The Environment of Truth


With the Trump phenomena of 2016-2023 showing Republicans quite willing to lie to the American people in order to win elections and promote their anti-democracy political agenda America has now experienced what happens when people in political authority and Big Media that supports them deliberately falsify facts. I invented this game in 1995 that focuses on the problem in a novel way as a game that kids might learn from. 


A Conceptual Game of Life


The "Environment of Truth" is a conceptual game that teaches the relationship between reality and our communication of reality. "Reality" is defined here as universal consensual agreement of our past and present experiences of existence.

Our communication to one another of consensual reality can be either accurate or slipshod or deliberately distorted. It is, however, a given assumption by those who play the Environment of Truth game that the game is meant to symbolize reality as it actually is. The relationship to actual events is meant to be symbolically one to one.

In theory, the goal of the Environment of Truth game is to keep the congruency between the game and reality as close as possible. Winning or losing is determined by the accuracy of prediction using the Environment of Truth model against events in real time and space. In other words, the game's given assumption of maintaining symbolic one to one correspondence to real events in real time and space has its logical consequences in accurate analysis of existing events then contributing the major portion of our community ability to survive and prosper in our changing world.

Playing the Game teaches this message: It is of vital importance to our lives that we keep our information about reality as accurate as we possibly can. To relay or transmit to society unintentionally or deliberately distorted information about real events can only cause flawed or distorted responses from society. Large or small, given enough time to work their damage, flawed or distorted responses can and will doom our ability to survive. In the Environment of Truth game, players are pitted against The Adversary who travels to and fro through the Environment of Truth twisting and annihilating facts. This activity causes more and more distortion of the model of Truth. Eventually the Environment destabilizes and crumbles and the Game is lost.

Since no one can visualize reality in its entirety, in the Environment of Truth game, reality in all its myriad variations and interconnections is symbolically simplified as a forested landscape image where individual identities and the interconnections of real events are conceptualized as "Trees of Truth" whose foliage of leaves and flowers represent clusters of small happenings tied to branches which are connected to trunks and roots of an infinite variety of larger events clusters that form the differing types or "species" in these "Trees of Truth" forests of the Environment of Truth game.

Into the Environment of Truth The Adversary comes as an environmental raper "clearcutting" vast swathes through the Trees of Truth whose diversity and unity, analogous to the diversity of a healthy eco-system, is absolutely necessary to keep the game model "alive". The game model, of course, represents the reality of the human predicament: Passing on bad information about real events in The Adversary's way of cutting down the Trees of Truth and destroying the forest landscape and eventually, all of the Environment of Truth.

Besides using a chainsaw of lies, The Adversary also destroy the forest of Trees of Truth by sowing "monoculture" trees of the same faulty type in place of the diverse species of Trees of Truth which are necessary for maintaining a healthy sustainable Environment of Truth. The Adversary's monoculture trees symbolize every limiting social vision which benefits one group at the expense of others. We know these monocultures as "isms"- fascism, communism, capitalism, fundamentalism, all single and simplistic social systems power seekers use to replace the wonderful variety of living communities. These symbolic monocultures, representing politically or socially enforced group mindsets, are The Adversary's tools for stripping away the reality of diversity in the Environment of Truth. In the Game, as in real life, bigots of all stripes are The Adversary's sowers and growers of dysfunctional monocultures.

At the Advanced Level of local play in the Environment of Truth game The Adversary has cleverly hidden its bigots and its monoculture behind the cloak of "environmentalism" but environmentalism of one specific "politically correct" kind that only allows its single environmental vision to exist. Real facts, the Trees of Truth that might contradict the game position of The Adversary are summarily cut down by being discredited or ignored by The Adversary's minions who, like bigots and chauvinists everywhere, are totally convinced their tunnel vision reality, their monoculture forest of sameness, is the only one acceptable. Thus they do The Adversary's work by supplanting the viable diversity of the Trees of Truth forests with their own false forest monoculture. Bit by bit, tree by tree, The Adversary's monoculture game plan dooms the environment it controls to eventual failure and extinction.

In the Environment of Truth game those who play against The Adversary must possess great strength and courage. The Adversary's main weapon is in spreading lies so The Adversary sends slanderers out to bear false witness to destroy the lives of those who would defend the Environment of Truth. Only the spiritually conscious player, the Spiritual Warrior in service to Truth and Life, the Lord and Lady sovereigns of the Environment of Truth game, will have the strength and wisdom needed to defeat The Adversary and keep the Environment of Truth truly whole and complete. The Lord advises his defenders, "Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free", while The Lady cautions hers, "Take care of all of Me" and this is the winning strategy.


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