My Original Biomystical

Religious Conversion Experience

Easter, 1979


 View of Bear Butte, Humboldt County, Northern California, from my old home site.


Sometime God speaks to fools hammered by harsh reality. Sometimes the mystical contact with God is so strong that even unreligious egoists are shaken to their depths. In our community paper a local expert on Eastern religions has run a series on mystical consciousness. In this series he has defined God as the Unity of all in One which is more or less the traditional Eastern intellectual religious conception of God as the Godhead of everything of this universe.

I can easily agree with this author but must add that in truth God is something more: God is that Entity encountered by the prophets of our Western religions. God is that awesome Personality recorded in our Holy Books. The Western conception of God evolves to be sure as one traces the images of this God through time, but the concept of a most powerful Being is always there and always will be. How can I say this? Because both my father and I have met this Being in mystical contact.

Our mystical experiences of God were not that "ineffable" as such experiences go. Direct things were said or happened to us and we both recorded our meetings with God as well as we could remember afterwards. If any readers happen to be familiar with Dr. Julian Jayne's right and left brain consciousness theories, they might be interested to note that my father's contact experience follows Jayne's classic "Bicameral Mind" model.

In 1972, while I was busy playing radical hippie on the communal farm helping in the fantasy of co-operatizing the nation, my father went through his religious conversion experience during a vigil he and his sisters kept through the long and grueling dying of my grandmother. During the final hours of this vigil my father claims that he heard "from out of nowhere" the voice of God speaking to him repeating four distinct times the last words of Jesus to His disciples as Matthew recorded it in the New Testament. Since my father claims that he had never actually read the Bible before this experience he was understandably impressed.

Another unusual event took place then that my aunts and attending nurses also witnessed: My grandmother's facial features at the moment of death until her unembalmed body was buried several days later were transformed from those of an 81 year-old lady to the features of a beautiful young woman of 20. This was all just too much for my father's previous agnosticism and he became a convert to the fundamentalist Christianity of his family.

At that time in my life I wasn't very receptive to spiritual events. I wasn't that impressed with my father's religious conversion story having run across a few Jesus freaks in my time with their various tales of God's intervention in their screwed up lives. I dismissed my father's Close Encounter with God as a delusion brought on by stress and too close association with his religious relatives. As far as I was concerned religious experiences all seemed to be highly conditioned by one's own chemistry and culture and not by any Supreme Being over and above the prejudices of one's particular society.

Christianity, especially, seemed a dead horse religion for any God to found in. If God existed at all, I had serious doubts that He, She or It could be found in the Judeo-Christian religious traditions with their well-documented records of violent opposition to the very mercies their prophets espoused. I wasn't exactly an atheist then but the religious experience of God in any form was outside of my life experiences which had included some dazzling psychedelic visions.

However, in 1979 at Easter, seven years after my father, and also during a very heavy stressful time in my life, I too had a profound religious awakening that converted me from agnosticism to what I have since learned is a new form of Gnostic Christianity. I didn't hear God speak to me with a voice as my father had but for three days of feverish yet not delirious consciousness stemming from an infection in my lymph system I became convinced that I had accidentally arrived at the same type of consciousness that the Prophets of old had which allowed then to "see" the reality of God in this world. For three days of shocking discovery in this strange mental state I experienced two amazing phenomena: continuous Synchronicity and Gnosis. My report of this experience follows:


July 1979


Martin Buber

I have been asked to share my news of seeing and learning about another transcendent reality which I experienced for three days while feverish with one of the unknown bacterial or viral infections that sometimes strike people living in these hills above the redwoods. Before getting into my account I want to quote the following passage taken from the postscript at the end of Martin Buber's "I and Thou" book because I found great similarity to his words with what I experienced:

"One must, however, take care not to understand this conversation with God- the conversation of which I have to speak in this book and in almost all of the works which followed- as something happening solely alongside or above the everyday. God's speech to men penetrates what happens in the life of each one of us, and all that happens in the world around us, biographical and historical, and makes it for you and me into instruction, message, demand. Happening upon happening, situation upon situation, are enabled and empowered by the personal speech of God to demand of the human person that he take his stand and make his decision. Often enough we think there is nothing to hear, but long before we have ourselves put wax in our ears.

The existence of mutuality between God and man cannot be proved, just as God' existence cannot be proved. Yet he who dares to speak of it, bears witness, and calls to witness him to whom he speaks- whether that witness is now or in the future."

Martin Buber


October, 1957


The Rainbow Gospel of Biomystical Revelation


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Meeting with God at Easter, 1979


The Experience of Gnosis


On or about April 13th of this year, Good Friday before Easter, I contracted an unidentified infection which gave me persistent pains in my lymph glands in my groin and a chronic fever that hovered around 99 to 100º for many days and which probably went higher (I wasn't taking my temperature at the time) during an intense three day period shortly after Easter. These were my main physical symptoms which were later alleviated with penicillin. Mentally, however, I went into another consciousness that climaxed during the three days of higher fever as an ability to see and understand what Martin Buber talks of- I saw the workings of what I must now call God.

For reasons that will become apparent later on, it is important that I explain here that during the earlier stages of my illness I continued to indulge in my normal intake of cannabis indica (which is "normal" only in the writer's counterculture community). I smoked my usual number of flower top joints during the days and evenings as the fever slowly started and increased, but then I was forced to slacken off and finally to quit altogether when I noticed that I wasn't coming down. 

Like many of us homesteading these hills, my hippie history is extensive and I can speak from over fifteen years experience with this herb cannabis, that my journey into God consciousness was due to the especially potent Indica smoke in combination with my fever and my prior psychological state of mind before becoming ill. However, my consciousness during the illness was quite a bit different from my usual herb high and also very different from previous experiences with the stronger psychedelics that I had infrequently taken in my past.

My consciousness did not have that chemical edge of the psychedelics or the smoothness of the herb. It wasn't euphoric. It was very emotional. My body would shake with waves of energy passing through me as I received startling insight after insight and I would sweat what seemed like pure vinegar. It was all overpowering, and supernatural and very strange to this surprised and unprepared receiver of spiritual energy.

The supernatural world of God or the Spirit of God that I could see clearly during my illness was this same world right here all around us, but it was as if a veil had been lifted and I could really see what I can now only believe is the actual Reality that lies masked within our normally perceived world. In this supernatural reality, the living God of all was communicating with me personally, and, I could also see, with everyone in a general omnipresent way through chains of unusually coincidental events which carried heavy symbolic messages. 

Carl Jung used the term "synchronicity" to describe such happenings which seem to defy the normal laws of chance occurrence and which also carry symbolic meanings to whomever is experiencing this phenomena. I would describe it as tuning into God's frequencies or becoming conscious of these lines of unfolding events which seem to be totally infused into everything. These God lines are everywhere but cannot be seen as such until something happens to open up our minds in a specific way that allows their perception.

During my illness I learned how I had unconsciously prepared myself for the Meeting and had been prepared. This is difficult to explain without going into long detail but the essence was that I had been building both a tower of ego and a ladder of knowledge for many years that during the illness collapsed propelling me into sickness and a release from Self that allowed for God's entry.

As I witnessed these God lines as I will call them, I realized I was seeing a special show. Our normal world masquerades as a chance reality scientifically explainable as the present sum of physical, chemical and biological forces. In the reality of God consciousness, however, the normal world becomes Maya- illusion- and our individual lives and all that happens, become vehicles for the continuous re-enactment of certain dominant themes. 

During my experience I was forced intellectually, to abandon my previous agnosticism. I was subtly "maneuvered" by events which I will explain later, into reading the Bible and it was in reading this book that I began to understand what was happening to me. It was the Spirit of God of the prophets that I was experiencing and it was Christ's teachings and example that I could most clearly see infused or incarnate as God lines running through our world and our lives. These dominant God lines carried these themes or messages:


* We have forgotten the true reality of our world which is that it is God's world of itself- the natural world of our senses is in fact of this consciousness, the supernatural world of God and the laws of material reality as we normally see it are actually subordinate to this higher spiritual reality. 

* We have forgotten to live by the laws of God's world which are the only ones that allow for our continued survival on Earth without destroying ourselves and everything else, and; The only ones which allow our inner being's return to that other mystical world beyond the physical, beyond the grave. 

* The Warrior man inside of us, the excess of what the old Chinese call Yang or male energy, must be sacrificed, must die the first death- that of the selfish and self-seeking ego which harms others, so that our true inner being, the Christ-self within each of us can become reborn to do God's work of Love and Nurture which here on Earth, and later, to rejoin the Godhead in that unknown world beyond. 


This last theme explains in part why the Bible, as well as the I Ching, is so blatantly sexist. It is directed at men mainly and the dominating male role as the major hindrance to non-aggressive, non-violent, peace-oriented Life.

What made the Bible and biblical interpretation of my experience so meaningful was that the God lines I saw around me and the ones I remembered out of my past were filled with symbolism straight out of this book and none of the other religious books I knew anything about. Before my illness, I was only familiar with one set of religious concepts and symbols, those found in the old Chinese oracle book we hippies love to dabble with, the I Ching. 

I had never really read the Bible and consider myself only superficially aware of the tenets of the other major religions. I wasn't really concerned with such things before as religion seemed to have no direct bearing on my personal life and certainly could be seen a basis for a lot of the world's cruelty and dogmatic ignorance. The I Ching was fun and somehow my skepticism was withheld while I occasionally used the book to play the game of contacting the spiritual world through it for advice. It wasn't until my illness and in reading the Bible that I came to know that the I Ching's references to God, like the Bible's, were meant literally. 

Somehow, though, it is the Bible that is the main symbolic DNA-like God code for our Western culture and it is the themes of this book that are everywhere with us. But God is God regardless of symbols and It's Spirit is truly Great and as I came to understand during my fever, quite capable of manipulating Itself as symbolic happening upon happening that become extremely meaningful and demanding of the witness whether he or she likes it or not.

The way in which I would experience seeing these God lines would happen like the following did: I was getting a flood of insights about the nature of our universe while reading about a prominent astrophysicist's ideas concerning the Black Hole phenomena in space. My insights for some reason would lead again and again back to one of the few lines I had somehow acquired in my memory out of the Bible (besides the famous lines everyone hears of) a line out of Revelation: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending".

I was lying in bed while this was happening, sweating and feeling weird but also fully absorbed in this exciting thought train running through my mind. I broke away from my interior dialogue and began to pay some attention to what was going on around me which was life as usual in our tiny redwood trailer-cabin with our kids gone to bed and my partner watching Saturday Night Live on the portable TV. When I tuned into the show the news skit was on and there was this funny Italian priest who starts lecturing the viewer on the Church's official view concerning the strange phenomena of, you guessed it, Black Holes. The priest's lecture notes must have come fairly directly from science journals since they matched a lot of what I had been reading and fit perfectly into the insights I had just gotten moments before. 

This type of coincidental verification of my interior insights and dialogue with "answering" outside events went on continuously during the three days of fever. It's hard to describe the sensation of this phenomena except to draw analogy to the excitement and adrenaline rushes of playing poker with Lady Luck always with you- it was like hitting impossible inside straights and flushes each and every time the cards are dealt.

Besides getting a stream of new insights, I spent considerable time recalling major events in my past. These past happenings as well as many of my former notions about things, my whole philosophical mindset in fact, suddenly fell into a recognizable pattern as part and parcel of the basic themes and patterns of a much vaster plan, God's evolutionary design that permeates everyone's and everything in history. My whole agnostic-intellectual-artist-hippie-communalist- eco-anarchist-homesteader-herb grower history and present stood out in high relief and became clear as one life in the midst of a new stream in the middle of an ocean of billions of souls on this planet searching and attempting to regain the Spirit.

There is such a thing as "theotropism"--a turning toward the Light of God, which goes on unnoticed throughout our lives and throughout our history. The symbolic communication of God beckoning our soul's return from darkness permeates everything including much that most of us, certainly I did, would not consider spiritual in any way. It is as if there is a Christian animism- a Spirit residing in our consciousness of things that become visible and forceful once our minds are ready to accept this seeming impossibility. God is Alive! 

I was amazed how this Spirit is so all-pervasive. I literally had to shut my eyes and turn away my awareness of seeing and hearing God's supernatural control over every bit of our reality turning it into such a gigantic unseen pilgrimage. Memories of my past, conversations in the present with my partner and kids would turn into loaded symbolic language invoking this sense of urgency to understand the message that was really being communicated behind the words, behind the roles of the actors and actresses of this incredibly complex morality Play we know as Life. 

Any books or magazines I would happen to look at during that time would somehow focus on exactly that particular insight or lesson I was previously receiving mentally and all of it seemed aimed at making me aware of God's world and my place in it. Watching any TV show, especially the news, all seemed programmed in dialogue to drive home the point that God was running the Show from top to bottom and that I had better learn that and wise up to the dominant themes of the Play, the God lines, especially the ones Christ showed about giving up the Warrior ego, so that I could find my true center synchronized in God's plan and begin living like a humane being- mellow enough to live with others, my family and neighbors and the rest of the world, instead of playing out the ages old male domination games which are suitable for the animal world but are not for human society which now must learn to live in peace. An example of this type of symbolic teaching, one out of my past memories, would happen as did the following:

I had, a few months earlier, settled an old dispute with one of our land partners by giving this person my old home site on the land that I was no longer using but holding in reserve. I remembered during my fever that right before I had finally made this hard decision to relinquish my turf, I and my partner had seen a sheep appear (not magically but that we just came upon one where none should have been) on our neighbors land next to us which turned and ran across our common boundary road to go directly into my old home site and disappear into the trees. No one but us saw this mysterious sheep and there are none in our particular area. I thought nothing of it at the time and it was only later, in reading the Bible, that the sheep symbol along with the decision I had made struck home with full meaning.

This sort of symbolic coincidence seemed to fill my memories of my past especially all the mistakes I had made. It seemed as if I was being shown how my life had been a series of lessons not learned on how to let lose of my ego attachments which had caused bad feelings and separations from people I cared about. It was all very strange and overwhelming to this person and I was emotionally wrought up for hours on end. I cried long and hard many times over all the needless harm my egotism had brought to my relationships, and about all the needless tragedy in everyone's lives- about why the Christ example was ever brought into our world and about why it seems the only way to get us out of our self-made hells which are these cruelties done to others for ego's sake that return karmatically again and again until we wake up and change.

I am now far enough away from my religious experience to have second thoughts about what happened. Some doubts have crept in. Did I really experience seeing the supernatural influence of a God of all reality manipulating my whole world for three days or did I just go "normally" crazy for a few days? Did I perhaps just slip into some sort of Christian delusional syndrome because of my very brief but maybe very significant early childhood exposure to fundamentalist Christianity through my father's relatives? Was I witness to a show of power and knowledge given by God or was my mind making it all up, playing tricks with my perceptions and memories? Most important, did I receive any information that should be passed along or was it all dream?

I did set up a little deal with God which I was in that fever state of consciousness to give me some sort of sign when I wasn't sick that I should believe what I was seeing and learning, enough to have the nerve to tell others since a lot of what I found out was shocking news, especially so in terms of traditional Christianity. I needed some sort of confirmation that I had indeed become a channel for God's messages as I felt at that time. I didn't want to make a an even bigger fool of myself for Christ's sake until certain things happened that I knew would happen which would be signs that I should speak my peace. I was "told" through the agency of my partner's child's toy oracle, an eight ball filled with liquid with a number of simple yes or no type answers in it, that I could rely on a sign at Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after Easter. 

On Pentecost Sunday my neighbor, Joseph Cain, came down to visit after a long absence, and I told him everything that I could remember about what had happened to me and what I had learned. He was fascinated with my story and thought I should definitely write it down and tell others. But even with this small indicator of what action I should take, I have been very reluctant to share my new beliefs. Now I feel like Jonah knowing outside events are becoming too compelling for me to hold back.

Make of the following revelations what you will. They form the basis for a new Christianity and the beginning tenets of my personal Church of which I am both minister and congregation. Let it serve a model and spiritual verification for the new people I am part of. This is for Cain, my brother, my neighbor, and myself and all my brothers and sisters under persecution. 




The end of the Universe and Key to the Unified Field Theory


Evidently God wants someone to wake up science by taking on the ultimate mystery of the known universe- where did it come from and where is it going? I like science but certainly have no qualifications for delivering the following missing pieces in that ultimate puzzle. The reader is cautioned to understand that facts seem to change with time and circumstances but the Spirit does not, and it is the spirit of what is being offered that should be paid attention to.

Black Holes are the keys to the physical ending of our known universe and the keys to the discovery of the mathematical formulas which attempt to unite the puzzling similarities between the structures and forces operating in the macro-universe of stars, galaxies, and gravitational attraction, and the structures and forces of the micro-universe of atoms, sub-atomic particles, and electromagnetism.  Black Holes are also the key to the mystery of where hydrogen atom come from.

Science tells us that Black Holes are the last stage in the evolution of stars of sufficient mass that have so exhausted their atomic fuel in continuous fusion reaction that the remaining atomic matter loses internal coherence and self-implodes. This inward collapse of each atom's nuclear structure in turn creates a compressive effect that allows for incredible densities to occur in the remaining star matter. These super densities in their turn create super gravitational "pulls" which become strong enough in Black Hole stars to literally suck all radiation energy still remaining back into the stars themselves including radiated light so that all that can be seen of such stars are areas of lightless space- Black Holes.

Insights I have received would add these observations: Black Holes are the recycling centers of the universe and the universe's brakes on itself, on its outward expansion created from the original Big Bang explosion of its birth. Black Holes are distributed throughout time and space matching the distribution of stars. Black Holes act as literal vacuum cleaners of all matter and energy, and most importantly, time itself. The force of gravity (or curvature of space) is so immense in the Black Hole phenomena that following Einstein's theory of relativity, timed events slow to a complete stop as they disappear altogether in the Black Hole left by the dying star. 

The fabric of time and space, Einstein's time/space continuum, is left distorted around the areas of Black Holes and since these holes are distributed throughout the universe, there is a continual if gradual warping and sucking of all stars systems into the universal Black Hole annihilation network and a continuous destruction of time and space itself--Entropy.

What happens to the matter and energy that disappears from our universe into nowhere in these Black Holes? It is reborn again, synchronized in time and space as one tremendous explosion, the original Big Bang itself which occurred 15 to 20 billion years ago in our time perspective, but as Einstein pointed out, such time being completely relative to our present position in space and not absolute- there is no absolute time scale. The cycle of the universe is therefore eternally Finite-- a closed system.

Hydrogen atoms are born through the Black Hole/Big Bang transformation. Hydrogen atoms are blown out as a gigantic clouds of interstellar dust to eventually coalesce into stars again which in turn provide the conditions for further and more complex combinations of these atoms becoming the rest of the basic elements. Hydrogen atoms are the transformed and super compressed structures of Black Hole stars. 

All atomic nuclear reactions release the super compressed gravitational energy that has been transformed into nuclear binding and electromagnetism. For some reason I get the impression there is danger in releasing such energy here on Earth not only from the known dangers of radiation but also from the warpage of the fabric of time surrounding our world.


Since everywhere eventually becomes the same, there won't be many signs of Others*


Because our universe is finite there is an end conceivable to the discovery of new places and new physical laws. There will not be many, perhaps not any, traces of other space traveling civilizations because at this point of understanding the only real unknown lies in the realm of the Spirit. Like the Bermuda Triangle, Black Holes stand as symbols to all scientists that the real ultimate mystery lies in that other realm beyond the physical.


Resurrection of the Dead


Dinosaurs haven't become extinct. The dinosaurs who managed to get their eggs off the ground and out of harm's way of the new little egg sucking mammals scurrying in the bushes beneath the giants, are here with us today--the birds*. So it is with our souls. During my experience I had to drop my former skepticism about resurrection of the soul after death. There were just too many confirming witnesses of spiritual "presence" of people who had died, witnesses that I knew personally, that I couldn't discount. 

People should read Dr. Raymond Moody's two books on this subject, Life after Life and Reflections on Life after Life. There is too much similarity of visions of religious prophets, people who have had near-death experiences and the last words of dying patients to discount the growing evidence that there is another world beyond the grave.


caudi.jpg (23794 bytes)

The picture above is of a Caudipteryx zoui based on recent Chinese digs.

Time magazine in its April 26, 1993 edition confirmed this 1979 prophesy.





The Biomystical Code: the hidden biological Message of the Bible

The most powerful Men's Liberation news ever


Right before I went into the three days of fever I was given a bunch of then new science magazines to read. For some reason what caught my attention in these magazines were articles about male hormones, the roles they play in behavior especially aggression, in heart disease and premature aging, and the different hormonal levels found in firstborn children and later ones. Also, one article in Prevention magazine (March '79) caught my interest. It was about the body's own natural pain killers, the endorphins- opiate-like substances manufactured in our bodies and brains that can be released by hypnotic suggestion, acupuncture and placeboes.

From an article in Science (March 2nd, '79) on hormonal changes triggered by aggression in wild populations of blackbirds, I learned that male hormones- testosterone, pro-testosterone, etc., are released quickly to key stimulus situations such as the sight of a competitor male or the sight of a female bird. The study of the wild blackbirds tended to confirm other studies done on laboratory animals.

Also from this article this bit of news fascinated me: when two male blackbirds meet and one has previously established his dominance over the other, the less dominant male does not experience the rapid rise in male hormonal levels that both the dominant male and an untried in combat male will experience. 

From Science Digest (May '79) I read why women live longer than men and how the role of male hormones effect that situation- contributing to earlier hardening of the arteries and lessened resistance to heart attacks. Somewhere else I can't recall now I read about the different levels of both male and female hormones in first and later-born children- the firstborn having consistently higher levels of both hormones and interestingly enough, it is the firstborn children who grow up to fill most of our society's positions of status and authority- who are overly represented in our colleges and management positions, and leadership positions in almost all areas.

While reading about these things, all sorts of ideas were popping into my mind: male hormones, adrenaline rushes, aggression, territory, sex, longevity, hypnotic suggestions triggering chemical releases in the body and brain, the site in the brain of the glands governing the release of these behavior altering chemicals- a mélange of notions that for reasons I can't really explain, lead me to wanting to check something in the Bible....

I found a Bible and started reading and there it was- the hidden biological pattern in symbolic form just waiting for someone to make the connections and learn the Message: getting control of male aggression through both understanding the source of that aggression in the sexual-territorial behavior pattern, and through hypnotic ritual sacrifice. 

From Adam to Christ the Bible is filled with symbolism meant to draw maximum attention to sex, male aggression and territorial battling, the curse of successful domination by the firstborn, and hypnotic ritual to gain mind and body control over the abuses stemming from too much maleness.

Adam and Eve eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden of Eden which becomes their sin (you harm the source of Life symbolized by the Tree with knowledge that is coupled with the passions stemming from the sexual /territorial desires of men and women) and they discover that they are naked and so the cover up begins. 

Adam's firstborn son Cain kills Abel his younger brother because God favors Abel's ritual sacrifice and not his own. Abel's offering to God is the firstborn of his flock while Cain's is the fruit of the ground- his turf.  "Am I my brother's keeper?" asks Cain who cannot understand why the older sibling, the model of all leaders, must sacrifice pride and success to help the younger brother, the model of the less experienced- the people who are led, also succeed so that the family and therefore society, as a whole unit succeeds surviving to procreate further generations.

Later on in Genesis, God symbolically destroys the world with the Flood, the archetype of emotions out of control, flooding the body and mind with anger and fear. Noah is prepared however, with his Ark which symbolizes his care for life, and he and his sons and their families and two of all the animals, survive the Flood. After resettling, one day Noah gets drunk and passes out in his tent. Ham, Noah's youngest son, sneaks in and sees him lying asleep naked. Ham runs and tells his two older brothers, Shem and Japheth. Noah finds out and curses Ham' youngest son, Canaan, who, like many other biblical figures symbolizes not only a person but a place and a state of mind. 

Noah blesses his older sons whom the rest of the Bible follows: Shem, the firstborn producing the main line of descendents leading to the Jews and Christ with Japheth's line originating the gentiles whom Noah says God will enlarge and make to dwell in the tents of Shem- forecasting the Christians. Ham is the father of a shortly followed line which includes Ham's youngest son, Canaan, place-name of the symbolic land that God promises to return to the Jews as their inheritance.

The pattern is established. The earthly fathers who control the family and society, bless the firstborn who carry higher levels of hormones and are thereby generally more aggressive and smarter and the seemingly logical ones to carry on the family line. And throughout history it has been the firstborn males who traditionally inherit the farm, the business or the throne. But God loves social justice and favors the lastborn who tend to be the softer, dreamier types, not as driven by their biochemicals to compete in male domination games which underlie most of the social structures of all societies prone to war.

Still later in Genesis, following Shem's line, Abram meets with God and God gives him the covenant of circumcision and changes Abram's name to Abraham. Circumcision is a hypnotic ritual meant to draw maximum attention to the roots of male aggression and territoriality. The more primitive the society, the more pronounced and gruesome the ritual becomes. Christ is the first Jew to see that it is all symbolic and that it is the heart or mind that needs to held within bounds, not just the outward body. 

Abraham, though, misunderstands, and when he hears God call on him to sacrifice his and wife's firstborn son, Isaac, he dutifully prepares to kill him, just as all old Warriors dutifully sacrifice their sons in wars. Abraham discovers that God is not so cruel and provides the symbolic sacrificial substitute Abraham and his time can understand- a ram instead of a child. Isaac is also Abraham's youngest son (he and his wife's servant had a son before Isaac and it is this first son, Ishmael, who Abraham really sacrifices- he abandons him).

Isaac and his wife Rebekah, have twin sons, the first one born being Esau, the "cunning hunter" and the second is Jacob, the "plain man and dweller in tents". Isaac, of course, favors his older son Esau but God has other ideas and Jacob with his mother's help disguises himself as Esau and tricks his father into bestowing his dying blessing on him. Jacob's name is changed by God to Israel and he becomes the father of the Jews." Two nations are in your womb: Two peoples shall be separated from your body; One people shall be stronger than the other, and the older shall serve the younger." --Gen:25:23.

Passing up much of the gore of the Bible stories from the time of Moses (younger brother to Miriam and Aaron) onward, once again a youngest son appears and is blessed by God- David, the musician, poet, and slayer of the archetypal Warrior, Goliath. Interestingly, David kills Goliath with a stone to the forehead behind which lies the location of those hormone producing glands- the so-called Third Eye, the seat of God and of potential violence which is given a mark by the Hindus to draw our attention. 

Listen to Jesus in Matthew 6:22,23: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness." and Revelation 7:2,3: "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."

After David whom God makes king (his son, Solomon, is another younger brother) comes Jesus himself as God's ultimate sacrificial firstborn symbol- the ultimate Ego, the Son of God, who gives His life so that all Warriors, all who suffer from the negative results of too much Yang or male energy, have a supreme hypnotic device for letting go of the dominating male ego which harms others, so that the softer person inside, the meek and humble, can inherit the Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven. Rams must become Lambs, lions must lie down with sheep, otherwise men (and women under the male influence--the Amazons) are compelled by their chemistry and traditions to play out the curse of our animal inheritance repeatedly which is the principle stumbling block in the way to full humanity.

Listen again to Jesus in Matthew 19:11,12: "All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men, and there be eunuchs which have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." It is a very hard lesson for the Man on Top to receive- the sacrifice of his power, and it is a small wonder Christ in his day was crucified for preaching it. But God supports the evolutionary ideal in not always the reality of the Meek.

Walt Disney becomes famous through his catching this God line with his soft male animal- humans- Mickey the always pleasant mouse, Bambi the doe-eyed soft stag, (Don't forget the Fonz- the macho but really soft Faun), Dumbo, the soft dumb but flying male elephant, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, Ferdinand the non-violent bull, and Donald the aggressive duck gets the axe every time.

America is playing out the first and lastborn Passion Play through the Kennedy brothers, which is the major source of their charisma. The leading brothers are sacrificed down the line until only the youngest is left. If America can understand the meaning of the Play being brought to them symbolized by Jack Kennedy's unsolved assassination, and if America can learn to trust the at times blundering leadership of the youngest son, symbolized by Chappaquiddick for Ted Kennedy, and, finally, if the older brother figure now in office, Jimmy Carter, steps down, Ted will become President and bring to office a new teddy bear, and much more besides. Times will be tough on the firstborn until the Sacrifice ritual is fully understood and a mellower leadership model becomes the socially accepted norm.


The Sexual Revolution- Masking the Left Hand of God


One of the most obvious God lines of our society is our increasing presentation of sex which is here to focus our attention to the concurrent problems of aggression and territoriality. But not only in our present culture has sex been so emphasized. The roots of our preoccupation with it lie in the Bible where sexual references abound. It is near impossible to read any page of the Bible without some mention of someone girding their loins, or putting sackcloth over them, or swearing vows by hands put on thighs, etc.; 

The Jewish and Christian tradition is a history of people unable to cope with sex. Sexual energy becomes cursed and is sublimated into the service of first, the Warrior's traditions of territorial aggression through war, then , into the half-tamed Warrior's work ethic, building monuments to aggression and expansion of territory. Sexual energy is part and parcel of God energy and it is two-edged- leading to both love and violence. 

When people become victims of a sexually repressive tradition, the whole energy of God is blocked and does damage to individuals and to society when the dammed up and damned sexual energy is released through the arms in aggression and war, instead of flowing freely through the body and out the proper exits. Wilhelm Reich pointed to this and was crucified in doing so by uptight "armored" society.

Sexual energy is both a symbol and a reality of the problem of control of the body and mind necessary for becoming true humanitarian beings. If people are able to get control of their sexual behavior and most importantly, control of the results of their sexual behavior so that no violence is done anyone, then the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Sex becomes a major concern of peoples whose God energy is blocked. The cross, symbol of both the God energy that is blocked (the line counter to the God line flowing from the top of the head down through the spine and vital centers and out) and rejection of the softer feminine side (Christ is nailed to the woman symbol he is forced to turn his back to), becomes the primary symbol for Christianity. For the Old Testament Jews it was constant references to stiff-necked peoples (the cross in human form) that symbolized their blockage. 

Both traditions failed to understand that their sacred Virgin of Jerusalem is also the profane Whore of Babylon, that the Virgin Mary is also Mary Magdalene and it is two Marys that witness Christ's resurrection. The religious teachings of the East seem to allow for the God energy to flow through the person and through society. In the East, God is accepted into society instead of being crucified, and these people can achieve Bliss consciousness, the awareness of the Holy paradise of the Here and Now. 

The Judeo-Christian tradition, if you look at its history, doesn't get its followers high from enlightenment but rather calls them to duty. The God energy is blocked and becomes manifested in a terrible duality between Spirit and Flesh, and between freedom and responsibility. This tension, which is the Left Hand of God, builds monuments and civilization to the point where it is today, ripe with knowledge of all things physical and historical, waiting for the understanding of the eternal Present. 

The West needs the mystical understanding of the East to help solve the mysteries of God and society in the Present, just as the East needs the West's practical understanding of the Past and Future, and that is where my people come into the picture.


Hippies, Children of the Bomb, of the Boobtube, of the broken families, and of the Sexual Revolution, are here to prepare the Bridegroom for the Wedding between East and West and between all other unresolved dualities

Because the rate of social changes is so fast these days, all established authorities are seriously questioned and often found incompetent to deal with problems they were never prepared for. Without leadership, children grow up now looking to their peers for values, and find them through the very process of searching- values and ideas are examined, tried on, and if they fit, if they work over time, they are held and become new standards.

These are the times of the passing of unquestioned authority and Youth and its formal symbol, the Hippies, has led society in all major cultural and social changes since we became of age in the Sixties. But our leadership has never been really recognized by the rest of society who still insist on making crimes of our lifestyles and our values, the very ones they will need in order to survive their past mistakes. But God recognizes us and gives us power.

We are the heirs to the sexual revolution. We are the return of the God line of Ham, the youngest son who dared look at Noah's privates. It is no accident that we are called the silly name Hippies. In the West, God will do anything to draw attention to the hips where the hang-up (i.e. the Crucifixion) of several thousand years of blocked God energy lies. In our times Elvis became famous because he moved his hips just as all rock and roll is meant to free the blockage, allowing the God energy to move freely through us. Our shamans are rock stars who use music to draw out the soul and promote love and good vibrations. 

Hippies are come to end the curse of the Judeo-Christian tradition. We are here to take Christ off the cross so that instead of rejecting the feminine side of ourselves, instead of the man being nailed to the dead tree, we can all become Branches on the Tree of Life. Hippies understand intuitively that Jesus must stand naked this time around, just as the soldier in the movie King of Hearts stood naked before entering the world of the meek considered lunacy by a male dominated war-torn "normal" world. Hippies who grew up on hamburgers are learning by trial and error how to build Ham's new town, New Jerusalem, where it should be built- in one's heart and mind. 

Hippies are to prepare the Man as Christ the Bridegroom, to fulfill and put to rest the prophesies of the spiritual West which stand in the way of world union. Like Ham's sons, hippies are to be servants unto servants of their brethren: The Jews first, to fulfill and end their curse, the Christians second, to fulfill and end their adopted curse, and now us.

The Second Coming is no man this time but pure Spirit enlightening the way through the leadership of conscious hippies who are finding the ways to end violence towards Life. The first coming of Meek man was cursed. The Second Coming is blessed.  The sign of the Rainbow is back with us and the treasure at the ends is Union. Union between East and West, between God and Goddess, between Man and Woman, between humans and Life, between Christ and Buddha, between God and the Great Spirit, between White and Black, between Heaven and Earth, between Rich and Poor, between Man and Man, between Woman and Woman, between all dualities that used to separate but now can become as one in the Spirit of God.

Wonder_Woman__Superman_2.JPG (27225 bytes)

Superman and Wonder Woman together


Superman from the Heavens and Wonder Woman, daughter of Hera or Mother Earth. Superman was crippled and died but like all good God-men and Archetypes, he can't be killed. A new Superman is always born again.


The Burning Bush is Back


Circumstances now insist that this news be told even though it will take a miracle of understanding by today's Christians and today's older generation to tolerate the mysterious ways of God. Hippies will understand from their own personal experience. Marijuana, especially sensimilla, most especially cannabis Indica, "Kush" (from the Hindu Kush mountain region which gave birth to this particular species) is the return of the Burning Bush of Moses. 

Listen to Exodus 3:2-4: "And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed." To growers and users of the herb the symbolism is clear enough: You burn the flowers and save the plant that is your special stash plant- the one that gets you the highest.

For a week or so after the three days of fever I had to completely stop smoking our Kush because smoking it would immediately begin to return me to that overwhelming consciousness of God's spiritual world. Kush had become the sacrament that let me see God. In my remembering of my past ideas of things I began to realize just how much information along the God lines I had been receiving for years while smoking pot and getting those well-known pot insights. It seems that this most lowly of the psychedelics is one of God's tools for our enlightenment and that under the right conditions, is quite capable of giving one direct vision of God's world.

During my fever I shown over and over again how God reveals itself through the special consciousness of becoming fully aware of the symbolic connections running through all natural, social and personal events. It has become apparent to me that it is no accident that the very strongest pot plants in the world originated in the Hindu Kush region where European, Asia Minor and Eastern cultures meet and mix through the millennia -old trade route through the Kyber Pass. 

Ancient traders brought such goods as lapis lazuli stones, also from the same region, as well as the herb, through the Kyber Pass, down the Indus River- the place of the world's oldest civilization and first city- Mohenjodaro, down to the Arabian Sea, then to the Gulf of Oman and up past the Persian Gulf into and up the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers into Mesopotamia and Babylon, and also from the Arabian Sea into the Gulf of Aden and then up into the Red Sea and there into Egypt- the Upper Nile Egyptian civilization around the time of Moses being called Kush. To me it is no accident of the root language of all Indo-European cultures that Cush pops up in the Bible as the firstborn son of Ham, and that Cush begets Nimrod who the Bible credits as the founder of Babylon.

It seems no accident to me that the immaculately conceived flowers of the herb are called sensimillla (without semen or seed from the male plant) and that it is this form of the plant which is most potent being grown, used and spread everywhere by we hippies, the dropouts of the Fall of Babylon as our Jamaican counterparts tell us in Reggae. It is no accident that the herb is such a useful medicine for many ills and that it brings alpha consciousness to our brains, lowers our male hormonal levels, and lowers our blood pressure mellowing us out enough to live together in the small peace we can find in this pressure cooker society teetering on the brink of disaster. It is no accident that this herb stays with us while the other drugs fall by the wayside for one reason or another. 

Our times need this panacea and it becomes part of our food for changing ourselves. You are what you eat- all flesh is grass, and God provides the legal loophole in our state and nation's repressive marijuana laws that make it lawful until proven otherwise, to grow, use, and distribute the new sacrament, cannabis Indica- Kush, to all that are in need.

But it is important to understand that Kush is the symbolic firstborn. We growers and distributors of this sacrament must use consciousness in our transactions with this symbolic firstborn son of Ham so that the ritual sacrifice is where it is supposed to be- at the end of the burning joint and not up the incinerators of the law. We growers especially must remember the first eldest brother's question which stands for the world's dilemma- "Am I my brother's keeper?". Will Kush be his youngest brother's keeper, Canaan, the symbolic Promised Land?* We have a religious duty to perform as we democratize the new Burning Bush throughout the world.


The Second Coming begins this year- 1979


There are numerous references in both the Old and New Testaments about signs in the heavens and earth signifying both the appearance of Christ as the first Son of God that become the same signs for the second appearance which is no man this time but pure Spirit. The most consistent portents are references to great earthquakes, stars falling from the sky, and the darkening of the sun and moon. (see Isaiah 13:10 and 24:23, Ezekiel 32:7, Joel 2:10-13 and 3:15, Amos 8:9 and 5:20, and Habakkuk 3:11 in the Old Testament, and Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:24, Luke 21:25, Acts 2:20 in the New Testament). 

This is the year of the total eclipse of the sun which happened for our continent and for the U.S.A. on February 26th. America carries the fulfillment of the God lines of prophesy because it is the land where East and West first met and the land which gave birth to the sons and daughters of the return of Ham, Noah's youngest son who is needed to fulfill the destinies of Noah's two elder sons who also carry the God lines of the Jews and the Christians. 

This is the year of peace between Israel and Egypt (although without the Palestinians given their rightful due that peace means nothing- the lesson Jews, and now Christians, Moslems, Communists, and all self-Chosen people bent on maintaining exclusiveness of God's freely given gifts of new consciousness and new community, must learn is to accept the Stranger at the door who is yourself). 

This is the year of the total Lunar eclipse which will happen Sept. 6th, as well as an annular eclipse of the Sun, Aug. 22nd. Earthquakes have been increasing in size and frequency these past three years as anyone who has read the newspapers can testify. A big one is due to happen this year at some place significant*. In a few days Skylab will become a manmade falling star.

This is the International Year of the Child, the year of the Centennial of Light and the 100th anniversary of Einstein's birth. This is the year of the Return of the Three Rainbows across time from Noah, Moses, and Christ to us. I can't say much more about this conviction that this is the Year because it is all only words unless the Spirit itself moves you to believe.

Unlike Doomsday Christians, I see no universal oblivion arriving with the Second Coming. The destruction symbolized most especially in the Book of Revelation, stands for the beginning of the end of the Warrior's world and the Warrior's stranglehold on all societies. If you are a part of the new consciousness, you accept the Earth as part of your own body and most of what was symbolized in Revelation as various horrors, plagues and destruction, have in fact already occurred. Hiroshima, Dresden, and Auschwitz have already come along and more. 

We had our share of Anti-Christs even our own hippie one- Charles Manson- the doomed Son of Man. Doomsday Christians should understand Jesus when He says "An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas". Christians must have faith that people can change for the better. The Whale is back and needs all our help.

* No major earthquake at a significant spot happened but Mount St. Helens went off the following year filling Spirit Lake. The tiny town of Ariel sits on the western flank of this volcano. Volcanoes have always fascinated me. I have been on the top of Mt. Lassen volcano as a teenager, on the crater edge of an erupting small volcano on the flank of Kilauea on Hawaii in 1973 and through some of the destruction near Mt. St. Helens a few years after it exploded. I found the "town" of Ariel driving up into the mountain.


The Meaning of the number of the Beast and the number of a man


Since many of the revelations presented here will no doubt cause disbelief by traditional Christianity of this prophet's news of God, I have been given a solution to the mystery of verse 18, Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, to give as a sign of understanding: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." This is a code: Not only 666 for triple emphasis of the six, but also 600, 60 (threescore), and 6. Six hundred is the age of Noah when the Flood happens. 

Threescore is the age of Isaac when Esau and Jacob are born, and it is the sixth day that God created Man. The number of a man refers to the earthly father symbolized three times by these three biblical fathers who were the fathers of the main God lines followed in the Bible. The number of a man is the number of the beast, because the man, even with God's calling, remains a beast, the victim of his chemistry inherited from the animals, until he finally understands and overcomes all, including the limits of his own mind- the ultimate stumbling block in the way of awareness of God. God's laws are always told only in terms people at each given period can understand. Man and Beast are one with God if you accept your whole self. Christians must not follow the example of the Pharisees seeking to point to the Beast, the Devil, as a cause of their own failings.  

"They said, this fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of devils. And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, 'Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges. But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house." -Matthew 12:24-27

It is the strong man that lies within each of us who tempts us away from God's work of Love and Nurture, and it is the strong man who must be bound; not any Devil, the literal scapegoat used by generations of strong men to victimize the woman in us. To he that overcomes, as it says in Revelation 2:26-28: "I will give him the morning star." The morning star means Venus, the woman, and it is also what Lucifer means. Christians, no more devils please. We have truly met the enemy and the enemy is us.

(This is one of two prophesies that have come with multiple interpretations: For a completely different interpretation I also received concerning the meaning and number of the Beast see the Rev 13:18 section in the Revelation Revealed chapter)


The Ten Commandments


It is important to understand that the Ten Commandments come to us through Moses and that there may be some distortion in them since Moses received not only the original Ten but many more commands that form the basic Mosaic Laws, and that these later laws do violence to the first Ten. It isn't surprising to discover that God directs Moses' Israelites to make a plaster copy of the Mosaic Laws to be put on the cursed Mount Ebal, and that Jews following these laws have been cursed throughout their history.

Jesus whittles the basic Ten Commandments down to two: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind," and "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." But elsewhere He cautions us to obey all Ten.

The Ten Commandments make sense to us now if one understands that by the word "God" is meant the whole natural order of all things which is the supernatural God Itself. There is only one God because there is only one natural order of things in our universe and only one set of rules or ecology to that order. If one strays from the strict and narrow ecological rules of that order which is always a Whole or Oneness, then indeed, there is harm done and the symbolic sins of the fathers of that disrespect of God's holistic ecology are visited on the sons, just as our generation is paying for the sins of previous ones. The cycle of ignorance and harm can only be stopped by respecting the laws of God's world with all your actions and not letting anything, any Thing, image, idol, fetish, come between you and God, not even the images of God's words written by the prophets of God themselves. 

Respecting our parents is necessary and just because consciously or unconsciously they bring us the links with the past where the lessons and experiences of generations are held. And it is only over generations that much of the harm we have done to ourselves and the Earth can be seen. The social rules are obvious ones for a peaceful society: Don't kill, steal, slander, or become jealous of what your neighbor has and you don't. Don't commit adultery: don't adulterate God with other gods (again no Devils please!) which interfere with your seeing the basic Oneness of all things. Don't adulterate your family commitment or primary earthly love relationship commitment by seeking other outside relationships that cause harm to your loved ones and tend to break up the family. 

This is the one that falls upon our generation the hardest. We are heirs to the broken and remade family and it is obvious that we still haven't succeeded in finding our the keys to happy partnerships. Hopefully, with the lessening of the linkage between sex, aggression and territoriality, new families will be happening in many different combinations that will allow us all room to share our love for one another.

Honor the Sabbath, whatever day or time that you set aside as rest from the cares of the world, because you really do need that time to become re-centered within yourself and to regain the spiritual vitality needed to face each day with wholeness. Six days for the world, and the seventh, symbolic of the spiritual link with God. And, of course, honor the Golden Rule.


Climax Consciousness


This is a brief description of the ladder of knowledge I had constructed previous to my religious experience that helped me understand God. Climax means ladder in Greek and under the ecological definitions of the word, it also means the final stage in the ecological succession or evolution of a plant-animal community which is stable and self-perpetuating. Climax consciousness means awareness of the climax pattern, the climax God line, in human civilization.

What we refer to as the history of civilization is in biological reality and the reality of God consciousness, the social extension of the ecological climax pattern.* The history of civilization masks the evolutionary succession pattern of human community philosophies and lifestyles which progress in stages, each one conditioning the development of the next, towards the eventual re-establishment of a stable and self-perpetuating human community, a new human sharing with plants and animals Climax Civilization. Climax consciousness facilitates this awareness of God as Nature's grand design, and facilitates the means of bringing it to fruition as a new climax civilization. This happens because this type of intellectual perspective must of necessity be a holistic ecological consciousness concerned with just about everything having to do with human communities and lifestyles, and their relationships with each other and with the biological life-support systems of the planet. 

Climax consciousness is consciousness of the Biosphere and Nöosphere combined. To bring about a new ecologically balanced and non-violent human society on Earth which must happen if we as a species are to survive, environmental, social, political, economic, cultural, technological, personal, and focusing all of these, spiritual factors must all be taken into social analysis and design considerations. Climax consciousness provides the sharp two-edged sword that neatly divides all human activity and products into two classes- Tonic and Toxic: Tonic- those which further the development of the human climax community of Earth, which must be in true ecological balance with all of Life to be stable and capable of self- perpetuation, or Toxic- those which continue to throw human beings out of harmony with each other and with the whole of nature which is God.

* See the Climax Social Evolution Theory page.


Watershed Consciousness


Symbolic of the New Age, Aquarius pours water, symbolic of excess emotions as well as the source of Life itself. The water thus poured falls to the earth and divides itself by watersheds. This provides the new model for social reorganization. The oneness of Earth is composed of a natural hierarchy of watershed units which will become the basis of political organization of the coming spiritual-ecological world community government. 

Each watershed is unique and will have its own needs and therefore its own set of climax community rules, but all will honor the universality of water as the symbolic essence of Life, falling from heaven , contained and used by all life forms, before being released again back to the heavens to continue the cycle as long as Life needs it. Care of water matches care of Life. The sign of the Rainbow is back with us and is our sign of hopes and dreams of a universal non-violent life without the Flood of anger or fear.


These Messages come to you through this imperfect channel, Aquarius sun and rising, moon in Virgo. These messages plus others which will follow later, constitute the tenets of the Church which I carry on my shoulders. You know where your Church is. Worship there and let the law respect us all.

-Another Ham for Christ's sake

July 1, 1979


* Famed alien hunter quits research center after 35 years of searching

Los Angeles Times - - Wed, 05/23/2012

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - - Astronomer Jill Tarter - - perhaps the best-known, real-life alien hunter around - - is stepping down as head  of  the Center for SETI Research, halting a 35-year career of actively searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

That was 2012. It's 2022 now as I write and still no signs of any intelligent aliens.

I theorized another reason why we may not ever find alien intelligent beings which is that every species' genome has evolved to be compatible with Earth's environmental conditions in all its variations, from global warming to ice ages. Our bodies at the molecular level are adapted only to Earth, not to space, not the Moon, not Mars. When we go away from the Earth our bodies react negatively to foreign environmental conditions and molecular damage soon sets in. This means human beings cannot colonize anywhere outside of Earth without sustaining continuous molecular damage and the same fate will be true for any alien species going outside their planetary environments. We are all physically conditioned to and confined by our original planetary environmental conditions. Only spores, tardigrades and robots can safely colonize space and other worlds and perhaps future humans whose genomes have been genetically engineered to match alien environmental conditions. See the Homo Climaxus Revelation chapter.






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