The Krell Project



In the old movie Forbidden Planet there was a machine left over from a previous ancient civilization, the Krell, which could transform mental thoughts into holographic entities for display and into actual manifestations, a progression that eventually did in the Krell people. Art in the future may be done with some sort of Krell machine that can transfer psychic visions seen only in the mind of the artist to holographic reality so that others can marvel at the amazing art produced in the human brain which for millennia only a few visionary prone people were and are able to see. Because I've seen literally thousands of amazing psychedelic images as they often accompany my nightly cannabis intoxication, I long ago lost my zeal for trying to reproduce them through painting. I just cannot compete with what I've seen behind my eyes. No artist can but it really will take something like the Krell Machine for most others to see and understand the art works that exist in museums and galleries are only scratching the surface of what the human mind can produce.