South Fork Salmon Creek Land Trust



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Look at the difference below in cooperative community going from intense communal sharing and decision-making at Lime Saddle commune to cooperative homesteading instead. A no-frills cooperative community, just the basics for co-operatively sharing the land. And it worked no better than the communal experience lasting only 2 years with our tiny community unity becoming unglued with the massive multi-agency pot raid in 1978 that put us into foreclosure and nearly wiped us out financially and broke apart any cooperative cohesion our little land trust had before. Since we were growing 100% Hindu Kush Indica cannabis plants we considered suing the cops to get the value of our legal cannabis crop back based on a successful "species defense" court decision in Humboldt County that in essence legalized cannabis indica, at least for a few months. However, in 1980 the 9th Circuit Court ruled California anti-cannabis sativa covered all cannabis species and thus ruled against Humboldt's court. But in January 1979 I optimistically incorporated California Kush Inc. banking on the Humboldt ruling which did establish cannabis has multiple species. 1978, second year and high hopes for this year's crop, then Busted, money for land payment gone. But high hopes for legalization and California Kush Inc. taking off. No such luck, up/down, up/down. And is it really all that surprising that something would snap in my little universe. In 1979 I had my religious conversion experience right at that spot in the picture above, our home site facing our Bear Butte mountain. The religious experience changed my life completely.