Great Goddesses

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Ishtar, the "Mona Lisa" of Nimrud



Near Eastern (Assyria). The goddess of Venus is the Queen of Inanna, called Ishtar by the Babylonians. She is the goddess of sex and passion in love and war. She appeared as a beautiful lady in the company of lions. Her counterpart is the moon god Nanna. When they are in agreement, there is great mirth, happiness, and celebration. She will bestow a worthy bride upon any man who is deserving and makes a proper sacrifice.

The Babylonians worshiped Ishtar as "The Virgin," "The Holy Virgin," "The Virgin Mother," "Goddess of Goddesses," and "Queen of Heaven and Earth."

They exclaimed, "Ishtar is great! Ishtar is Queen! My Lady is exalted, my Lady is Queen. There is none like unto her."

She was the Queen of Heaven worshiped near Jerusalem before the Judeans took over. She obviously connected symbolically to Jesus who shares her same planet identity, the Morning Star, Venus. "Ishtar" is the Babylonian name for the planet Venus.

They called her "Shining light of heaven, light of the world, enlightener of all places where men dwell, who gatherest together the hosts of the nations"; and they claimed, "Where thou glancest, the dead come to life, and the sick rise and walk; the mind of the diseased is healed when it looks upon thy face."

In Babylonian mythology Ishtar wore a crown and was related to Tammuz, who sometimes was portrayed as her son and other times as her lover.

The Sumerian-Babylonian Ishtar was the counterpart of the Egyptian Isis and the model for the Grecian Aphrodite, Roman Venus, Assyrian Nina, Phrygian and Roman Cybele, Phoenician Astarte, and Astarte of Syria. In essence they were the same mother-goddess.

Her symbol is the eight or sixteen pointed star.

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No one will ever be able to permanently get rid of Ishtar or Aphrodite or Venus because no one can remove the planet Venus from the sky. She is an eternal Archetype.

"Ishtar"= "Isis' Star = "Moon Star".



Corresponding to Ishtar as another Venus goddess, her totem animal was the dove. Aphrodite/Venus emphasized Love while Ishtar carried the Warrior Maiden aspects as well.


Astarte (Canaanite Ishtar)

Her symbol, like Aphrodite, was the dove and coinage portrayed Astarte as the heavenly dove of Wisdom ... Christian iconography will preserve her in her dove form with "seven rays emanating from the dove of the Holy Ghost: an image that went back to some of the most primitive manifestations of the Goddess.


Kwan Yin

The compassionate Kuan Yin is the embodiment of the YIN principle. Kuan Yin is dedicated to relieving suffering through any of her manifestations. "She who hears the cries of the world," or "Mother of Mercy" is how she is known. She is Bodhisattva, which means she achieved enlightenment, yet chooses to stay in this plane of existence until all living beings have attained enlightenment also.

"Kuan Yin is usually shown as a woman sitting or standing on a lotus, always having a serene expression. She is compassionate, the reliever of suffering (mainly during child birth and pregnancy), the remover of obstacles and the comforter. Kuan Yin is a Goddess who has no enemies."

See more about this Goddess of Compassion in the Kwan Yin reference page.

To see how Kwan Yin has become incorporated with another Goddess, go to the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter.


There are hundreds of ancient goddesses and I am no scholar so the following three great goddesses are listed but their mythologies are not detailed here except Isis' influence below even though these goddesses are the among the most influential of all goddesses.


Isis (Egyptian)

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Isis worship was transferred via Egyptian Isis Mystery Religion rituals and doctrines transferred to Roman Catholicism. RCC religious costumes are really those of Isis worshippers as are "vespers" and other RCC services


Gaia (Greek)

Gaia has gained much popularity in the late 20th Century as the world ecology movement gains momentum. She is Mother Earth.


Kali (Hindu)

Kali shows how far the reaches of ancient goddesses can extend, all the way to my state, California, named after the ancient Spanish Kali, Califia, Goddesses of the otherworld paradise island where Califia maintained Her treasure of gold, silver, and gems, the earthly reminders of the sun, moon, and stars.


Spider Woman (Native America)

Spider Woman is the Web of Life New World counterpart of Asherah, the Tree of Life, Web of Life counterpart symbol in the Old World. Like Asherah maintaining and in the last centuries increasing secret worship of Herself within Abrahamic monotheistic history by Her icon idol placed in millions of Christian homes as the Tree of Life, Spider Woman too has made an even more remarkable come-back within the Abrahamic faith dominated American culture. Luckily, Spider Woman becomes much more benign in North America while in Middle and South America SHE exhibited the spider dark side and there was this excessive human blood lust mixed with worship of gods running from Mexico to South America with their gods demanding human sacrifice, a lot of it, to propitiate holding their world together. Spider Woman north of the Rio Grande was much more of a Grandmother type in concern and care for life of Her children.

She is hidden within the knowledge of the world's ecological systems being called the Web of Life.

And now She is within the worldwide Web linking all peoples together thus literally forcing people all cultures to come to terms with worldwide Knowledge that discourages xenophobia or the cultural and political denial of the human rights of other communities. The worldwide community of human beings is a tapestry of life and changes being woven with more and more threads of rich color and texture as more and more societies join together through the Internet Web thus showing Her archetypal influence in our lives.


Sophia and Shechinah

Sophia is the Greek name for Wisdom as a personalized "Her". In the Old and New Testaments written in Greek "Sophia" is the name used for Wisdom as a distinct attribute of God. In the OT she is like the Shekkinah, or the cloud of knowing Spirit that guided the Hebrew priests into knowledge of God's will. In the NT, written in Greek, Jesus refers to Wisdom personified as Sophia. The Gnostic Christians made much more of Sophia, elevating Her to the rank of first of all emanations from the highest God, and giving Her the job of bringing Saving Knowledge or Gnosis into the world through the human/Spiritual Savior carrying Her Spirit, Jesus Christ. It is a paradoxical arrangement.

Sophia brings salvation through Knowledge or Gnosis but is herself in need of salvation as She really only longs to be reunited with God, the Light. But She can only accomplish this by "waking" people up to their real condition which is souls trapped in material bodies and subject to the degradations of material life, pain, death, tyranny, etc. In all our Christ delivered news of salvation, according to Gnostic Christian interpretation, it is because She is acting through Jesus and through those who follow Jesus' Gnosis of God as the way to return our souls to the world of Light of God for which they long just as She does.


Sophia: Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom

Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom. In the Mediterranean world in the first century, Sophia was a beacon to Christians, Jews, Gnostics and Pagans alike. "The Book of Wisdom" says: "Wisdom I loved; I sought her out when I was young and longed to win her for my bride, and I fell in love with her beauty... So I determined to bring her home to live with me, knowing that she would be my counselor in prosperity and my comfort in anxiety and grief".

In her book Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom (1991), Caitlin Matthews traces the history of Sophia and the various ways in which she has been considered. Matthews states: "Sophia is the great lost Goddess who has remained intransigently within orthodox spiritualities. She is veiled, blackened, denigrated and ignored most of the time; or else she is exalted, hymned and pedestalled as an allegorical abstraction of female divinity. She is allowed to be a messenger, a mediator, a helper, a handmaid: she is rarely allowed the privilege of being seen to be in charge, fully self-possessed and creatively operative".

"On the Origin of the World"

A Gnostic Gospel found in the Nag Hammadi Library collection:

(From a modern translation)

"Now when the heavens had consolidated themselves along with their forces and all their administration, the prime parent became insolent. And he was honored by all the army of angels. And all the gods and their angels gave blessing and honor to him. And for his part, he was delighted and continually boasted, saying to them,

"I have no need of anyone." He said, "It is I who am God, and there is no other one that exists apart from me." And when he said this, he sinned against all the immortal beings who give answer. And they laid it to his charge.

Then when Pistis saw the impiety of the chief ruler, she was filled with anger. She was invisible. She said, "You are mistaken, Samael," (that is, "blind god").

"There is an immortal man of light who has been in existence before you, and who will appear among your modelled forms; he will trample you to scorn, just as potter's clay is pounded. And you will descend to your mother, the abyss, along with those that belong to you. For at the consummation of your (pl.) works, the entire defect that has become visible out of the truth will be abolished, and it will cease to be, and will be like what has never been." Saying this, Pistis revealed her likeness of her greatness in the waters. And so doing, she withdrew up to her light.

Now when Sabaoth, the son of Yaldabaoth, heard the voice of Pistis, he sang praises to her, and he condemned the father [...] at the word of Pistis; and he praised her because she had instructed them about the immortal man and his light. Then Pistis Sophia stretched out her finger and poured upon him some light from her light, to be a condemnation of his father. Then when Sabaoth was illumined, he received great authority against all the forces of chaos. Since that day he has been called "Lord of the Forces".

It seems that once there was only the Fore-Creation, invisible, without form or gender, all-pervasive, filling the depths and heights of what was and which, desiring to manifest an inward potential gave birth to many holy dyads...that is, pairs, the first of which were the Abyss and Fore-thought. Then a desire arose in Fore-thought and it meditated on Silence who conceived and gave birth to twins: the first visible female form called Truth and the first visible male form called Mind, in turn they together gave birth to Life and Word...Life was the form-mother of the Pleroma and Word was the form-father of those manifest within the Pleroma. The Pleroma is the fullness of the spiritual world, uninfluenced by matter, energy or light.

Many other dyads were born, called Aeons, or sacred powers, the last of which was the divine Sophia, or Holy Wisdom. Of all the Aeons, the divine Sophia desired most intensely to know the origins of Her own creation, that is, the nature of the Fore-Creator. Though Mind told Her that such knowledge was impossible, nevertheless, Sophia began to search high and low, after Mind was restrained by Silence. None of the Aeons comprehended the Fore-Creation other than Truth whose perfect reflection was a transparent presence invisible to Sophia. She separated Herself from Her consort, ranged the vastness of the uncreated Immensity, and far out- distanced all the other Aeons.

Sensing her separation from the other Aeons, and lacking a clear knowledge of the Fore-Creator, She felt pain and sorrow, She wept and grieved deeply, She desired with all Her Heart to comprehend the vast, unending totality of the Fore-Creator, also called the Abyss. But the Abyss was vast beyond comprehending, and Her sorrow increased and Her passions flowed out of Her in waves and She risked utter dissolution into the Abyss as She radiated forth a turbulence into the stillness of Immensity. Then, suddenly, She encountered Horos, the Limit, Boundary, and understood that the Fore-Creation was unknowable, holy and profound, beyond the comprehension of Mind, Word or even Truth. This was the First Gnosis.

But now, the manifestations of Her intentions and passions remained as viable presences in the Immensity, they overflowed the Pleroma and began to take on a more substantive appearance. Sophia beheld these manifestations, the consequences of Her passions, and was again stirred with grief, fear, uncertainty and sorrow because She understood that these were the manifestations of Her own ignorance concerning the Fore-creation. A dim, barely light-like haze began to appear, first manifestation in the Primal Void, the concatenation of passion and desire unfulfilled, slowly evolving into manifest forms--the stirrings of light, energy and chaos.

All the Aeons together were concerned about the appearance of Chaos and so they, with the divine Sophia, prayed in depth and a new dyad was manifested: Christos and the Holy Spirit, his female counterpart. Together, they calmed the Aeons and soothed their fears, also instructing them in the unknowableness of the Fore-Creation while simultaneously revealing to them the inner unity, harmony and illumination of the Pleroma--this was the Second Gnosis. Yet, the haze and proto-forms of Chaos remained and among these emerging forms was an image of Sophia, called the Lower Wisdom, for She had divided Herself in the passion of her search and now, the Lower Wisdom abided in the midst of Chaos.

This Lower Wisdom desired to return and be united with Her own Higher Self, rather than remain trapped in Her passions and desires and when She felt the emanations of the Holy Spirit and the Christos, when they manifest their healing and harmony within the Pleroma, She began to seek a way to return to the primal harmony and illumination of the Second Gnosis. And when Lower Wisdom discovered that She was bound by Limit and could not return or ascend to the Pleroma, She once again grieved and sorrowed. And from this second grief, from the waves and energy of that sorrow, the first material substances began to form, divide and align themselves in patterns of light, dimness and darkening matter. Then the Aeons together ask the Christos to assist the Lower Sophia and He manifested in the lower world of proto-matter as Yeshu'a, and soothed Her and comforted Her and revealed to Her all the many luminous beings that manifested in the Void as their spiritual companions.

But the proto-matter of the Void was now mixed with passion, desire and sorrow, and the luminous lights of the Void were the spiritual presences inherent to the newly forming matter, inherent to each and every elemental substance, the combinations and the consequent appearances. Thus the spiritual qualities of matter are the inherent emanations of Wisdom stimulated through the manifestation of Christos and the Holy Spirit. And Wisdom was reunited with Her own Higher Self, and perceiving the holiness of the manifestation, and seeing clearly both the psychic and material character of those manifestations, gave birth to one last entity--called "Father of the Material Realm" or the Maker and creator of the Lower Visible Realms.

This Father God created then, seven realms, each more material than the last, until finally this human world was formed and the beings of this world rose and walked, crawled or flew through the skies. But the Father God was vain and jealous, angry and forbidding, not knowing the power of the higher Aeons, nor of the Pleroma, nor even of his own Mother, the Divine Sophia. And when the Divine Sophia instructed him and opened his mind to Truth, he was amazed and refused to divulge these mysteries to those of his own creation. Being a god of the material, social and psychic order, it was not possible for him to be a teacher of the higher mysteries, and Sophia was dismayed by his wrath, anger and jealousy. So when he created the first human beings, She was there and secretly, without his knowing, She gave to them the gift of the Holy Spirit as a divine spark in every human heart.

And it is said, that in the Garden of Eden, created by the lower Father God, that Eve was the manifestation of the Lower Wisdom and that the serpent or snake of the tree, was actually the Christos who urged Eve to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that she might attain the true Gnosis or knowledge of her origins and realize the Higher Sophia in perfect illumination and bliss. But the Father God, discovering that this secret teaching was disturbing his supremacy in the lower realms grew angry and cast them out of the garden and into the suffering of the world. Yet each and every descendent has this spark and the potential to recover the true Gnosis.

It is also said that it was for this reason that the Christos manifest as a human being, to bring the gift of the Holy Spirit, in all its female power and capacity, to liberate those who cast free from the illusions of the material and psychic realms and to ascend through visions of power and knowledge to the Higher Gnosis, to reunite the lower and higher self, to attain to visionary truth and perfect transparency. The Divine Sophia is the manifest presence of that vision, and this tale, one of Her symbolic forms. And the snake, an image of Higher Wisdom, is a true teacher that reconciles the desires and passions of knowledge with higher insight, overcomes the limitations of a jealous and demanding lesser god and transmits the teachings of the Divine Sophia. In this way, it is said, the faithful attain peace and the passionate, union, holiness and joy."

Wisdom is exalted in Proverbs in the Old Testament (Proverbs ch. 8) but reflecting the hostility and schizophrenic character of patriarchal scripture, She is debased in Proverbs 9. But as Jesus pointed out in Matthew 11:19, "Wisdom is justified by Her children."


The Shekkinah

"Shekkinah" is simply the Divine Presence of the Holy One in female form in Judaic theology. The Jewish Shekkinah corresponds in many ways to Greek Sophia. Both correspond to the Holy Spirit of the One Most High and both are etherealized, separated from matter and thereby weakened versions of the Great Goddess Asherah, the original Goddess of Wisdom.



Now there's another one 'original goddess of wisdom'! Saravati, Brahma's consort who became "Sarah" to "Abba Brahma" or "Father Brahma", i.e. "Abraham". See the new news in the End of Abraham chapter.


Shalem and Shulmitu

"Shalem: 'the stable one' is connected to the evening star and is paired with Shahar who is connected to the morning star. The two gods are called the 'celestial ones' and correspond to the Greek Castor and Pollux. (A1) His name appears in the names Jerusalem 'the foundation of Shalem' and two of David's sons, Absalom 'the father is Shalem' and Solomon 'belonging to Shalem'. It is odd that David would name two of his sons after a Canaanite deity -- the god of the city he captured and made into his capitol unless it was to appease the locals. What is more curious is that Solomon is remembered as Solomon by the Jews since he has a more orthodox name given him directly by Yahweh through the prophet Nathan, namely "Jedidiah" "beloved of the Lord" (II Sm 12:25). Any "-iah" name refers to "Yah" from "Yahweh" and so should certainly be more acceptable to the Jews than "Solomon".

Shalem's consort is called Shulmitu or Shlmanitu and is referred to in Assyrian texts as the "Ishtar of Jerusalem". This is important as these two names are thought to correspond to the two lovers in Song of Songs, Solomon and Shulamite. One would assume Song of Songs was included into the Bible on the mistaken belief that it was referring to King Solomon (who never accurately figures in the book) when in fact it is a sexual-love poem between two Canaanite deities."

Jerusalem was the first place on earth where people worshiped peace as a god. It is the site of the foundational story that created the Abrahamic faiths, the story of Abraham and his absolute surrender to the will of God. The story is corrupted at the roots and my spiritual mission in the Holy Land and Jerusalem is about exposing that corruption and reinstituting holiness at the site through the installation of the Sign of the Messiah, Paxcalibur, within the Dome of the Rock.* This ritual also purifies the meaning of Islam because of Muhammad's lack of knowledge of the root meaning of "Islam" in the root meaning of the Arabic word for peace, Salaam. Shalem, Shalom, Salem, Salim, Salaam..all the same word.



Phyllis was a Goddess, a Titaness, the Titaness of Wisdom and secrets of women and the knowledge found in seeds. In Greek mythology, she was turned into an almond tree. Phillistia was named after her so this Goddess is I "know" but cannot pin-point, somehow spiritually connected to Palestine and Palestinians. Olives are big in Palestine. Perhaps they could raise almonds too..



Taurowet was a Great Mother Goddess to the Egyptians. Her constellation was the biggest one in the ancient Egyptian night sky and to them it symbolized the greatness of Egypt. Taurowet's Constellation came to be seen as a living MAAT symbolism of the Order, Way, and Harmony of Creation. Taurowet theology became the basis of Judah's Torah although Judah priests never acknowledged Her along with all the other Egyptian and other pagan religious deities and theologies Judah priests borrowed from to create their Judaism tenets.

See more about Taurowet in the What is the Celestial Tauret chapter.


The Return of the Goddesses, Ishtar and Isis

The Goddess has never left the Judeo-Christian religions. She has just been buried in symbolic language. She was there at the beginning of the world according to Genesis. The seven days God creates the world in reflect the seven planetary rulers/seven day week of the older Goddess religious calendar. All the references to sevens in the bible reflect the Hebrew shadow of the Goddess' seven planetary rulers. The moon is the primary symbol of the Goddess. The moon is white, hence the name the "White Goddess". Everything symbolized by whiteness in biblical symbolism reflects hatred of Goddess worship and influence, even the whiteness of skin caused by the disease leprosy.


-God showing Moses miracle signs in Ex 4:6,7 where God has Moses put his hand in his bosom and it turns "leprous, like snow".

-The two chapters of Leviticus that deal with leprosy sanctions where the skin turning "white" by the seventh day was pronounced "clean" by the Levite priests.

-Elisha curing Naaman of leprosy by having him wash in the Jordan, (i.e., baptism) seven times..

-The "manna" of Moses was white (yet "manna" was also known esoterically as "God's sperm")

-Jacob uses Leucothea's, the White Goddess, magic with the whiteness of poplar and almond wood sticks when he increases his flocks.

-Baptismal gowns were and are white. Our sins are to be washed "white" in the blood of Christ according to Rev 7:14 and "He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments..Rev 3:5.

-"and white garments, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed;" (from Rev 3:18)

-the first garment being the natural fig leaf in the Garden of Eden.


quail in tree of life.JPG (181551 bytes)

The Goddess' sacred animals         

The Goddess ruled Nature and pastoral communities of human beings. As cities arose and civilization developed, so to arose God the Father, as city life involved living by following Rules for social cooperation. As long as the Goddess was worshipped, wild animals like the lion, snake, jackal, fish, dolphin, dove, quail, eagle, and vulture, were given high esteem in Her honor.

Domesticated pastoral animals were also given sacred status as Her totems for their help in nourishing and accompanying humanity, e.g., the cow, bull, goat, ass, dog, cat, and even the elephant in India.

Cat's eyes, snake eyes, share the yoni/almond shape in their pupils. They become sacred symbols in the Goddess religions.

The serpent in all those Middle Eastern, Greek, Egyptian, Iranian, Hindu, New World, and elsewhere around the world, usually was the representative totem animal for two basic principles:

1) Sex and fertility, for the obvious reason of the form of snakes which is why snakes were common to Goddess sacred imagery, and

2) Messianic principles, the exact same principles that the Messiah exhibits: Wisdom, healing (think of your twin snakes "raised up on a pole" as God instructed Moses and John refers to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection) on the caduceus emblems on our ambulances and hospitals), and Regeneration and Resurrection.

Why, because the ancients saw the snake annually slough off its old skin off and look like a brand new snake thus representing a brand new being,"born again". And then there's the seraphim, the fiery flying totem headed snakes, that are part of the Hebrew sacred imagery just as they were in Egyptian and Mesopotamian sacred imagery.

The snake also had its diabolical image side too as pagan dying and resurrection gods usually did. The snake blown up in mystical imagery becomes the Great Serpent, the Dragon, the Creature of the Sea, the Goddess' power domain, and it's poisonous and Python or constricting to death aspects are emphasized to represent Chaos.

As Tiamat, as Rahab, as Leviathan, as Rev.13's Beast from the Sea, the mystical snake/dragon is slain by the Savior God and its (Her's) Death and Chaos powers taken. This is pagan imagery and it is the same imagery used in the Hebrew versions in the Bible only the positive aspects of the Serpent are condemned because Yahweh was always at war with the Feminine. But not EL..

The snake is the Devil in Genesis' Adam and Eve story, but Moses can turn his rod into a snake at the command of God. And Jesus cautions us to become "wise as serpents" *and "harmless as doves", the dove being another creature symbol of the Goddess, e.g., Iahu, the Sumerian predecessor of Ishtar whose name means "Exalted Dove".

* The serpent is a sexual symbol for the penis. "Wise as serpents" means the wise use of testosterone power. Also the "rod of iron" symbolizes the male penis. Pillars too, symbolized the male penis. In the Sacred Groves of the Goddess pillars were "anointed" with oil which originally symbolized ejaculate (See the White Stone and Jacob story in the Revelation Revealed pages). This is where the anointing of kings and priests came from originally. The word "Christ" comes from "chrism", from that anointing oil, as perhaps does another word combining Jesus with chrism.


"Sex is good when the Goddess is in town;

bad when She's away and the Father rules."


"If ye had loved the Goddess, ye would not have killed Marilyn Monroe"


America was spiritually reborn in the 1960's when a Goddess (MM) blessed the President (JFK)



The Gate of Heaven

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The Light of the World


"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it." --John 1:4,5.

"That was the true Light which gives light to every man who comes into the world." --John 1:9

"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already... And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." -- John 3:17,18,19

"I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of Life." --John 8:12

"While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light." --John 12:36

"I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me shall not abide in darkness." --John 12:46


Christ is the Chrism

--From the Gospel of Philip:

"It is through water and fire that the whole place is purified- the visible by the visible, the hidden by the hidden. There are some things hidden through those visible. There is water in water, there is fire in a chrism."

"It is from water and fire that the soul and the spirit came into being. It is from water and fire and light that the Son of the Bridal Chamber came into being. The fire is the chrism, the light is the fire."

"The Lord did everything in a mystery, a baptism and a chrism and a eucharist and a redemption and a bridal chamber."

"For this reason it is fitting to baptize the two, in the light and the water. Now the light is the chrism."

"Phillip the Apostle said, Joseph the carpenter planted a garden because he needed wood for his trade. It was he who made the cross from the trees he planted. His own offspring hung on on that which he planted. His offspring was Jesus and the planting was the cross. But the Tree of Life is in the middle of the garden. However, it is from the olive tree that we get the chrism, and from the chrism, the resurrection."

The chrism is superior to baptism, for it is from word "chrism" that we have been called "Christians", certainly not because of the word "baptism". And it is because of the chrism that "the Christ" has His name. For the Father anointed the Son, and the Son anointed the apostles, and the apostles anointed us. He who has been anointed possesses everything. He possesses the resurrection, the light, the cross, the Holy Spirit. The Father gave Him this in the bridal chamber; He merely accepted the gift. The Father was in the Son and the Son in the Father. This is the Kingdom of Heaven.

"Is it permitted to utter a mystery? The Father of everything united with the virgin who came down, and a fire shown for him on that day. He appeared in the great bridal chamber. Therefore, his body came into being on that very day. It left the bridal chamber as one who came into being from the bridegroom and the bride. So Jesus established everything in through these."

"Bridegrooms and brides belong in the bridal chamber. No one shall be able to see the bridegroom with the bride unless one becomes one."

"But when it is revealed, the perfect light will flow out on every one. And all those who are in it will receive the chrism."

"Every one who will enter the bridal chamber will kindle the light, for it burns just as in the marriages which are observed, though they happen at night. That fire burns only at night and is put out. But the mysteries of this marriage are perfected rather in the day and the light. Neither that day or its light ever sets (see Revelation 21:23's description of New Jerusalem). If anyone becomes a Son of the Bridal Chamber, he will receive the light. If anyone does not receive it while he is in these places, he will not be able to receive it in the other place. He who will receive that light will not be seen, nor can he be detained. And none shall be able to torment a person like this even while he dwells in the world. And again when he leaves the world he has already received the truth of the images. The world has become the Šon, for the Šon is fullness for him. This is the way it is: it is revealed to him alone, not hidden in the darkness and the night, but hidden in a perfect day and a Holy Light."

From the Gospel of Thomas

"Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes." and "He who is near Me is near the fire, and he who is far from Me is far from the kingdom."


The Gate of Heaven Image

On the 29th of March of this year, 1990, God gave me an Image that overthrows the Judeo- Christian belief that God is God the Father. This Image reveals that I AM was born out of the Great Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, the Moon Goddess and Goddess of Love and Fertility.

She has gone by many names in the Holy Land: She was known as Ishtar to the Babylonians, Isis to the Egyptians, Astarte to the Canaanites, Asherah to the Hebrews, Aphrodite to the Greeks, and Venus to the people under Roman rule during Christ's time.

As Ishtar She was born from the Babylonian and Assyrian Moon God Sin, called "the Lamp of Heaven and Earth". As Isis She is called the "Eye of Flame", and Her totem animal, the snake, as well as Egypt's sacred cats, share the yoni shaped cat's eye irises.

Mt. Sinai was the abode of the Moon God Sin before Moses got there. Watch now what happens when we take Moses' encounter with the Burning Bush symbolically and not literally which has been the fundamental mistake of the Jews and Christians for over three thousand years:

From the Jerusalem Bible text of Exodus 3: 

"There the angel of Yahweh appeared to him in the shape of a flame of fire, coming from the middle of a bush. Moses looked; there was the bush blazing but it was not being burned up. 'I must go and look at this strange sight', Moses said, 'and see why the bush is not burned.' Now Yahweh saw he go forward to look, and God called to him from the middle of the bush. 'Moses, Moses! he said. 'Take off your shoes, for the place on which you stand is holy ground. I am the God of your father', he said, 'the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' At this Moses covered his face, afraid to look at God."

With Carpocratian Gnostic impropriety, I would have you use your imagination to compare the shape of a flame of fire from an oil lamp as shown below with an image of the middle of what is often metaphorically described as a "bush". Consider the mound of Venus and the mountain of the Great Goddess. Now consider what the word "Christ" refers to- the chrism, the anointing oil of kings and the lamp oil whose flame symbolizes the Light of God.

The sacred pillars of the Goddess' holy sites were also "anointed" with oil. According to the Gospel of John, Christ is one with God or I AM. Christ is the perpetual Reminder of the Flame of the Burning Bush, which "blazes" but is not burned up symbolizing the dual fiery aspects of the forgotten Goddess: Her Judgement of the men who have scorned Her, and Her desire, "in the middle of the bush", i.e., Her vagina, (also symbolized by the Cup--the Holy Grail as well as the location of the Pearl beyond price,--Her clitoris), that aches with desire for Her Bridegroom to complete the Hieros Gamos that gives birth in yearly and Šon cycles to I AM, to Life itself. Christ, then, is wholly one and one with the Holy One because He was born from She and He is She.

"I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star."

--Revelations 22:16 

The morning star is Venus. The God Jesus is the Goddess-God of Love.



"Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight."

"For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest,

until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns."

--Isaiah 62

The farthest man can see into the meaning of Creation and his place in it is through the vagina of the woman he loves.


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    I am the Light of the World       

A Miracle: A Goddess is raised from the dead.

Howbeit that a man can raise a Goddess from the dead? Only he that has the Spirit of God residing in him, he can with Christ's help raise Her up again. Behold! Ishtar, the Whore of Babylon has risen as Venus, the Bright and Morning Star, cleansed by the Holy One and transformed into New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ. Behold, Isis as Khut-nebat, "Eye of Flame", raised again through this prophesy.

"Moses was looking after the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law, priest of Midian. He led his flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. There the angel of Yahweh appeared to him in the shape of a flame of fire, coming from the middle of a bush. Moses looked; there was the bush blazing but it was not being burned up. 'I must go and look at this strange sight,' Moses said, 'and see why the bush is not burned.' 

Now Yahweh saw him go forward to look, and God called to him from the middle of the bush, 'Moses, Moses!' he said. 'Here I am,' he answered. 'Come no nearer', he said. 'Take off your shoes, for the place on which you stand is holy ground. I am the God of your father,' he said, 'the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' At this Moses covered his face, afraid to look at God."

--Exodus 3:1:

"So it shall be, while My glory passes by, that I will put you in the cleft of the rock,

and will cover you with My hand while I pass by." 

--Exodus 34:22

"My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me your face.."

--Song of Songs 2:14


God has given Stephen two guardian angels, Michael and Ariel for protection, a fine stone for a weapon which is the Gate of Heaven Image, to slay the Blind God with, and a wonderful peace offering, Paxcalibur, to lay on the hearth of the altar (Ariel) of God. 

The Holy Land is the world symbol of the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk (from Her breasts), and honey (from Her loins, e.g., as the Hindus spread it there for their "honeymoons" in honor of the regenerating substance of the Goddess as queen bee).

The real Promised Land now is the land we know as Mother Earth.


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"Now a great sign appeared in heaven:

a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars"

--Revelation 12:1







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