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Communitarian Transformation involves establishing communitarian government, communitarian social structures, communitarian economic structures, and communitarian cultural values in replacement of capitalist social dysfunction brought about by capitalism's inherent inability to create stable social-economic infrastructure. With capitalism's exaltation of human greed, it become impossible for capitalists to ever empathize with social problems created by capitalism's victims, those least able to produce profit for the capitalist exploiter. Currently, we've elected a President who has opened up American citizenry to as much corporate preying as possible. Capitalism is killing the American Dream.

I was going to organize my old communitarian notes as historical documents because I thought most of my communitarian ideas and experiences trying to implement them were out-of-date, passť, history. I'm 74 as of this writing in 2018 and I was actually looking forward to retiring from social change activism and going back into art. After completing the updating on my online books I was planning on finishing up my old damaged Ariel Lome painting transforming it as the new Ariel Salome painting - - to re-launch my art career. But no, the endless visionary brain says, why there's potential social change up the yin-yang in those old notes. But that you will have to judge for yourselves. I'm a communitarian and a believer so I'm already there and have been most of my adult life. But I'm not going to try to sell you a dead horse if that's what communitarian or any kind of radical social change means to you. But then again you might just want to check out the Communitarian Club proposal as new basis to change the world.

The Communitarian Club, (March-April, 2018) is my latest social change organizing project (Unlike the stereotype of genius burning out fairly early on, my creativeness has never stopped and I'm 74 as of writing this--see the Bigloo Village page (May, 2018). Back to Communitarian Club. We didn't have the Internet back in 1972 when we created Communities Magazine as an outreach periodical for communitarians to organize themselves into various co-operative community groups and ventures. We didn't have Facebook or Amazon and when I see again what we were trying to do with our annual Communities Commune Directory, how we tried to organize communitarian social change via putting people in touch with each other, well, the thought does come to mind, "Why not try communitarian society via a communitarian social activist network? So the Communitarian Club concept was born. Check it out if you want to replace Amazon and Facebook in your life and stop feeding the Super Rich plutocracy and its anti-Life on Earth political-economic system's control over America and the world.

Meanwhile, below lists most of my history of communitarian ideas and communitarian activist adventures  before finally arriving at Communitarian Club. For a critical look at American society that produced counterculture communitarian activists like me, that's in these chapters too. I would have been content to be part of American history but instead I'm still trying to make it. Well, if Joan Baez can claim she is history and I was once married to a woman who knew Joan and could out-sing her ..., yes, that's right, my second wife had a better voice than Joan Baez but she never recorded, never sought fame which is a shame and a loss to folk singing history. I'm in that boat too, not seeking fame and fortune, which is why I'm making up for not really publicizing my activist work nor promoting my spiritual work either. I just wanted to live a half-way normal life without people bothering me all the time. And I do think that by avoiding fame it's allowed me to develop my ideas and projects without being subjected to public scrutiny every time I turned around or published something new.

However, due to persistent, nagging poverty and too frequent bouts of housing insecurity, the results of helping others in need I so dearly want to claim but more truthfully must admit it's the logical outcome of my own impractical living and vocational choices. So, whatever has produced my life at this point, I'm willing to consider other options. For example, If you've happened to have stumbled into the wrong internet address and you're as rich as Midas but perhaps dissatisfied too and happen to be looking for a Good Cause investment, well, why not consider becoming both a shrewd collector of a modern art masterpiece and a model for communitarian philanthropy simply by purchasing my new Ariel Salome painting what did that butt-ugly Da Vinci painting recently go for at Christie's Auction...$450 mil?...OK, for a mere $ 451 mil for a true historic art masterpiece, no junk. And almost every dime of purchase price to be divvied up and going into all those wonderful Good Causes to be found here in the papers and pages of Creating Climax Civilization and ones in the Biomystic Institute. Plus, I have a bridge somewhere around here too you might be interested in.



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