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for Humanity

These eighteen visions are my contributions to universal cultural advancement and social change organizing so that people won't destroy the planet or humanity. You will find many more innovations presented in these website pages but these visions comprise my best efforts to change civilization in order to save humanity from itself.



Biomystic Books*

Biomystical Christianity


I am not a "religious" man in the usual sense as I don't seem at all interested in observing traditional religious beliefs or the rituals that attend organized religions. I was in fact atheistic until I underwent an incredible three day religious experience at Easter in 1979 that changed everything I believed before about God, humanity and reality. I've always been a visionary person, art and ideas, but now I found myself to become a religious visionary as well. I became a prophet of a new kind of Christianity, one different from all the others, one that dissolved the separation between spirit and matter by including a new biological foundation for Christian spiritual concepts. I became the author of Biomystical Christianity, which is now my personal Christian belief system as opposed to Celestial Christianity featured below which developed later out of Biomystical Christianity as the universal application of my visionary and very non-traditional religious beliefs.


The Aquariana Key


Celestial Christianity


The Aquariana Key contains the Key to unlocking the meaning of the Celestial Tauret which turns out to be the actual (hidden) source of the Judeo-Christian Messianic tradition. It took three decades of spiritual journeying to arrive at the Aquariana Key revelation that anchors Christianity as the world's oldest religious symbolic system. This is a Christianity scholars missed and you will discover more new historical Christian information in The Aquariana Key than compiled in any other source. My "Biomystic" spiritual visions and insights, my personal Christian beliefs that occurred along the way, are all recorded in the pages of Biomystical Christianity. Celestial Christianity developed out of my "biomystical" beliefs learning more and more through the years about the real origins of Jewish Christianity. Being Jewish by Jewish law I find that I have become another prophesy bearer, one bringing new revelations that "make straight the Path to God". These new revelations will change the way Christianity has been perceived and inspired Western Civilization. It will bring new inspiration now which is always the role for the Humanitarian Archetype who steps into history here and there throughout the Ages to promote the change-over from human beings becoming truly humane beings, the purpose of Christianity lost under the seizure and takeover of Jewish Christianity by European Christians in Rome, Wittenberg, and Geneva.




Creating Climax Civilization


Creating Climax Civilization presents a revolutionary new biologically-based social evolution theory plus many cooperative community visions of "eutopia", the "good place", i.e. the kind of ecologically conscious community organizing models needed to save the planet. Creating Climax Civilization details my social and environmental change visions plus my experiences trying to organize and build that Good Place and survive in one peace. I've seen America fall apart as a once great nation and it never had to happen. Not when we had the means of taking the lead in virtually every field of human endeavor but passed that leadership away, unable to take the social change steps necessary to dump bad government policies and institute ones that actually work to "provide for the general welfare" of our citizens as the Constitution mandates our U.S. government. Here are alternative ways to consider for correcting bad governmental leadership.





The Biomystic Institute


The Biomystic Institute is my one-man, one old computer, lot's of files, one dog, quite a few cats Think Farm. I say "Think Farm" instead of "Think Tank" because my Biomystical Christian way is towards creating peace and comfortable places and not war. The Biomystic Institute is the non-profit organization that publishes my writings and organized Biomystic projects such as The Bridge, the Canaan Peace Plan, the Heartlands Project, the Lifeline Lottery Project, the two missions to Israel/Palestine and the mission to the Lakotas, and the gold-plating of Paxcalibur, the Sword of Peace.




Kushstone Gallery


(mostly) Psychedelic Art


From 1960's psychedelic artist to holistic social change philosopher to communitarian organizer to environmental activist to visionary spiritual activist and founder of a radically new Christian theology, my life fits no formula. Here and there along the way I've managed to produce some seminal psychedelic paintings and drawings and later, even two religious icons. I've been silent before about my art work but really, I'm not lacking in artistic credentials despite the lack of production. When I was seriously doing art in the mid-1960's I was part of the astonishing Psychedelic Art movement, a revolutionary way of pictorial imagery brought in by artists access to psychedelic drugs, well-known LSD, peyote, psilocybin, many others including cannabis. I've always been a visual person and was somewhat of an art prodigy in that I could draw quite realistically by age seven. By twenty-one I was a master at psychedelic art and was one of the early leaders of the movement although it was never organized as such nor aware of itself like the contemptoraneous Pop Art Movement (derivative DADA rip-off!) that galleries and art collectors, and art historians paid attention to, not our curious Psychedelic Art with its terrible for business association with illegal drugs. There's more to this story to be found in the Kushstone Gallery.

The Kushstone Gallery holds examples of my artwork dating from 1965 to 2003 for now, new work coming soon. Some pieces of my friend since high school and fellow psychedelic master artist Roger De Shon are shown there too. Even though we're artists and have never grown up faking adult behavior where necessary, we're ostensibly old now and our lives and output stamped by the time period we have lived in, each decade with its own set of events creating specific cultural values and artifacts and all of it leaving its mark on us, scarring us for life but maybe that's not such a bad thing since another fellow Aquarian, Ronald Reagan so wisely said, "the future lies ahead".



Divine Design

Inventions and designs


Since I was 12 or so I have been inventing things racking up in my adult years quite a few toy designs and other designer items plus all sorts of other inventive things, from computer-related ones to environmentally-friendly housing construction techniques. My hope through the years was that some day these ideas will be part of the economic income projects of whatever cooperative community I eventually end up living in, if any. God keeps this prophesy bearer on a short financial leash and I've never had the funds to develop most of my invention ideas. Some are darned good ones but at this point in my life I just want to share them hoping somebody in the communitarian or tribal or pro-people world will develop them as income projects.

"Uncle Dad's Bread" was my Super Bread recipe that I developed during my Lime Saddle communal days in the early '70's. It's a special balanced protein bread that combines three grains and it tasted so good when I made my loaves four loaves at a time on the commune they were inhaled as soon as they came out of the oven. Everyone who tasted my Super Bread thought it was great, tasted great which was and is unusual for a bread recipe that include lot's of soy protein. Divine Design was going to be the name of my invention and design company and could still be used although the last time I checked (years ago) there was an architectural or interior design consulting firm using that name in California. Uncle Dad's Bread, Divine Design, Biomystic Systems,  California Kush Inc., these were my entrepreneur ventures which thus far haven't fared any better than most of my cooperative community projects. The Bridge operating for five years as a community organizing and learning center has been my most successful social change project. What I've learned the hard way is that for all the new business type ideas I generate I'm just not a business-minded person. I can organize social change projects OK but business projects, not so good. So consider what you read here Open Source and waiting for a communitarian just like you to bring them into reality. You are so lucky..



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*Biomystic Books - - Biomystical Christianity, The Aquariana Key, and Creating Climax Civilization - - are actually online scrolls and are free to the reader as well as the author. As an author you can do so much more with online publishing formats; you can add lot's of pictures to the text that would cost you a small fortune to have published in print. Plus you can add new information keeping your book up-to-date. Sure, I'd like some big publisher to hand me fat advances for my books and promises of a huge promotion, but for my present budget this is the best way to for a non-profit prophet to publish. There's lot's of words so expect to spend some time here reading. But there's lot's of images too, more than I could publish in hard copy book form. Learn more new information about Christianity, it's stellar origin, it's very ancient past, Judaism's and the European Christian  corruptions, and where Christianity is going in the future, a history not to found anywhere else in Christian scholarship. Despite rightwing Evangelical (Republican) Christian disapproval of the New Age, it is a New Age a-dawning and the changes coming with it cannot be stopped by old dinosaurs, beasts or men. So do enjoy new knowledge of what is coming!

Permission to copy or use the text material is freely given. Help spread these terrific new, improved, Words of God and handy Earth-saving hints, then perhaps running for cover may be prudent. The Old Piscean Age isn't relenting its pain and suffering grip on world humanity and it's not exactly going quietly into the night, at least not at this time in 2018 A.D. which is why this work is aimed at present and future generations fed up with the Old crap and wanting, absolutely needing the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.




Stephen Ariel Lewis




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