(from around 1968 to 1975, the Cold War still raging)


Green Star

Over the earth two guiding stars are held high by strong peoples

Ove the West a White Star blazes

and over the East the star is Red

The two stars are symbols for mighty cultures

And social movements in collision

And their violent interaction brings tragedy and death

Tired of fighting, bloodshed and loss

Young heirs of the old conflict fashion

A new world order based on life, peace, and love

And their guiding star is cool and green

*       *


The Piscean Age is over

And the fish line up at the well

Truth becomes abundant

And for once everything starts to jell

My life as it develops

Apparently to be held in high esteem

Pattern recognition beyond

The likes of few

Toothpicks and wildest dreams

Ego traps are really necessary

It seems

*       *



The corners of the moon

How often we did swoon

Beneath those yellow angles

Getting caught in tangles

Of immensely moving shadows

On the moon's walls

*       *



Humor in Cuniform


Space Cowboys Lament

The wells are dry

The ocean's gone

the sun is too

so I reckon

I'll be movin' on

*       *


Get Real Children's Stories

"Once upon,

Always a pawn."

*       *


There was this guy

who got his ascot in

A polishing machine

And his boss comes along

And sez, "Hey Mister.

Puttin' quite a load on

That machine, ain'tcha?"

And the guy sez, "Yeah,

I think I got it buffaloed..."

*          *


I may be stupid

But I'm not so dumb

I may be an idiot

But I'm having fun.

*       *