Bigloo Villages






Bigloos will be state-of-the-art 3-D printed houses, the first large scale house printing in northern California.

The 3-D house printer moves from building site to building site. It prints out airiated concrete that has built in insulation with air bubbles that form a pumice type concrete, very strong, and all one piece. Bigloos are special homes, made to withstand floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires. They will be waterproof with sealed doors and windows like on ships so can be immersed in flood waters if needed. Two stories, 16 ft high on a 8 ft high reinforced concrete ring perimeter that is buried 5 ft deep making the whole structure 19 ft tall. These structures can be used wherever there is real threat of flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, i.e., they are universal applicable. The "Bigloo" shape was inspired by that familiar Dogloo dog-house shape. Well, my doggie got me looking at dogloos and I came up with the 3-D printed Bigloo concept. When I have more time, I'll fletz around with the Dogloo and get the windows and doors (sealable) on the house shape. Also, the substantial basement foundation for the Bigloo home.

Since I do have experience in eco-housing and building, (see my Compost Cabin design in the Divine Design section) plus building at Lime Saddle Commune a tiny house) and have a whole clearinghouse of eco-design experts through my association with One Community that connects such people, We can create waste systems for each unit that sewage into potable water and with solar panels and horizontal wind generator at the top and panels built into the Bigloo upper surfaces, each unit will be electrically self-sufficient.

The 3rd income stream from this plan will be my cannabis company, California Kush Inc, America's oldest registered cannabis company that I formed in 1979 in Humboldt County following a court precedent there that legalized cannabis indica. The 9th Circuit Court overturned that lower court ruling and I drooped my company then and am now restarting it 39 years later. I have 39 years experience with cannabis living as I did in Humboldt County where cannabis was the main economy there.

When I was working with Native American tribes, (Bear River and Oglala Lakota) on NACUA, Native American Credit Union Administration that coupled a legal lottery system with credit card purchase I made good contact with Michael Lai who is now the Vice President of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China as we needed fairly huge amounts of capitalization. If I connect Bigloo technology sharing with China Michael might be interested in funding us. I made contact with tribal funding too and there is crowd funding.

Bigloo options include a larger Bigloo as center for a star grouping of smaller Bigloos.