Climax Civilization




Creating Climax Civilization presents a revolutionary new biologically-based social evolution theory plus many cooperative eutopian community visions of "the good place", i.e. the kind of ecologically conscious community organizing models needed to save the planet from ourselves. Creating Climax Civilization is the framework for my social and environmental change visions. Communtarian Transformation records my experiences trying to organize and build that Good Place and survive in one peace. I've seen America fall apart as a once great nation and it never had to happen; not when we had the means of taking the lead in virtually every field of human endeavor but passed that leadership away, unable to take the social change steps necessary to dump bad government policies and institute ones that actually work to "provide for the general welfare" of our citizens as the Constitution mandates our U.S. government. Presented here are alternative ways to consider for correcting bad governmental leadership.

By Stephen Ariel Lewis





* Climax Social Evolution Theory

Climax Social Evolution Theory is the central organizing principle of all my social change ideas. It is a new holistic social evolution theory based on the biological succession/climax community pattern seen in the natural world. With this theory, one can predict which changes in society, social, technological, cultural, will have lasting effects and which changes will fade away, unable to adapt to changing conditions.




* Climax Civilization Characteristics

Why did ancient Egyptian Civilization last the longest of any human society? Unlike most other ancient civilization the Egyptians incorporated animals into their social mythology, many animals, and some of the most unique since Egypt was part of Africa. What was the stabilizing role of celestial Taurowet theology that Israelites took back to Canaan with them which later Hebrews transformed into their Torah theology, a fact most rabbis today are not aware of, Judah priests and writers making sure they covered up their borrowings from Egyptian religion when ancient Egypt civilization fell to Alexander's army, never to recover. Civilizations do not last. They are replaced with another one, and another one. Why? What makes a society last thousands of years enduring all manner of social disruptions, wars, famines, changes of government and religion? What will make our modern society last? The Climax Civilization Series below gives us some clues to social stability and longevity.


* Climax Series

Climax Series outlines the philosophical, environmental, political, economic, technological and cultural aspects of Climax Civilization.


* Toxic and Tonic Technology


Toxic waste, it's everywhere. If we don't clean it up, it will bury us in our own filth. Polluting cars, industries, they'll kill us with their pumping crap into our air. If we don't change our technological ways we won't survive planetary pollution that is literally burning up our chances of survival on Earth, the only Home we've got.


* Creating Climax Civilization through Communitarian Transformation


Communitarian Society is an ideal that is heir to the longest serving socio-economic system created and used by human beings. Judging from hunting and gathering societies studied throughout the 20th Century, the great majority of such communities shared their lives in common to a degree lost when people discovered agriculture and abandoned the hunting and gathering lifestyle, moving out of rural villages and into cities to become "civilized". The Market economy that eventually became our capitalist system over time destroyed the cooperative economies of hunting and gathering communities which could not compete against wealth concentration used to finance more economically efficient private ownerships. With wealth concentration came crime and eventually wars to acquire more territory, always the mainstay of wealth accumulation.

Only organized social cooperation can undo the usually fiercely protected market economy dominated by few wealthy individuals willing to do most anything to make sure their capital continues to grow - - always at the expense of the many who actually produce the wealth of capitalists, their work legally rigged to guarantee profit to the owners of capital. Communitarian Transformation outlines this Communitarian Socialist's endeavors, theory and theory put into practice to create cooperative community as the majority's way of replacing capitalist minority ownership with economic democracy.