The Biomystical Code

and it's meaning of the Crucifixion


The Crucifixion


the world's most psychologically powerful image of complete self-sacrifice

It was meant to elicit



Christianity is really the teaching of Empathy for others, i.e., following Christ means following

The Golden Rule


It does something to you to look at this guy nailed up on a cross who people say was God in the flesh. What's going on here? God kills God? There has to be something more to it. And of course there is. The whole Messiah salvation idea is being turned on its head where the human being wants to see God providing a King of Kings to establish justice for all, a guy like David, a Warrior King who kicks butt to get things changed once and for all. Not this wimpy Jesus guy who doesn't raise a arm in defense of himself let alone raise an army to take Jerusalem and make himself its rightful king. "My kingdom is not of this world." says Jesus. Now what's that supposed to mean? Not of this world? And God goes to the cross to have God killed by God? The whole thing's weird but that's really what gives it spiritual power to invade the mind and shake it up. And change people. World's most powerful icon of self-sacrifice does the job better than any other avatar or philosopher. Compare Jesus' impact on the world to Socrates for example.


* Jesus paid the price for Judah's hubris and narcissism. No one can claim God to themselves alone. God is God of All Humanity and no single person, no single group will ever be allowed by God to claim God as their own private property.


* Jesus paid the price for Judah's false elevation of their tribal god Yahweh to EL Elyon's position as God Most High. Yahweh was never EL Elyon, God Most High yet priests and scribes of Judah have convinced most of the world that their tribal god Yahweh is his Father, EL Elyon. For this lie, Jesus, representing Yahweh, paid the price for Judah's deceit. A god is killed in proxy through the death of Jesus.


* Without the Spirit of Christ men do act like vampires sucking the life's blood out of their families and the community, getting fat like ticks engorged on the production of others. The Cross repels vampires.


* From now on salvation comes from understanding the sacrifice of Yahweh as Jesus. Paul's Mystery Religion vicarious sin atonement interpretation of Jesus' sacrifice is no longer valid except for those who are in agony in their personal lives and desperately need to become "reborn" in order to escape and overcome their past life mistakes. Paul's theology is still excellent for that but for those who need intellectual balance in their spiritual life, only Biomystical Revelation can supply that now.


* "No one comes to the Father except through me." No man will find the true Father without understanding the necessity of sacrificing Yahweh as Jesus himself did.


* The Alpha Code of Honor Yeishu-Jesus inspires wisdom over force to break through the otherwise top dog animal behavioral pattern humans use to control society.


Vicarious Atonement


The Pauline Christ Cult's take on the meaning of Yeishu's death is based on pagan Mystery Religion worship wherein believers are told that the dying/resurrection god-man's agonizing death can wash them clean of sins as well as guarantee entry into eternal life. Vicarious atonement it's called and it's a primitive stage of worship not very far removed from cannibalism, i.e., the ancient basis of the Christian Eucharist celebration. The idea is that by believing in, baptizing in the name of, or ingesting the symbolic blood and flesh of the god-man somehow makes one becomes one with it. Yeishu' sacrificial death has much more meaning if one knows the biomystical reasons why God Most High demanded it.


The Hypnotic Trigger


Christ on the cross is the most powerful hypnotic image ever to enter into universal human consciousness* It is THEE maximum psychological impact religious icon for symbolizing self-sacrifice, sacrifice of our selfish egos, our Self god we make of our selves so that we who think we are little gods surrender our power bases and our privileges so that everyone in the group, the community, the nation, the world, altogether as Family benefits. When alpha leaders follow the Christ example, not literally giving their lives, but symbolically forgoing benefits of personal privilege and power that they would otherwise aggressive compete for, win and defend as their "territories", not only physical lands but social, political, religious, educational, business, you name it social organization and chances are dominant males usually control it. Unless this chain of alpha male battling for control is ended that perpetuates the terrible alpha male war game vicious circle there will be no peace and harmony in mainstream societies.

* April, 2004 Update: Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion" has created a huge uproar in Jewish circles and is quite controversial in Christian ones as well. This demonstrates the power of this icon of self-sacrifice to arouse deep-seated human emotions.


In Biomystical Christian theology, the story of Jesus' crucifixion death forms an icon which has the hypnotic or psychological power to act as a catalyst for changing human behavioral patterns. The specific human behavioral pattern that Jesus' death overthrows is the one of the Alpha male leadership that rests on the brutal use of power that is used to:

1) subjugate acceptable members of the social group led by the Alpha male and his hierarchy of supporting power-seekers.

2) eliminate or oppress into powerlessness competing Alphas leaders or competing social groups.

Jesus' refusal to lead his disciples into power struggles overthrows the typical Alpha male battling pattern to establish and maintain Alpha male leadership over the community. The story of Jesus' trial and crucifixion marks the Alpha male battle arena where Jesus as the Messiah or top spiritual Alpha leader takes on the temporal power of the mightiest empire in his time, the Roman Empire, as well as taking on that world's most respected "moral" religious leaders, the Sanhedrin or Jewish spiritual leadership in Jerusalem. Jesus takes them on, seemingly to lose everything, even his very life, but instead, pulls a miracle of escape from the dead, ascending into the spiritual realm he always claimed was his and not the material realm the Jews thought the Messiah would rule. By accomplishing these feats Jesus ends up starting a mass religious movement that within three hundred years controls Rome. Meanwhile the Jews are scattered from Jerusalem and Palestine and Judaism never fully recovers from the takeover of Jesus Christ and Christianity. This is the historical reality of the spiritual power of Jesus Christ be he a legendary being or historical man.

Jesus dying on the Cross forms the icon which acts like a hypnotic trigger to release the power of the Spirit of Christ within every person, that Christ-like spirit being identical to the human conscience which abhors injustice and loves Love personified in God and in human relationships of sharing and caring. How is this done by the icon of sacrifice of Jesus? Here is how from the "biomystical" perspective:

God knows we human beings are mentally "hard-wired" into the mammalian animal behavioral pattern of social groups being led or "governed" by those members of the group who rise to top positions in group social status through trials by combat. Once an Alpha leader is established by combat, biological studies show that the entire flock, herd, or pack, literally breathes easier as testosterone levels decrease in all males after the leader is selected.

The phenomena was seen recently in our U.S. 2000 Presidential election when nearly a month passed with no leader officially selected to run the nation. The combat winners have been labeled "Alphas" for this reason and they control the betas and gammas or social sub-groups lower down in the hierarchy of power positions. Naturally, following the animal pattern produces Alpha males who win combats by force or cunning, traits that often work against rulership that benefits the whole group. More often, it is the top Alpha's self and immediate family and circle of attending advisers, managers, and servants who will benefit from the top Alpha's rulership. Others outside the King's hierarchy of power positions are there only to provide the concentration of social wealth and power in the King's hands with social equality of distribution of community produced wealth only a collective dream called "the Kingdom of God" by monotheists or "Utopia" by the secular world.

If you've read the Biomystical Code section within the Original Biomystical Religious Experience chapter, you will know that Biomystical Christian theology holds that there is a pattern found in the Bible that relates directly to Alpha male rulership. In the Bible one finds a repeated theme of the oldest son being rejected as the spiritual inheritor in favor of the youngest son, a pattern that goes directly against the common wisdom that the firstborn is usually more capable than the later ones and the one who usually inherits the father's wealth and lands. Cain is rejected while younger Abel is chosen by God, Esau is rejected while second twin Jacob tricks his older brother and steals his inheritance, Moses, younger brother to Miriam leads the Habiru, David, youngest son becomes the mightiest Israelite king. All the while God gives instructions to the Hebrews to make sure the least ones of the community are taken care of, the widows and orphans, the diseased and the ones possessed by demons, the ones in prison, and the strangers at the gate. Jesus says "the first shall be last and the last shall be first" and that those who would rule must learn to serve and he makes the example of washing the feet of one of his disciples. All this is contrary to biology or is it?

Biological fact is that the eldest of siblings usually does have more genetic and acquired abilities than those siblings who follow. The first child receives the most attention usually which also contributes to greater statistical evidence of firstborns being overly represented in leadership positions. So why does God pick the last to be first? Why does God send us a story of a firstborn Son, a man called the "Messiah", the "Son of God", "King of the Jews" and "King of Kings", a spiritual Alpha with spiritual powers above all other Avatars from God, an undisputed Alpha Male of highest power, the single most powerful individual influencing the course of Western Civilization for 2000 years, why does God kill this firstborn man Jesus and how did it work that Jesus' death overthrew the selfish tyrant Alpha leadership model and released the Spirit of Christ felt by billions now throughout the world?

God did it all by making Jesus into a hypnotic trigger, an Icon of icons, who's symbolic meaning when internalized, i.e.,. when thoroughly understood and accepted as part of one's own belief system, is capable of "short-circuiting" the otherwise self-centered and often mean-spirited tough Alpha male behavioral pattern found universally in leaders of nations, corporations, and the whole hierarchical sub-system of social organization. In Jesus, God gives all, males and females alike, an Alpha male model who reverses the usual Alpha male modus operandi. In Jesus' confrontation with established Roman Alpha authority in Pilate, Jesus doesn't play the Alpha male battle game in its trial setting--he refuses to defend himself and meekly goes to his execution. In the story, one is led to believe Jesus could have seized temporal power but refuses to do so, even if it means his death. He claims his victory in the spirit world and that victory is so great it spreads out from Jerusalem to all lands of earth. Jesus, as Alpha loser in man's world ends up winning so successfully future alpha rulers must acknowledge his divine rulership or themselves be ousted from social power positions in a world where Christianity rules.

However, the story of Jesus comes with its own betrayal, not with Judas Iscariot but in the form of Paul's pagan Mystery Religion interpretation of the meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death. Paul's desire was for Christianity to be accepted by Roman authorities, and the Gospel writers establishment of the tradition of Apostolic Succession which when taken to Rome formed the Papacy traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Paul undercuts the psychological power of the Jesus sacrifice icon by making Jesus into a human sacrifice sin offering for the atonement of sinners who believe in the name of Jesus. This concept is foreign to Judaism although through Paul's and later Christian writer's careful selection of isolated Old Testament verses, they did manage to create the impression to millions, now billions, that Jesus was the "Suffering Servant" model Messiah "prophesied" by Scripture. This concept does create its own spiritual power for those in personal crisis and in desperate need of spiritual anchorage. "Born again" creates a healing fellowship for those whose lives have lost meaning or become seriously derailed by either wrong life decisions or tragedies beyond human control. And this is good. But almost gone is the psychological power of the Jesus sacrifice Icon: the sacrifice of power over others for love that serves others that Jesus first taught as he preached and finally through his sacrificial death on the cross providing the striking hypnotic image of a God-Man giving his all for the sake of humanity.

Why would God want the highest human being killed for the sake of saving humanity? It's got to be something more than Paul's Mystery Religion concept of Jesus as a sacrificial sin offering whose death atones for the sins of believers and offers them a ticket to eternal life. The same spiritual benefits could have been obtained by spiritually identifying with the Mystery Religions' dying/ resurrection gods like Attis or Mithra or Osirus. Even the Eucharist meals are the same seasonal vegetation god fare: bread from grains and wine from grapes. But with no focus on Jesus' teachings, Paul manages to create the Christ as God's ultimate sin atonement offering icon that eventually becomes the only "authorized" Christian reading of the phenomena of Jesus.

Next, Paul defeats Jesus' radical resistance to human abuse of authority. Jesus counsels us to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's what is his", pointing to the Roman coin and meaning Roman control of society through control of the financial bloodline of its empire. But then Jesus says "and render unto God what is God's". This creates a quandary. Jesus certainly must be saying that if you use Roman money you submit to Roman rule because it's their money system, not yours. But if Jesus follows Hebrew Scriptures re God Almighty, God is God of All and this must also include Roman or any human social system where the Strong Man prevails by force of arms or economic control.

Jesus also teaches us that we can't serve two masters at once. Who then is Jesus telling us to serve in his subtle make-you-think twice style? God and not the tyrant king. Even Jesus' God is seems different from the tyrant king God Yahweh because Jesus' "Abba" is a different God the Father face of the Holy One, a God the Father that was buried under Yahweh's domination and emerges only in Messianic prophesy carried to fulfillment in Jesus. The name of Jesus' "Abba" is EL and the Messianic prophesy fulfilled is the prophesy of the return of the Spirit of EL to the people which can be seen in the prophesized name of the Messianic Child, "Immanuel", literally "EL is with us". EL is God Most High, the God the Father face of the Holy One and the source of the Messiah/Christ concept that runs from ancient Canaan to Jesus Christ. You can learn all about EL in the Restoration of God Most High chapter but for here the main point is that through the story of Jesus Christ, the Holy One has created an icon of most amazing power for transforming human society and that icon starts in ancient Canaan where EL was revered as "the Compassionate One", "the Kindly One", and the Creator that the Canaanites turned to for forgiveness of their sins.

EL wasn't a God of War or a God of Retribution like Yahweh. Of all the ancient male gods, EL stands out as unique in his characteristic rulership by wisdom and compassion and not by might. EL was also "married" to a Great Goddess, Asherah being Her name and represented most often in Canaanite religious iconography as the "Tree of Life". Both EL and Asherah were incorporated into the Hebrew epic but as subsumed identities. EL is subsumed into Yahweh. EL's wise and compassionate character peeks out here and there in Yahweh's unpredictable bursts of tolerance and compassion for Yahweh's exclusive people, the Hebrews, but in the main, Yahweh's character is one that it is wise to fear. EL seems never to have inspired fear in His Canaanite believers. It is at the time of Moses that the Old Testament records the official renaming of the God of Abraham from EL to Yahweh. One has to wonder who Abraham's God really was because it would be very uncharacteristic of EL to demand a child sacrifice. That's a whole other story, one made mysterious by the association of Melchizedek with Abram (Abram was Abraham before God changed his name*)

* See the Moloch Problem in the End Times of Zionist Judaism chapter.


Biomystical Christian theology views Jesus' death on the cross as the Holy One's sacrifice of the Yahweh God the Father face of Itself in order that the EL God the Father face could be resurrected and become known again in the world after being buried by the Hebrew incorporation of EL's name but not EL's nature into Yahweh. Yahweh is not EL, but originally one of the sons of EL in the Canaanite pantheon. Hebrews almost succeeded in obliterating all traces of EL as He was originally known but the Holy One resurrected that information for us in our times with the discovery of the Canaanite Ugarit cuneiform tablets. Also Yahweh as a son of EL is mentioned in Psalm 86 and the fate of Yahweh is prophesized in Psalm 82.

Jesus represents Yahweh by his name and Hebrew lineage but his teachings are those of EL, the Compassion One, the Kindly One. If Jesus represents the Messiah as a compassionate spiritual ruler who rules by wisdom and kindness and not brute force, this overthrows the Messiah as another oriental despot, a tyrant king modeled on Yahweh's own schizophrenic nature, wrathful tyrant here-loving father there, a mixture guaranteed to make followers manifesting the same schizophrenic nature as one sees in both Judaic and Christian communities when given temporal power. Islam exhibits the same schizophrenia due to their following Allah as the God of Abraham who's test of worship, the sacrifice of Abraham's son, was established in by the Hebrew tradition. And Biomystical Revelation rejects this schizophrenic Yahweh-Allah image of the God the Father face of the Holy One as being too psychologically and morally crippled to be worthy of worship in our New Millennium times.

If God the Father face of the Holy One is one of a dual nature, a Light and Dark nature, as ancient representations of the Masculine aspect of God saw in the dual sun gods, one rising, the other setting through the day and through the year, then it is now time for the EL face of the Holy One to rise and represent God the loving Father. Let the Yahweh face retire because only when the loving Father, "Abba" is esteemed and held as God Most High will human beings fully understand Jesus' supreme sacrifice. The Holy One sacrificed the tyrant God of Retribution for all who disobey in order that the wise God of Goodness would be released as God the Father who made Creation and knows and loves humanity made in the Holy One's image, male and female, hardness and softness together in loving relationship. Let's not forget that in Canaan, EL was married to Asherah and probably learned about unconditional love, a mother's trait, through Her.

If one thinks in terms of Jesus' sacrifice symbolizing the death of ego, a necessary requirement for being "born again" in spiritual consciousness and conscience, then Jesus' death can be thought of as God sacrificing God in order to release a new spiritual awareness. This makes the Jesus sacrifice icon a symbol of taking the sacrifice of ego in service to others to its highest level, the level of God. You must be willing to sacrifice your Self as God, your selfish Ego, in order to release your higher self, your "eugo" or "good self" that is one with God, life, and humanity. These Biomystical Revelation views form the biomystical meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross. No social organization of human beings that is based on Alpha rulership by the Strong Man can remain in power for long once the Biomystical meaning of Jesus' life and death are understood. It is this "Biomystical" interpretation of Christ's death on the cross that will give Christianity further spiritual power to radically change human behavior. Many religions offer compassion for humankind in their basic teachings, e.g., Hinduism and Buddhism's "Karuna" ideal.* But only Christianity offers the world's most powerful hypnotic icon of self-sacrifice necessary for overcoming selfishness that is the root cause of social injustice.

* Karuna translated from Sanskrit means "to take compassionate action to diminish the suffering of others". As we become enlightened, we recognize that we are all connected with each other and there fore it is natural for us to want to extend compassionate action to our fellow human beings that may be suffering. The spirit of Karuna implies that we use wisdom to guide us in imparting the energy to heal ourselves as well as others. Karuna can be likened to the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end the suffering of all humanity. As you develop Karuna in yourself, you will become more receptive to its healing energies and therefore your personal healing will be quickened.


The Spirit of Christ= Bio-Christ within, the conscience


For me, the Spirit of Christ and what people call our conscience are identical. I'm not talking about the man Jesus who may or may not have been an historical person, but the unmistakable Spirit that animated and inspired so many visions of Christ as Jesus two millennia ago and has gone on to inspire people of conscience ever since. That's not to say other religions do not have conscience but in terms of what that word has come to mean, really only the Christian interpretation applies. The other religions mix either violence with conscience which makes conscientious behavior backed up by social force and not internalized as one's personal conscience or free choice of doing right by others, or other religions include conscience with dis-attachment and fatalism to the fate of others that for Christians would be "unconscionable", e.g., as Buddhism is practiced generally. Our modern concerns for the rights of others, the freedom of others, stem from 17th, 18th, and 19th Century Christian activism as much as anything else.


Releasing the Bio-Christ within is the only way to true peace and harmony


Personally, I believe the Christian icon of total self-sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is one of the most powerful hypnotic triggers available in any religion or non-religion that has the psychological power to bring our consciences to life. The image evokes sympathy for the victim of injustice and cruelty of the world where alpha human males perform only more complicated versions of the animal world's dog-eat-dog, top-dog, most ruthless and physically powerful aggressor rules the pack, rules the herd, rules the flock behavioral pattern. Our consciences are pricked by the sight and knowledge of Jesus' suffering and thus are more activated than otherwise will be by the various and sundry religious teachings of compassionate action. This is my Christian prejudice of course, but it works well for me as I see and compare my religious beliefs with others.



From Internet Talkboard discussions


The Biomystical interpretation of Jesus' Sacrifice

Arielmessenger 3/18/02

Biomystical Revelation says the Holy One gave the world a striking graphic hypnotic image of Sacrifice with a capital S with the story of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. God sacrifices God and provides the most powerful of images for personal transformation. Man sacrifices his ego, his ego-centered Life through identification with the ritual sacrifice of Jesus. And while Biomystical Revelation suspects there never was an historical Jesus who died a crucifixion death, Biomystical Revelation does know that the story of Jesus' sacrificial death works to the same effect.

It is the Greatest Story ever told and gives the world that needed powerful image of self sacrifice that can trigger the human conscience into full operation destroying the top dog Alpha male rulership pattern because Jesus, as the very highest Alpha male ruler possible, i.e., the Messiah, King of the Jews and King of Kings, deliberately refuses to play the alpha male domination game, refuses to fight the top alpha leaders of his time yet by "losing" Jesus wins in the end.

Conscience wins out over brutal unconsciousness. Non-violent resistance wins out over violent coercion. The Top Dog must behave as if he were the least in the kingdom in order to follow God who has it planned all along for human beings to overcome the animal behavioral pattern and move into true humanity.

I call this "biomystical" interpretation because it is spirituality that follows biological principles. There is in social animals a phenomena that happens in the male battles for domination of the herd, flock, pack, etc..

When males battle it out to see who gets to be leader of the herd researchers have found, not surprisingly, an increased level of testosterone in the systems of all males in the herd or flock. A bunch of mostly young hyper guys strutting their stuff with each other, sorting out the social hierarchy with pitched battles that finally culminate with one younger alpha male challenging the old alpha bull for leadership. The two battle it out, depending on the species, with mock fights or real ones, fairly harmless fights or deadly ones, until a victor emerges. Research has shown that as soon as the victor emerges there is a general lowering of all testosterone in all the members of the herd, i.e., peace reigns again as the social hierarchy is reestablished.

Now think about us humans. If you were God and desired to fulfill your promises of peace and plenty to those humans who believed in you and your power, but you knew if you let normal biological programming to operate with human societies that it produces only killer ape behavior in humans and their leaders, how do you go about setting up some kind of social alpha authority over the human group that fulfills the deep seated biological programming to accept the strongest leadership? (historically usually this meant smart and mean men willing to sacrifice others to attain their goals) How do you break that biological cycle if you're God and want to help humanity evolve to higher levels of consciousness, wisdom, justice, mercy, and love?

Biomystical Revelation sees in the phenomena of Jesus Christ God helping us break that incredibly strong biological killer ape behavior pattern where leadership in human enterprises is usually given to the most aggressive individuals who also usually are not the most kind-hearted, honorable human beings. God saw a need to raise up a spiritual leader, an alpha male of alpha males, a King of Kings, who could undo the whole victor/victim, have and have-not paradigm that usually operates in human social structures.

This is the Messiah, the Savior, the One who overthrows the normal human social pattern where the mean and greedy rule over the meek and servant-spirited. So Jesus, the King of the Jews, King of the people of God, of the covenant and epic containing the Messianic concept, overthrows the highest temporal powers, the greatest power in the world at the time, Rome, and the greatest spiritual authority at the time, the Sanhedrin.

How does He do it? By refusing to play the Alpha male power trip. He lets the alphas physically kill him instead of fighting for his life or power. He dies but yet through his death, through his sacrifice of alpha domination, through his sacrifice of ego, through his sacrifice of virtual God as himself, Jesus shows us how God overthrows the animal in man to release the spiritual in humanity.

By deliberately dying the most lowly of social status deaths, crucifixion, by not urging his followers to fight for the Kingdom, Jesus shows us the Path to true righteousness which is found when we follow the will of Jesus' compassionate and wise God the Father who, as you now know, Biomystical Revelation has identified as EL the Compassionate One, the Kindly One.

And thus God gives us a new social model where we human beings, especially we men, can learn the lesson that the biological programming can be overcome. We can be free of negative animal behavioral patterns if we know them and use the Christ example to avoid falling into them again as the Christian Church certainly did, over and over again as they followed Paul's Judaized Mystery Religion doctrine and buried this meaning of Christ's sacrifice.

There is little real difference in religious philosophies except for making the sacrificial God a supposedly historical being instead of a timeless God who repeatedly goes through the dying/resurrection transformation. Certainly Christianity is not unique in offering Christian believers a way to be "born again" or entry into eternal life. These were the promises of the Mystery Religions too.

Only Biomystical Revelation's "Biomystical" interpretation of Jesus' sacrifice makes Christianity unique in all the world's religion and yet so necessary for further spiritual development of humanity from human animalism. Of course this Biomystical Christian doctrine naturally leads to the belief that only Christ fulfills the spiritual leadership role universally--all other spiritual avatars are second rate at best because they fail to provide the striking hypnotic image of Sacrifice that Jesus did.

Inborn Christian chauvinism, folks, but it's the truth. Interesting religion we got here..

*       *


Stephen. I can't at this moment think of any way to appropriately thank you for your awesome treatise on the ABC theology and the Biomystical Meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death...... I have never ! ! ever ! ! been able to accept the dictum that Jesus crucifixion was an atonement for our sins.....rather, I have always felt that such a concept was one of many fabrications designed to keep us in perpetual fear of suffering through another serious guilt trip..... as in: "He died for your sins, so you better not commit any new ones ! ! ! "You better behave ! " "You better be good ! " So Stephen, your incredible post has provided me with powerful and logical reasoning that explains and justifies Jesus' crucifixion in a totally new way ! ! I'll be forever grateful. And tomorrow morning I'm taking copies of your paper to my Historical Jesus Adult Sunday School class (Unity Church), and they're going to love it ! ! Again, a gazillion thanks........and bless you ! John G.

*       *


Saving Knowledge:  The Biomystical Christian Gnosis of the meaning of Jesus sacrifice.. Pauline Christianity's interpretation of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross is not unique as it follows the doctrines and practices of pagan Mystery Religions. But the Biomystical Christian interpretation is unique because it ties spirituality with social biology in a direct, meaningful way to end the savage domination of society by the most aggressive alpha members. This makes Jesus and Christianity different from the rest because Jesus becomes the first and only representative of God Almighty to willingly give up temporal power in order to provide a model of sacrifice of power for love for all alphas, all who would lead others.

This is why Biomystical Revelation is so concerned that Jesus' teachings about the first coming last, the leader washing the feet of the follower, etc, etc, are understood as the real spiritual revolution Jesus accomplished. Buddha did renounce social position to help the world but only Jesus gave the world the supreme icon of self-sacrifice which make it the world's most powerful hypnotic trigger to release the full power of our inner "Christ", our consciences.

Without understanding the full meaning of Jesus' sacrifice in terms of how it smashes the alpha top dog animal behavioral pattern, Paul' Christian interpretation became the Christian norm and traditional Christianity then joined the ranks of all other human organizations of the day where authority was established by pure power instead of by wisdom and compassion. The early Christian Church made sure that the power of spiritual authority followed the leaders who quickly forgot all about Jesus' teachings of leaders placing the followers needs ahead of themselves. In other words, early Christian Church leaders were far more interested in establishing a new top dog alpha hierarchy for the Christian Church body of believers like the Jews had with their priesthoods, synagogues and Temple in Jerusalem and they accomplished this in Rome.

Biomystical Revelation says that the Spirit of Christ sacrifice model is needed to be universally understood by each and every individual engaged in social activity, i.e., everyone. because until that top-dog alpha male domination pattern is recognized for what it is in terms of blocking and often destroying cooperative individual and community relationships as the most aggressive impose their will on the majority whether they like it or not, whether it is good for them or not. As an Biomystical Christian I can go to any religious or governmental organization on earth and say to them, without your understanding of the Christ sacrifice your organization is doomed to be only the arena for battles between powerful men (or masculine minded women) seeking control of the rest and this accusation will be true.

This ability of Biomystical Revelation to focus in on the most crucial aspect of social relationships is why I believe God has given Arielmessenger the job of prophet to spread the word of this interpretation worldwide. It makes Christianity utterly unique in that it is the first religion to address biological reality head on, using the hardwiring in ourselves to our advantage instead of disadvantage.

In the animal world, once the top dog alpha is selected by trial by combat, the rest rest easy until the next season or a new young alpha male arises to challenge the old one in place. You can see the relief in our society that follows this pattern when a President was finally chosen to lead the country. This is the hypnotic effect of the chosen leader in calming and guiding society. If the leader models his or her leadership on the Compassionate One, they rule only with wisdom and compassion as their only spiritual authority because it comes from a truly compassionate and wise God who desires nothing more than we rise above our animal life into the spiritual-based life intended for us.

*       *


N, we may never know the absolute truth of the story of Jesus. He may never have existed as a real person. There evidently was a "Yeshua" in the first half of the first century B.C. who "led many astray" according to Talmudic record. I think I remember a short note in the Jesus Seminar's "Five Gospels" book that there was a documented "Jesus of Jerusalem" who went around Jerusalem predicting the fall of the Temple a few years before the Romans came in. And now, there's the theory presented that Mark made up the Story of Jesus using motifs lifted from Homer's Odyssey and Iliad and mixing them with the Old Testament prophesies.

As for the Muslim belief that Jesus didn't die a crucifixion death and lived on, (perhaps moving to India), this would make everything Jesus said about his prophetic role to the Jews a calculated lie. I don't buy that sort of intellectual dishonesty from him. It would mean God uses deceit to empower its major players. Where's anything worthy of human respect in that?

Biomystical Revelation presents a fifth scenario that fits the historical record. The Story of Jesus is taught in Pauline Christianity as if it were real undisputed historical fact. To be a "Christian" in Paul's doctrine followed by the NT writers, the Pauline Christian must declare their absolute belief in the Story of Jesus as fact or risk eternal damnation. This automatically gives a rational person qualms since no verifiable records of Jesus' existence exist that can withstand critical historical review, including the suspected forged accounts in Josephus. But in Biomystical Christian interpretation of Jesus of history, it doesn't really matter if he was real or not. Myths can and do organize and inspire intense personal transformation as well as becoming motivation for large-scale social action following the myths, e.g., every tribal society's myths of origin, tribal Hebrews, tribal Greeks, tribal Romans, tribal Arabs.

Biomystical Revelation agrees with Jungian psychology that archetypes are real forces behind human behavior. All of us act out through our mortal lives archetypal roles. Carl Jung and Arielmessenger believe the archetypes represent primeval "entities", "configurations", "angels", or "gods" that do really exist in Creation and live out their existence through the lives of mortal men and women. The myths of Canaan and the myths of origin of the Hebrews call the most powerful of archetypes, the god archetypes, "Elohim" or the "Divine Assembly" and all together they make up the identity of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth which unites all of them in some sort of harmony that we mortal humans cannot see. But behind each one of our cherished spiritual dreams one can see an archetypal pattern that flows through history manifesting here in, say, the archetype of the Warrior King, e.g. David, or there, in the archetype of the Sage King, e.g. Solomon, or the Cosmic King, e.g. Jesus.

So having no way to absolutely determine the reality of Jesus or not, Biomystical Revelation goes with the reality of archetypal invasion of human beings which is quite historically verifiable with the phenomena of the Spirit of Christ in the 1st and 2nd Centuries A.D. In terms of archetypal power which must be considered spiritual power, the Spirit of Christ transformed the whole world and still, after 2000 years can be seen leading the whole world today, e.g. the universally accepted Christian calendar, and the Christian influenced societies of Western Civilization, especially now America, who's culture is sweeping the world much as did the culture of the Greeks before them. Instead of a Hellenization of the world we are witnessing an Americanization of the world, and if you were to ask most Americans what their primary spiritual motivator was, most Americans will still answer Christ and Christianity. That's archetypal power over human behavior that can be seen historically.

Therefore, to Biomystical Christian theology, the Spirit of Christ is a very real thing and allowing It as the primary Spirit of God to guide one's ethical behavior is the true following of the will of God. It was following the Spirit of Christ and not the Word of God that the Holy One led me to Biomystical Christian theology, the saving Gnosis, or saving Knowledge utterly needed in today's world to overthrow the worldwide tyranny of men with guns and money dictating the lives of everyone regardless of moral considerations of right and wrong.

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Thank you, md, for those Ugarit links. I didn't know about any YHWH, son of EL, connections.

I did know about the YHWH and his Asherah finds. I know you believe the resolution of the three monotheisms can be achieved through study of the prophecies but I am not so sure because the three monotheisms each claim exclusive relationship with God giving theirs', and their Scriptures alone, the "true" word of God authority over everyone else. Convinced of their own superior spiritual position, each religionist becomes a fighter for his or her belief system and the cycle of competing spiritual authorities continues on and on and on.

It just that when it comes to authority in human society, human beings are hard-wired to follow the leader and the leaders are determined by combat in the arenas of social competition: actual fields of war, political assemblies and government offices, religious institutions, mercantile associations, sporting events and just about every social organization that requires a hierarchical distribution of personnel in charge.

In other words, getting a universal cooperative spiritual agreement by reasoned argumentation among the differing spiritual advocates is going to fail due to the human mind falling for the "winner" scenario. If a cooperative religious compromise is viewed as watering down the originals beyond recognition then the believers in the original spiritual doctrines will not budge in their beliefs. All will "gird their loins" for battle to preserve what is familiar to them.

And this situation is exactly the reason the Holy One sent Jesus to us the way It did to not only "win" the spiritual competition with the top Alphas of his day, the Jewish spiritual authorities of the Sanhedrin and the Roman temporal rulers, but to overthrow that animal behavior pattern of top dog ruling the pack which is otherwise almost always automatically carried over into human social organization. Jesus "won" the power contest by losing it, by showing ethical superiority winning in the long run against the tyranny of power abusers, i.e., alpha leaders of the old top dog ruling the pack ruling school.

Jesus established himself and the Spirit of Christ as the top Alpha male on the planet. He was said to be "King of the Jews" and "King of Kings". Yet his kingdom is not earthly but spiritual. The Jews want an earthly kingdom of God, a theocracy in control of the whole world from Jerusalem. Fundamentalist Christians seem to want the same thing. Muslims too want a worldwide theocracy with themselves in power. But this isn't the Christian way as taught by Jesus. Jesus rejected earthly power and by refusing to play the top dog Alpha male warrior role, Jesus showed all men how to break the animal Alpha control pattern which releases both high and low in society from tyranny of power abusing leadership.

Without a top Alpha leader rejecting the animal behavioral pattern of alphas battling each other to establish the hierarchical pecking order then nothing stops the top Alphas ruling the tribe or nation as oriental despots or military commanders. These Alphas will then set themselves and their favored kin and retainers up at the expense of the whole community which is made subservient to their ambitions.

God through Jesus showed humanity how to overthrow the animal Alpha programming without which every social organization of human beings will be at the mercy of the most aggressive people being consistently selected for leadership roles. Jesus then becomes the fulfillment of the Messianic promise "Immanuel", of the "Son of God" who is the earthly representative of God Most High. Now did Jesus choose to model himself and his teachings after a Lord of Hosts tribal war god like YHWH or did Jesus model himself and his teachings after a God Most High, the Father of Humanity, a God known as the Compassionate One, the Merciful One, the Kindly One, like EL was known in Canaan?

Jesus reflects his good Father in Heaven, his "Abba" who, once one becomes familiar with pre-Hebrew Canaan deities, can be no other than EL, God Most High, because Jesus' teachings reflect the compassion and wisdom of Canaanite EL and not the use of coercive threats that a lesser deity relying on force must use to gain obedience. EL is above every human battle fray and so is Jesus and so too is every Christian who takes the Spirit of Christ to heart and treats the world and others with compassion and wisdom. YHWH is too emotionally immature to be a model for humanitarianism.

Allah unfortunately seems to share more in common with YHWH than EL although unlike YHWH, Allah at least has a universal agenda to help all the world's people. But still, to Biomystical Revelation, it is in discovering the roots of all three monotheisms in the Canaanite religious belief in the goodness of God Most High, EL, which in the end will save the three monotheisms from being relegated to history as primitive and sometimes savage belief systems.

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