The Communergy System



original 1973 schematic of the Communergy System



"Communergy" means "Community Synergy" or the coordination of cooperative community building and living information needed by communitarian people in all different types of communities.


The Communergy System is a model for providing communitarian information and solutions to the problems of society.

Communergy centers are the facilitating structures for creation and maintenance of ecologically balanced human/animal/plant communities of the earth. This creates a Decentralized Computer Network. Each center shares information with the rest and no center controls the others in the D.C.N. that Communergy centers become.


Communergy philosophy:

Coming together for mutual aid and for self and community actualization of potential. Holding together, working together in synchronized community activity = Communergy. "Communergy Spirit" = all volunteer* = no coercion, reduces biased information flow.

* See Volunteers, the Work Force of the Future (when robots take over the world and most everyone's job..)

"There are no masters", all are amateurs really, even the "experts" with degrees do not know everything in their field and outside of it? Well, welcome to educational reality. We are all Students of Life. Here we can have non-official learning and learn that we can be "self-accrediting", no one dictating what we learn, or how we learn, or when we learn. "Life-long learning". We step up to the Communergy plate as equals with equal access and no one able to "own" information.


Communergy has a goal: democratization of all information necessary for human communities to function together harmoniously.

Decentralized Information Banks: Each communergy center in each community is assigned and works a selected area of total cooperative community information so that no single computer, communergy center or community becomes overloaded. It's a safeguard against computer crashes as well. Self-selection creates an interest coding system for such information. More data will be added as the whole Communergy System grows and matures, new people asking for and finding new information.

The Communergy System is the Bio-Computer of humanity, the hardware and software of the N÷osphere, Teihard de Chardin's thinking planetary envelope composed of the minds of humanity mentally in touch with one another. Communergy supplies the designing for holistic social change.


The Communergy System is divided into five types of Communergy centers:


*  The Rural Communergy Center is the complete communergy center which functions as the organizing nucleus of the village cooperative educational- management system. These centers would include: information libraries, media access equipment, computer tie-in equipment, political, economic, social, technological, environmental and personal change programs and displays, world-game-type planning rooms for holistic social change coordination between the village and other centers and events in the area, region and the world at large; in short, problem-solving facilities for all areas and levels of community and intercommunity interaction.


*  The Urban and Suburban Communergy Centers: These are the intermediate Communergy Centers in cities which have the following functions- A demonstration area for new ecological lifestyle living arrangements (cooperative families), new organic gardening methods for small space food self-sufficiency, holistic social change projects information and coordination facilities, personal change information, affinity group and project group matching facilities, complete information on rural access for decentralizing city populations, new rural village planning facilities, new earth compatible technology R & D facilities, urban refoliation and reforestation projects, coordination facilities for changing city environments to conform to the ecological and human needs of society, and outlet facilities for new rural community products.


*  Communergy Vans: Traveling "mini" Communergy Centers which open up new areas, towns, and cities to cooperative community planning and programs. Hosting "Road Scholars" too, knowledgeable people going from community to community to help organize cooperative living and working.


Communergy Rooms: "Mini" Communergy Centers with scaled-down holistic information displays and meeting room. A Communergy Room can be any room wherever there is a need for new community, holistic social and personal change information and coordination. At colleges, high schools, homes, on the job, anywhere.


* Micro Communergy Center: Individual person with the Communergy briefcase who takes the portable communergy system approach wherever there's a need.


Communergy Program Notes



I could type them all out but why go to the effort? They're legible as is and historical documents now since Communergy Club came into existence and changed the world. The notes show how I was thinking back then. I went onward from the Communergy System as my main social change organizing concept to expanding the Communiversity program so that it included Communergy System features but being organized as a school, offered more educational framework to organize community with.

See the Communiversity as government page.




Communergy Club


See the Communergy Club section for how the Communergy System could be expanded to form a holistic communitarian social change organization able to provide an alternative to Facebook and Amazon.