Creating Climax Civilization

By Stephen Ariel Lewis


Note: The chapters and pages of Climax Civilization and Communitarian Transformation are not finished. There is likely five to ten times the social change information I've accumulated left to sort and organize and place into appropriate pages but I currently just do not have the time to do this as I am facing homelessness (again) in 60 days. This has been a reoccurring problem for me as I have followed my visions and my social change work with Native American tribes that were poor and unable to pay me for my organizing work leaving me only low-income rent HUD subsidized housing option. Anyone not dead or completely disable will find such HUD housing filled with elder abusers as managers who delight in having HUD provide them with so many ways to terrorize (with threat of eviction) tenants as well as deny them decent lives. Pets which are proven benefits to single people living alone are subjected to inhumane rules such as no cats allowed outside without leashes when cats are social animals and need social interaction. Dog rules are worse. And Adults with Disabilities rights are ignored with NO recourse to stop management abuse unless you are rich enough to have a private lawyer. Legal Aid for seniors is a joke and there is no HUD remedy even though they say there is. I survived on my own social security income to do the work necessary with Native Americans but low income forced me into HUD housing with predictable results. Two evictions from two HUD housing complexes. The No. 1 problem working in "Indian Country" is tribal politics, actually tribal family politics which made project progress often impossible. These are my current problems to solve and in order to get myself out of this economic predicament, I am finishing my old painting, making it ready for sale. It got damaged years ago and needs redoing in order to reestablish my position as master psychedelic artist. I want to sell that painting for enough money to get a place to live. It is a national shame that America doesn't support its visionaries unless they make money for someone. Find me a patron, like the old master painters had, that would help.:)



Book Sections


Climax Social Evolution Theory

Climax Social Evolution Theory is the central organizing principle of all my social change ideas. It is a new holistic social evolution theory based on the biological succession climax community pattern seen in the natural world. With this theory, one can predict which changes in society, social, technological, cultural, will have lasting effects and which changes will fade away, unable to adapt to changing conditions.


Climax Civilization Series

The Climax Series presents the way Climax Social Evolution Theory can be utilized as a standard for judging the worth of the primary aspects of human civilization in terms of whether or not these things are made to last through changing social and technological conditions. Climax "tools" are thus exposed as being better than other ways of doing things simply because climax tools are "stable and sustainable", they work and continue to work while other methods and tools fail for whatever maladaptive reasons.


New Community Models

Communiversities, the Communitarian Village Proposal, the Communergy System, the World Community Land Trust, Gardenville, Chateau Marmoset, etc, are all various cooperative community concepts I have proposed and often engaged in as a community organizer in past years. They are only models for new communitarian social structures and not blueprints for reproducing exact replicas, e.g. the Communiversity model morphed into the Communitarian Village project under communal input. Time and circumstances determine the appropriate communitarian systems. But I believe they are good beginning models and present new ways of organizing our communities.


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Environmental Projects

The whole idea behind Climax Civilization is conscious human adaptation to the ecological needs of our planet. Human communities can no longer avoid adaptation to existing eco-systems because when these eco-systems fail, that take with them human community sustainability. We need every existing plant and animal eco-community on the planet as healthy as possible for the sustaining of human life as well as the Life of the planet.


Communitarian Transformation

How do you create Climax Civilization? You have to change society. Communitarian Transformation gives the steps for doing this. Everyone will want to join in because it's Eutopia or Bust, remember and who wants to be left behind without community to support them?