Elect a Democratic Socialist



Towards a New Democratic Communitarian Socialist Presidential Platform


The United States hasn't had any particular wisdom in the White House since John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Only a powerful leader with the ability to see the future clearly can help us save the American Experiment in Democracy by offering a Plan to make it beneficial for all American citizens instead of lying back and watching the slow moving social train wreck that it has been for decades and still is today.

We need a charismatic Democratic leader with wisdom is capable of uniting the country. Conservative Republicans have abandoned democratic principles and should be considered enemies of democracy and by extension, America. Under any circumstances they are not be considered competent to run America. Moderate liberal Democrats are not much better. We need Leadership for Change and that means electing a Democrat who has established a strong reputation for championing Progressive Change. As of now, 2022, OAC is our best hope for leading America into fixing everything basically wrong in our country while it's still fixable. She's a person of color, she's a woman, she knows why America's white male leadership  cannot take America where it needs to go to remain a great nation, she understands why Capitalism must be dumped as our national economic system and she knows why it must be replaced with an economic system that benefits All citizens, not just the 1% Super Rich.


A Democratic Communitarian Socialist Party Platform


bulletIt must include present legally and ethically sustainable Constitutional Rights
bulletIt must revise every Constitutional right that has failed to be enforceable
bulletIt must always protect human life over property rights including gun ownership
bulletIt must protect basic Human Rights as does the UN Declaration of Human Rights
bulletIt must protect the shared environment, earth, air, water, and regional eco-systems
bulletIt must protect animals from cruelty
bulletIt must foresee 7 generations into the future to avoid negative consequences



Changing the United Nations of America Economy


There is no way on earth Corporate Capitalism can remain either the world's primary economic system or the present United States of America primary economic system without that system continuing to cause wars and social conflicts between citizens. Capitalism is a Predatory Economic System that turns citizens against each other by institutionalizing unfair economic advantage of America's richer citizens so that we now live in a Plutocracy where a 1% Minority Ruling Class owns and controls most of America and much of the world.

Our New Constitution is based on establishing Economic Democracy in America as well as political democracy. Economic Democracy is the only way to insure the Super Rich cannot warp democratic government institutions with money infusions to Super Rich friendly politicians and their various Congressional bills and laws to keep corporate regulation at bay and Super Rich not have to pay their fair share of taxes.


Technological Innovation is already here


There's another reason to get off the Corporate tit. That is the fact that a Money Economy is facing its End Times. Technological innovation has already scuttled the idea products need to be mass produced and distributed, not when every community could have their own 3-D printing machines capable of making just about anything out of locally produced materials run on local renewable energy sources. Then there is the Coming Robotic Revolution that replaces every undesirable repetitious job operation freeing citizens from work.



A National Lottery

to make paying taxes more bearable


Lotteries are an unexploited means of raising large amounts of money for Good Causes. People, human beings, are natural gamblers, our species successful evolution demanding the ability to gamble on risky outcomes despite physical danger, despite social or religious prohibitions to the contrary. We take chances as part of our natural behavior so why not use this natural propensity and put it to good purpose, namely funding Government service costs.

Lotteries included in paying one's taxes would make that annual chore much less burdensome. Imagine that when you pay your Fair Share of taxes, no Super Rich, no corporations avoiding doing so as is the present case, you also get a Fair Chance of winning some real prize money. It would change the whole way we think about paying taxes. Could be fun, actually, for many who otherwise see their wage earnings go down the drain in government waste.

Speaking of lotteries for funding Good Causes..

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