Kushstone Castle Construction



As a kid growing up in beach areas in Southern California I naturally played in the sand and made sandcastles like most kids. I was never interested in making sculpted castles by molding and shaping the sand. No, I was fascinated by dripping wet sand to make my sandcastles. Well, now that I know something about how to make ferro-cement structures where cement is plastered onto rebar and wire frames having made a small doghouse size model, I thought why not combine that old sandcastle drip style with the ferro-cement idea with a cement pumping truck where a skilled operator could drip cement over a ferro-castle framework? I think I might like the results, especially if different colors were added to the dripped cement.




Everyone loves Castles


Castles are unique in architecture in that people always like them unlike other massive building styles that come and go in popularity like dress styles. This makes castles acceptable in places where such large housing buildings are not. My Communitarian approach wants to democratize castle habitation by making them co-operative and semi-communal with everyone having an equal say as to who, what and how the castle operates for the benefit of its residents.