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 to raise funds for Biomystic missions, the Paxcalibur Peace Mission, the Josephine Mission, the Ojai Mission and Research Projects


The Biomystic Book & Booklets: Biomystical Revelation, Celestial Restoration, Creating Climax Civilization, Communitarian Transformation, The Story of Paxcalibur, the Vision of Christ Josephine, etc,  are actually online scrolls and these are free to the reader as well as the author..sorta. I do have to pay for internet hosting. But as an author you can do so much more with online publishing formats; you can add lot's of pictures to the text that would cost you a small fortune to have published in print. Plus you can add new information keeping your book up-to-date. Sure, I'd like some big publisher to hand me fat advances for my book and promises of a huge promotion, but for my present budget this is the best way to for a non-profit prophet to publish. Dire warning! There are lot's of pages and lot's of words so expect to spend some time reading. But there's lot's of images too, more than I could realistically publish in hard copy book form. Learn more new information about Christianity, it's stellar origin, it's very ancient past, Judaism's and the European Christian  corruptions, and where Christianity is going in the future, a compilation of religious material not found anywhere else in Christian scholarship. Despite rightwing Evangelical (Republican) Christian disapproval of the New Age, it truly is a New Age that is dawning and the changes coming with it cannot be stopped by any old dinosaurs - - beasts or men. So do enjoy new Knowledge of what is coming!

Permission to copy or use the text material is freely given provided enough money is paid up front to my henchmen. No, no, just kidding, but I do have these Biomystic Books and Booklets on flash drives and they're for sale, pretty cheap, but you can copy my website material for free. Help spread these terrific new, improved, Words of God and handy Earth-Saving hints, then run for cover if need be. The Old Piscean Age isn't relenting its pain, misery, and suffering grip on humanity and it's not exactly going quietly into the night, at least not at this point in time in 2023 A.D. This is why Biomystic Books are aimed not only at present readers, young and old, but future generations as they also become fed up with the same Old Crap and wanting, absolutely needing, the dawning of the New Age.