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What is "Eutopia"? It isn't Thomas More's "Utopia" which means literally "no place" and it isn't "Ecotopia", an environmentalist's fantasy where they become the new ruling class. "Eutopia" is simply the "Good Place", the place where you're called to where you spiritually need to be to become a better person. It's the place where you help others do the same. It's really none other than that place Jesus called for his generation the "Kingdom of God" and which we can call for our politically correct one--the Realm of the Holy One. 

So It's big and it's small. It's here and it's there. It's spread out all around you yet it's deep within you. It's the place in your heart and mind and in your community family where peace and harmony reign above violence. It's the place where you are at peace with yourself and where families and communities and nations are at peace with themselves and with the surrounding life-supporting natural world. It's the place in your mind that knows and lovingly accepts Life with all it's natural joys and pains of existence in this world that is the Great School of Living, if you are a believer, from which we all must graduate to enter the World to come.


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Biomystic Books:

The Aquariana Key

The Aquariana Key contains the Key to unlocking the meaning of the Celestial Torah which turns out to be the Source of the Judeo-Christian Messianic tradition. It took three decades of spiritual journeying to arrive at the Aquariana Key revelation. My "Biomystic" spiritual visions and insights that occurred along the way are all recorded in the pages of The Aquariana Key. The book also contains the Aquariana Gifts, ten Visions for the harmonic restructuring of societies so that there is an end to religious and secular warfare. Celestial Torah Christianity is the tenth Aquariana Gift and it forms the basis for a new universal Christian theology that is geared for the spiritual needs of the new aeon, the Age of Aquarius.



Creating Climax Civilization

Creating Climax Civilization presents a revolutionary new biologically-based social evolution theory plus a number of cooperative community visions of "eutopia", the "good place". Creating Climax Civilization details my social and environmental change visions and my experiences trying to build that Good Place and survive in one peace. Cooperative community building, holistic activism, environmental projects with Native Americans are some of the topics covered in Creating Climax Civilization.



Projects, art and Ideas:


The Biomystic Institute

The Biomystic Institute is my Gnostic Think Farm. I say "Think Farm" instead of "Think Tank" because the Biomystical Christian way is towards creating peace and not war. The Biomystic Institute is the non-profit organization that publishes my writings and organized Biomystic projects such as The Bridge, the Canaan Peace Plan, the Heartlands Project, the Lifeline Lottery Project, the two missions to Israel/Palestine and the mission to the Lakotas, and the gold-plating of Paxcalibur. It will be the primary organizer of the Ojai Mission.



Kushstone Gallery

From 1960's psychedelic artist to communitarian organizer to environmental activist to holistic social change philosopher to spiritual activist and author of a new Christian theology, my solitary Gnostic Christian activist path fits no formula. Here and there along the way I've managed to produce a few paintings, drawings, even a new religious icon or two. The Kushstone Gallery page holds examples of my artwork ranging from 1965 to 2003.



Divine Design

Inventions and designs

Since I was 12 or so I have been inventing things, quite a few toy designs and other designer items as well as all sorts of other things, from computer-related ones to environmentally-friendly housing construction techniques. Hopefully, some day these ideas will be part of the economic income projects of whatever cooperative community I eventually end up living in, if any. Because God keeps this prophesy bearer on a short economic leash I've never had the funds to develop most of my invention ideas. Some are darned good and at this point in my life I just want to share them hoping somebody in the communitarian or tribal world will develop them as income projects.

"Uncle Dad's Bread" was my Super Bread recipe that I developed during my Lime Saddle communal days in the early '70's. It's a special balanced protein bread that combines three grains and it tasted so good when I made my loaves four loaves at a time were inhaled as soon as they came out of the oven. Everyone who tasted my Super Bread thought it was great, tasted great which is unusual for a bread recipe that include lot's of soy protein. Divine Design was going to be the name of my invention and design company and could still be used although the last time I checked (years ago) there was an architectural or interior design consulting firm using that name in California.


Biomystic Books which are actually more like online scrolls, are free to the reader as well as the author. Visions of Eutopia has been published online since 1998. You can do so much more with online publishing formats; you can add lot's of pictures to the text that would cost you a small fortune to have published in print. Plus you can add new information keeping your book up-to-date. Sure, I'd like some big publisher to hand me a fat advance promising a huge promotion but for my present budget this is the best way to for a non-profit prophet to publish. Enjoy!



Biomystic Institute

 Permission to copy or use the text material is freely given. Help spread the new Word of God and then run for cover.



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