The Green Army



Environmental Action Army. Ecological healing -- conservation corp of engineers. Economic/political change.

Green Army provides: ecological/sociological information -- Life Force in action. Tools and technical advisors.

Wild Animal Party: militant branch of conservation corp. Ecotage: Earth fights back through Green Army/W.A.P. Plants, animals, humans and Earth cooperative union.

Green Army maintains Watches:

* Ecological areas facing extinction

* Genocide of peoples & cultures e.g. Amerinds, Amazon Indians, North Africans, Bengalis, Marquesans(?)

* Plants and animals facing extinction

* 1984 Technological Control: e.g. M.I.T.'s super computer, and Behavioral Control, e.g. micro-miniaturized devices put in food. "President's Analyst" movie's Telephone Company.

* The Rat Watch: Nuclear war preparations

* Scientific breakthroughs with huge social impact potential, e.g. cryogenic breakthroughs, 1st man revived after being frozen

* Food production levels/starvation levels

* Pollution: air, water, noise, heat, food.

* Green Army only goes where and when the Green Army is wanted. Publicize capabilities.


Green Scouts: Junior version of Green Army. Like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts but with a Green mindset and goal-orientation. "Good Deed" program, new awareness, environmental action, social, political change. Non-violent so kids of all classes can join and help.