Twelve Steps to World Peace



Humankind has been plagued by warfare ever since homo sapiens evolved within the hominid family. We are a war-making species and given our ever-increasing capacity to kill one another in obviously violent and more hidden insidious ways this behavior pattern has to change or we end up killing ourselves because everything we do impacts everyone else in our shared global environment. Religions evolved to put the brakes on human aggression but the major ones have been corrupted by male territorial battling using God for cover. Despite all their pleas for peace they all have failed to do much of anything to stop human aggression. Organized religions are actually part of the Problem, they are not the Solution, history clearly shows this. Only by uniting people of peace all over the world to make war on war itself will warfare be defeated and Peace on Earth be established. Twelve Steps to World Peace is my Pax Aquariana Peace Plan to end needless warfare and social conflict.



1.   Know your Enemy

2.   End Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity

3.   End Nationalized Pathological Narcissism

4.   End the Abrahamic Reign of Terror

5.   Democratize the United Nations to strengthen it

6.   Create a United Nations Model of Unification

7.   Focus on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

8.   Use BDS, PR, and Communitarian Replacement as social change strategy

9.   Elect a Democratic Socialist President

10. Create a New United Nations of America Constitution that serves all Americans equally

11. Replenish the Earth

12. Join Communergy Club