Peace Zones


The creation of Peace Zones is the way to solve all political separation territorial wars. Religious communities, political minorities under attack by majorities, to end the domination of super powers and their territorial warfare, to give empowerment to such minority communities in order to insure Diversity, the backbone of social democracy that gives the societies having it the means to adapt to increasing social change that will not stop until global human society is freed from our animal past where the Strong ruled the Weak to the detriment of humanity.

There are the Darwinian Capitalist and there were the Darwinian Communists. These are the aggressive ideologies spawned out of the 19th Century that still inflict their dystopia and cruelty on their own and other societies. These ideologues believe in the Struggle for Existence, the Strong over the Weak, and at heart, European White People over all other human races. European racism must end for there to be world peace.

World Government is coming whether we want it or not. It is the ONLY WAY to stop aggressive nationalism and the endless wars for territorial domination. Imagine a United States without national government and that is our world today, national states fighting each other instead of cooperating as a whole Nation. It is the same with world nations. The strong nations bully the weak and exploit them because there is no protection for the smaller nations, the religious communities, the minority groups oppressed by their national majorities.

The U.N. is in place although it was deliberately hamstrung by the founding Super Powers in order to insure their continuing domination through the Security Council they control and smaller nations do not. The Security Council has to go for there to be real democracy in the United Nations work. A United Nations government must be established if there is ever to be peace on earth through the rule of democratic law instead of caprice and national aggression, e.g. currently North Korea and the United States under the Trump administration.



World Community Land Trust Proposal

Canaan Peace Plan