The Biomystic Institute



Mission Statement

The Biomystic Institute is my spiritually-based social and environmental Think Tank. The Biomystic Institute is spiritually centered in both Biomystical Christian and Celestial Tauret Christian theology in order to guide social and environmental change towards creation of human lifestyles and communities that are not only biologically compatible with the natural ecology of the life of the land but also compatible with the spiritual ecology of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.


Concerns of the Biomystic Institute include:



Publication and distribution of the Gospel of Humanity, Celestial Christianity, and Creating Climax Civilization books.



Organization and completion of the Paxcalibur Peace Mission.



Publication of the Canaan Peace Plan, the Story of Paxcalibur and Paxcalibur icons.



Bringing the Gospel of Humanity and Celestial Christian theology to colleges and universities.



Completion of prophesy bearing of the Vision of Christ Josephine to the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne peoples.



Developing spiritually-centered, energy efficient cooperative eco-communities.



Developing inter-community cooperative self-sufficiency networks.



Developing low-cost environmentally sensitive cooperative community architecture designs for both residential and commercial need.



Promoting development of riparian climax corridors throughout the county, state, nation and world.



Promoting development of biologically compatible sustainable forestry and farming systems.



Providing models for ecological conversion for environmentally sensitive industries.



Developing environmentally sensitive equipment designs.



Developing environmental education programs.



Developing cooperative eco-community income support industries and services.


As mentioned elsewhere in these pages, I seem always to be an involuntary member of the Clan of the K-Mart, i.e., living at poverty level most of the time. Throughout my life I've been unconsciously saving my art, writings, designs and inventions for a cooperative community of like-minded people, all of us interested in furthering spiritually-based social and environmental change. Over the years I've made  several attempts to establish such communities, e.g., the original Communiversity and Mateel Communiversity projects, the Communitarian Village attempt, plus a couple of other short-lived intentional community projects, but so far, I've just chalked up one new learning experience after another with no intentional cooperative community to call home and home to my friends and loved ones of my extended family.

My hope is that the Biomystic Institute and the Communitarian Society and it social media and buying club outreach, the Communitarian Club, will give birth to the kind of eutopian community I've been seeking most of my adult life. The Biomystic Institute is my working home base now to organize the Communitarian Society and Communitarian Club. The Biomystic Institute will be one of the ways the Communitarian Society raises money. The Communitarian Club will be another.

I have led an improbable life as a social and environmental activist, artist, writer, philosopher, inventor, family man, and prophet of a new religion. I have learned some important things about the world and the Spirit that I want to share through the pages of this website and through requested services of the Biomystic Institute. The Biomystic Institute is where the author of this website can be reached. The Biomystic Institute is presently one old used computer, a desk, and boxes of files being transferred into readable webpage form. You can e-mail me here at arielmessenger@gmail.com



The Paxcalibur Mission

I have received a vision that Paxcalibur is to be moved to the Beit Jala Monestery--Monastery of the Salesian Sisters, Bethlehem, Palestine.

Pax needs to be in feminine hands again. When I returned to Israel in 2010 to do the Paxcalibur Peace Prayer for the removal of the Separation Wall in Bethlehem, I found that the soft steel in the Paxcalibur sword was rusting in the seven years in Nazareth, and the redwood burl slab Paxcalibur rests on was checked with cracks. The original Vision called for Paxcalibur to be gold-plated to not only show its special spiritual communication quality but as a practical protective measure to insure the steel blade withstands the test of time. So hopefully in 2018 if not before, I will be organizing another trip to the Holy Land where Pax will get gold-plated in Jerusalem most likely where antiquity dealers have gold-plating resources. There is also another goal for Paxcalibur which involves getting the Pope's blessing which may happen as the Catholic Church priest and Keeper of Paxcalibur in Nazareth is in touch with the Vatican.


The Josephine Mission

The Josephine Mission is essentially to set up a permanent Josephine Center where the Josephine Bundle and Keepers can protect the Josephine Vision to its prophesy conclusion when Josephine is born and revealed. She will need funds for Her education and spiritual and humanitarian work. I have been trying to get the NACUA Lifeline Lottery Project and Biomystic Systems Inc. going which when and if that ever happens should be able to provide substantial seed money to the Josephine Mission.



The Ojai Mission

At the end of last year, 2008, I received a Calling from God to establish an Ojai Mission in Upper Ojai dedicated to helping establish Ojai as the "Wellspring of Humanity". The Biomystic Institute will be centered there. The Ojai Mission will be built there to promote the Gospel of Humanity and Biomystical Christian consciousness of responsible holistic stewardship of the Earth. Because Ojai is an expensive community I've not been able to move there. Moving to Ojai required success in one of my organizing projects or business ideas. That never happened. In God's grace I've found perhaps an actually better eutopian community when I ended up in a rent-subsidized senior apt. complex in Colusa, CA in 2016. With a Hispanic population majority Colusa shows how Californians and the rest of the nation must overcome racial prejudices and everyone work together cooperatively to prove the American experiment in democracy really works.


Update 2018

The Thomas Fire

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This happened in Upper Ojai near the end of 2017. The Thomas Fire, the largest fire ever in California's history. Upper Ojai was especially hard hit.



Research Projects

Through the years I've found things and had ideas that required further research I just never found the time for so I've gathered these items of interest here for that further research they demand, e.g., such as my notion of California having its own Pleistocene Park since we have a treasure house of Pleistocene fossils proving that California was home to some of the world's most magnificent Pleistocene animals, many of which would still be here if human beings had not arrived and killed off most all the larger Pleistocene animals. Life is inherently interesting to those of us born to think outside the box.


The Communitarian Club

The Communitarian Club is my latest social change organizing project. The idea for a Communitarian Club sprang out of all the old communitarian social change ideas I had more or less buried from my communal past because I couldn't see their relevancy for social change in 1998 when I first put my website online. In 2018 those communitarian ideas still resonate, and resonate loudly because all the problems facing America back then are still around worse than ever. I think they've got all the important social and environmental change directions and directives that America and the world still needs. The Communitarian Club, social media and communication for communitarians plus buying club for communitarian members, is the communitarian alternative answer to Facebook and Amazon. No Super Rich will be created because we're communitarians and share the work and share the rewards.