Inventions and Designs



My invention ideas and designs over 65 years:

Now Open Source for Communergy Club members to use*


Most of my ideas come from the period when I wasn't all that diligent about recording the dates when I got my brilliant ideas so I've just approximated the dates for the older ideas that came to me. I've lived at or below the poverty line most of my adult life and rarely have had any extra funds so I've haven't been able to develop my ideas with patents. And unlike da Vinci, I've never enjoyed patronage but still, I've produced innovations in many fields (sniff) and by rights should be as rich as Midas or Elon Musk. Sadly, I do not possess the drive for fame and fortune or the desire to crush competitors that it takes to exploit commercial visions. So I'll hire managers that do have that skill set for Biomystic Systems Inc., make gadzillions of dollars and become another boring narcissist who's mug is on parade everyday in your news source. Please excuse the crude drawings that show my original idea inspiration. I'm a good artist but frankly, not all that interested in spending time doing commercial art renditions of my product ideas which I am now hoping I can do someday with the new AI art from text programs.

* If you do end up using one of these ideas and successfully develop a new product, please remember the source and consider giving something back to further the Communergy Club and Biomystic Institute projects, the Paxcalibur Peace Mission, the Josephine Mission, and the Ojai Mission.



Climax Technology: Low energy, low heat-generating devices

Doorway mini-generators, merry-go-round generators, putting mini-electrical generators and battery storage on things we move everyday like doors or park merry-go-rounds.(c.1967)


The Solar Rail System: a state-wide mass transit system that fuels itself via solar cells embedded in the monorail with electricity generated by the Sun.(1976)


Wind scoop generators: Scoop funnels wind into smaller wind generators* Need less space for such generators. (c. 1977)

 * And tech development finally catches up to me in 2022

"Called Aeromine, their boxy turbines generate energy in 50% greater amounts then a solar panel, and 16-times as much when the wind is right.

It takes works off the fact that when wind strikes a flat building wall, it accelerates as it rushes up and over the obstacle. Catching these wind gusts through a small opening, it channels the force towards an internal propeller located at the bottom of the unit."

Sliding hydro-electric generators slides up and down poles solidly sunk into watercourses and tidal sites.


Wind generator modules: Boxes with multiple openings with small revolving generators inside. The units can be placed where needed and hooked in series to produce home electricity.(c.1977)


Cold water insulated refrigerator jackets: keep refrigerators cooler with less energy. (c.1976)


Pneumatic Air Tube Systems in cities where mechanical energy from freight and passenger elevators is transferred to air compression for an air compression-run subway system.(c.1980)

--Elon Musk has done a remake of this idea 32 years later..


Powdered Grain powered Engines: Grain dust is explosive--like powdered aluminum. There may be a way to create a grain dust combustion engine.(c.1989)


Sea Trains: Seagoing tugs pull sea-worthy barges along coast shipping routes and ports instead of container ships.


Desalinization plant seawater intake screens: good for fishing while filtering water for desalinization.(2008)


"Air": Pure air supply - - from miniature air purifiers embedded in hats, clothing, glasses, necklaces, bracelets. Purifies air you are breathing and helps remove CO2 and air pollutants at the same time.



Computer related ideas

Film "Dolby-izer": computer program takes the graininess out of films shot in low light conditions the same way digitalized music can be cleaned up of distortion. This was before digital cameras.(1965)


Futurescope: Fluidics history projection computer program: Uses word count statistics to extrapolate future scenarios based on past and present trends. (1976) Google now has a word count feature that shows how often words are being used in publications. (See also "WORD" movie script)


Commercial Ad Remover

Computer device that filters out TV commercials and substitutes music spots. Key, commercials are louder and have voice characteristics to filter them out. (c. 2000)


Computer Games that teach real job skills, e.g. Civil Engineering game where to put a bridge so it won't wash out and how best construct it. E.g., a Forest Ecology game on how to protect a species on commercial timberlands that is endangered by logging practices.(c.2000)


Commandboard operating system:

wpe34.jpg (109177 bytes)

Original idea note

The computer screen has an embedded constellation filing system hidden but instantly viewable with one button touch. The embedded constellation on the screen matches the center touch pad segments so that one touch takes you to a file folder, one more touch takes you to the file you want. Makes for faster file accessing and typing without need of mouse or standard touch pad.(c.2005)


Computer Goggles:

   Computer Screen built-in to goggles which also contain powerful computer processor. Commands by voice activation. Ultimately, computers will be plugged into our brains via non-invasive techniques to be discovered. (2011) Google came out with Google Glass at the end of 2014. In 2019 Musk said he wants to embed chips in our brains.

January 18th, 2018 Update:

Out of a box of old VCR cassettes I came across the movie Timebomb starring starring Michael Biehn and Patsy Kensit. Made in 1991 and in the film the bad guys out to blow up the soon to be elected the U.S. Attorney General who's committed to cracking down on gangsters in government use computer glasses to target the A.G. and communicate coordinates with each other. Definitely computer glasses projecting images onto the lens. You are to know this because of the extra "computer-like" hardware on the temple part of the glasses. 1991, folks. Movie scriptwriter Avi Nesher beat us both by two decades.


Personal Symbol Software: beyond signatures. Create your own symbols and logos for personal expression. Part of standard fonts or stand alone software.(c.2002)


"Ignite" (vs. Kindle). Two page screen mini-laptop instead of one page Kindle screen. Soft cover, feels like an expensive book.(2010)


Laptops for people who hate laptops. Make 'em big, heavy duty suitcases and all have mice, no touchscreens or pads. Could have voice-activated input.


Suitcase Office Computer: all-in-one, computer, scanner, printer, paper.



Electronics related ideas:

Textured rock enclosures for stereo components and TVs. Also driftwood enclosures.(c.1965)


Remote walkie-talkies for infants. Have such things now.(1965)


3-D Movie Camera uses all-in-one focus lens then projects developed picture image onto a plastic "lens" laminated screen that automatically separates the 3-D images projected onto it.(c.1963)


Lifephone (Proto-Smartphone (circa 2000)

Wallet-sized, seven screens, one each for camera, things to do, shopping list, product search, GPS map, bankbook, inspiration, satellite phone technology, bar code scanner.


Macraphone, Maxiphone, (2010) Microphone with key buttons that transforms voice into selected musical instruments or orchestral sounds as one sings or vocalizes sounds ("talk orchestrally").


Smart Power Strips (2023) Remote controlled on/off individual plugs in a power strip allows turning on/off of individual devices.



House designs and alternative building techniques:

Compost Cabin

wpe3C.jpg (30941 bytes)

This invention idea went two out of three review stages in President Carter's ERDA, Energy Research and Development Act, and was set for the third review until Reagan was elected and closed ERDA down.(1978)

Dear Invention reviewers;

This is a confidential disclosure of my design for a new type of energy efficient house or cabin structure. I call it the Compost Cabin design. It utilizes local low or no cost heat generated by the decomposing process found within composting vegetable matter. It is very simple and ecological.

The cabin's basic shape can be any of the existing single room configurations. Larger house dimensions can be obtained by joining room units together. The only modifications of design needed to change any single room cabin or house into a compost cabin is in the structure of the lower outside walls and the method of insulating the upper walls and roof. The lower outside walls are expanded to make compost bins four foot deep and four feet high with the top inside quarter of the bins forming the interior bottom walls of the cabin. Above the compost bin walls the regular walls are kept hollow forming a clear 6 inch air passage that allows escaping warm air rising off the composting material to circulate through the upper walls to the roof which is also hollow and there out through an exhaust vent, Please see the accompanying diagram.

Here's how the design becomes nearly energy self-sufficient with practically no cost. In the Fall, leaves, grass clippings, woods, cut hay, etc, are gathered together and put into the compost bin walls of the house. Within the compost bin walls decomposition of the green vegetable matter begins, and through this process heat is generated and radiated outward. The outside walls of the compost bin walls are insulated with reflective material so that the compost heat is reflected inward. The walls of the com[>post bins facing toward the inside of the cabin are made to conduct heat through them into the interior of the cabin. The heat generated by the composting green vegetable matter is never high enough to cause combustion do to its high water content and good ventilation, but it is high enough to produce a substantial heat source which remains constant day and night within the walls creating on effective barrier to the cold temperatures outside, The green vegetable matter gives off little odor as it decomposes unlike composting garbage. In Summer the compost bins are emptied allowing cool air from underneath the cabin to be pulled up through the hollow walls by passive vent fans in the ceiling.


Original note on alternative building construction ideas (circa 1982)


"Sandcastle" construction technique: lighter-weight concrete (perlite addition) is pumped with cement pumper over building framework of rebar and wire mesh the way you played with wet sand dripped sand castles as a kid. Wiring and plumbing would be preset into building framework. (1968). See the Kushstone Castles page.


"Tiffany Domes" stained glass and ferro-cement panels for Tiffany shaped domes. (1968)


"Mini-Vickies": miniature Victorian houses as small tall cottages. (1968)


New Building Blocks: Plastic or fiberglass hollow blocks filled with sand or dirt. Hay bale blocks (hay bale construction has taken now a life of its own), Bee-cell block style with drawers for kitchens and other rooms built in, utilities built into blocks too. (1968)


Popcorn-filled bricks using popcorn for insulation. Air-tight, won't rot popcorn that's cheap insulation material.(c.1968)


Spray Gunnite or Stucco or Fiber-foam homes.(1968)


Stik-tite construction balls: Plastic or wire metal insulation foam-filled balls with thick wire hooks coming out of the balls that allow other Stik-Tite balls to be attached and locked in as more balls are added. Allows construction of any shape building design when covered over by stucco or concrete.


Spun cocoon-type material based on insect silk stuff that hardens on exposure to air.(1968)


Curved Trellises for woven house with climbing vines for walls.


Rubbercrete: rubberized concrete: recycle automobile tires that are shredded and mixed in with rubber to created concrete that can flex in earthquakes.(2010). Now they have rubberized concrete for sidewalks and play areas.


wpe38.jpg (40873 bytes)  Extruded aluminum I-beams with insulation foam and redwood or other wood exterior to create a solid beam or building block.(c.1991)



  Hay bale house design. (c. 1991)


House walls as passive air filters. Removable fuzzy cloth wallpaper sections.(2012)


Air Castles/Flower Castles/Eco-Castle Villages.

Layered and cantilevered greenhouse/redwood homes, stacked like redwood baskets with living walls, plants forming the walls. (2000?) Garden Castle Villages with Flower Castles built of living walls. Living walls as barriers to elements to create micro-climate inside.


Sunken coliseum community

On flat lands scooped out depression (large) with homes on first lower level, then shops, then parks and gardens. Depression catches rain water for eco-village, overflow pumped out if necessary.


Tropical Forest/Temperate Forest Communities

Village on stilts built at tree top level within rain forest. All wood buildings. 2 levels of activity: tree top connected with arboreal corridors and at ground level.


Covered Dome Auditorium Communities

Inside Dome Auditorium is a small city where homes are on the upper levels and shops and mfg on the lower levels.


Hill Eco-Communities

Hollow out tops of hills, use dirt for construction of homes, keep material lines of hills intact.

   Old Irish homes

Ocean Communities

Built on atolls and seamounts.


Giant Abalone Shell Homes: genetically modified abalones grow huge as houses. Meat is used for general food source.


Giant Walnut Shell Homes: Giant walnuts raised on the Moon with low gravity. Same with abalones. Can send back to Earth with minimum effort, even catapulting such objects to Earth.


Family Homesteads, four families per acre, 20 families per five acres, instead of separate plots for every family.


Redwood Water Houses

Redwood Water-Logs, cut boards made to form "logs" that are hollow and can hold water as wood swells and seals leaks. Cooling in summer, warmed in winter, and used on gardens in spring and summer. Or water system drips through hollow log walls.


Dew catcher covers for pools to keep pools topped up or to catch rainwater.(c.2008)


Dew catchers for house roof-tops and greenhouses. (c.2008)

Dew catchers for Crops in low rainfall regions. Crop rows would have Dew Catchers spaced between them to provide just the right amount of water for each plant. Solar powered intake fans would increase water capture efficiency. Would transform worldwide agriculture by allowing desert areas to become agriculturally capable.


Liquid crystal mesh to put onto house walls as finish covering. The LCD lights can be solar and conventionally powered. They can be programmed to music and will light up the whole outside of the house with moving patterns and beautiful Christmas colors. Solar-powered LCD keeps electrical costs minimal.
















 Earthquake-proof Shock Absorbers: for buildings to be put in building's corners and around foundation. Old tires could be used as building pole collars around building foundation poles. Crankcase oil instead of water in earthquake pole holes. (c. 1989)


Eco-Castle Construction: Advanced Co-Housing designs for a cooperative community living within one large Castle building. See Chateau Marmoset.


  Bigloo Homes: Yes, it's a Dogloo doghouse but what if it was made BIG, Tiny House size and made on a large-scale 3-D house printing machine? Dogloo's are made of plastic but what if it were made of concrete or an organic strong and durable natural plastic material that is applied in layers on 3-D printing machines? The Dogloo is similar to my old two-story but small baseball cap dome home design where there's a main living room below and a master bedroom above in the "bill" part of the dome home. I like the shape better than boxy houses and if it's all one-piece construction, it won't have the leakage problems that geodesic domes have when they are made by fitting triangle sections together.



Health and safety invention ideas:

Temperature measuring contraceptive device: by simply placing the instrument in the appropriate area it measures a woman's temperature which elevates slightly when ovulating. Tells when not to have intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy.(1967)

Infra-red diagnostic analyzer: One of my earlier inventions that uses the principle that when the body is fighting disease it generates more heat around the affected areas. These areas will show up in infra-red scans and with enough of a data bank on characteristic disease temperatures and locations of each known disease a match can be made between a patient's scan and the data files. This means a diagnostic check-up just involves a body infra-red scan. (1967)

8 January 2014

'Heat maps' find cervical cancer

Cervical cancer cells

A new test that uses heat to examine blood can be used to detect cancer, according to US scientists.

The "plasma thermogram" examines the proteins inside blood, including those produced by tumours.

A study, in the journal Plos One, showed the test could detect cervical cancer and how advanced it was.

Cancer Research UK said thermograms might improve detection, but more evidence on the accuracy and reliability was needed.

Screening for cervical cancer currently involves a looking for abnormal cells in a smear test and detecting high-risk viruses that can cause the disease.

The study, at the University of Louisville, used the plasma thermogram technology to analyse blood samples.

The sample will respond differently to heat depending on the types of proteins contained in the blood. It results in a thermogram - like a fingerprint - of the protein content.

The system was tested on 67 women with different stages of the cervical cancer to see if it could detect the differences between the patients and healthy people.

Lead researcher Dr Nichola Garbett said: "We have been able to demonstrate a more convenient, less intrusive test for detecting and staging cervical cancer."

She said the test could be used to determine which cancers needed to be treated and which needed monitoring.

"Comparing blood samples of patients who are being screened or treated against those thermograms should enable us to better monitor patients as they are undergoing treatment and follow-up," she added.

"This will be a chance for us to adjust treatments so they are more effective."

Dr Emma Smith, from Cancer Research UK, said: "This new approach could lead to improvements in the way we detect, treat and monitor cervical cancer, but this was a very small study so it's not yet known if it will be accurate and reliable enough for wider use.

"Early changes that can lead to cervical cancer often disappear naturally, so having a test that gives doctors a better indication of the risk posed by abnormal cells detected during a smear test could prevent some women receiving unnecessary treatment."


"Ear Friend" Habit Breaker system: You press a recorded message every time you're habitually tempted to do something harmful to you. (c.1966)


DMSO tranquilizer guns: for non-lethal capture of criminals. DMSO allows tranquilizer to get through skin fast as pellet acts like a needle plunger to inject fluid into body.(c.1966)


Power saw hand guards: like feet guards for jackhammer users. Aluminum-steel shape fits over hand to protect hand from saw blades.(c.1966)


Flossticks: Dental floss stretched between tines of a dental floss container/handle for the flosstick.(1967). Have these now.


Rubberized bathroom facilities, bathtub, toilet, sink, because statistics say most accidents happen in the bathroom.(c.1970)


Motorcycle Helmets in popular Football team colors and logos. (c.1965)


Myrrh toothpaste: Myrrh is good for teeth and gums.(c.1976)


Aloe Vera Band-Aids: help healing cuts and abrasions.(c.1976)


Aloe Vera bed pads to prevent dangerous bed sores for recovering patients.(1998)


Laminated wood glasses frames. Designer frames.(c.1968)


Soft-foam covered wire frame "Gumby" glasses. Lightweight. (c.1968)


Activated Charcoal Deodorant Pads. No need to apply deodorant with these disposable pads. Clothing could come with under arm pockets made for these pads. But don't use "Stench Quench" as the product brand name please..(c.1976)


"Bug Nets": miniature butterfly nets for animal rights households to catch flies and other insects and small creatures without harming them.(c.1968)


Aquasage: Programmable massage pattern and intensities shower heads. (c. 1988)


Garlic gum and Garlic gum dams for toothache, tooth decay. Garlic dams must stick to gums but be able to release easily.


Hearing Aids for Tinnitus: hearing aids that have white noise generators to mask ringing in the ears.(c.1988)


Mobil scooters with liquid filled foam covered seats to get pressure off backbone ailment sufferers.


Dentures made with softer carbon-fiber reinforced plastic that won't break. Lower partials are molded around tori for more secure hold as well as more comfort.(2012)


Universal hot-exhaust air scrubber cooler exhaust pipes to remove 99% of pollutants before they come out the exhaust pipe. In sizes to fit all exhaust pipe applications. (2011)


Tornado safe concrete dome rooms for tornado country.(2011)


Medicine Bags

All your basic medicine needs in one bag. Includes small knife, cannabis. Vitamin C, mint 50% alcohol, super glue, band-aids, q-tips, adhesive tapes, medical and Gorilla.



Clothing ideas:

"Fleximotion" moving words sign technology embedded liquid crystal letter screen on caps and t-shirts that are programmable to advertise whatever. The caps could become ways for deaf people to communicate using standard phrases programmed into the cap screen. Also a way for tourists to communicate in foreign countries using stock phrases programmed into the cap for each language.(2004)


Aluminum thread material one-sided fleece garments for cold weather or hot. (c.1978)


Playing Card and Money denomination Beach Towels (c.1966)


Acuwear: magnets embedded in shoes and clothing to aid recovery using Reflexology meridian stimulation with magnets. The Chinese were making shoes with magnets in them and wanted to expand the idea to putting magnets in clothing to reach other places on the body. Actually contacted the October 17th Peking Shoe Factory through the Chinese Consulate. No funds, no production. The Japanese later commercialized magnet shoes.(1983)


Down Home Tents: All weather down or fiber-filled tents made with sleeping bag construction padded walls but lightweight.(c.1988)


Love towels: heart shaped bed towels (c.1966)


Designer "Door Snakes: stuffed cloth "snakes" for putting under doors to stop cold air from coming in. (c.1977)


Personal Color coordinated bead necklaces and bracelets showing a woman's best color combinations so she knows what to get when shopping for clothes.(c.1985)


Bar-code T-Shirts.(c.1976)


Tie-Dye Tents: Tie-dyed designs in either nylon or hemp cloth. (c.1984)


3-D Sequins, round, iridescent, opalescent fabric for dresses (2016)


Football Helmet style as motorcycle helmets. Favorite team helmets. (1976)


Clothes Pillow: For clothing storage. Padded pillow with zippered compartments for t-shirts, socks, undies, pants, etc. (1980)


Bear Suits: Animal suits for winter wear.



Furniture ideas:

Elongated donut-shaped bed with padded cushion sides. No need for making bed up. Just throw blankets on top (fewer needed as bed sides keep sleeper warm) or button down sheets. Cushioned bed sides keep blankets and person from falling out of bed. Blanket storage compartments on sides. (c.1980)


Taping fad designer furniture using different colored tape. Also Apparel designer items too.(c.1985) 


Button Mattress. (1995)

wpe3A.jpg (185965 bytes)


"Eye" pillows, also star and heart shaped ones too.(c.1995)


Fruit slice pillows: Orange and apple slices shaped designer pillows.(c.1995)


"Cap and Hat" Lampshades: home advertisement of your cap logos.(c.1995)



Vehicular ideas:


  Hill Billies: 6 wheel drive electric cars, soft tires that can run over bugs and shrubs without hurting them. (c. 1980)


Nerf cars: car bodies made of variable density Kevlar foam plastic with full interior air-bags so that when cars collide with objects they don't hurt things or people.(c.1986)


Airbag car interiors. The whole interior is air bag constructed.(c.1986)


Flash up metal protection screens for car windows and windshield. Activated in crashes.


Car Highway center-line reflectors double as electronic beacons for car computer-driving. Tells where car is in relationship to other cars and roadway.(c.1985)


Sprung Hubs Shock absorber wheels for car tires. The wheels themselves absorb shocks.(c.1968)


Direct Drive Wheels: Motor (electric) is in the wheel itself. (c. 1976)


Wire Tires: Kevlar coated thick wire "tires" made like hair bun wire holders. The weave design allows the tires to flex and absorb shocks but still retain enough rigidity to be effective tires. (c.1968)


Gyrocar: Battery as part of car body, flywheel motor, gyroscopic effect of flywheel keeps car upright. Gyrocar idea is old teenager idea, c. 1958)


The Ariel Car: Nerf car body, Stirling type hot air engine, no wheels, has "hands" and "feet" articulated walking vehicles, finger pads distribute weight, foot brush bristles with small hook ends give traction, hook end shape causes release of bristle with forward motion. (c. 2000)


Salt-water battery car body for electric cars. The whole car body is a salt-water battery.(c.1978)


Air-Brushes instead of wheels for hovercraft. (c.1985)


Articulated multiple front wheels are like fingers on a hand with big single power rear wheel.(c.1976)

wpe35.jpg (90933 bytes)


Cars with mechanical legs and feet. No more wheels. No more roads.


Shaped Air Wheels: Hard surface wheels have air vents for synchronized puffs of air to form outer "wheel" that contacts the road. Air puffs direction and force propel the vehicle.


Electric Motorcycle design:(2008)

wpe38.jpg (218704 bytes)


Hot Air Engine as a CO2 Scrubber: (circa 2009)

CO2 + compression with cold air (dry ice produced) and ambient air = Sterling engine potential, exhaust gas = water vapor free of CO2.


Car Engine Exhaust pipes placed in front of tires to clear roadway of dust, pebbles and rain for better tire traction.


Hoovermobile ? Compare to Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion car



Aviation design ideas:


Human powered plane: (1978)


The Blue Whale Blimp: Transparent top portion of large dirigible made of strong insulated plastic with underside portion dark blue and lined with solar cells that generate electricity to power electric engines mounted underneath. Air will naturally heat up inside the blimp giving it lift. Electric engines power the ship. (1966). Toy idea too.


The Harmonica Airplane: The plane's wings have organ/harmonica type openings on the leading edge that play music when air moves through them to the pilot's playing or computer program. Creates music in the sky.(c.1978)


Shock absorber "parachutes". Instead of floating down in parachutes, the parachutist uses a giant shock absorber capsule that is steerable and comes down at falling object speed, 130 mph but the shock absorber absorbs the impact allowing the person inside to step out unharmed.(c.1976)


Internal "wings" for planes: Instead of outward wings for lift, air comes into the rounded oblong or disk shaped craft through large vents. The air passes through the plane inside these vent passages that are shaped to give lift like external wings do. Sort of like a combination of the way a plane's wings work and the way Frisbees get their lift.(2010)


Multi-winged plane: Has short wings, four or five sets close to fuselage for lift. Taking the old tri-wing crop-duster plane idea a step further..


Personal air-car shaped like a top or egg that has spiral "wings" that can spread out and rotate along the whole height of the air-car to give it lift and propulsion. (2017)


"Air-Planes": Forced air (from engines) form fuselage and wings through tuned jet nozzles. The body is invisible as air forms it. (c. 1998)


Eggshell Flying Carpets or Platforms: Creates air pockets with hot air heaters inside to give lift. (c. 1998)


Helium-filled Plastic Foam airplane structure (c. 1998)


Flying Heart airplane: Heart-shaped. (c. 1989)


 "Glastic" hot-air solar-electric airship: See "Superglastic" material. (c. 1989-90)


Flying Saucer carplanes:

     Strong Lightweight carplane battery/body powers small electric motors like drone motors to propel the vehicle through the air. Ailerons, airfoils control flight direction. This is my Tesla..




Sea Trains made of a Sea Tug towing a string of sea-worthy barges. As an alternative to large container ships which when wrecked can do vast damage that can be avoided using multiple boats, each one detachable. (2004)



Pneumatic Ideas:


wpe39.jpg (145974 bytes)  Shaped Air Wheels: I think it may be possible to "shape" air by using high pressure air valves emitting air in controlled amounts and timing to create "solid" functions, e.g. tires made by controlled micro-blasts of air in a wheel hub assembly. Had an idea you might be able to create an airplane that only had a pipe-system framework, no skin, just using controlled puffs of air to create the equivalent of hard surfaces. (2008)


Air-activated "worms" or "snakes" are large compressed air-filled tubes that are computer programmed inside to expand or contract with air pressure in sequenced patterns that mimic the way snakes crawl, i.e., using rib structures that inflate and deflate in coordination to move the tube along the ground in snake-like fashion.(1986)




Animal Breeding

Pocket Beagles: Buy champion runt of the litter, female and breed her to champion runt males. Runts to runts should give a true breeding small Beagles after 5 to 7 litters. I did this plan but the female I got was kennel-raised and strange for a puppy, had no feelings for human beings and I had to give her away. (1988)


Schools for fighting bulls to teach them how to ignore the cape and go for the matador instead. (2009)


Breeding the tallest Shire draft horses with the tallest Thoroughbreds to get a taller, stronger thoroughbred horse with bigger, thicker legs that won't give out under racing stress. Thoroughbred racehorses break their legs too easily because their legs are too thin for their body size when running flat out. You can readily see this in slow-motion videos of racehorses. (c.2010)


Breeding foxes for pets, research shows that selective breeding, choosing the friendliest ones will produce foxes that behave like dogs.(2012)


Alternative cattle and horse fencing method uses Sound to keep animals inside their pastures. Solar powered broadcast post puts out Irritating Sound that get louder as cows or horses approach the former fence lines and stops them from crossing over. (2019)


Elevator Boots for Horses with Broken Legs. Elevate other three legs while padded caste on broken leg is built to shock-absorb. Allows horses to stand and move around while recovering.


Housecat and Coyote, Wolf, and Mountain Lion anti-Predation Camera/Shock Treatment device to stop cats and other predators from preying on birds and endangered small species. Tiny camera mounted on cat's neck and chest sees the prey the cat is stalking and if its a no-no species, the small camera harness gives the cat a shock. Cat learns to leave wild animals alone and eat its cat food, ground up lawyers, landlords, psychopaths and the Super Rich, recycled for the sake of humanity..


Food Ideas:

Eggo-type waffles with fruit in squares. This was years before the fruit-filled toaster poppers came out.(c.1975)


Chili Pot Pies: made like meat pies but with chili beans in them--must be best chili recipe around.(c.1975)


Uncle Dad's Super Bread: Super nutritious and delicious three grain bread for balanced proteins, wheat, rice and soy flours, all fresh ground flour. I created this recipe while on the commune where I was the most popular cook and bread maker. Everyone loved my bread and I've tried four different times to start a bread bakery but each time, my partnerships fell through.(1973)


Drive-thru Delis: like fast food order and pick up. Connected to gas stations or independent. (c. 1989)


Vital-E Butter: Vitamin E mixed into heart-safe Canola or Olive Oil margarines. (1976)


"Cool it" Drinks: healthy honey and fructose sweetened berry juice drinks for kids.(c.1976)


"Fire Crackers": Jalapeno flavored crackers. (c.1976)


Large Village-sized Bread Machines for chronically malnourished and/or starving populations. U.N., or charity funded, e.g. Oxfam or Lifeline Lottery.(c.2005). Bread Machine becomes center of village. Dew catchers for water, solar panels for electricity to run the bread machines.



Toy Designs


Whirligig-Exerciser: My very first invention idea when I was around 12 or 13 was based on the ages old "Button whirligig" string toy pictured above: I made a giant "button" out of plywood about a foot in diameter and used ropes where strings would go. You tied one end to a wall hook or tree and pulled on the handle to make the button spin with perhaps spiral designs to enhance the hypnotic effect while using the device for exercising arm and chest muscles. (c. 1956-57)


fwow.jpg (13397 bytes)                           wpe14.jpg (348680 bytes) 

Fwows: My first plush toy design at about age 12 or 13. Fwows. An assortment of Fwow characters with differing color combinations, different names, e.g. "Fwed Fwow" above, "The Professor" below, Fwows to come in small, medium, large sizes. Most of my toy ideas are from my youth, late teens-early twenties, the late '1950's, early '60's.


"Stick-n-stak" toy blocks

         wpe15.jpg (429610 bytes)    

 Velcro covered toy building blocks


TV Finger Puppets

 wpe16.jpg (429610 bytes) 



                    wpe18.jpg (295961 bytes)                       wpe17.jpg (344520 bytes)            

                     Pocket Thesaurus plush toy                                  Catapillo


Water-Totter: Saw this ad last year (2011) and it's another one of my ideas somebody else later on had as well and developed whereas I didn't because of lack of funds for patent process. My idea I got when I was around 16 or so even was called "Water Totters" although my idea used extruded foam to make the teeter-totter while this one is a blow-up one.(c.1958)

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Water hose-powered merry-go-round for kids: (c.1976)


"Witch Stix"/"Water Wands"/"Rainbow Rods", Kid-tested, these are miniature dowsing rods for kids that really work.

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Not really a new invention but making a small version of an old idea for kids to use. Now, 2012, there are several companies making essentially what you see above. If you're looking to see patents for my inventions and designs you'll be disappointed. I've only done one patent search and that for Witch Stix in 1980, finding I was about 150 years too late. The patenting process has just been too expensive for my non-profit activist budget. My father did some inventing and when I was a young man circa 1963 he showed me these pair of in-line skates he had made. Had wooden wheel mock-ups but the design was pretty darn close to what you see now with in-line roller skates. He was just too early by about 30 years but he told me he had run a patent search on the idea and like me, found he was way down the line of inventors for that concept that seemed so original at the time.(c.1977)


Splatter Ball: Splatter ball breaks into pieces that must be put together to win the game. Special plastic that is reformable.(c.1980) Saw this ad today in my email from a toy company: Splat Balls. Splat Balls are versatile Stress Balls for your Desktop! Splat Balls will "splat" when you throw them against a table or wall. BUT, they'll come right back into shape, SOOOO COOL! As if that's not cool enough, Splat Balls are awesome stress relief squeeze balls too. You'll find yourself alternating between squeezing and splattering them all day. And, believe us, these are VERY visually interesting for you and anyone who sees your desk. Your coworkers will want to play with it too. Check out our wide selection of Splat Balls!


Rainbow Dictionary. Yes, that's a Rainbow Bible but originally it was going to be a Rainbow Dictionary, a soft-felt educational toy for kids with 7 spectrum colors folded to make a book of 26 pages, one page for each letter of the alphabet. Felt letters and characters can be stuck to the felt pages and taken off again.(1976)


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Letter Dolls: Alphabet Letters made with faces and little hands and feet as dolls for kids to play with and learn their alphabets.(c.1966)


Wacko Dolls: Plastic blow-up punching bags with silk-screened faces of your favorite nemesis, Boss, President, Wife, etc. so you can take out your aggression on them. (c.1966)


Creepy People: 2-3ft high dolls of your favorite nemesis to be posed around the house like they are watching you. (c.1966) This was long before Chucky came on the scene.


Blue whale solar balloons: Save the Whales promotion. Clear plastic on top, dark blue underneath. Solar heat heats up interior air making them air buoyant. Large versions have solar powered electric motors to run propellers as hot air blimps.(c.1966)


Finger Pens: They fit your index finger and your finger presses a flexible ink bladder in the pen as you press down to write.(c.1968)

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"Nessie": inflatable Loch Ness monster for kids.(c.1965)


Giraffe Crane: a working crane with levers and pulleys, kid-sized. Made of wood and metal. No plastic.(c.1965)


Zebracorns: Plush toy Unicorns that are Zebra striped. (c. 1976)


"Betty Bears": Female Teddy Bears.(c.1985)


"Floppy Disks" Frisbees made of soft materials so they won't bust things when they are thrown in close quarters.(c.1990)


Water Bears, tardigrades, as plush toys, cartoon characters



Played on big croquet field with giant size rubber croquet balls, wickets and stakes. Players roll the giant croquet balls with their feet as they stand on them. One player starts at one end of the field, the other at the other end. First one to get to the other side wins.


People's Non-Violent Volleyball Rules

1) 3 to 9 on a side

2) Height equalization arrangement of players

3) No overhand serves, only underhand

4) No spiking or slamming

5) Can hit the ball back over or set up for another player. No carrying the ball.

6) 21 is game

International volleyball rules take volleyball out of the people's hands. PNVV puts it back.


Anti-Monopoly game (circa 1980?)

For wild-eyed anarchists and such. A game to play during the coming Depression when you're out of work. Object of game is to get rid of surplus capital to equalize the board by giving to those who need capital most. Player tokens represent oppressed minority groups. Nationalization of utilities, RR, all Co-op, Bank of Earth. Power to the many people. Actually, the original Monopoly game itself was originated as a political protest of monopoly capitalism.



Miscellaneous invention ideas:

Leggo dishes. Plates with my Leggo art designs on them.(c.1966)


"Eversharp Knife blades": sandwich construction of blade sections automatically sharpens itself because the middle section is hardest with each section on top and bottom gradually less hard or less dense metal than the outer sections so that when the blade wears the less dense metal sections wears faster leaving a sharp edge.(c.1967)

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Original note-1967


Lewis Spring/flywheel generators that double as exercise machines.(c.1965)


Extruded Image Printing Method (1965)

Images are transferred to extruded organic recyclable plastic square-sided tube which is then sliced into thin film sheets.


Environmeters: (c. 1976) Measures positive and negative subjective reactions to immediate environmental conditions. Self-calibrating with more people using the system, the more accurate it becomes. Calibrations from total oblivion, hell on earth, to eutopia, heaven on earth. Air, earth, animals, people templates. Critiques businesses and government programs that work for or against a healthy environment.


Natural Flea Collars come in laminated strips that are peeled off each week to give a fresh strip of anti-flea repellent.


Activated Charcoal Wafer Filters for smoking pipes, disposable and replaceable.


Bathtub Rugs: waterproof, soft, slip resistant, washable.


(Fake) Fur rug pieces for instant and changeable textile art "paintings".(c.1966)


Designer Taping: For walls (paper), for furniture (cloth tape), notebooks (cloth tape), cars (plastic with acrylic coating)


I love Peace: 


New big-scoop shovel design: scoop shape like ice-cream scoop holds more material.(c.1965)


Spring-action pet food feeders: for vacationers with pets to feed. Spring action, timed release cover on food dish opens fresh section of food each day.(c.1965)


Car heating and massage back and butt seat pads that plug into car cigarette lighter. (c.1965)


Custom Chess sets: cast or carved from local rock like serpentine or jasper. Also silicon-rubber silly character chess pieces.(c.1976)


"Gold Leaves": gold-plated pot leaves.(c.1977). Embedded in plastic. Embedded in poker chips for use as money.


Perfect Pipes:

  Three sections fit together with male/female ends to form a tube with semi-walled ends that allow smoke to flow through. As the smoke flows through the sections the walls act as filters to catch tars. Break apart construction allows easy cleaning. (c.1976)

My son and I's co-invention Perfect Pipe: multiple chambers catch tars and clear smoke.


"Humbolts" and wrenches to match: double-walled bolt heads that won't strip when tightened or loosened. The double-wall "female" bolt head fits a Humbolt wrench that has the "male" end to it. Also could use an "H" shaped female end to bolt for a male "H" wrench.(c.1980)


"Sole Dip" shoes with soles that can be "dipped" into liquid rubber vats at shoe stores when the soles wear thin to restore them.(c.1965)


Automatic Gold Traps: metal sluice boxes that are placed in creeks and rivers bearing gold that automatically filter out gold from the creek waters flowing through the boxes. Sort of like a fur trapper places his traps.(c.1973)


Snow-washing machines: For some reason snow cleans clothing so why not make snow washing machines using no soap? (c.1976)


"Superglastic": made of polycarbonate molecules rolled, folded, and pressed like samurai sword blades are made. Interlocking molecules give super strength and glasslike clarity. (c. 1990)


Motorized cat scratcher: Cat puts its face in the form-fitting unit and it has little brush wheels that knead and scratch the cat's face. Cats will love it? (c.1988)


"Pet Pockets" beds for dogs and cats: washable bags instead of open pet beds as these animals like to burrow into blankets to make a sleeping place. (c. 1988)


Redwood Finger Drum (c. 1998)


Music Machine: a keyboard programmed with notes that are made of all kinds of sounds instead of musical notes, snatches of noise that have the right note sounds.


"Big Guy" or Froggie backrests: backrests in the general shape of a "big guy" to hold you. (c. 2000)


"Cap 'n Hat" lampshades": caps and hats as lampshades. Changeable to match your decor or moods. (c. 1998)


Designer Sandbags: to hold down things around the living room, bedrooms.


Micro-fusion Reactor Pellets: configured pellet atoms create anvil and hammer effect on target deuterium atoms in pellet when hit with heavy force (mechanical or electronic).


Moving word signs for Daily Reminders list to put on refrigerators.(c.2004)


Electric "donkeys" and ponies for tourist buggies in Giza to take pressure off mistreated camels working there.


Cardboard Products: custom Cardboards (These were some of our Heartlands Trust Company offerings for Evergreen Pulp that produced cardboard from wood pulp). We had several new cardboard product ideas, one of which were inexpensive cardboard surfboards made like samurai swords, i.e. multi-wrapped cardboard given water-proof coating. The folded construction of corrugated cardboard makes a very strong board and being cardboard, it's cheap. I thought of Cardboard Car Bodies because with the corrugated construction and waterproofing you can get a car body made of cardboard that can take impacts better than steel or plastic car bodies. How about Cardboard tires made like air and oil filters folded paper but using rubber-coated cardboard. And if they can make paper batteries which they can, how about Cardboard batteries? (2004)


Experimental Technology Community: Whole intentional community is willing to test new technologies for manufactures. Free test products for community members and/or pay for trial usage. (2010)


Edible Pet Food Packets: (2017) pets eat the whole thing, packet and pet food inside



Divine Design

Incorporated in 1979 as my first attempt at creating a company to make my toys and other items. But my family support work (growing and dealing pot) plus lack of funds for expensive patent processing kept me from developing any ideas except the Witch Stix which were fairly easily made and required only a design patent. For a year in 1993 I hustled toy companies and others for toy partnership and help starting my own company. Like I've said elsewhere, God keeps me on a very short financial leash, I just do not have good luck in trying to commercially exploit any of my invention and design ideas. Perhaps this is the problem as stated in the Gospel of Thomas: "Businessmen and merchants will not enter the Places of My Father." I'll hire a manager..

I started off at age 16 as a young entrepreneur inventor going across LA by bus to a plastic extrusion plant to try to talk them into making my "Water Totters", plastic covered foam teeter-totters for swimming pool, lake and ocean use. Haven't succeeded yet in making Divine Design another Mattel and frankly, at this point in my life, I'm just as happy to share my ideas with whoever wants to take and develop them. After all, the ideas came freely to me.


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