The Biomystic Institute




Mission Statement

The Biomystic Institute is my spiritually-based social and environmental Think Tank dream waiting for dedicated humanitarian activists, researchers and social change participation and investment. The Biomystic Institute is spiritually centered in both Biomystical and Celestial Restoration Christian theology in order to guide social and environmental change towards creation of human lifestyles and communities that are not only biologically compatible with the natural ecology of the life of the land but also compatible with the spiritual ecology of the Holy Family as Godhead.


Concerns of the Biomystic Institute


* Publication and distribution of:

bulletGospel of Humanity
bulletBiomystical Revelation
bulletCelestial Restoration
bulletThe Story of Paxcalibur
bulletThe Vision of Christ Josephine
bulletEnd Times Warnings
bulletAbrahamic Emancipation Proclamation
bullet12 Steps to World Peace
bulletCanaan Peace Plan
bulletCommunitarian Transformation
bulletClimax Civilization Series


* Organization and completion of the Paxcalibur Peace Mission.

* Oversee Manufacture of Paxcalibur icons.

* Funding of the Josephine Mission and completion of the search for Josephine Little White Man.

* College and University religious studies inclusion of the Celestial Restoration and the Gospel of Humanity.

* Developing spiritually centered, energy efficient, cooperative Eco-communities.

* Developing local, regional, national, and international inter-community, inter-tribal Alliances and cooperative self-sufficiency networks.

* Developing low-cost eco-friendly Community Architecture for both residential and commercial needs.

* Promoting the development of riparian Climax Corridors throughout America and the world.

* Promoting development of eco-friendly sustainable forestry and farming practices.

* Developing models for ecological conversion of environmentally sensitive industries.

* Development of CO2 air scrubber systems and heat reduction technology.

* Developing Atmospheric Water Capturing Devices for Farming

* Developing Environmental Education programs.

* Development and promotion of Communergy Club.



Sponsor, oh where for art thou?


As mentioned elsewhere in these pages, I seem always to be an involuntary member of the Clan of the K-Mart, i.e., living at poverty level most of the time. Throughout my life I've been unconsciously saving my art, writings, designs and inventions for a cooperative community of like-minded people, all of us interested in furthering spiritually-based social and environmental change. Over the years I've made  several attempts to establish such communities, e.g., the original Communiversity and Mateel Communiversity projects, the Communitarian Village attempt, plus a couple of other short-lived intentional community projects, but so far, I've just chalked up one new learning experience after another with no intentional cooperative community to call home and home to my friends and loved ones of my extended family.

My hope is that the Biomystic Institute and the Communitarian Society and it social media and buying club outreach, the Communitarian Club, will give birth to the kind of eutopian community I've been seeking most of my adult life. The Biomystic Institute is my working home base now to organize the Communitarian Society and Communitarian Club. The Biomystic Institute will be one of the ways the Communitarian Society raises money. The Communitarian Club will be another.

I have led an improbable life as a social and environmental activist, artist, writer, philosopher, inventor, family man, and prophet of a new religion. I have learned some important things about the world and the Spirit that I want to share through the pages of this website and through requested services of the Biomystic Institute. The Biomystic Institute is where the author of this website can be reached. The Biomystic Institute is presently one old Dell XP computer, a desk, and boxes of files being transferred into readable webpage form.

You can e-mail me here at: arielmessenger@gmail.com



The Paxcalibur Mission


In a spiritual vision I have received Paxcalibur is to be moved to the Beit Jala Monestery--Monastery of the Salesian Sisters, Bethlehem, Palestine. As of this writing I have not contacted them to see if this is a real possibility or not.

Update: No response from the Salesian Sisters so it's other potential homes for Paxcalibur including the Tent of Nations and the Holy Land Trust of Bethlehem, perhaps a Muslim women's organization or even a Canaan Peace Center. I think  Pax needs to be in feminine hands again.

When I returned to Israel in 2010 to do the Paxcalibur Peace Prayer for the removal of the Separation Wall in Bethlehem, I found that the soft steel in the Paxcalibur sword was rusting in the seven years in Nazareth, and the redwood burl slab Paxcalibur rests on was checked with cracks. The original Vision called for Paxcalibur to be gold-plated to not only show its special spiritual communication quality but as a practical protective measure to insure the steel blade withstands the test of time. So hopefully in 2018 if not before, I will be organizing another trip to the Holy Land where Pax will get gold-plated in Jerusalem most likely where antiquity dealers have gold-plating resources. There is also another goal for Paxcalibur which involves getting the Pope's blessing which may happen as the Catholic Church priest and Keeper of Paxcalibur in Nazareth is in touch with the Vatican. I have mixed feelings about this. If Pope Francis leaves office and the Catholic Church reverts back to its old ways I think Paxcalibur should be in Muslim women's hands. Time will tell..



The Josephine Mission


The Josephine Mission essentially is to set up a permanent Josephine Center where the Josephine Bundle and Keepers can protect the Josephine Vision to its prophecy conclusion when Josephine Little Whiteman is born and revealed. She will need funds for Her education and spiritual and humanitarian work. I have been trying to get the NACUA Lifeline Lottery Project going but keep running up against tribal politics. Also trying to get Biomystic Systems Inc. going which when and if that ever happens should be able to provide substantial seed money to the Josephine Mission. Then there's the sale of the now rare item Ariel Salome painting to be accomplished which also may provide seed money.



The Ojai Mission


At the end of 2008, I received a powerful Calling from God to establish an Ojai Mission in Upper Ojai dedicated to helping establish Ojai as the "Wellspring of Humanity". The Call caused a panic attack with me as it made no sense at all. I'd spent 33 years in Humboldt County by then, my family, all my friends were there, and all my activist projects were there. Ojai? But still I went to Ojai to see what was what, to see if I somehow miraculously connected with helping hands for the Biomystic Institute mission that was to be centered there according to the Calling. The Ojai Mission was to be built there to promote the Gospel of Humanity and Biomystical Christian consciousness of responsible holistic stewardship of the Earth. Ojai did have spiritual credentials that's for sure. Krishnamurti people were centered there as are many old Theosophists in their Krotona Institute. But Ojai is also home to many wealthy people and the prices of property there are sky high. I went and saw not really connecting to the place so I came back and waited for God to make the next move because I certainly couldn't without one of my Big Projects clicking and providing the financial means to relocate. Well, that never happened. Years went by and then in 2016 I was forced out of Humboldt County because of all things, I used medical marijuana, a No-No in the low-income senior housing I lived in. Moving to Ojai was out of the question and I barely was able to find another low-income HUD housing before becoming homeless. But I found a Shangri La community or so I thought for about half a year in Colusa, CA.


False hopes, false starts


With a Hispanic population majority Colusa showed me how Californians and the rest of the nation could overcome racial prejudices with everyone working together cooperatively to prove the American experiment in democracy really works. I was delighted. Until the security officer at my rent-subsidized apartment complex assaulted me. And Colusa police backed him up. Colusa showed it's cop-dominated underbelly and I had to leave. Having nowhere to go started another round of trying find a place I could afford to rent with me ending up stuck at my brother's empty condo in Santa Barbara for over a year and half, trapped economically and unable to get out. Then I managed to get a job as fund raiser and local Santa Barbara agent for the Whale Research Institute which was seeking to set up office there. But wouldn't you know it, the founder of WRI got very sick and not being able to run the organization it fell apart leaving me high and dry, still stuck at my brother's condo which he wanted me out of but refused to help me accomplish that. So I got another job, this time as a caretaker on a 1500 acre cattle ranch far in the northern part of the state. At age 75 I learned to become a cowboy! Learned how to move a herd of cattle from pasture to pasture, learned how to live on good terms with coyotes even with Buddy my small but great service dog. My back went out and that job ended but I managed to find another quiet Eutopia, this time really out in the toolies, in Tulelake, CA, another town where the majority are Hispanic citizens and migrant workers. Tulelake is where I'm writing from now in 2022. I do like it here but it gets too cold through the winter season. In the meantime, this happened to Upper Ojai:


Update 2018

The Thomas Fire

Related image


This happened in Upper Ojai near the end of 2017. The Thomas Fire, the largest fire in California's history. Upper Ojai was especially hard hit. If I had been able to build my Biomystic Institute there chances are high it would have burned to the ground. So much for my Ojai Mission vision which I still do not know if, like Muhammad getting his High Flying Cranes goddess vision and later attributing it to Satan, the devil just played me for a sucker, trying to get my spiritual mission compromised by placing it in the hands of wealthy citizens of Ojai instead of regular folks my economic status affords me and thank God for that.



Research Projects


Through the years I've found things and had ideas that required further research I just never found the time for so I've gathered these items of interest here for that further research they demand, e.g., such as my notion of California having its own Pleistocene Park since we have a treasure house of Pleistocene fossils proving that California was home to some of the world's most magnificent Pleistocene animals, many of which would still be here if human beings had not arrived and killed off most all the larger Pleistocene animals. Life is inherently interesting to those of us born to think outside the box.



The Krell Project

Psychedelic Art, the End of manual art,

and the Krell Machine


A major research project is looking for brain visual access ala the Krell "Plastic Educator" Machine as seen in the 1956 Sci-Fi movie, Forbidden Planet. I stopped my psychedelic art work and painting in general after 1975 when I finished the Ariel Lome painting. I'm a good artist, started young and had a promising art career ahead of me because I was one of the first pioneer California artists in the new Psychedelic Art Movement. I was definitely a psychedelic visionary but that was the problem. The psychedelic images I saw and wanted to reproduce as artwork were beyond my capabilities. Beyond any artist's ability to capture what they see as psychedelic imagery, produced by ingestion of psychedelic substances like peyote, pscyllocybin, LSD, etc. The hallucinated imagery I saw was utterly astounding in its precision and complexity. Forget the geometric patterns, they're only the doorway to what the human brain seems capable of producing all by itself. Astonishing figures, forms, colors brilliant beyond what we can usually see, a background of black that brought out the exact forms which were in constant motion, and did I mention 3-D?

Only an advanced animation studio like the one that produced the 3-D imagery in the movie, Avatar, could begin to show what I was seeing behind my closed eyes as well as being projected onto whatever I was seeing with my eyes open. Somewhere in the human the optic nerve perhaps, there is a complex visual signal being created that possibly could be picked up and transmitted to screens that others could see what the psychedelic brain was capable of producing. The Krell Machine used the power of the planet Altair to reproduce in holographic reality what an Altairian was visualizing as thoughts. We need a Krell Machine to make the inevitable jump from manual art to the amazing world of psychedelic imagery, imagery that has no limits it seems to forms and color combinations, from simple geometric patterns to complex landscapes, cityscapes, faces, people, buildings, anything with colors. This is where colors come from say those who have seen psychedelic imagery. My Ariel Lome painting is a masterpiece of psychedelic art, a masterpiece of abstract art in any age but to me it is like a primitive black & white Matthew Brady Civil War photo compared to Avatar. There just are no tools for manual art to reproduce the complexity of psychedelic art. The advanced animation studio could do it but it needs the psychedelic imagery as it is produced by psychedelic experiences of the comparatively few people who see the amazing world of psychedelic imagery. And it's not just imagery but also auditory hallucinations that are being produced internally by the psychedelic mind a Krell Machine could pick up and reproduce for others to hear the equally amazing music the human brain can produce all by itself.



Can the future be predicted by counting the number of times words are being used through time? Futurescope means to find out. What if the number of times the word "war" is seen in print, in newspapers, magazines, books, plays, etc, increases towards the time of real outbreak of war and one can find "trigger" points and patterns in the number count. For example the number of times "war" was in print between 1851 and 1861, the outbreak of the Civil War. Same for WW I, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, the next War. Also see "WORD", my thriller screenplay based on the Futurescope idea.







Paxcalibur Peace Mission


Josephine Mission


Ojai Mission


Research Projects


The Krell Project