Biomystic Systems Inc.

"We only make good products and do good things"


I had a vision not to long ago of seeing a large office high-rise building in downtown San Francisco's financial district with the name "Biomystic" in big letters on top of it. I don't know what it means exactly as I do not want to mix my religious beliefs with commercial business; "Businessmen and merchants will not enter the Places of My Father"*, after all..

* --from the Gospel of Thomas)


But it's true I have had many secular ideas, like all the ones in the Inventions and Designs pages as well as new business service plans that could theoretically become part of a large conglomerate corporation producing many products and services. The Heartlands Trust Company, Palco Community Corporation, and Communikits pages show the beginning structure of such a company which would be employee-owned and operated. "Biovilles" would be the planned community development and company housing portion of Biomystic Systems Inc. I am still unsure of the whole concept because of my religious identification uses that term, "Biomystic", and I do not want to pollute spiritual work with commercial business activity. Biomystic Systems Inc is a new idea to me (2012) and I want to work with it as the vision was a striking one which to  me means something special is going on with it. But here's a thought:



Creating Biomystic Systems Inc.

as the official employee-owned global corporation of  the Communergy Club,

the public social/economic flagship of the Communitarian Society


Or realize I'm 79 and I haven't been successful at business and not very likely to organize such vast projects as either Communitarian Society or Biomystic Systems. So I've decided to just trust in God and gift Biomystic Systems ideas to the Communitarian Club and if not them, the world, and go:


Open Source Economic Revolution


Sharing ideas for new business product and services for any and all communitarian-minded individuals and communitarian or tribal groups to use


But any greedy Mammonists who use Biomystic Systems Inc ideas for personal gain?

Anubis will not be there for you when it comes time for you to cross the Lake of Fire..


Steps for creating Biomystic Systems Inc.


Put all communitarian social and economic ideas into the structure of Biomystic Systems Inc.


*  Have Biomystic Systems Inc generate start-up capital by developing the tribal-communitarian lottery plans and the most promising new electronic and computer product ideas such as the Commandboard computer system.


Biomystic Systems Inc would develop all the major systems needed for community self-sufficiency through Communikits designs.


*  Other major product and service development would include Solar Rail mass transit systems, robotics, because who needs to do repetitive work best left to automation, Sat-Phones instead of cell-phones, renewable local energy systems, water supply methods such as dew collectors, everything needed to get cooperative communities off the corporate capitalist grid.


*  The Biomystic Plan would include all insurance needs, all medical care, all education costs, all transportation cost, and would have live people answering questions about Biomystic Plan services instead of automated phone messages. Biomystic Plan services would include keeping track of all current bills for members as well as straightening out errors from other outside services that continually reoccur as corporate businesses try to bilk customers through deliberate overcharges.


*  Biomystic Systems Inc employees would be able to successfully compete with Asia and other low wage paying countries because of the highly reduced cost of living provided by Biovilles and the Biomystic cooperative community home-work-living combination.


*  That's it. Now go out there and Build Eutopia, a good place, the best place you can imagine because it really is:

Eutopia or Bust!



Companies possible under the Biomystic Systems corporate umbrella



NACUA: Disaster Relief Equipment Mfg


Solar Rail


California Kush Inc.


Divine Design Toy Company


Bethlehem Bread Company (formerly Uncle Dad's Bread)


P.C. Gloves






Kushstone Castle Company


Kushstone Garden Villages


Bigloo Construction Company


Dew Now: atmospheric water capturing


Electric Flying Saucer Carplane Company


A-I Angels