Kushstone Garden Apartments



The above picture is one taken from David Lynch's movie Muhulland Drive. I lived in Hollywood for a while in my youth and one of the more pleasant aspects of the city were its old garden apartment complexes like the one seen in Muhulland Drive. Compared to "normal" apartment complexes these were delightfully private with separate bungalows all set in lush garden settings instead of wall-to-wall apartments. Apartment complex builders wanted more apartments per square foot so the old style Garden apts stopped being built. But Kushstone Garden Apartments will build be built old-style with separate bungalow apts and of course, the Kushstone Gardens specialty, ready-made garden space for personal gardens, vegetable or flowers and cannabis plants. HUD could subsidize rentals to make it low-income available but only when HUD catches up to America and stops trying to criminalize cannabis using renters.