The End Times Warnings!



The Biomystical meaning of "End Times"

In Biomystical Christian interpretation the "End Times" do not refer to a literal end of the world scenario but to the ending of the astrological Age of Pisces and the ending of 4th World in Native American prophesy. Many religious beliefs will fall victim to the New Millennium knowledge gained from modern research and social progress. Old foundational stories of legendary religious leaders and miraculous events will be exposed by historical research as tribal myths borrowed from still older mythical lore.

Modern science techniques used in historical research of ancient religions as well as psychological research of the religious impulse will expose the way human errors and political agendas intervene in traditional religious doctrines that will deal final death blows to religious authority resting in Holy Book scriptures as inerrant truth. Only two religious concept will remain unscathed: 1) That God is One, Holy One, and 2) the Holy One has sent into the world the Spirit of Christ, a spiritual consciousness that has been carried from ancient Canaan through Hebrew scriptures commandeered to serve a new form of pagan dying/resurrection religion, one that seems to have sprung up spontaneously in Palestine between 100 B.C. and 200 A.D. No matter what authenticity is absent in all remaining copies of copies of original texts, no one can say Something did not occur in that area, in that time period that launched a whole series of Messianic Gospels with most of them revolving around this sage-healer Jewish Messiah named in Greek Jesus Christ.

Historic religious disaster or God's Plan, the fact is, Europeans stole Jewish Christianity from Palestine, made it European and racist, perverted its Messianic Message and more or less completely smashed whatever goodness was and is still there trapped so to speak in a foreign language and foreign cultural context. Scholars, being themselves European, rarely see this obvious European bias the Jewish religion, Christianity, supposedly from Palestine, has. But try to buck established European Christian authorities, be they Catholic or Protestant, offshoots too, all Europeans, even the Jewish convert Ashkenazim still carrying that European racist attitude in their Yiddish cultural invasion and domination of Israel, and showing it to the world by trying to obliterate Palestinians, the true Semitic peoples still carrying ancient Hebrew dna. The world buys into this hideous perversion of religion that Jewish Messianic belief has had in the hands of European Gentiles because Europeans still literally own amd control huge amounts of valuable commercial resource lands, and Europeans still run most of the world. China is moving ahead but with all the European nations, it will be a while before non-Europeans unite in the United Nations and flex their muscles. Europeans with their expansionism unchecked before international laws that is, and before the U.N. wave feeble flags at evil doers who as I write this in 2018 are still running an alarming number of nations, including our own. But the die was caste in history as European colonials carried European Christianty all around the world, killing or enslaving most all who resisted, but this charming religion still gets its carte blanche by European authority and so still continues as the world's leading religious consciousness. There has to be some good reason why God has allowed this religious farce of European Christianity to go on so long without anyone exposing its blatant European racist core that obliterated the teachings of Jesus Christ to non-Europeans.

A Brief History of early Christianity would record Jewish Messianic and Jewish Gnostic circles in Palestine and Egypt in which both Greek and Egyptian ideas mixed with Jewish Apocalyptic mysticism were circulating, especially dying/resurrection god-men ideas, in a time of Greek Ubür-culture and Roman army invasion bringing with it Gentile intellectuals finding the Jewish Gnostic and Christ Cult Gospels compelling. But Rome prevailed and stole Jewish Christianity, made it European that way, made Jesus a European in all but historical fact which helped reinforced European racism that along with the Wittenberg and Geneva revisioning that despite at least removing the the political power of the arch Archon head of the Roman Catholic Church (of pedophiles), still had virtually no effect on European racist attitudes towards non-Europeans. Europeans were and are bringing European racism everywhere that European Christian colonization goes to crush non-European human beings as much as possible in order to steal these poor non-European's lands and resources. My God! It's amazing European Christianity has lasted this long considering the extremity of its evil past of race war violence, a past still with us today in the experimental racial blender Melting Pot America in 2018.

European-Americans still run things but the population percentage advantage is rapidly slipping away. Hence another blatant European race war going on currently to prevent non-Europeans with darker pigmentation from entering the United States. There, Benbridge Scholars, see if you can date this writing update? In any event, European Christianity, European Judaism, they're both carrying such a racist past and present race war mindset, they can't be considered authentic religions of God by thinking European descendants and certainly not so to non-Europeans seeing what Europeans have done with Semitic Palestinian Jewish religious beliefs about God. But then again the roots of racism run deep in Palestinian Judaism too who for these old racists, the terrible Gentiles were their Near Eastern next door neighbors, just like today. But damp if the core of the true Messianic Message isn't stronger than its pack horse hosts, European Judaism and European Christianity. Through the (Aquarian) agency of a European-American of Jewish-Gentile descent and as authentic a spiritual visionary as ever was, the Messianic Message has finally re-emerged as a new holistic Christian vision to be seen here in the pages of Biomystical Christianity.


No moral compass

These are the End Times of all religions that lack recognition of the Spirit of Christ. These are the End Times of all patriarchal religions that lack recognition of the Feminine aspect of the Holy One. Traditional Pauline Christianity faces its End Times as Pauline doctrine is exposed as Paul's pagan mystery religion revision of Jesus' teachings and meaning of his life and death. The Holy One is sick of all the unnecessary violence seen throughout the history of patriarchal religions which shows no sign of diminishing in modern times. The Holy One is taking spiritual action to end it as we move ahead in the New Millennium.

See the specific religion "End Times" pages below for details on how these traditional doctrines contain their various Achilles Heels and are doomed unless they go through radical revisioning that removes the "Satanic Verses" from their holy books, for example Deuteronomy 13:6-10, calling for the stoning of the mouthy, wayward son. In other words, Scriptures found in the so-called holy books of Judaism, Pauline Christianity and Muhammad's Islam that historically have led believers to bring harm or death to their neighbors must be composted to allow traditional religionists to fit in with New Millennium standards of decency and civilized life, meaning in short, showing respect for Life and Humanity



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