Bethlehem Bread Company

Formerly "Uncle Dad's Bread"



Uncle Dad's Bread started on Lime Saddle Commune in 1972. For some reason I became the commune's most popular cook even though I didn't eat much of what I fixed for the rest of the members, still being at that time a food fussy person since childhood. That condition broke when I discovered really good Chinese food, then Thai food, then Arabic food, and found out all my "food fussy" identification was due to the lousy American diet in which sauces are practically none existent. Anyway, we all ground our flour from wheat berries and I started to add fresh ground rice flour and then soybean flour to produce this most excellent tasting and highly nutritious because of balanced proteins with the rice and soy added to the wheat. It tasted so good my breads were inhaled in minutes when they came out of the oven.

My father-in-law thought I should commercialize my bread recipe, (pancake batter too of the same ingredients) and I did try to do so several times in the years after leaving Lime Saddle. I teamed up with, count them, two small local bakeries, only to have each one fold before we could get going. Then teamed with a chef at the resort hotel I worked at as night auditor only to have conflicts with his desire to change the bread into sweet rolls. The story of my life, trying to realize my visions only to see them fall apart when others entered my projects. Anyway, Uncle Dad's Bread is still the best, most nutritious good tasting bread there is and some day you'll see loaves for sale at your supermarket, God willing..

When I was in Bethlehem, Palestine, in 2010, my friends at the Holy Land Trust and the Tent of Nations and I talked about starting a Palestinian bakery that developed the Super Bread recipe and produced pita type breads the locals like. It would be fitting for a bakery to be in Bethlehem as the name itself means, "House of Bread". Look for the Bethlehem Bread Company coming to Palestine and the U.S.A.