New Gnosis Library




These are the main reference sources that tie into many of my Biomystical and Celestial Christianity religious concepts. Traditional Christianity and all Abrahamic religions face their End Times in the New Millennium as God has already put the spiritual ball in motion that brings in the new standards for religious guidance to humanity in the New Age. Celestial Christianity marks the beginning of humanistic concern as the focal point of spiritual consciousness in the Age of Aquarius. There is some non-essential material, questionable actually, included towards the end of the New Gnosis Library list in my pathetic effort to lighten the reading.


New Gnosis Library



The Bible Unearthed                                                                                 

Gospel Fictions

Christ in Egypt

Secret Mark

Near Eastern Mythologies

The Great Angel

The Gospel of "Q"

The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Philip

The Didache

Epic of Gilgamesh


Golden Rules

Wisdom of Chiefs

Buddhist Brain Studies

Biomystic Movies

Biographical notes

The Journey of EL and Asherah

Paxman Prophesies