradition of prophets of the Abrahamic faiths.


The Paxcalibur Peace Challenge


Spiritual Showdown in Jerusalem

God often asks Its prophets to dramatize spiritual intervention in some striking way. While I must wait for the Muslim stewards of Al Sakra's invitation to deliver Paxcalibur and the plans for the Altar of Peace to the Dome of the Rock, I am to issue the following spiritual challenge to those Muslim stewards of Al Sakra and to the whole of Islamic world if they and Islam signal refusal to allow Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace into the Dome of the Rock. Muslim stewards of Al Sakra, the Dome of the Rock, must give proof why Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace should not go into the Dome of the Rock. If they are opposed to its inclusion there, they must give reasons why, reasons that will be judged by the world because God desires Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace to be placed there.

In prophetic visions comparable in spiritual truth and strength with any of the prophets who have come before me save one, Yeishu-Jesus Christ, I have produced the Icon of Circumcision of Power and the Altar of Peace that God desires every Abrahamic faith pilgrim to Jerusalem to see, think about, and use as a universal religious symbol of personal behavioral transformation from dangerous men and women to God's messengers of peace and God's inspired helpmates for all others under oppression and in desperate need of help.


Instead of a Worldwide religious war between Judeo-Christianity and Islam,

a Worldwide Spiritual Challenge:

The Paxcalibur Peace Challenge.


The Prize is world Peace beginning at Jerusalem and spreading outwards throughout the Holy Land, then Peace throughout the Middle East, Peace breaking out in nation after nation around the globe, because the Abrahamic faiths have stopped fighting each other and are joining together to make Peace possible everywhere. It is impossible to bring real Peace by war. Grudges can and will be held for generations like bitter seeds waiting for the moment to sprout. Therefore, God ordains that those who would surrender to God's will, surrender to the demands of Peace.

Paxcalibur on the Altar of Peace shows what must be done. Weapons must be broken and reforged into the wings of peace within the circle of life.

The Worldwide Spiritual Challenge of Biomystical Revelation with all of Islam, with all of Judaism, and with all of Judeo-Christianity, will take place on Internet religious discussion-talkboards throughout the rest of this year 2004, culminating, hopefully, in a positive decision by the Muslim stewards of Al Sakra before year's end to allow Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace to be placed within the Dome of the Rock. It would be wonderful to bring Paxcalibur from Nazareth to Jerusalem as Christianity's great Christmas gift to all Muslims and to all peoples of the world.


"For I desire mercy and not sacrifice. And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings"

-- Hosea 6:6.


Non-violent dramatization

In ancient times it was customary for those exposed as false prophets as well as a few innocent true prophets to be killed when their prophesies didn't happen in reality or when their prophesies and doctrines conflicted with the existing religious-political power structure. But careful study reveals that even the great prophets, even Jesus, made predictions that have never come true. This is the beginning of the New Millennium and martyrdom is not in keeping with the will of God and the New Millennium manifestation of the Spirit of Christ. Therefore God has given this alternative method of dramatization of false doctrine if Biomystical Revelation and I are revealed as a false religion and false prophet.

Muslim allowance for the placing of Paxcalibur within the Dome of the Rock will signal Islamic recognition of the authenticity of my spiritual mission and recognition of a prophet of another Abrahamic faith. Paxcalibur will be destroyed if it and the Altar of Peace are found unacceptable. However, a Trial in an open Arena must decide the issue in the eyes of the world.


A Trial of Spiritual Authenticity in the Internet Arena

The international Internet debate on the worthiness of Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace to be housed within the Dome of the Rock has been initiated on Internet religious discussion boards. If, after lengthy debate on these religious talkboards, both worldwide opinion as well as the opinion of the Muslim stewards of the Dome of the Rock find Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace unacceptable to be included within the Dome of the Rock, Paxcalibur will be taken from the Church of St. Mary where it now resides awaiting its intended home and burned on the olive oil-christened redwood burl it rests upon. Peace in the Holy Land will go up in flames. No spiritual renewal will happen at Jerusalem, no peace in the Holy Land, no peace in the Middle East, only a clear Sign of continued religious war between Judaism, Judeo-Christianity and Islam.


Protection of participants

Before and after the decision is reached by stewards of Al Sakra whether or not to allow entry of Paxcalibur into the Dome of the Rock there can be no mischief regarding Paxcalibur or anyone associated with the Paxcalibur Mission. If Paxcalibur or I or anyone involved in the Paxcalibur Mission are brought to harm by members of the other Abrahamic faiths, the spiritual authority of their faith will be forever discredited in the eyes of God and the world.


April 20th, 2004 Update

The Paxcalibur Peace Challenge Internet discussion has begun: A Muslim friend of the steward of the Dome of the Rock has responded. Currently, there is one active discussion in progress. Please go to the Paxcalibur Peace Challenge page where responses will be posted for these discussion groups.


Biomystical Revelation as the Helpmate of Islam

Biomystical Revelation cannot rescue Judeo-Christian religions except by offering itself as a model for the way out of false doctrines. But Biomystical Revelation can help Islam in other ways:

1) by directing traditional Islam towards the God as Love Sufi tradition from which Islam can and will salvage the Feminine side of Allah. Without fully honoring the Feminine aspect of Allah, (and Biomystical Revelation has set this challenge that God comes to human minds in most definitely Masculine and Feminine archetypal forms), Islam cannot lose the over-emphasis on male territorial warfare behavior which has led Muslims to contravene their most basic tenet: the Surrender to God as Peace, in other words, the literal meaning of "Islam".

2) by providing an opportunity for Muslims to prove the religious tolerance of Islam because if they can tolerate a Biomystical Christian prophet, they can tolerate any non-Muslim religious person in the world who is devoted to following the will of God.


June 9th, 2004 Update:

Knowing my very limited finances, God has helped me out by conveniently arranging to have Sidi Shaykh Muhammad visiting his American Sufi followers at a Sufi Center not that far from where I live in No. California. I and Bridgit, the Christian lay minister who did the 3rd Paxcalibur baptism, have arranged for an appointment to see Sidi Shaykh Muhammad tomorrow on June 10th. Shaykh Muhammad, the Sufi Muslim steward of the Dome of the Rock is about to be tested for spiritual authority re his stewardship of the most holy site of the Abrahamic religions.

God seems to be growing tired of man's prostitution of religion for territorial conquest and control which is what all this "master" business is about in the end; religionists using their religious beliefs as if this automatically conferred spiritual authority from God for territorial conquest and control, e.g. control of one's personal relationship with God which can only be One to one, e.g. control of the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock area of old Jerusalem, e.g., control of the Holy Land.

Until the Abrahamic religionists face the issue of spiritual authority vs. mental enslavement, believers are at the mercy of priests and rabbis, popes and pastors, imams and sheiks who may be super masters of their own spiritual paths but cannot say word one as "Master" about the path of another which God alone has set out. One only learns the "Masters" path if one bends to their will and that Master is not you so your relationship with God is second-hand at best.

While there may be good reason to seek spiritual advise from "professionals", the fact that historically there has been no separation of morality by such professional religionists, e.g. religious leaders in the past must be held responsible for the hideous trail of millions of dead bodies and miserable lives that have been sacrificed to the whims of religious leaders all claiming "God" is on their side. The "Master" relationship is only a minor step away from the "Fuhrer" relationship in terms of psychological enthrallment.


June 10th, 2004

Meeting Sidi Shaykh Muhammad and meeting confirmation of my fears of men prostituting religion for territorial conquest and control ambitions expressed above.


Shaykh Muhammad.JPG (171100 bytes)


Bridgit and I, fellow Christians who are part of God's Paxcalibur mission, went yesterday to deliver the message to Shaykh Muhammad, the steward of the Dome of the Rock, as he visits his Sufi followers here in Northern California. We were graciously received by the Sufi members of his cult following but he himself, while smiling most of the time until angry, just heaped on Sufi platitudes of peace and love, and almost totally ignored what we had to say to him. Our message fell on an old man's ears deaf to recognizing anything spiritual coming from two unknowns when he himself was a big shot in charge of the most holy site. He reiterated his credentials and all the good works he's done as if it were impossible that we ourselves never did good works or in Bridgit's case never ceased working for God every waking moment of her life.

The old man was arrogant and closed-minded and hypocritical to the max. How Americans could not see the spiritual swindle amazes me and Bridgit but it seems Sufis go for idolizing men as gurus forgetting the '60's lessons when India sent guru after guru to milk American pockets and naiveté. The bottom line is that a Muslim sits on a site holy to Jews and Christians and refuses to acknowledge a Christian God-given vision that has proven its spiritual legitimacy.

Is it any wonder we have religious warfare when a religious man of peace and love cannot recognize a new and much needed symbol of peace and love God has given to humanity to reinforce the Abrahamic commitment to peace at the spot where God as peace was first worshipped in the world, Mt. Moriah, the Dome of the Rock? What does "Islam" stand for? Surrender to man's ever-present need to establish and control territory or surrender to God as peace? Muslims best learn the difference, otherwise their fate is no better than the old Roman Catholics and Communists, both of which thought totalitarian control of minds and politics was in society's best interest. The result? Millions of dead bodies and ruined lives of all those who got in the way of religiously inspired territorial ambition.


The Story of Paxcalibur is not over. We all shall see what happens next when this story reaches the world as God has informed it will. As of now, my expectations of Islam religionists and the other two traditional Abrahamic faithful, Jews and Pauline Christians, is that these are the historically proven enemies of peace on earth, good will towards human beings regardless of who they are, how many there are, or how many times their Scriptures claim "peace" when there is no peace. The only valid proof of surrender to the will of God are acts of peace and reconciliation of ancient feuds and prejudices. Anything else smacks of using religion as cover for man's territorial conquest and control, i.e. man's agenda, not God's.


 The Sign of the Messiah and the Religion of Peace


Paxcalibur is God's Clear Sign to the Muslims for an Islamic Reformation


Islam can no longer afford to rest entirely on Muhammad's Quran as this holy book too, like its Judeo-Christian Scripture cousins, will be shown to be a fraudulent statement of the last will and testament of God. Muslims, like all Abrahamic religionists, must now view the old holy books as if they were gold mines of spiritual knowledge but not the Gold itself. Each Abrahamic holy book does contain nuggets of golden Truth but like gold in the rough, they are embedded in a matrix that is not gold. If Abrahamics mistake the matrix for the gold, which they all have done, then the gold cannot be revealed for what it is. It is lost to view because Abrahamics have been told that it is all gold when it is obviously not to anyone who takes an objective look at what has been and still is fashioned as spiritual knowledge from mixture of holy words polluted by agendas of men.


Paxcalibur's acceptance into the Dome of the Rock by Muslims is the Sign to the world that a true Islamic Reformation has begun and the world no longer fear the religion of Islam and Muslim believers.


In order to accept Paxcalibur within the Dome of the Rock, Muslims must confront their doctrine regarding idols and icons. Perhaps more than anything else, it has been Muslim intolerance of other religions coupled with a worldwide conversion mission of all societies that scares non-Muslims of those who follow the religion of Muhammad. God is showing Sign through Paxcalibur that intolerant Monotheism is not of God because only peaceful relationships between all of God's Children is truly of God. God has given Muslims the opportunity to show the world they are ready and willing to change their savage doctrines and practices, just as Jews and Christians had to do before them in order to continue the evolution of spiritual truth that leads to peace on earth.


Intolerance of icons is one of the primary features of Islamic doctrine. Muslim acting on Islamic intolerance have created a backlash of hatred by those who worship God in non-Muslim or even non-Abrahamic ways. The destruction of Buddhist Temples in Afghanistan not long ago shows this intolerance is continuing on into our 21st Century where such barbaric behavior towards non-violent religionists cannot be itself tolerated. Islamic intolerance must change or it will doom the whole religion in the eyes of world. Acceptance of Paxcalibur within the Dome of the Rock is how God has provided Muslims the opportunity to show that they can be tolerant of other ways of faith. They can even accept a new Icon of Peace within one of their most holy sites they share in peace with all humanity. If Muslims cannot accept Paxcalibur as God's Gift of Peace for all humankind, Muslims will never be able to convince non-Muslims of Muslim sincerity of desiring peace between all peoples on earth regardless of how they worship or even do not worship God. Peace is the criteria that marks a true believer in God, not loyalty to doctrines that do not inspire peace and goodwill towards all of the Children of God.



July 15th, 2004

Bridgit, my sweet Christian sister who performed the 3rd Paxcalibur baptism and who accompanied me when I went to see Shaykh Muhammad and who also periodically hears God speak to her, received this from God on July 15th, 2004.



The sword that became a peace sign symbolizing Peace for 3 nations, Muslim, Christian, & Jew.

As these nations came forth thru one man- Father Abraham, so must they come together again in one common goal, to seek peace for all of God’s people.

We can live in peace honoring each other’s beliefs as long as those belief systems teach love not hate- teach tolerance- not control over another.

Since the Dome of the Rock is the symbol of confrontation between these 3 nations, it is the perfect home for Paxcalibur, giving hope that one day this vision of Peace will be a reality for all of God’s Children.



July 27th, 2004


Paxcalibur, the new Word of God


I received this from God this morning. Paxcalibur is the new Word of God. It is the only Word of God in the world that the message is not lost in translation. Paxcalibur speaks for itself. It needs no interpreters as in our times the peace symbol is universally recognized. The message of Paxcalibur, the sword who's blade is transformed into a peace symbol, is also universally comprehended without a single word of explanation necessary. This is why God wants God's Gift of Peace to go within the Dome of the Rock where the whole world will see and honor it as it rests upon the Altar of Peace.

God has told me in mystical communion that the reason Al Sakra, the Dome of the Rock was built was so it would eventually be the home of Paxcalibur. The rock of sacrifice of Abraham that is within the Dome needs no protection as it is solid rock but Paxcalibur and the Altar of Peace do need to be protected. Protected, but not forbidden. The Dome of the Rock is God's property; no one else's and only those who have been invited by God are to be stewards of that site holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The new Word of God is now in the world, one that speaks God's truth without need of written words that have always been lost in translation causing countless deaths and tremendous human misery. But this new Word of God is unlike your old ones. Those old Word of Gods told you how to think and act according to how the old ones' thought and acted. They trained you to follow the leader and not to think for yourself which is why so often Abrahamics end up on the wrong side of morality when their leaders urge violence towards others in the name of God.

The new Word of God is "interactive", to understand it you have to enter into partnership with God and God's plan to wean believers away from idolization of paper and ink words in books, from idolization of ancient men. Idolizing ancient men stops you from seeing God's divine intervention happening in all sorts of ways not recognized in ancient traditions. When you rely solely on words in holy books for guidance to complex problems in the modern world, you quickly find yourself in conflict with ancient religious rules v. modern liberal democratic laws. The truth is that only by abandoning significant parts of ancient religious traditions do Abrahamic worshippers become decent citizens, helping one another instead of being at war with one another. God wants us to grow up spiritually and that means weaning ourselves away from total reliance on ancient authority figures and ancient rule books to figure out what God wants of us.


August 23rd, 2004

I received this today via synchronicity that happened when I was posting on a religious internet talkboard. An Evangelical poster had posted Isaiah 2:3 as prophesy fulfilled when Jews retake Temple Mount and build their 3rd Temple. Palestinians had no choice but to quit the area as God intended Jews all along to have it for their nation of Israel. I replied with the Isaiah verses that follow 2:3, the famous ones about turning swords into plowshares, i.e., the same verses used for the Paxcalibur baptisms. Then tonight it hit me again as a phrase into my mind,


The new Word of God is the new Law of God

"For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."


God has reduced the number of Laws down to one single Law and that one not even written in any language but universally understood. Paxcalibur, sword of peace, Word of God, Law of God. Weapons made to be used against human beings are to be broken and reformed for peace. God's only Law for the New Millennium. All the rest is up to us. God trusts humanity and is siding with secular liberal democracy as the only way to insure freedom of religious beliefs and human rights from religious or secular tyranny. God is giving ancient pagan Greeks their rightful honor in introducing the concept of democracy to the world.


August 25, 2004

This is the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace

God has changed the name of Paxcalibur. It will no longer only be called by that name. From now on Paxcalibur is to be also known to the world as the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace. That is why it was necessary to sanctify the Sign of the Messiah through the baptisms done in the New World and the Holy Land.

Peace will reign in Jerusalem, then Israel, then throughout the Middle East and eventually around the world, once the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is established within the Dome of the Rock on Mt. Moriah. The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is the new Word of God and the new Law that is established from Jerusalem.

The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace will rule the Holy Land and bring peace to the whole world for a 1000 years without lifting a finger. Just as the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace can miraculously "speak" God's message of peace and how to attain it, the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace miraculously rules everyone by the Spirit of Christ within and without. It needs nothing but to be seen to be understood.


The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace


God is inviting everyone on earth who desires peace and goodwill to prevail among all of God's Children to join the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace to establish the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace within the Dome of the Rock on Mt. Moriah, in Jerusalem. Unlike any of the old crusades this one requires no weapons, only minds open to the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace bearing the Spirit of Christ and coming in an unexpected form as the new Word of God.

Isaiah 11:4

"But with righteousness He shall judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth; He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked."

Revelation 19:11-15

"Then I saw heaven open and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.

Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron."


The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is the Sword of Peace. It's sharpness is seen in the condemnation of war and social injustice, the enemies of peace on earth. The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is the Sign of God announcing the beginning of peace for all Abrahamic faithful, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and for all the world.

The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace will sit on the site where Muhammad was said to be carried away by Al Barak, the white horse of heaven. The Temple of God that will be home for the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace for a thousand years is the Dome of the Rock already prepared and waiting for occupancy.

Regardless of religion, all who desire peace in the Holy Land and peace in the world are invited to join in The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace to bring the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace to Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem where It can inaugurate the thousand years of peace.


August 27th, 2004

The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is an icon of conception, the union of male and female with the sword hilt, handle and blade symbolizing the sperm entering into the circle of the ovum of the female.

It is this emblem of the primal union of Life that gives the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace its spiritual power as well as the universally recognized meaning of the peace sign.


August 28th, 2004

The reason why the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace must point to Mecca when placed upon the Altar of Peace within the Dome of the Rock is to tell us that EL Elyon, God Most High, misses His Family. Jews, Pauline Christians following their lead, then Muslims after them, all have forced a man-made Divorce within the Holy Family of the Godhead. For peace to reign, EL must be spiritually restored in our minds as God Most High, and along with Him, His Essential Family, Asherah who is AL Lat at Mecca, Astarte who is AL Uzza at Mecca, and Anath who is Manat at Mecca. The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace restores the Spirit of His devoted Son at Jerusalem.


The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is the Icon of the Spirit of Christ

The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace, the new Icon of Peace, is the Icon representing the Spirit of Christ. The Most High has given the world through the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace the Sign of the Return of the Spirit of Christ. God has provided the world the means with which the Spirit of Christ shall rule the world for a thousand years from Mt. Moriah, from the Holy Center of Jerusalem. God knows no man can last that long, only the Spirit and the Icon that acts as a focusing device to reveal the Spirit of Christ. When the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace rests upon the Altar of Peace within the Dome of the Rock, peace will reign in Jerusalem and from there spread out across the Holy Land and all of the Middle East, going on to cover the entire world.


September 1, 2004

The Marriage of the Messiahs

Jesus Christ and Christ Josephine are spiritually married. The Signs of Their Presence is on earth; Miracle, the White Buffalo calf born in Montana and The Messiah of the Religion of Peace now resting in Nazareth. This is the true spiritual Heiros gamos of God. This is the beginning of The Wedding we've all been invited to.



September 11, 2004

The Religion of Peace is the new Universal Abrahamic faith:


The new Covenant of Peace

The Religion of Peace contains the new covenant of peace for the new millennium that represents the spiritual essence of all three traditional Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The new covenant of peace is the meaning of the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace. This is that meaning:

Everything people have turned into weapons against peace must be sacrificed.

When the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is in place upon the Altar of Peace the new Religion of Peace will be established.


February 2, 2005

Paxcalibur is the Sword and Seal of Canaan

Paxcalibur is the Sword of Canaan and Seal of Canaan when Paxcalibur is in place within the Dome of the Rock.


April 19, 2005

The Tribal-Communitarian Peace Plan

for the Protection of Ethnic Groups

This vision expands an idea I once presented on a Native American internet religious discussion board for the protection of traditional tribal lifestyles and sacred ceremonies. All territorial religious and indigenous ethnic groups that wish to protect themselves from the culturally disintegrating influences of the modern world face the same problem:

How to stop the modern world they find themselves embedded within from weakening and eventually destroying traditional ways.

Since God is focusing so many "us" vs. "them" problems in the Holy Land it is fitting that this tribal-communitarian solution be applied first to Jews in Israel because world peace now hinges on finding a peaceful way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

God has been silent more or less about the role of Israelis in this wave of Jerusalem peace visions that has been occurring since I returned from my Paxcalibur pilgrimage to the Holy land. Now God has a Message of great importance for Israelis and all Jews:

Eretz Israel is anywhere in the world a Jewish community resides, protected without weapons in the way described below.

"Eretz Israel" is not intended to be just one place on earth. The old land where ancient Hebrews lived gave birth to the spiritual nation of Israel through stories magnifying Israelite tribal conquests that in historical reality never occurred. Yet the Jewish faith is based on these myths of origin. These myths have inspired the creation of the modern state of Israel and of course, since that creation was done without agreement from the local indigenous majority population, terrible long-lasting warfare has resulted as Israelis try to grind Palestinian society into the ground and take over as much control of the Holy Land as they, with the aid of their economic and military benefactor-the U.S.A., can get away with in the face of rising world criticism.

God is not going to let strong arm measures represent God so Israel as the cruel dominating Jewish nation will be split apart and ghetto or Bantustan-ized just as Israelis are trying to do to Palestinian society by splitting apart Palestinian communities with their apartheid Walls. Eventually, God's solution will become to be seen as the only one possible. Here is how "Eretz Israel" will continue on securely in the modern world. It is the model plan for protecting all indigenous tribal peoples and religious cults from destruction by the influences of the modern world.

"Eretz Israel", the Land of Israel is not dependent on Jews physically owning and controlling the Holy Land area described in their foundational religious scriptures. Eretz Israel is more a state of mind than a piece of property but without doubt having control over land in which the people are free to be Jews to the fullest extent they can be is an ideal not to be given up lightly. God may or may not agree with Judaism's goals but God is merciful and is offering this Tribal-Communitarian World Peace Plan as the way out of Israel's moral mess in the land of Canaan. This plan forms an adjunct to the Canaan Peace Plan as it gives fuller description of the Israeli sectors and communities within the democratic single state of the Republic of Canaan. It is also the way Eretz Israel can be any community on earth where Jews live and practice their faith.


A Trinitarian Community Plan

For securing protection of religious and cultural lifestyles otherwise vulnerable to disintegrating influences of the outside world, a "Trinitarian or Trinarian" community plan is suggested as the ideal solution. Here's how it works: an ethnic group, be it Israelis, Serbs, Kurds, Lakotas, whatever, that has a strong ethnic identity they wish to protect, secures their communities (of whatever size beyond a practical level of community self-sufficiency) by forming a three-tier concentric ring arrangement.

The Inner Ring: The innermost ring is where those members of the group who wish to live completely by tradition can do so without interference from the outside world. Whatever religious or cultural beliefs inspire them, as long as they are part of a recognized religious or ethnic group, they can do what they want being governed by their own community rules as long as what they do doesn't present a physical danger to the communities of the outside world.


The Intermediary Ring: The second community ring surrounds the inner ring with a community that is comfortable living half way between the group's traditional ways and modern secular life. This community forms a buffer between the third outside ring and the innermost ring, a buffer allowing only the group's members entry into the innermost ring thus stopping all non-group outsider influence.


The Outer Ring: The third community ring surrounds the Intermediary Ring and is composed of those members of the group who, while still identifying with the group's ethnic or religious identity, feel comfortable living secular or modern lifestyles of the outside world. These are the members of the community who should be the ones dealing with outsider communities because they have the necessary cooperative mindset whereas the "purists", the fundamentalists of the group living within the Innermost Ring, are expected to be the most intolerant of outside influences.


Why it is a Peace Plan? Because it provides Security without reliance on weapons.

This three-tier arrangement will give far more security to any ethnic or religious group than existing communities where there is no three-tier design element to buffer and protect the core identity of the group. The security rests upon those members of the group living in the outmost ring. They haven't reason to be paranoid of the outside world because they are part of it yet still are full members of their own ethnic or religious group.

It will be these members of group who act as ambassadors to the outside world making sure the outside world has no reason to feel threatened by the group however antagonistic the group's core religious beliefs are to the outside world. Outsiders will interact freely with this outermost ring community but they will find it difficult to penetrate the intermediary ring community of the group and impossible to reach the innermost core community where the core beliefs and group lifestyle remains fully protected. And this is why the Tribal-Communitarian World Peace Plan is a world peace plan because throughout the world, most all modern conflicts have to do with one ethnic or religious group protecting itself from other groups that form the outside world influences.

Physical security hasn't been able to be obtained for most endangered ethnic or religious groups even though massive military efforts have been used in some places such as Israel. No, lasting peace requires cooperative neighbors and that requires cooperative peoples willing to work with one another. The outermost ring of tribal and religious groups can assure these groups that they produce their own cooperative peoples able to work out problems with the outside world without resorting to violence. Of course, standard universal social rules protecting communities from intercommunity/international warfare would apply so that a climate of peaceful co-existence is created, a necessary ingredient to make this plan work.


"Follow the Plan and you'll do fine, but don't follow it? Given time you will find that they won't be kind."



November, 2005

     The Golden Ruler

               Pax Jordan baptism pictures 028.jpg (118928 bytes)

Paxcalibur must be gilded before entry into the Dome of the Rock. Paxcalibur is to be gold-plated to protect the sword's iron core in order for it to last 1000 years. After Paxcalibur has been gold-plated, it will be also known as the Golden Ruler, the center-piece of the Golden Rule throughout the world.


September 25, 2006

Truth cannot be sacrificed

This statement is to accompany the new Covenant of Peace so that it now means:

Everything people turn into weapons against peace must be sacrificed. Truth cannot be sacrificed.

What is truth? Truth is the answer that satisfies all doubts.


November 30, 2006

No inscriptions of religious beliefs within the Dome of the Rock

God wants the billboards within the Dome of the Rock advertising Muhammad's Quran taken down. There is to be no inscriptions of particular religious beliefs within the House of God. All must be free to worship God freely within the House of God without compulsion to do so in any particular religious tradition.


May 25th, 2007

The Prodigal God comes home

Brahma is Abraham

The Mission is to establish spiritual truth at Jerusalem in order to save the Abrahamic religious tradition from becoming a laughingstock in the eyes of intellectuals around the world. The Abrahamic religious traditions have been built on borrowed religious mythologies from other lands, re-worked and claimed original. But now God has seen the resulting historical religious madness each Abrahamic faith is capable of and decided this has just got to stop. So God sent Their Messenger of Peace, Ariel, who is also the Angel of Jerusalem, and Ariel woke me up and guides me to do God's work.

I am the new prophet of truth, the one sent by God to save the Abrahamic religious tradition by re-establishing spiritual truth and new revelation at Jerusalem. Only spiritual truth can save the Abrahamic religious tradition and even that must undergo radical surgery to strip away the religious mythologies which have created the Abrahamic faiths and ruined each one of them. All traditional Abrahamic religions will lose religious authority because historical discovery has now in our times brought to light the true origins of the Abrahamic religions in Hindu Vedic theology. Here is the historical truth being resurrected by God that destroys the spiritual authority of all the prophets prior to me except for Jesus.

In the story of Abraham, God changes both Abraham's and Sarah's names, from Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah. This name change is God's spiritual genetic marker for us, like the later name changes, EL to Yahweh, and Muhammad's usage of the name Allah is as well. Hindu Vedic deities have become lost in translation when some portion of the Brahmin community moved out of the Indus and Saraisvati River watersheds to arrive in the Holy Land a thousand years later with their Hindu god Brahma and goddess Saraisvati to become human progenitors of the Jews and Arabs.

Abraham is the Hindu god Brahma. Sarah, his wife is Saraisvati, Lady Sarah, consort of Lord Brahma and Goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

The Goddess Saraisvati was named after the ancient Sarasvati River in India. That ancient river had two primary tributaries named the Ghaggar and Hakra rivers. Today, the Ghaggar river system has replaced the Saraisvati which completely dried up forcing the Brahmin led early civilization to seek other lands to survive.

The Saraisvati River's tributaries, the Ghaggar and Hakra rivers become combined into Hagar, Sarah's maidservant in the new telling of the ancient Hindu myths.

There's a whole lot more of this coming in the near future, such as the identity of Melchizedek, King of Salem, in the legendary Hindu prince with magical powers, Melik-Sadaksima, with Melech in Hebrew meaning "king" and the source of all "Malik", Malachai and Malachai names in the Bible.

Muhammad himself provided the clues with even his name derived from Sanskrit "Mahadev" which is another name for lord Shiva, worshipped by Muhammad's family through the Shiva idol, the Black Stone still found in the Cabaa. Through his illiteracy and ignorance of Arabic Vedic history and worship Muhammad has become God's tool for directing all the Abrahamic faithful back to the roots of Abrahamic monotheism in Hindu Vedic polytheism.

God is not pleased with the way Abrahamic monotheists have made their false war on their fellow religionists in the name of God of a fictitious story that confuses ancient Hindu gods with Hebrew men and women. God is not pleased with how each Abrahamic religion has grown into an arrogant nation and people-eating monster that seems to delight in bloodshed.

So God is bringing the whole house of cards down leaving only one Abrahamic route open to continue the whole Abrahamic traditions of the One God of All.

The only Abrahamic religious tradition free of reliance on manufactured history, free of total reliance on any individual prophet, apostle, or writer of holy texts, is the Gnostic tradition where Knowledge of God, Gnosis, is to found wherever it is recorded without prejudice of source. This is why the Gnostics included pagan authors like Plato in their conceptions of Creation and God's Plan.

By commonality of major spiritual themes, I am part of the Gnostic Christian tradition and its newest contributor. I carry forth the Gnostic Christian tradition bringing saving knowledge and new spiritual vision to the world through my biomystical mission from God.

Without a genuine Abrahamic prophesy bearer bearing the news of the End Times of traditional Abrahamic faith, without a genuine Abrahamic prophet bringing new revelations and news of the Return of the Spirit of Christ, the whole Abrahamic religious heritage will come to an end as people forego unsubstantiated and confused religious myths of origin for real history.

The information coming to light about the lost connection between the Abrahamic religions and Vedic Hinduism will be enough to eventually destroy the spiritual authority of all traditional organized Abrahamic religions. Only the new Religion of Peace will be spared because of its simple purity. Only Biomystical Revelation will weather the storms of historical discovery that will topple the religious authority of every Abrahamic holy book.

This information will provide an invincible weapon in the hands of secularists, justifiably fed up with Abrahamic religiously inspired world violence, murder and mayhem, to so discredit all the Abrahamic religions as to paint anyone with any sense still believing these false Abraham tales and mistaken gods and goddesses as utter fools contributing to the world's persistent Abrahamic religiously inspired warfare.

And not a one of the line of prophets reported any of this correctly. John the Baptist makes a negative reference to those who take Abraham as their father (Matthew 3:9) and Jesus too says Abraham didn't tell the truth (John 8:40) but neither of these prophets told us what the true story was, probably because they themselves didn't know it, only knew something wasn't right. Or maybe they did know it and did tell it and this information too has been lost in translation.

In any event, without a new prophet bringing the truth out and providing clear evidence of re-establishment of spiritual contact with God, all the Abrahamic traditional religions will eventually perish as knowledge grows of their false beginnings in borrowed pagan gods and goddesses.

Establishing Paxcalibur in the Dome of the Rock re-sanctifies Jerusalem by establishing spiritual truth once again at the place where Abraham was willing to make his sacrifice which set in motion the whole Abrahamic religious movement.

The way Paxcalibur establishes spiritual truth is by its being the only Word of God that is incapable of lying even though it does "speak" clearly God's message for us for the New Millennium:


"Everything people make into weapons must be sacrificed. Truth cannot be sacrificed."


This is the new unwritten law of the new Religion of Peace because the message can only really be written in our hearts and minds, put there by God since the beginning and finally recognized as the Commandment necessary for our times.

My announcements from Jerusalem will formally declare the reasons why spiritual truth must be re-established at Jerusalem before their can be any lasting peace in the Holy Land or peace on earth.


Announcements from Jerusalem proclaiming the new Religion of Peace


After the miracle of religious transformation happens and Muslims realize their mistake in not recognizing the meaning of Islam and God's gift of peace that is the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace and the Altar of Peace, after they repeal their objection to allowing the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace peaceful entry into the Dome of the Rock, after Paxcalibur, the new Word of God and the clear Sign of the Messiah rests peacefully upon the Altar of Peace within the Dome of the Rock, the following announcements from Jerusalem will take effect:

The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is now established on Mt. Moriah as God's desired icon symbolizing the circumcision of power.

The Peace Symbol, like the one within the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace, is now the world's most recognized symbol of peace. It has God's blessing and is established in Jerusalem where God as Peace was first worshipped.

When the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is in place upon the Altar of Peace a new Religion of Peace will be formed. The Religion of Peace has only one Law to be obeyed: The universal meaning of the Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace is this:


Everything people turn into weapons against peace must be sacrificed.

Truth cannot be sacrificed.


Biomystical Christian prophesies and revelations to be announced:


The Canaan Peace Plan is God's desired solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Restoration is coming of Canaan's national heritage and identity that has been falsely reviled by the Abrahamic faiths and nations, themselves far more responsible for mass-scale religious murder and mayhem than anything ever to come out of ancient pagan Canaan. Canaan is the only national identity that can contain both Palestinians and Israelis within one nation, the nation they were once part of before and will be again.

The End Times of Holy Word Idolatry. The Sign of the Messiah of the Religion of Peace and the Rainbow Bible combined are both the Newest Testament, the New Word of God.

The End Times of real "satanic verses", i.e., religious doctrines used to justify territorial warfare and cruelty to individuals, communities or nations in the name of God.

The End Times of Zionist Judaism and Pauline Christianity.

The coming Islamic Reformation.

The acceptance of Heavenly Intercessors in the Abrahamic faiths.

The replacement of the Pauline Christian doctrine of vicarious atonement as the meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death with the Biomystical Christian interpretation in order to complete the spiritual overthrow of the animal behavioral Alpha male domination pattern.

Unification of Old and New World spirituality through the Vision of Christ Josephine.

Supersession of the new Religion of Peace over traditional Abrahamic religions.

Universalization of a Biomystical Christian-Universal Islamic Path united through the new Religion of Peace, the true world religion worshipping the Great Mysterious One, the Creator and Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

The New Age, the Age of Aquarius, will not begin until there is peace in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.


September 18th, 2007


"The Son and the Name are the same. Jesus is the Name of God."

God told me Its name for the first time in 28 years! Yes, God's name is Jesus!


I am at last converted to Christianity finally after 28 years of never having experienced Jesus directly, only in His signature of goodness. God told me in spiritual communion last night that Yes, Jesus is Its Name and told me why the Son is Name of the Father. The Son has been given power as the Son performed the necessary Sacrifice to establish Himself King on Earth, the Messiah and supreme example of what God tells us what is necessary to overcome evil in our natures and become truly humane human beings. The Son has become the Father! This changes most everything now in my theology and explains why God has kept me from publishing so I could not publish the wrong gospel!


October 21st, 2007

Jesus "owns" Jerusalem. Paxcalibur is His Sign of ownership and mark of His presence.


November 1st, 2007

Paxcalibur is Not to go into the Dome of the Rock!

It is to go into the Garden Tomb.

There is no reason now to honor the place where a Hindu god was mistaken for a Hebrew or Arab man. Paxcalibur will go into the Garden Tomb, the "place of the skull" as a Sign of the Return of the Spirit of Christ.


July 16th, 2008

The Paxcalibur Code, "Everything people make into weapons against peace must be sacrificed", demands that I sacrifice and forego the Paxcalibur Dome of the Rock rituals requiring territorial confrontation with Muslims.  



The "place of the skull" and the Garden Tomb
     skull-c-hlp.jpg (29594 bytes)     


     garden_tomb_sunshine-729942.jpg (24911 bytes)     


             interior-ne-corner-w-sarc-c-hlp.jpg (13720 bytes)         interior-c-hlp.jpg (16902 bytes)  

"The Garden Tomb is an alternative to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher as the actual site of Jesus' burial in Jerusalem. It was discovered in 1867 and is especially popular with Protestants as a place of devotion.

In the 19th century, a number of scholars disputed the identification of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher with the actual site of Jesus' crucifixion and burial. In 1842, Otto Thenius proposed that a rocky outcrop outside the walls was Calvary (Golgotha), the place of the skull. The Garden Tomb itself was discovered in 1867, and was soon identified as the burial place of Jesus, mainly because of its location in the area that had been identified as Calvary. Another factor in its favor was the recent discovery the tombstone of the deacon Nonnus in the nearby Church of St. Stephen, which mentioned the Holy Sepulchre.

The Anglican Church committed itself to the site as the place of Jesus' burial and "Gordon's Tomb" became the "Garden Tomb." The Church has since withdrawn its formal support, but the Garden Tomb continues to be identified by popular Protestant piety.
The wardens of the property (the UK-based Garden Tomb Association) stress that it is the resurrection of Jesus, not the issue of finding the exact spot of his burial, that is important. Regardless of its authenticity, the Garden Tomb is a fine place for contemplating the death burial of Christ and certainly more readily identifiable with the Gospel accounts than the dark and urban scene of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre."

The angel of Jerusalem Ariel guided me spiritually until last year, 2007, when Father Jesus Himself established a personal relationship with me for the first time in my 28 years of following the Spirit of Christ. Perhaps Ariel's job as lead spiritual guide was over and that angel could retire into my spiritual background. Ariel Sharon became brain dead about this time perhaps also marking Ariel's spiritual retreat. In any event, it is good to know Christianity and Islam do not have to clash over the Dome of the Rock.



The Story of Paxcalibur

Part III

Paxcalibur and the Last Crusade

22780404.26770019w.jpg (167603 bytes)

The Separation Wall

28685915.ComingBackFromKinderGardenAcrossthewall.jpg (51639 bytes)



Below are the entrees about Paxcalibur's last mission taken from my Journal followed by what actually happened when Bridgit and I went to the Holy Land for a 16 day journey from Cairo, Egypt to Israel and Palestine for the Holy Days, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter of 2010.


From my Journal

September 22nd, 2007

"You must love the ones you've harmed. You must serve the ones you or your people have harmed."

When you become a Christian with Father Jesus in your heart, you must go to those who've you've wronged in the past and make amends. You must seek truth and reconciliation in all your troubled relationships until the discord is resolved and peace reigns in your heart again. This is a general commandment from Father Jesus but I am to deliver it in Jerusalem especially aimed at Israelis to soften their hearts towards the people they've greatly wronged. This is part of the Messianic messages. God's a 12 Stepper, it seems..


October 21st, 2007

Jesus "owns" Jerusalem. Paxcalibur is His Sign of ownership and mark of His presence.


November 1st, 2007

Paxcalibur is Not to go into the Dome of the Rock! It is to go into the Garden Tomb.

There is no reason now to honor the place where a Hindu god was mistaken for a Hebrew or Arab man. Paxcalibur will go into the Garden Tomb, the "place of the skull" as a Sign of the Return of the Spirit of Christ.


May 20th, 2008

All the Paxcalibur visions were Signs pointing to the End of Abraham.

You cannot make a mythical god-man real by false sanctification.


July 3rd, 2008

"Paxcalibur and the Religion of Peace is the only authentic religion of the Living God."

All others are based on the lost context and meanings of the ancient words of men, on hearsay, on myths and yes, some even on outright lies. They're all dead except the Son of Man gives life to them in the here and now.

God's Signs: Paxcalibur, the Vision of Christ Josephine, and the Rainbow Bible

"God sent me to re-establish spiritual authority in the Holy Land that has been corrupted and lost."


July 6th, 2008

"Paxcalibur was sent to Palestinian Arabs, not Israeli Jews. Paxcalibur is God's Sign that Palestinians will get their country back. A Promise from God. But the name of the country will not be "Palestine" but the Promised Land, "Canaan"."


July 7th, 2008

"Canaan" gives both Israelis and Palestinians a way out of their I/P conflict with grace. A new beginning for both in the center of post-Abrahamic religious worship.

The Canaan Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Oversees Israeli and Palestinian reconciliation

Ariel, the Angel of Jerusalem guided me in my Old Testament days. Father Jesus guides me in my New Testament days.


July 16th, 2008

The Paxcalibur Code, "Everything people make into weapons against peace must be sacrificed", demands that I sacrifice and forego the Paxcalibur Dome of the Rock rituals requiring territorial confrontation with Muslims.


July 19th, 2008

"Then Jesus said to him, 'Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe."  --Jn 4:48

Those who see Paxcalibur who are of God, will respond and be awakened. The image of Paxcalibur is enough to trigger the spiritual reaction when coupled to my Gospel.


July 19th, 2008

Father says I go back to Israel..

Paxcalibur is God's gift to the world, it is not just for Palestinian Arabs. But it is a Sign to the Palestinians they will get their country back.

Paxcalibur is to touch the apartheid Wall in the West Bank to begin the process of demolishing it.


July 20th, 2008

Paxcalibur, the Golden Ruler

"Now out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron." --Rev. 19:15

Paxcalibur, meaning "Peace" and "[fashioned]" out of steel", is that rod of iron of the Messiah made into the world's 1st sacred weapon of peace against war.

It shows us how to follow the Golden Rule by sacrificing everything that people make into weapons against peace.


July 21st, 2008

The Wall

There was a vision within my Paxcalibur vision that pointed to a "wall" which I thought was the Wailing Wall but now I know it's the apartheid Wall Israelis are building to create their Fortress Israel prison-state.

Paxcalibur is to touch this wall to start the process of destroying it.


July 23rd, 2008

"Out of Egypt I have called My Son."

Jesus learned the truth in Egypt. The Jews didn't know it even though their prophets carried the information in symbolic code. The early Gnostics knew the truth and when Roman Catholics went after them, they went to Egypt to hide the truth again knowing that God would direct the next prophet to Egypt's secret influence on Jesus and Christianity. "In My house there are many mansions" the verse in John 14:2 is straight out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In 1964 a Christian seeress saw "Egypt" strongly in my future.


July 26th, 2008

Eretz Yisrael

Eretz Yisrael is the world. Greater Israel is the world. It is spiritual in meaning for the Creator dispersed Jews for a reason; "Ye are the salt of the earth", only Jews didn't know it. Jesus did; to spread the truth which is carried like a precious pearl within the Torah and Tanakh.


August 16th, 2008

The Last Crusade

Bringing the Serpent Wall down

at Bil'in because God has heard their cry.

A (Bil'in) Palestinian girl, "without guile", innocent and good, will knight me with Paxcalibur and send me on the mission with Paxcalibur to destroy the Serpent Wall with one touch of Pax's ring of truth.

I am going to Egypt first, then to Nazaret, then to Bil'in, then to Bethlehem, then to Jerusalem.

I am Stephen and I am back to finish the job assigned me by my Father. Last time men appointed me. This time I've been appointed by God. If you believe the New Testament, I am the reincarnation of Stephen. If you don't, I am the incarnation of Stephen.

The Last Crusade

I am cleansing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam of moral pollution. I will not argue about this fact of moral pollution for it is obvious in our times in view of the religious warfare between and among fanatical members of these Abrahamic religions.


August 18th, 2008

[Perhaps it should be reversed order for the Paxcalibur and Wall mission--to protect the girl]


August 19th, 2008

"Child's Play"-- our script about a magic sword, Paxcalibur, and the Palestinian girl touching the Serpent Wall with Pax and demolishing it. Who could object?

Paxcalibur and the Last Crusade is a crusade with the Cross of Life, the ankh cross.

Paxcalibur in Jerusalem on the Altar of Peace at the Garden Tomb site must point to Mecca.


December 2nd, 2009

Stephen's Peace Mission to Israel.

Paxcalibur is God's gift to the world, it is not just for Palestinian Arabs. But it is a Sign to the Palestinians they will get their country back.

Paxcalibur is to touch the apartheid Wall in the West Bank to begin the process of demolishing it.

The Apartheid Wall

There was a vision within my Paxcalibur vision that pointed to a "wall" which I thought was the Wailing Wall but now I know it's the apartheid Wall Israelis are building to create their Fortress Israel prison-state.

Paxcalibur is to touch this wall to start the process of destroying it.

If the Wall is still there when we go to Israel for Easter, as a Sign of God's Presence behind me, Paxcalibur will perform a biblical miracle.


Paxcalibur will destroy the Israeli apartheid Wall with one touch, a cry, and no violence at all.


February 10th, 2010

Israel is ordered to dismantle Wall construction at Bil'in.

I don't have to go there now to do the Pax ritual touching the Wall there.


February 13th, 2010

Paxcalibur is the anchor for the Rainbow Bridge connecting New World spirituality with Old World Holy Land religious tradition. Paxcalibur must be anchored in Jerusalem.


April 9th, 2010

God recognized as goodness to others personified no matter how goodness as God is called or worshiped. Rebuke religious, intellectual and moral hypocrisy. Truth cannot be sacrificed. Explain why peace on earth, goodwill to all in Creation cannot be attained without sacrifice of everything that acts as weapons against peace, the meaning of Paxcalibur.


April 13th, 2010

Paxcalibur Movement, spreading the Word of God and Sign of the Messiah for the Age of Aquarius.

A "kinder, gentler, jihad."



Our trip to the Holy Land, 2010


It was an ordeal with everything that could go wrong going wrong yet despite the naive Christian peace pilgrims many errors in travel arrangements and travel knowledge, God still provided continuing astonishing proof of Paxcalibur's spiritual power.

First the bad news.

Bridgit, my traveling Pentecostal companion was convinced the Devil was trying to thwart us every which way he could. Where to start on our misadventures? Finding out the day before takeoff that my long-term parking arrangements for my van were not set up right and having to make special arrangements costing twice as much as expected? Taking our flight from SFO to JFK to Amman, Jordan where we would transfer to a connecting flight to Cairo, Egypt making needless arrangements booking a round trip itinerary to Cairo instead of Tel Aviv which necessitated taking a bus ride


wpe24.jpg (8665 bytes)


from Cairo to the Israeli border and then a rip-off $600 taxi ride from there to Jerusalem because the buses weren't running in order to arrive in Jerusalem in time for the Palm Sunday celebration march where the Nazarean priest who had Paxcalibur was bringing it especially for me to carry in the Palm Sunday march, the priest who we never did connect with until after the parade was over with and finding out we both were there but never saw one another in the 3000 people event? Or before this happened, losing my passport in the Amman airport at the security gate before boarding the flight to Cairo and then dealing with Amman airport security people passing the buck as what to do with us, finally deciding after 12 hours to send us back home to the USA because the US Embassy wouldn't be open for four days where I could get another passport, all of which would have wasted our trip and left us out over a $1100 apiece, to a visit to the Amman police station to fill out a missing passport with police filling out forms in slow motion, to finding my passport at last stuck underneath my hat that had gone through security check and had been searched with no passport seen until I found it, Amman security having a good laugh at that, to arriving at Cairo where my luggage was missing and not found until the return to Cairo at the end of our trip leaving me with no clothes and no brand new camcorder to record events all through our trip, to having to wash my clothes I was wearing daily as well as buying some to tide me through. I won't even mention my digital camera coming off my belt and falling into a toilet knocking it out of action for most of my trip. Luckily, Bridgit had brought disposable cameras and most of the pictures were shot with these,--hence the poorer quality of images.

Murphy's Law was the Devil's tool and almost every day of our 16 day itinerary something went wrong requiring hours of hassling. On the incorrect advice of Radio Shack we didn't buy a cell phone because they didn't know if Israel cell phone service would work on the cheap phones we could afford. So everywhere we needed to call someone or have someone call us was a headache of finding a willing cell phone owner or paying for expensive calls. And the buses, ah yes, those buses that we were counting on to get between cities and which were never running when we needed them because of this or that Jewish, Christian, or even Muslim holiday. Never go to Israel on high holy days unless you're with a tour group with their own buses. We ended up having to take expensive long distance taxi rides which wiped out our trip monies, spending well over half our costs on them. Or how about that bus ride from Jerusalem to Bethlehem that started off with a bomb scare at the bus stop where we would-be bus passengers were herded across the road while IDF went through a ritual of blowing up a plastic trash bag and making our bus late.

After arriving at Bethlehem at dark we were let off outside the Israeli security wall and luckily our friend, Sami Awad in Bethlehem came and rescued us telling us that had we arrived 2 hours before that gateway would have been closed as it had been for five days--Israeli vengeance closing off Bethlehem from tourists for Sami's Holy Land Trust organization's successful peace-action where 12 activists were arrested, went to trial and got released by an Israeli judge setting a precedent that IDF could no longer arbitrarily arrest non-violent Palestinian and international peace demonstrators. I won't go into all the relatively minor malfunctions of our trip because despite all the hardship and misconnections, some extraordinary things happened and it is these memories that I want to report here now.

The good news:

While it seemed misfortune that I didn't connect with Abuna (Father) Hatoum at the Palm Sunday event in Jerusalem, the event he had specifically invited me to come to where I could carry Paxcalibur in the procession from Mount of Olives down the valley and then up into Old Jerusalem, similar to my carrying Paxcalibur seven years before at Nazareth's Easter procession, it was a blessing in disguise. Seven years before after Paxcalibur's final sanctification baptism in the Jordan River I had lightly glued it to its redwood burl slab base. Both together made Paxcalibur weight at least 30-35 pounds which I did carry in the Nazareth event for 2˝ kilometers. The Palm Sunday march was at least 3 miles long and up and down large hills. I was counting on being able to pull Paxcalibur off its burl slab but the light coating of glue had hardened up over the seven intervening years and I couldn't budge it. If I had carried Pax in that Palm Sunday event it would have wiped me out carrying both Paxcalibur and the burl slab base.

The Palm Sunday event was pretty spectacular with at least 3000 joyous and exuberant Christians from many places around the world participating in singing "Hosanna", "Christ is arriving in Jerusalem". There were even singing and dancing nuns and priests but we missed Abuna who turned out to have been at the end of the parade while we were at the beginning of it. He had dutifully brought Pax with him. We spent the rest of Palm Sunday sightseeing in old Jerusalem. Bridgit got to pray at the Wailing Wall and put her hand in the place where Jesus was said to have touched.


Wailing_Wall.jpg (34818 bytes)

The Wailing Wall, Women's section with Bridgit somewhere in the photo (the dark smudges are actually plants growing in the wall)


On Monday Abuna Hatoum came and took us to Nazareth via the coastal road where we stopped at a beautiful and peaceful Trappist monastery.


wpe26.jpg (43246 bytes)


Then we stopped in Haifa, at Abuna Hatoum's Archbishop's office where we had tea with the Archbishop. I had thought Abuna was Catholic and wondered why he could have a family but learned on this trip he is Melkite Greek Orthodox and is allowed to have a wife since he had one before being ordained. He has two churches in Nazareth, the beautiful little Church of St. George near his home and a new and much bigger one being constructed not too far away. I found out that Paxcalibur has been mounted these past seven years in Abuna's most special room where he receives dignitaries from all over the Holy Land as well as from other countries. For example I met the mayor of Nazareth there. Here are pictures of Pax in that room.


wpe1F.jpg (182329 bytes)


wpe29.jpg (49470 bytes)


wpe21.jpg (17877 bytes)

Outdoor barbeque with Abuna Hatoum's family. I found I loved most all Arabic foods put in front of me!


wpe23.jpg (23861 bytes)

Abuna's grandkids ready to sing their routines at a drop of a hat. I wished that my own grandkids could have been there.


wpe24.jpg (29610 bytes)

A Nazareth church bedecked with palm branches for Palm Sunday


Next, off to Bethlehem from Nazareth to see Sami Awad and the Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem. I've told the kind of scary way we arrived in Bethlehem but Bethlehem turned out to be the place both Bridgit and I like best of all the places we saw in the Holy Land. Bethlehem is very Christian, much more so than Nazareth even though Nazareth has more Christians in it. Bethlehem Palestinians were the friendliest to us overall and it was there that I got to accomplish the most important reason I had come back to the Holy Land: to fulfill the vision command that Paxcalibur touch the Apartheid or Separation Wall with a prayer and no violence at all to start the process of the Wall's dismantlement in three years. Sami Awad had arranged for us to stay in a near-by hotel to his Holy Land Trust organization's office in reciprocation for staying with us in California where I had arranged two venues for Sami to speak about the Palestinian issues with Israeli occupation.

Boy, was that hotel a welcomed relief from the dirty Cairo hotel and cramped Jerusalem hostel. Abuna's home was nice but the Arabic/English language barrier made communications with Abuna's family a little difficult. Sami speaks fluent English and it helped knowing what we said and what our listeners heard were being understood. Sami knew all about my Paxcalibur vision and was into helping me find the spot on the Separation Wall that now cuts off Bethlehem from Bethlehem as well as from easy access to Jerusalem, both considered twin cities which is something that's never happened before in history.


wpe25.jpg (28433 bytes)

The Holy Land Trust office in Bethlehem


wpe26.jpg (21558 bytes)

The Separation Wall in Bethlehem


Now how to find the Palestinian girl "without guile", not to knight me as Paxcalibur couldn't be lifted off its redwood burl base, but instead to bless Paxcalibur for its mission at the Wall. Like all my Paxcalibur sanctification rituals, God always seems to want feminine energy involved. Sami volunteered his seven year old daughter, Lulu, another strong personality in miniature who was happy to do it. Below is Lulu blessing Paxcalibur.


wpe27.jpg (49239 bytes)

Me with Sami and Lulu Awad with Lulu blessing Paxcalibur in front of the Separation Wall


wpe28.jpg (23001 bytes)     

Completing the vision whereby Paxcalibur touching the Wall will start in motion the Wall's eventual dismantlement*


wpe29.jpg (20183 bytes)

Dream, Miracle, Unity, Hope


wpe2A.jpg (21241 bytes)                  wpe2B.jpg (23530 bytes)

                                                         Sami, Lulu, me and Paxcalibur                                                Bridgit and me with Paxcalibur at the Wall 


Well, now Paxcalibur is on the line for a miracle to happen--the dismantlement of the Separation Wall, that process to begin within three years. I have accomplished what God told me to do. What happens now is up to God but as a favorable indicator, when I had first put psychic energy into going to Bil'in as the first site for this Pax exorcizement, Bil'in received a new court ruling banning further construction of the Wall there. The Wall will come down just as the Communists' Berlin Wall came down. God has told us through this vision and the Canaan Peace Plan that it is a sin to divide the Holy Land. "Israel" may think it can always "struggle with God" and win but it cannot win against the Creator.

Happy that despite the hardships and mishaps of the trip I had done what God had asked me to do, what else was there to do in Bethlehem but sightsee like regular tourists? So we did see the Church of the Nativity (very packed with tourists) and a much quieter and nicer feeling "Milk Grotto" nearby where Mary was supposed to have nursed the toddler Jesus. Bridgit, being a devout believer in the Bible stories was duly impressed with the old structures but me being the Gnostic Christian it was the here and now that I looked for spiritual power. Too many ghosts in those old buildings for me and of course, my working spiritual hypothesis, "God is God of the living, not the dead" meaning I needed Sign that God was present Now. And I got one:

Staying in our Bethlehem hotel was Dr. Richard Martin, "Dr. Rick" to his friends. Dr. Rick turned out to be an ex-Episcopal priest turned psycho-therapist who besides doing psychological counseling, is now devoting much of his life to peace activism, helping the underdogs as he says, i.e. the Palestinians. He divides time between his home in Massachusetts and Bethlehem and the Tent of Nations peace organization set up on a hundred acres of land near Bethlehem. The Israelis have been trying to take the land away from the Nassar family who owns it but so far the land has stayed in Palestinian hands. Elder Nassar before passing on willed that the land be a site for peace workers, Palestinian children and whoever is supportive of peace to have an authentic Palestinian tree planting and many other such activities in a peace park type of setting which is what the Tent of Nations is all about.

When Dr. Rick found out about my Paxcalibur mission he was fairly astonished with what he saw as tremendous spiritual power in Paxcalibur as a new universal symbol. This of course endeared him to me because it's not often I have met people who know just what Paxcalibur has meant to me all these years. He's a Jungian and knows the power of symbols. He was so taken with Paxcalibur that he asked if his organization, (he acts as the editor of their outreach publications as well as seeming the Tent of Nations director, Daoud Nassar's second in command) could use the image of Paxcalibur for their organization's logo on a new booklet explaining the T.O.N.s purpose. Dr. Rick went farther, asking what I intended to do with Paxcalibur after I told him about the Wall ritual. I told him God eventually wants Paxcalibur to permanently reside in Jerusalem and he volunteered Tent of Nation organization to help accomplish this feat. I told him that God wanted Paxcalibur to be gold-plated before such entry into a permanent home in Jerusalem so that Pax's soft-steel blade parts won't rust (they are already rusty in the seven years since I last saw Pax in Nazareth). When gold-plated Paxcalibur will add "the Golden Ruler" to its appellations.

Dr. Rick gave me $100 towards establishing a Paxcalibur fund for the gold-plating. He, like I, wants to spread the image and message of Paxcalibur as far and wide as possible because he, like I, believes it truly is a new Word of God, a new symbol that can "speak" exactly what God wants of us in order to bring peace and harmony to the world. He said he needed agreement with the Tent of Nation's director, Daoud Nassar, who we met with the next morning and who seemed nearly as enthusiastic about the Tent of Nations using the Paxcalibur symbol as Dr. Rick. Daoud Nassar, learning about my past cooperative community building experiences and knowledge and Dr. Rick have offered their Tent of Nations as a place for me to input my communitarian information to help with alternative community building ideas. Plus, when I told them about an idea of using my old Super Bread recipe to start a bread company to help fund T.O.N.s activities because "Bethlehem" literally means "House of Bread", they were quite interested in developing such a project. I had tried three different times over the years to start a bread company using this Super Bread recipe I developed while living on our commune way back in the early '70's but whenever I have tried to commercially exploit one of my ideas God seems to want to keep me away from financial success and no bread company producing the world's most tasty balanced protein bread has happened yet. Perhaps it was always waiting for the House of Bread Bethlehem-Holy Land connection..


wpe2C.jpg (20637 bytes)                  wpe2F.jpg (23652 bytes)

"Dr. Rick" & me in the Alexander Hotel in Bethlehem                                            Daoud Nassar


Dr. Rick, Daoud Nassar and their Tent of Nations organization have opened up many possibilities for me to explore and consider working with them. Dr. Rick wants to help start a Paxcalibur Movement as do I and what were the chances of meeting this person without God arranging my life in such special ways? God is good!

Since Sami Awad is also connected to Paxcalibur I want to help his Holy Land Trust organization too. Now I've also learned that the spot where God wants Paxcalibur to eventually end up in, the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem needs funding help, anything that is derived from this Paxcalibur effort will be spread around to these worthy organizations and perhaps more to come as well.

Our time up in Bethlehem and still no word from my Israeli peace activist friend we went back to Nazareth for their Easter celebration. Bridgit and I ended up attending two Greek Orthodox services, including Easter sunrise service but later that afternoon when the Easter procession was to begin I was disappointed that it seemed so lack-luster compared to the one I was in seven years earlier.


wpe2D.jpg (24738 bytes)

Waiting for the Easter procession in Nazareth. All dressed up (including borrowed priest's pants) and nowhere to go..


It turned out that most of the Christian holy day energy had gone to the Palm Sunday march in Jerusalem with even Abuna excusing himself being too tired for this Easter march. That man has church services so often and so much to do that his giving me and Bridgit special attention and warmth of his home and family is something I will always appreciate. Sami Awad too has an incredibly busy schedule and his help with us deserves the same praise. The Holy Land is lucky to have such dedicated people as the ones we met on this not-so-easy but very deeply satisfying trip to the Holy Land. Abuna Hatoum's son, Faraj runs a gift shop and he was curious about what Bridgit and I did to support ourselves. We told him we're officially "retired" but both work, Bridgit as a massuse and me as an activist writer. I told Faraj about my working with Native Americans trying to set up a lottery system to use to buy back ancestral lands. Unlike my local Muslim Palestinian friends here where I live who have prohibitions against any type of gambling, being an Israeli Arab Christian he was quite interested in the idea of using a lottery system to help Palestinians and Arab Israelis. So, again, another opportunity door has opened to use information that otherwise just sits in my file boxes.

After we left Nazareth for Tel Aviv airport then Cairo again, we were ready to get home, except we just had to see those Pyramids! And we did. Bridgit even sat on a camel.


    wpe2E.jpg (33895 bytes)


   meatcheops.jpg (27708 bytes)

       See how easy it is to reach the top of Cheop's Pyramid?


What's next in the amazing adventures of Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace?

We shall see!


* Pope Francis at the same Apartheid Wall in Bethlehem, May 25, 2014, four years later


October 14, 2023 Update

As protection from even Paxcalibur's meaning interpretation being used to harm living beings, an additional covanant is added to "Everything human beings make into weapons against peace must be sacrificed. Truth cannot be sacrificed." No living being is to be sacrifice".

This was in response to a question about pit bull dogs but applies to innocent dangerous animals and mentally ill people. They're innocent and to be protected.



Pax Jordan baptism pictures 026.jpg (26091 bytes)

Saif al Salam

The Golden Ruler of Jerusalem



Also see the Canaan Peace Plan












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