Organized religions always were

BAD ideas


No one can dictate to another how to believe in God

yet billions believe they can

Abrahamic religions are among the worst of the bunch for putting other people's religious ideas, other people's spiritual experiences, other people's social agendas as self-selected Intercessors between believer and God




Very Bad Idea is that it's blanket racism against Gentiles was based on ancient racial prejudices that were never true. Spiritual consciousness was never divided by God into ethnic populations. Nature and our own evolutionary success is based upon the added strength to the human genome that came about and still comes about through inter-marriage even helping homo sapiens in the past at the inter-species level. Genetic isolation for "purity" sake leads to diseases associated with inbred populations such as the diseases associated with Ashkenazim.


Pauline Christianity

Bad Idea here is that it's based on the absurd and actually immoral idea that an innocent person can take the blame for the guilty and absolve them of their guilt. This idea if put like this, exploit a person who volunteers to take the blame for others in order to save yourself, is grossly immoral, yet Pauline Christianity is based on this travesty of ethical responsibility. Another bad idea is Pauline Christianity carrying over ancient religious mythology in its primitive advocacy of believing a Sky Father God can mate with an earth woman to give birth to a demi-god with super powers.


Muhammad's Islam

Muhammad's Bad Idea tells the Big Lie that it is a "religion of peace" when it is blatantly not peaceful at all but a highly politicized religious warmongering theology based on making war against everyone who doesn't idolize Muhammad, who doesn't buy Muhammad as a virtual god, no other human being in Quranic teaching allowed any religious authority. One man's mind vs. the Jewish line of prophets. Is one mind better than many minds or is this another absurd Abrahamic religious idea that actually destroyed real spiritual guidance for Muslims from God by eliminating critical thinking.


Perpetual Bad Actors

Ever since they began, the Abrahamic religions take their turns acting out their worst ideas with violence. When Jews have political power they acted just like everyone else and were quick to slaughter any Jew who disagreed with Judah's priesthood ideologies. Christianity in Roman Empire hands quickly evolved into a state religion that grew through the centuries as a totalitarian monstrosity, keeping most of Europe and all the European colonies under the thumb of either the Catholic or Protestant churches. Muhammadism started off as religious war and never stopped as it too seized the ignorant populace's reliance on oriental despot leadership. Of all the Abrahamic religions, Muhammadism brainwashes the most severely, crippling Muslim minds forced to think only as Muhammad thought, the past dragging the present and future backwards into warlord totalitarianism.


The Problem

Abrahamic myths and lies of Abrahamic priesthood founders, and the scholars lack of looking at Abrahamic religions without cultural prejudices, let alone the Abrahamic believers, deceived again and again by exploitive priests and secular rulers catering to them as well as themselves.


The Solution

Restoration of Pluriform Monotheism, recognition that the spiritual experience of God comes to different peoples in different forms but all sharing the One Source in common. In other words, we must have Tolerance with a capital T of all the many different Pathways to God Consciousness that exist in the world, and we have to remove the Abrahamic mythical religious leadership by educating believers with the establishment of historical truth and the common sense of God consciousness that is found in the Golden Rule.


 But even so, God has had enough of the Abrahamic religious warfare madness!



The Abrahamic Emancipation Proclamation


All Abrahamic religious believers are by God's decree hereby freed of spiritual and mental slavery to the traditional but very false Abrahamic religious beliefs found in the doctrines of Judaism, Pauline Christianity, and Muhammad's Islam.

Not a one of the Abrahamic prophets of God told the truth about the origins of Abraham except John the Baptist and Jesus and they didn't tell us much. But now the truth can be and must be told in order to halt the spread of Abrahamic religious warfare throughout the world. The truth must be told so that the 2500 year reign of terror caused by Abrahamic religious believers in every society that they gain political control over finally comes to an end.

No Abrahamic religious believer can be required to believe that a polytheistic Hindu god was a mortal monotheistic man and founder of the lineages of Jews and Muslims.

No Abrahamic religious believer can be required to honor and emulate a Hindu god posing as a human father.*

No Abrahamic religious believer can be required to emulate insanity, the insanity of a father willing to kill his own son in order to propitiate a bloodthirsty god which has been false called "righteousness" in Abrahamic faith for over 2500 years. That madness is hereby declared null and void.

As Jewish Christian prophecy bearer I have been given the power to expose the fatal flaws in the Abrahamic religions and I have been given the new spiritual visions and revelations that lift the Spirit of Christ off once and for all time off the dying packhorse of Judaism.

Jesus and the Gnostics tried to do this before but Paul and the Christ Cult successfully re-attached Christianity's spiritual lineage back to Judaism's Torah/Tanakh instead of freeing it like the Gnostics did of reliance on any single set of spiritual texts. Gnostics were free to find God's Wisdom wherever She manifested Herself which saves the Gnostic Solitary Path tradition out of all the Abrahamic traditions from their coming End Times.

I have been given the authority to redirect Abrahamic believers to seek the truth of God in whatever spiritual paths God puts the believer on regardless of traditional modes of worship.

No one on earth can tell another how to worship God. There can be no compulsion in religion ever.

You are Free to believe as God intended for you and you alone. You are no longer slaves to God serving ancient dead men as masters of your religious beliefs. You are God's Children as you have been all along.


Happy Father's Day!


from Arielmessenger

The first post-Abrahamic Jewish Christian prophet of God Most High

Father's Day, June 17th 2007



* See the End of Abraham and Armageddon has already arrived! chapters for the historical discovery reasons why Abraham and Sarah have been exposed as the Hebrew rendition of Hindu Vedic deities Brahma and his consort Sarasvati.