This is my on-going journal of spiritual and secular New Age visions, prophecies, spiritual knowledge and social change experiences over my past 54+ years of eutopian dreaming and scheming some of which, like my most of my religious visions, are reported as they happened or soon after and they reflect the religious zeal which inspired them. So forget grammar, spelling and punctuation, or authoritative references, this isn't a scholar's work but religious genius in the strict sense of generating new theology, Jewish Christian at that. And forget an ending. I'm 79 as of this writing and I still get new religious visions and secular ideas so The Biomystic Book ends when I end.

I considered calling my book "Autobiography of a Yokel" and using my Transcendental Plan name, Parabonanza Yogigranola and with all due respect honor the author of "Autobiography of a Yogi" but after second thought decided religious comedy will speak for itself in this autobiographical journey. Not to worry! It's not just spiritual adventures chronicled here; I'm an activist so there are many secular distillations from years of social change planning and experience, gems of genius unfortunately mostly reduced to file folders where they have languished for years waiting to be edited and published and hopefully inspiring immense social change action to realize them. Well, one can dream.. Even though my Biomystic website was online for decades from 1998 to 2017 I did next to nothing to promote it and few ever found it. That must certainly change if I'm going to Save the World..


From Atheist to Believer


A familiar story, atheist converts to belief in God and Jesus Christ following a dramatic life changing religious conversion experience. It happened to me but my friend Roger reminded me just how far gone I was into the atheist mindset before God came along at Easter in l979, kicked me in my atheist butt and removed my spiritual blinders. Who would have predicted the atheist comedian who once suggested Catholics eat communion wafers actually shaped like little Bodies of Christ when they partake of the Eucharist ritual would someday come to thoroughly appreciate and respect the Catholic high priest in Nazareth, Israel, for having the spiritual insight and wisdom to provide Paxcalibur, the Sword of Peace, a home in the Holy Land. On my mother's side of my family my grandmother was Catholic but actually a Jewish Converso Catholic my dna-based ancestry research later revealed. Also on my mother's side my grandfather was related to the founder of the Methodist Church in America. But my mother was an atheist and her family never the religious church going one that was my father's with only my father the exception during my childhood years and that didn't last, the family Evangelical calling far too strong and after divorcing my mother he rejoined them.


From a family of religious over-achievers


That was my father's family. Two missionaries aunts, one kicked out of Communist China, the other one of those fearless First Contact missionaries in South America facing headhunters, another cousin wisely staying safely in America and rising to become head of the Lutheran Church in San Francisco. But then there's me, an atheist until age 35 when I went through my own Road to Damascus three day religious conversion experience and my atheist beliefs go out the window. I become a Biomystic for God's sake and a Jewish Christian prophesy bearer. I become a Voice of the Christian Left to counter the appropriation and destruction of Christ's humanitarian teachings by the Evangelical Fake Christian Nationalist movement in America. Their leaders wave Jesus at gullible believers in order to sell White Supremacy rule and Mammon worship in the form of giving Corporate Capitalists Freedom from social responsibility in order to prey that much more effectively on Americans, corporations allowed to extract natural resources without regulation, resources that should belong to all Americans, not just the Super Rich. Capitalist profiteers are ruining the the planet in the process and they're getting a big hand in doing it with the help of Republican (Fake) Christians. I need some help if we're going to save the world.


What if it looks like a grandiose narcissist, talks like a grandiose narcissist, but isn't?


It's probably a good thing I am an introvert, a natural hermit type who could never really step out into the public spotlight despite the fact I get these grandiose visions, religious and secular, and have been getting them since I was 31 when I first discovered the Climax Social Evolution pattern that explained the rise and fall of civilizations in a new biological way. I knew then I had something and was destined to become an historical figure. Go figure. That was 47 years ago and have you ever heard of me? ..talk about your grandiose narcissism let downs..

But 1975 really was a big year for me. It was the same year that I painted my Psychedelic Art Movement masterpiece, the Ariel Salome painting that debuted in the de Young Museum sponsored 1975 San Francisco Rainbow Show. This was years before the rainbow image became the emblem of the LBGTQ community, when it still referred to the miracle of sunlight and water. Other big visions followed especially after my own three day Road to Damascus religious conversion experience at Easter in 1979 that began my "Biomystic" spiritual journey, a journey still going strong today in 2022. Paxcalibur, the spiritually magic Sword of Peace and the miraculous Pentecostal event that happened at Easter in Nazareth, Israel in 2003 that was witnessed by over 500 Nazarean Christians and Muslims still remains unknown outside the Holy Land. Why haven't you heard of it or me? This event has changed Christianity. Ariel Salome changed art history but nobody knows this yet.

The problem was me of course. I mean, those puzzled expressions and the rolling of eyes from my activist friends when I told them about my New Christian religious Visions none of which they wanted to hear. The Christian Pastors didn't want to hear them either, neither did Gnostics because my Biomystical form of Gnosis didn't fit the Classical Gnostic format and they couldn't really understand Gnosis outside that Classic tradition, that tradition I had discovered to be erroneously based on ancient Gnostics not reading their Torah and Deuteronomy correctly which caused them to mistakenly identify the wrong God and assume the worst about Creation because, being Gnostics, they were quite ignorant of Science, both Greek words meaning "Knowledge" but one without the other skewers our view of the world. It's Biomystic wisdom after all.


The State, Native Son and Native Spirit


But some did listen to my new Biomystic persona; The State appointed psychiatrist listened briefly to my religious conversion story and my religious visions that propelled my life but were always interfering with my ability to earn a living. At age 50 and unable to hold any job for long except one as a night auditor where I worked alone for seven years, the State psych put me on SSI for mental disability and that socially stigmatized classification along with SSA payments has allowed me to do my real work: social change, eco-community organizing and environmental protection activism along with actualization of my religious visions. Over all a good trade for Success but I had to invent and organize a new Lottery to give me hope of ever climbing out of years of poverty. Yes, you don't have to pay any attention to what I say because I'm obviously out of my mind. The State of California has said so in 1994 when it awarded me my "artist grant" for being too crazy to work. Escaping the Rat Race with time now to do my real work that doesn't pay because the people or critters I work for don't have the money, often the case for social change activists, religious fanatics and others upon whom money acquisition holds little attraction.

Another one who listened to me was my Bear River spiritual leader/AIM friend Don "Sparky" Brenard. He too was quite familiar with the Creator's warped sense of humor that seems to delight in inspiring and impelling the seemingly least religiously qualified individuals to bear great spiritual burdens. He understood what was happening while my white activist comrade wannabes ignored spiritual motivation lest it dampen their Us vs. Them militant mindset that in my experience works against social change, not for it. Still, I have to call myself an activist too only my war is with those who make war.


Learning Experiences


I did at times try to go public and organize cooperative community projects, all of which failed after putting years of effort into them, all but one, The Bridge project which lasted five years and served hundreds of people. Most of the rest joined the historic burial of the Cultural Revolution by Big Business as Usual in America, our Land of Violent Freaks with Guns and a seemingly perpetual propensity to do everything wrong for such an idealist We the People Democracy. Wasn't the American Idea that we citizens were all supposedly Equal? But not in Animal Farm America where some are much more equal than others. I could whine on and on and no doubt will but really there wasn't much option to push my own career and still be able to work with my tribal friends and activist religious leaders most of whom were poor like me, social change activism work not known for lucrative compensation. After raising a family as best I could given my solitary and impractical visionary nature, divorce the inevitable outcome, I have lived mostly alone, now paying the price in my old age for not promoting myself. Few know what I have done and this terrible fact is forcing me to change my ways and start shouting out, "Hey! Please Look, I'm here! I've done some remarkable things, and I've got some amazing, important information to share, especially about God and Christianity. Don't let it disappear from history!" and so forth..


Divine Comedy


Ok, there it is. My spiritual burden. Think what you will but I've gotten far too many religious visions to ignore and I confess right here I am one of those crazy people, you see them homeless on the street waving their signs, another one on a Mission from God. If you're still with me and can manage to go with my Biomystical flow and overlook the author's outrageous claims to be a Jewish Christian prophesy bearer/social change/ environmental protection organizer who serves God and Humanity, there actually is a whole lot of new and valuable information to be found in these pages you likely will not find compiled anywhere else and, Bonus, it's not written in indecipherable tiny cramped script covering every square inch of the walls of my secret room. It's right here out in the open big and bold and filled with marvelous meaning.


A Visionary and not a Scholar


Please note that while I did have the smarts to get into U.C. Berkeley I am not a religious scholar by any means, so forget footnotes with authoritative references. I'm a surface thinker as most artists are, devoting deeper involvement only one projects that meant major social change potential. Of course since everything is made up of surfaces that can reveal deeper surface features until the whole is revealed one can actually attain knowledge to get things done such as the Heartlands-NACUA lottery Project where I and my Bear River partner, Don Brenard, spent years off and on trying to get first Bear River, then Lakota tribes interested in pursuing them. At one time I was the most knowledgeable person in America on how to set up a Native American lottery system, knowing all the players and vendors and all the systems needed to set one up. And there's my theological research that over the years has made me expert enough in Abrahamic religions to be mistaken by rabbis for a rabbi but still, I am no scholar as they are, I'm too busy working for God.

I follow God's instructions via synchronicity "Signs" to guide me to find specific esoteric knowledge instead of going the scholarly route of examining the whole subject field available,  always looking for further research leads going whatever way the historical bits point to. No, what I look for and find in this type of spiritually guided research is  new meaning, new interpretation or recovered ancient ones that confirm the spiritual pattern God wants me to see and point out to the rest of believers. Over decades of this type of God-guided research here and there I have managed to pull out some quite important but overlooked religious information about religious writers and their Scripts in the Word of God religious fiction genre, the only genre in Literature where authors can actually be worshiped as mini-gods and their critics put to death...ah, the Good Old Days..


Where are the Details for the Devil to hide in?


Ok, I admit it, I left out most all the heavy lifting history and actual work programs of the grand social change visions found in this book. In many instances there just isn't much to say because I didn't pursue trying to actualize this or that particular project, but in others, like the Heartlands Project and NACUA, I spent years trying to get them done, e.g., at one time I was one of the most knowledgeable person in the country on how to set up a Native American lottery system, knew all the system vendors, worked directly in tribal councils, so there is meat behind the outlined social change projects. My hope here is minimal verbal description allows for maximum personal interpretation. I mean to Inspire people, not direct them.


Dedicated to American citizens, my grandchildren and the Nth Generations of the New Age


America, you've let me experience Socialized Healthcare and Housing for over two decades now and I am grateful that this generosity has allowed me to get out of the Rat Race and be able to do what I do best, Visions, and writing about them. The Biomystic Book is my effort to give back to America and give hope to everyone in need of new solutions for saving Humanity, Life, and the Planet. But based on my life experience in our grand United States of America, I do not have a great deal of faith in the majority of my fellow citizens of seriously facing and overcoming their corporate controlled cultural conditioning that blinds them to the Fatal Flaws of their malignantly compromised social institutions. These are the ones that continually keep society from solving long-standing social problems like continuous warfare, drugs, racism, Global Warming or women's rights.

I do have hope in my grandchildren and generations to come. Wiser people here with us now as well as those coming more frequently in future generations will be able to use this new information to avoid the Piscean Age death throws with its Suffering emphasis that is so hostile to New Age Life transformation. I do believe The Biomystic Book's spiritual knowledge and social transformation information is vitally needed to successfully cross over the metaphysical Aquariana Divide, a watershed collective unconscious event which has to be accomplished before society will respond decisively and positively to its problems. This is how we survive the coming End Times of all maladaptive dystopian ideologies, theologies, and social systems that have historically poisoned society by being responsible for spawning wars and violent social conflict, all of which have needlessly destroyed human lives as well as ruining the habitability of our planet.


The Aquariana Divide

Why it explains our cultural wars


In our times, early 21st Century, the Aquariana Divide manifests itself in these particular social inequities: the Gap between Rich and Poor where only 1% of the human population, the Super Rich, own and control virtually everything, actually repeating the same sort of economic and political disparity of the Feudal Age where aristocracies, always a small fraction of the population, owned the land and controlled the lives of serfs and peasantry, i.e., the vast majority of the people. Banking on maintaining control of popular Media information and educational sources as well as controlling the economic lives of citizens the 1% Super Rich keep the general population ignorant of how much they are being commercially preyed upon and exploited and deprived of social options that could better their lives. Promoting corporate capitalist enterprise at every turn because it rewards the rich with more money the Super Rich delight in deceiving citizens seeking security and mental comfort in conformity to traditional organized religion resulting in a misguided public that erroneously thinks it has an anchor to face social changes their religious traditions never prepared them for. 


In a moral vacuum, the Strong Man steps in


Repeating an often seen pattern in world history, fearful people seek a Strong Man, someone to tell them how to think and act and it doesn't matter if the Strong Man is psycho or not, it's his charisma, his narcissistic self-confidence that is the appeal. Answering the call of help to minds fearful their old ways are being done away with when they don't know anything else to do, the Strong Man steps into history and always destroys peace with the inevitable unfolding of the Strong Man's pathological grandiose narcissism that propels such men into leadership roles. No one tells us in our social education how to identify and deal with pathological grandiose narcissists because the behavior is what we've been taught to expect of leaders of religious and secular traditions. All three of the West's Abrahamic religious traditions are rooted in pathological grandiose narcissism. It legitimizes the devil's work of destroying peaceful co-existence through inevitable territorial aggression that is the hallmark of the pathological grandiose narcissist leader.

In the West only the Enlightenment in Europe which spawned the revival of the old Greek traditions of democracy offset the inherent narcissistic pathology of Pauline Christianity, Judaism and later, Muhammad's Islam. Abrahamic religious traditions insured Abrahamic believers were quite used to the idea of Absolute Rule because didn't their teachings describe the horrors of what happens to those who disobey their One and Only God's Commandments? The Enlightenment reached intellectuals in the West but not really the general population which is still vulnerable, three hundred years later to cultural mesmerization by pathological grandiose narcissistic leaders and their Me first, you last ideologies and theologies. These throwbacks to the old Strong Man ways create wars by duping society into wars of territorial conquest. In supposedly Christian countries it was easy to point to Paul's Letter to the Roman's in which he commanded Christians to obey their appointed governors, Roman Empire ones in Paul's time, various Popes, kings, queens, prime ministers, presidents up to our times, commanding naive young men to forget all about the Golden Rule and Love your neighbor. No, you're to go out and kill them instead and out go the calls to patriotic duty to the Father Land, or Mother Land, or The American Way of Life.


Enter the Humanitarian Spirit of the New Age


The Humanitarian Spirit of the Aquarian Age entered America and the world in the 1960's. It produced the Hippies, the world's first truly classless society. Every year America produces more hippies despite the fact the Counterculture movement that gave birth to them was co-opted and buried under capitalist exploitation from within, especially by drug growers and dealers who traded money for love and thereby ruined the radically new classless society experiment for everyone. The violent militant Left certainly didn't help matters either. But even though as a mass movement the Counterculture failed to build sustainable society its radical solutions to society's problems are still relevant, e.g., it was in the Hippie movement times that ecological consciousness went mainstream - - that Hippie Idea has surely filtered into the public mind because it's Reality.


Old vs. New


Here in America the Aquariana Divide produces increasing confrontations between the Old and New. That's nothing new, every generation faces this but in the transition from Piscean Age to Aquarius it gets extreme. It produces the recurring Generation Gap, the Traditional and the Modern, the Conservative and the Liberal, the Authoritarian and the Humanitarian, the Authoritarian Republican as well as the Socialist Democrat. Evangelicalism developed as Pauline Christianity's escape from science and historical discovery that for intellectuals, destroyed Bible inerrancy theology and thereby made fundamentalist belief impossible to hold rationally. Actually, Pauline Christianity can only be held emotionally through rejection of critical thinking. Because I'm Jewish I suppose it was easy for me to see Pauline Christianity as Rome's Pacification of Palestinian Jews religion that became useful to the Roman Empire when pagan worship declined to hold citizens interest. No Jew in Jesus' time would fall for a "Jewish" religion that breaks the Commandment not to worship anything but God, that bases itself on the pagan idea of a god mating with a human female to produce a demi-god with magical powers, that tells Christians Roman soldiers are really good guys and that bad ol' Jews killed Jesus because they were jealous of Jesus' charisma which was actually true in the hidden story of Yeishu ben Pantera, the real historical "Jesus". But Jews in Jesus' time did not have anything to offset the power of Rome and the Roman Empire so Pauline Christianity and the Roman Jesus as the gnostic Mandeans called him, fully Europeanized and devoid of Palestinian dark skin became what the world knows as Jesus Christ. After all, Rome had its sights on Europe where all it's trouble was coming from.


American Evangelism


So instead of a Humanitarian Archetype sent by God to instruct human beings in how to become humane beings, American Evangelicals turned Jesus' teachings upside down in their identity theft to use Christianity to attack minorities in America. It's the white Evangelical sector in every American community who back the cops who are no better than the KKK in their abysmal record of racist murders of black men with other minorities of color also targeted. American Evangelicalism is thoroughly corrupted by white Christian Nationalism and the sooner the Fake Christian theology is branded racist fascism having nothing to do with Christian values and ethics, the sooner Americans can breathe easier knowing their Rights are being protected and not dismantled by phony "Christian" zealots armed with Big Money.

Corporate capitalists love Evangelicals because Evangelicals let corporate capitalists do whatever they want to make more money including endangering the lives of everyone on the planet. Can't read any article online anymore because of so many Pay Gates and pop-up ads on an Internet now owned and controlled by the corporate elite? More power to them say the rightwing politicians and pundits taking in their corporate funding along with bribes and kickbacks, everyone wanting into get into the 1% corporate royalty in America. The only thing ambitious enterprising pathological grandiose narcissist schemers have to do was wave a Bible at these gullible Evangelical believers and say "Jesus" this, "Jesus" that, and Evangelicals would fall all over themselves, suckers for most any spiel that promised them personal salvation in the hereafter as well as wealth in the here and now but above all, plenty of targets, fellow U.S. citizens to punish to satisfy their jealousy and hatred of liberal thinking and thinkers, i.e., anyone who didn't accept the Bible or Father God Knows Best as final Authority on everything.


America's transformation into a Plutocracy


Through America's love affair with the Almighty Dollar corporate financiers and their bought and paid for politicians all of them becoming adept at using commercial advertising strategies for conning constituents, a narrow fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible and a very anti-Christ anti-humanitarian Evangelical political agenda has been forced fed on every citizen in America whether they were Christian or not. These right-wing conservative views were never mainstream American ones but look around the country now and see the minority viewpoint being heavily pushed in every State legislature and County school-board in the nation. American Evangelical politics do not remotely resemble Christ's humanitarian teachings but these people can be counted on to support Corporate Capitalism and the Super Rich, they can be counted on to support Police State politics as they, like all peoples suffering under nationalized pathological grandiose narcissist ideologies and theologies, think nothing of imposing their particular political ideas on all the rest of us, by force if necessary. In our times (2020's) "Woke" and "Progressive" stands for Humanitarian Concern while "Conservative" and "Republican" mean Authoritarian White Supremacy and Fascist wannabes out to destroy American democracy and install anti-democratic minority rule instead. A Divine Right King would satisfy them, anyone but a President who honors the Constitution and the American Dream of Liberty and Justice for All.


Jewish Christian Gnosticism is Reborn


I am a throwback to both ancient Hebrew polytheistic beliefs where Yahweh was still a Son of EL Elyon, God Most High, and the Jewish Gnostics where earliest Christian theology that honored the Divine Feminine was born. Ancient Hebrew worship of God before Judah priests wrote their Torah/Tanakh hundreds of years later was still under the Canaanite polytheistic umbrella and included understanding God Most High, EL Elyon, had a wife, Asherah, the Tree of Life. For God's own amusement or reasons beyond our understanding God Most High, EL Elyon, has sent this Jewish-Gentile Gnostic Christian on a Mission for God through the angelic direction of Ariel, Archangel of the Age of Aquarius, Angel of Peace, Angel of Jerusalem, and Lion of God. It isn't Classical Gnosticism I am regenerating with new spiritual revelation but another new yet most ancient form of esoteric Knowledge of God that corrects the Deficiencies found in old Gnostic theology, a major deficiency in old Gnostic knowledge of Hebrew texts it turns out, that God Most High pointed me to find and report so that Gnostic Christianity has a true historical foundation to build on instead of intellectual error of judgment due to plain ignorance of Torah texts.


Three Religions in One?


True to the Gnostic Solitary Path, this Jewish Christian prophecy bearer offers no new organized religion but three difference Christian theological perspectives to be true to the way God unfolds Christian revelation through time. Only one Christian theology is necessary though, the one truest to simple Christianity:

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

This is Golden Rule Christianity, the true Religion of Peace, universal without even needing languages to understand what God wants from humanity to transform human beings into humane beings, the goal of religion from the beginning.



Our Homeworld

Our Homework