I learned about the Gnostics and Gnosticism and identified with the Gnostic solitary path. Jung tried his hand at a Gnostic Gospel so one day in 1983 I decided to write one myself. The Gospel of the Mateel was the result.


The Gospel of the Mateel


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  The Mateel Nation

A New Ark for the New Covenant

(Spring, 1983)


The Great Spirit of the Most Holy One said:

"People of the Mateel Nation, that new and growing rainbow river nation which your spirit brings forth to flow over the wounded land of My lost Sinkyones, know in your hearts and through this messenger's vision that I am pleased with your original homestead offerings.

I was getting upset when My oldest surviving beings from the Old Earth, My giant redwoods, were being attacked and destroyed by this latest batch of crazy white men, so I sent for you rainbow people to come help Me heal the land around My tree-children to save them and your own endangered kind from extinction. I did this not only for My trees, My land, and your sakes, but for the healing of the world as well.

You see, refugees from the Sixties, along with this land that I have set aside for you and your hidden dreams of the New Age, comes a major role you may choose to play or not play in My Divine Drama you call Life. This role could become a bit more demanding than your current one as growers of My New Burning Bush. But then it could be that you now have little choice. It looks as though you survival as a New Age Community seeking freedom from the violence of the old society, may hinge upon your acceptance of this new mission from Me.

I have revealed to the world the New Heaven which is that world beyond the grave. The New Earth has yet to be made. A New Ark will the Mateel Nation be, if you will make it so, and the New Covenant will have a home.

The New Covenant between us was written in the Sixties and still says everything necessary today:  Eutopia or Bust! Either get your act together, spiritual Children of Ham, and create Eutopia, the best place you can imagine and realize, or your community, your world dies. Eutopia is the opposite of Paranoia which is the state of the world at present and the state your community is sinking into fast. The Apocalypse is coming for the purging of this world so that the New Earth can be born whole and Holy. And this is where you people come in.

"Apocalypse" means "to uncover" which is a hellish process for the spiritually unprepared. Yet this discovery of hidden knowledge of the real world, My world and My spiritual ecology, is vitally necessary for the awakening of the Spirit within your animal selves that alone transcends the violence of life on Earth.

People of the Mateel Nation, you are among the spiritual heirs to the Sign of the Rainbow and Noah and the meaning of the Ark. Noah in his role as earthly father cursed your spiritual father, Ham, his youngest son who dared to uncover his father's secret parts, but not I. And it was Ham's Line that was abandoned by Scripture, but not forgotten by Me. 

Now Ham's Line returns with his spiritual sons, Kush and Canaan, symbols for your sacred Burning Bush and your new promised land. This is your spiritual connection to the destiny of the whole Holy Land, and the true meaning of the Apocalypse which means the uncovering of the roots of sin in you human beings. 

What is sin? Sin is unnecessary violence that destroys living things and relationships between living things. When relationships break, Life dies because there is a spiritual ecology as well as a physical one. To fulfill My promise of the Gospels, the males of Earth must learn to give up the Warrior system which has lost its utility and become a deadly carryover from your lives as wild animals. The Warrior system is out of control and threatens Life and social relationships at every level. To be a Warrior now is to be a sinner. 

The time is at hand for the new Gentiles or gentle nations of the Meek, wise as serpents and harmless as doves, to inherit the New Earth where Peace and Love will reign supreme in the true Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. And to this end did I give My own firstborn Son, your Son of Man, so that all humanity, but most especially all men, would come to know through My Son's passion the meaning of salvation by sacrifice of power for love.

To fulfill the meaning of Scripture, a new Union of Heaven and Earth must occur. The red end of the Rainbow spectrum of My spiritual Light must now balance the purple-violet. The purple end I have already promised and given to My spiritual firstborn people, the children of Israel, so that they might work out the human curse of the Chosen Ones. "Canaan", their Chosen Land, means "purple". But without the other end of the spectrum to fulfill the Rainbow destiny, the Jews and the rest of the world cannot end the curse of alienation from Me and the Life that I give. Christ, their rightful King and yours, was given the royal red robe to wear along with His crown of thorns just before He came to Me. But the full meaning of the red robe wasn't comprehended by His people. 

In the spiritual Darkness of your times an attempt has been made by men to find the red end and raise it up. But without My guidance, without your God, there is no thought of the source of all knowledge, compassion and mercy, only of Power. The Red Star has failed. Now only the New Age people can help. I have parted the Redwoods to give you a new Home. Build for Me now a new Beginning."   



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* The Mateel Nation is the local name for the anachronistic counterculture community of southern Humboldt County in northern California. It is in the heart of the "Emerald Triangle".