Ishtar & Easter

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Ishtar has risen with Jesus for over 2000 years!

Ishtar and Jesus, intertwined Heavenly Intercessors spiral around each other like DNA double-helix

The Trinity= Sun, Moon, Venus.

Venus= Ishtar= "the Bright and Morning Star"= Jesus= the Savior Sign in the Sky


Origins of the name "Easter"

"The name "Easter" originated with the names of an ancient Goddess and God. The Venerable Bede, (672-735 A.D.) a Christian scholar, first asserted in his book De Ratione Temporum that Easter was named after Eostre (a.k.a. Eastre). She was the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe. Similar "Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility [were] known variously as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos." Her name was derived from the ancient word for spring: "eastre." Similar Goddesses were known by other names in ancient cultures around the Mediterranean, and were celebrated in the springtime. Some were:

Aphrodite from Cyprus

Astarte, from Phoenicia

Demeter, from Mycenae

Hathor from Egypt

Ishtar from Assyria

Kali, from India

Ostara, a Norse Goddess of fertility.

Under the definition for Easter in Webster's Dictionary (College Edition) one finds: "originally the name of pagan vernal festival . . . Eastre, dawn goddess." Further reading in an encyclopedia, or most books on the holidays will identify this Eastre with the pagan goddess known variously as Eostre, Ishtar, Semeramis, and Astarte. This is the same Babylonian "Queen of Heaven," whose worship is condemned in the Word of God (see Jeremiah Chapters 7 and 44)."

Pagan origins of Easter

"Many, perhaps most, Pagan religions in the Mediterranean area had a major seasonal day of religious celebration at or following the Spring Equinox. Cybele, the Phrygian fertility goddess, had a fictional consort who was believed to have been born via a virgin birth. He was Attis, who was believed to have died and been resurrected each year during the period MAR-22 to MAR-25. "About 200 B.C. mystery cults began to appear in Rome just as they had earlier in Greece. Most notable was the Cybele cult centered on Vatican hill ...Associated with the Cybele cult was that of her lover, Attis ([the older Tammuz, Osiris, Dionysus, or Orpheus under a new name). He was a god of ever-reviving vegetation. Born of a virgin, he died and was reborn annually. The festival began as a day of blood on Black Friday and culminated after three days in a day of rejoicing over the resurrection."

Wherever Christian worship of Jesus and Pagan worship of Attis were active in the same geographical area in ancient times, Christians "used to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus on the same date; and pagans and Christians used to quarrel bitterly about which of their gods was the true prototype and which the imitation."

Many religious historians believe that the death and resurrection legends were first associated with Attis, many centuries before the birth of Jesus. They were simply grafted onto stories of Jesus' life in order to make Christian theology more acceptable to Pagans.

Ancient Christians had an alternate explanation; they claimed that Satan had created counterfeit deities in advance of the coming of Christ in order to confuse humanity. Modern-day Christians generally regard the Attis legend as being a Pagan myth of little value. They regard Jesus' death and resurrection account as being true, and unrelated to the earlier tradition."


The descent into Hell by Ishtar before Jesus

The following passage is an excerpt from "The Encyclopedia of Religion, Vol. 7:

"Inanna, the Sumerian astral deity representing the planet Venus, was known throughout the Mesopotamian world; the Akkadians (and later the Assyro-Babylonians) called her Ishtar. For both the Sumerians and the Akkadians, she was the principal goddess in their respective pantheons. Inanna-Ishtar's closest counterparts to the west are the Canaanite Astarte (called Ashtoreth by the Hebrews) and the later goddesses of Greece and Rome, Aphrodite and Venus.

One of the most important myths about Inanna-Ishtar concerns her relationship to the shepherd god Dumuzi-Tammuz, who is probably a divination of an actual early ruler of Uruk (Erech, the city Enoch of Genesis 4). Although the myth has many variations, its basic outline can be reconstructed from the Sumerian 'Inanna's Descent to the Netherworld,' the Akkadian parallel 'Ishtar's Descent,' and recently translated fragments of the 'Death of Dumuzi,' as well as various laments for Dumuzi and a large set of 'Sacred Marriage' texts.

According to these sources, Inanna and Dumuzi have a passionate love affair and marriage. Subsequently the goddess wants to visit the underworld ruled by her enemy and sister Ereshkigal, probably to rule there as well as in heaven. After bedecking herself with jewels and finery, Inanna descends and is met at the gate by a servant of Ereshkigal, who at various stages removes her garments. Finally she approaches her sister naked and humiliated. Ereshkigal fastens on her the 'eyes of death,' turns her into a corpse, and hangs her body on a stake.

Inanna's servant, worried after three days of her absence, fashions creatures who descend with revivifying materials. They bring her back to life and she reascends to earth, accompanied by frightened demons who wander with her from city to city in Summer. When she returns to Uruk she finds her lover Dumuzi not bewailing her plight in the underworld, but actually celebrating it. She sets after him the demons, who after a long chase overtake and torture him and drag him down to the underworld.

There are many variations of this myth, but its importance lies in the love affair between Dumuzi-Tammuz, who comes to represent the annual dying and regenerated vegetative cycle, and Inanna-Ishtar, the embodiment of the generative force in nature. In their intercourse she fecundates the growth cycle of spring.

This came to be ritualized in an annual ceremony in which the king, representing Dumuzi-Tammuz, entered into a hieros gamos, a sacred marriage, with a sacred temple prostitute, representing Inanna-Ishtar, and thus sympathetically brought regeneration to the land. Their intercourse was, in a sense, the resurrection of the dead god, and lamenting turned into rejoicing. The popularity and geographical spread of this myth and its ritualization are attested in Ezekiel 8:14, where the prophet condemns the practice followed by some Jerusalem women lamenting for Tammuz."

-The Encyclopedia of Religion, Vol. 7

The resemblance of the myths of Ishtar to the Gospel stories about Jesus Christ

As Ishtar descended, she was stripped and humiliated; Jesus was stripped and beaten in humility. Ishtar was killed and hung on a stake; Jesus was crucified on a stake. Ishtar was resurrected after three days; Jesus rose from the tomb on the third day. By now it should be quite obvious to you why Easter is in fact the worship of Ishtar.

Ishtar was also known as the Queen of Heaven (there is a large denomination that openly prays to the Queen of Heaven). Ishtar was connected to the planet Venus, called both the "morning star" and the "evening star." Ishtar was worshipped as female in the morning and male in the evening. You should also note that in Isaiah 14:12, Lucifer, another name for Satan, is called the son of the morning. The name Lucifer itself means "the morning star."

Ishtar is also called the goddess of fertility, from another one of her notorious legends. As the legend goes, an egg fell from heaven one day and landed in the Euphrates river. Some fish managed to roll the egg to shore, hence the tradition of rolling Easter eggs.

Then several doves (a symbol of the Holy Spirit) descended from heaven and incubated the egg and hatched the goddess Ishtar, the goddess of Easter. The egg became the universal symbol for fertility, and as such can be traced to pagan ritual and worship worldwide. Like the egg, the rabbit became part of the Easter tradition because it too was a symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt."

She is Risen! God has resurrected Her from the dead! Ishtar lives again!

How lucky we are here at the beginning of the New Millennium to witness the hand of God resurrecting the lost Feminine face of the Holy One! The messenger gives this message from the Holy One this Easter, 2002:

Wake Up! Wake yourselves out of spiritual slumber so that you will see the chains of false doctrines that have imprisoned your hearts and minds for millennia. Look at Genesis One and see the God in the Creation has made us human beings in Its image. How did he make us in that image of God? As man alone? No, as man and woman and God found this "good, very good indeed".

Now you must put woman back in your conception of the Holy One. She has been abused and neglected for far too long and without Her in your relationship with God, you cannot escape the domination of males who, ruling without female wisdom doom the entire species to constant warfare, males fighting males for territorial domination. For all of the past AŽon we have seen the results that happen when the Godhead is stripped of the Goddess. There is no peace, there is only war after war after war.

Men by themselves cannot rule wisely because what they know is what their bodies tell them which is to compete, to fight, to establish one's place in the world. Male rulership, patriarchy, is often nothing more than what one sees in the wolf pack behavior pattern. The top Alpha male rules because of ruthless determination. There is no softening of rulership with the tenderness of feminine wisdom.

The Holy One says we must end all Patriarchy because it holds the whole world hostage to ruthless men. Civilization, if it is to continue can only do so by correcting the spiritual imbalance of too much YANG energy. This why, traditional Christians, God is raising up the Feminine again, raising Her to your consciousness because without Her in your hearts and minds He will destroy your world.

Why do you think God put Arielmessenger here to do the typical biblical prophet work of shaking your beliefs to their very roots? God loves you, that's why. So listen up. Welcome Her back and don't try to bury Her again. Yes, the Feminine very powerful but also very, very loving in ways no man, no God the Father even, can ever match.

She has been here all along of course but never welcomed openly by Christianity except as Mary. She has many names but the ones you will see Her resurrection at is Ishtar, Her Presence as Shekkinah, Her Wisdom as Sophia, Her love as the Great Mother as Gaia, Mother Earth, as Asherah a.k.a. the Tree of Life, and as Spider Woman here on our continent, Her love as Lover as Ishtar/Aphrodite/Venus, Her ability to match men as Ishtar, Astarte, Artemis, Diana, and Her ending of lives so that new beginnings can occur, as Kali.

California is named after Her and out of California has come the ending of the old and the beginning of the new for America which in turn leads the world into the New Millennium for good or evil, death or rebirth, our choice only it isn't really. You've already decided in your hearts what is the right thing to do and your minds will follow once you discover God, the real Holy One, will never abandon you and has sent a new prophet like the old ones to help guide you through these End Times of patriarchal religions.

Happy Ishtar day as well as happy resurrection day for the Spirit of Christ. "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." Now eat you hot-cross buns, your cakes dedicated to the Queen of Heaven, and follow the children and enjoy their joy finding Ishtar eggs and bunny rabbits. They know where God is better than you do. Ask Jesus.


From Internet talkboard discussions

"There is absolutely no connection between the Old English word for spring and the name of your favorite Middle Eastern Goddess"

Well, H and O, so much for intellectual honesty from the Bible bunch. "absolutely no connection..."

Wanna see Ishtar, the Daughter of the Moon God, Sin, in symbolic form as the I AM that Moses met at Mt. Sinai, the mountain of the Moon God Sin? Wanna see NT writers have Jesus copy Ishtar's title as the "Lamp of the world", "Light of the world"? Wanna see Revelation have Jesus copy Ishtar's title as "Morning Star"? Wanna see the Christian Easter story and celebration rituals copy pagan Easter story and celebration rituals?

No, of course you don't. But unfortunately, the only way you cannot see the obvious connection between pagan Easter and Christian Easter is by burying your heads in the sand and hoping it will all go away.. It won't. Christian propaganda is finished as far as any intellectual foundation is concerned. As historical accuracy is concerned the Jews with their Torah myths and tribal histories thoroughly confused together and the Christian Church with their miraculous Jesus myths been both been found guilty of fraud many times over by critical scholarship and archeological discovery.

Christianity, in order to survive, has to take a new course into the Third Millennium. So says the former Bishop of N.J, Bishop Spong. Biomystical Christianity is that new course Christianity will take in order to not only survive the End Times of patriarchal religions but to lead all spiritually conscious people to the true God of All, the Holy One of Heaven & Earth who is a Unity of all dualities, especially the primary duality of Life, the male and female complimentary opposites.

The Holy One is a Sacred Wedding of God and Goddess, a true Mother/Father Great Spirit that unites the spiritual Heaven with the material Creation. The ancients knew this. The patriarchies wanted everyone to forget this as they and their god made war against matriarchy and the Goddess. Now the Holy One is correcting the error and resurrecting Knowledge of Her that She has been with us all this time hidden within the patriarchal icons and worship rituals themselves.

Now the Holy One has brought Her out of the Christian closet and once out, She will never again be forced to hide there because the Feminine face of the Holy One cannot be killed or covered up, the pagan backsliding history of the Jews tells us that and now so does the history of Christianity.

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