Further Biomystical Notes

(1979-83, with a few later additions)



Gnosticism and Biomystical Christianity

I didn't know about the Gnostics until a year after my religious experience when the first English translation of the Gnostic codices found in the Nag Hammadi Library was published. I found much in common with them as well as some big differences. The main difference being our attitude towards Life on Earth. 

The Gnostics worshipped at the Tree of Knowledge and discounted the Tree of Life. Their philosophy seemed to hate this life and this world which they saw as a prison for the soul, the shard of God light trapped in physical bodies. My revelations are meant to heal that division which cannot be part of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth, the Unity of Spirit and Matter.

* If you substitute the Gnostic term "Archon" where I have used "Warrior" you will immediately see the major connection between Gnosticism and Biomystical Christianity.

* The parallel in mystical roots:  Seth, Adam's youngest son for the Gnostics, and Ham, Noah's youngest son, for Biomystical Christianity.

* "Free love" practices of the Gnostics like the Carpocratians and the sexual revolution of our generation.

* Reverse meanings of Scriptures for both Gnostics and B.C.  Meanings "turned upside-down".

* The Gnostic Gospels are resurrected from the dead. The new meaning of Christianity is brought to life at Nag Hammadi as it is written, "Out of Egypt have I called my son."  Ham is nagging us for attention.  

* Seth was the first to call on the Lord by name. Names were important to the Gnostics and are important to B.C. The Trace of God runs through religious synchronicity events often involving names.

* Inspired, mystical, Biblical writing must be understood in terms of hypnotic Archetypal situations or mythic themes perceived in Gnosis of God.

* Gnosis of God is the mystical experience of contact with God through the Logos or Word of God. Word mysticism or Logos, is connected to the Spirit of God as revealed in religious synchronicity events that have the power to convert the witness into belief in the reality of God. Religious synchronicity, the activity of religious Archetypal influence in the lives and writings of the Prophets and in the meanings of Scripture, mark the presence of God.



* I have witnessed the Spirit of God. It is the Great or religious synchronicity mystery that links your life with the Archetypes of religion. The experience of the Great Synchronicity is documented and follows millennia-old patterns.

* Synchronicity is the Key to God consciousness and it is the phenomena that can be scientifically examined but not explained except as evidence of spiritual intervention into the very fabric of existence. The discovery of this New Age Gnosis of the Sign of God marks the beginning of the end of Piscean Age Christianity and the beginning of the birth of Aquarian Age Christianity.

* Synchronicity phenomena: The Sign of God. Synchronicity phenomena show the power of God to transform events in our worldly lives into meaningful luminous pattern beyond the explanation of statistical probability, the foundation of science.

* Biomystical consciousness of the meaning of synchronicity phenomena gives birth in turn to a new science, the science of Spiritual Ecology. The pathways of God or God lines can be traced by compiling and analyzing religious synchronicity reports from mystics and religiously sensitive people.

* Spiritual Ecology: Mapping the New Heaven and the New Earth.


Biomystical Consciousness

* True belief is belief confirmed by supportive experience otherwise it is a fantasy of the mind. No one truly believes in god until they have experienced God's reality for themselves. No one can convince another of God's reality by word or deed. God alone convinces each person who perceives God.

* All of God's spiritual ecology requirements or laws will have corresponding biological structure in our brains and in the total environment.

* Biomystical Christianity is consciousness of the coming Holy Climax of God.

* Biomystical Christianity marks the 2nd biological/mystical vision of Christianity. Teihard de Chardin's was the first.

* "Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind"- Encounters with the Spirit of God.

* "The Rainbow Gospel of Biomystical Christianity" means the Light of God is separated into components for clearer understanding.

* In Biomystical consciousness, both God and Darwin are right.

* Biomystical consciousness is the right brain hemisphere's way to ultimate knowledge. Science is the left brain way.



* Christ is God the Good Father: "He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son." (Revelation 21:7). "I and My Father are one." (John 10:30)

* Jesus is the Unifier, Uniter of opposites, Alpha and Omega.

* "Jesus"= Hellenized form of Hebrew name Yeshua or Savior. "Christ"= Anointed Messiah or Savior. "Jesus Christ"= the double Savior Savior. Kings and high priests were anointed to symbolize their rule. That "Christ" means anointing symbolizes the enthronement of spirituality, i.e., the Spirit of God coming to earth to rule as spiritual King.

* Christ is the human face of God presented to the world.

* Christ = our Conscience. Jesus Christ is the representative of the Spirit of God empowering our conscience to do what is good or right in our judgements dealing with the problems of life.

* Christ says: "I will give My life for You." Anti-Christ says: "I will take your life for Me"- By their fruits you will know who's who.

* Why "One Way" through Jesus Christ? No other avatar fulfills the sacrificial symbol for humankind as does Christ Jesus. Jesus is the complete or perfect Archetype of the death of Ego and rebirth of the Spirit. (See Buddhism below)

* Baby Jesus laid in manger, i.e., the feeding trough for sheep. The Good Shepherd feeds His sheep. Those who follow Jesus are instructed to "Feed My sheep" (John 21:17).

* Jesus is food for the Spirit of humanity. Alpha males are all Food and servants of the race. God is the nourishment that sustains Life. Jesus is God's symbol of His sacrifice of Himself through His Son who is also the Son of Man, i.e., a human being. The Son of God who is the Son of Man, shows that men are meat (male animals having more muscle meat), shows how to take meat and that we are destined to do so on this earth.

* Jesus= Son of Man

* Christ= Son of God

* The Anointed One: Oil from the fat of the firstborn Lamb of God. The original chrism was melted fat from sacrificed animals. Later, purified pressed olive oil was used. The fat was the profit, the best, that through the Sacrifice ritual is distributed to the community. Jesus democratizes the distribution to the low and needy.

* Jesus Christ: the Superman of the Meek- lowly, humble, and good.

* The Son of Man, like David before Him, is willing to take on Goliath or the Warrior-Archon world of Man for the sake of Man. The "Son of Man" to draw maximum attention to man, where the problem lies.

* Jesus is the Archetype of Revolution. The true Spiritual Son overthrows the earthly Father's false claim to God and world domination.

* Jesus dies for your sins: His death is going on all the time where there is violence done to innocents.

* Jesus poses the problem: the Good die young. Good guys finish last. So it goes in this world ruled by Archons. The Second Coming is God's promise to overthrow this situation.

* Jesus is the Archetype of In-group (Jews)/Out-group (Gentiles) struggle. He is of the Chosen yet sees the error of it and opens up God for everyone who understands. The dichotomy of peoples corresponds biologically to the separation of our two brain hemispheres where the Left one dominates the right by exclusion of function.

* Christ- the Unifier of Opposites, Alpha and Omega. He accomplishes this by His role as the marrying Bridegroom.

* Alpha Christ= the Piscean Christ. Omega Christ= the Aquarian Christ.

* Christ is the return of the Young Dying God of the Goddess religion.  


The Bio-Christ

* The Bio-Christ= the Spirit of Christ incorporated in our flesh and minds. The Bio-Christ= the organic Christ, "the Branch" who comes to show men how to transcend the animal world of Warrior-Archon roles for men.

* Bio-Christ meets Bio-Buddha under the ol' Fig Tree sexual symbol. Buddha's enlightenment under the Bo Tree or Ficus Religiosa somehow connects the two Compassionate Ones as Biomystical symbols overcoming the main force of male domination games- sex and aggression. Jesus deals the Fig Tree a hard blow in Matthew 21:19,20: "And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, (no fruit fit for man), but leaves only (to cover up sex), and said unto it, "Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward forever. And presently the fig tree withered away. And when the disciples saw it, they marveled.."

* The Biomystical Ethic- Be a Savior by saving Life:

* Life is sacred because Life is the Cradle of God's consciousness.

* Good Stewards of the Land and the Life of the Land follow God's commandment to Replenish the Earth. (Genesis 1:28)

* The surviving "Remnant" has come to mean endangered species of Life in our times.


The Second Coming

* The Living Christ within us who is brought out through the process of being "born again" is the Second Coming of Christ. The Second Christ is indwelling and off the Cross.

* The Second Coming is universalized as a spiritual mass movement instead of being localized in one single person as in the First Coming. Otherwise, any and all Pretenders to the Second Coming Messiah role will meet the same fate as the first Christ- the casting out of the Stranger. The Second Coming is the coming of the Comforter, the Holy Ghost and Spirit of Truth, unencumbered by national identity with the Chosen.

* The Second Coming is the Living Christ and Spirit of God in-dwelling in each person to varying degrees. The Field Effect (Hundredth Monkey) sets it in motion worldwide.

* The Second Coming happens to each one who earnestly searches for God or is under Grace. We need only to help create the right nurturing environment to bring it about.

* Christ is God's claim to the Throne of Earth which will be recovered with the Second Coming.

(Two decades later I received in mystical contact the Christ Josephine revelation which upended my first vision of the Second Coming. See the Vision of Christ Josephine chapter for the new way in which the Spirit of Christ returns to earth marking the beginning of the New Age.)


Eutopia, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

"My Lord is inside me and everywhere else. My Lord is inside everyone wanting to get out. My Lord governs my actions, leading me to the Kingdom of God, Eutopia here on Earth, and to Heaven itself, which is someplace off the Wheel of Rebirth or reincarnation into another painful existence on Earth. My Lord shows me that this world is not all there is to Life but points to a place beyond.."

Christ and one who follows Christ makes the Kingdom of God visible. Otherwise it is invisible. Following the teachings of Christ gains one entry into the Kingdom, the Realm of the Holy One.

"Eutopia or Bust"= the New Covenant between God and us. Eutopia, the Good Place,= the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where the King is the indwelling Spirit of Christ in all who perceive it and who follow God's entry requirement which is the abandonment of Archonic existence.

The Kingdom is where you can truly "ask and you will receive"--a synergistic non-violent social order based on the community's full consciousness of God's reality and God's rules of spiritual ecology.

The Kingdom of God= the Climax of Humankind.


The Calling*

Each of us has a Calling from God: To help each other and to help save the Life of the world.

Get in touch with that Calling. Find that Path of Righteousness that fills you with a continuing sense of self-worth, good purpose, health and happiness. Besides undoing karmic junk from our past life, this is what the School of Life is really about.

* See the Aquariana Divide.


Spiritual Revolution

Emotions, and not Reason, guide human behavior. Religion is the emotional organization of human beings as creatures of God. Spiritual Love or mystical ecstasy is the highest emotional state obtainable and the real Revolution begins with mystical contact with God.

The New Cause: Righteous right-brain consciousness because Reason (left brain consciousness) doesn't work by itself.

Spiritual Unification: The Here and Now with the Hereafter.

Biomystical Revolution: the real revolution is the Mindset change following spiritual rebirth or being "born again" into the Knowledge or Gnosis of God's reality. The materialist Revolution has no Spirit to guide it away from remaking the same old Warrior-Archon social system.

It is time that the New Christianity reclaimed the socialist ethic which Jesus first formulated. The Spiritual Left must overthrow the hypocrisy of the Christian Right who dress in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves. The Spiritual Left must lead because the Rational Left has failed the Revolution. Only religious guidance of emotions can permanently change men's behavior. Only Christianity can claim massive social change that endures to lead the world.

You cannot acquire spiritual development without material loss. The rich cannot buy salvation.

Peace and Justice: Peace= righteous forgiveness. Justice= righteous forgiveness.

The Path of Righteousness or Right Action is open and clear on the non-violent, no blame, no bad karma path only.

God-work for spiritual hippies: Use you Brains! Plan for the continuing collapse of Archon-Warrior social systems. Build Eutopia, the Climax Civilization alternative. Build Eutopia, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Look for the Signs of God in synchronicity events. Get your karma trip together with no continuation of bad actions creating violence to life relationships.


Ham's Spiritual Children

(Little did I know that 24 years later I had discovered so much spiritual connection to ancient Canaan. Yours truly has truly become a spiritual offspring of the spiritual line of Ham.)

Ham's Line is the Lost Line of God: It means the South, Egypt, Black, Dark, the Left Hand, the Unconscious. "Out of Egypt I called My Son" (Matthew 2:15, Hos 11:1).

Ham's Line is the Unconscious coming through us into Consciousness.

Hippies, Ham's Spiritual Children, are white niggers as someone once said. Hippies got soul from Black culture. Hippies have good access to their right hemispheres where the music and soul of God resides.

Hippies give birth to whole-brain world consciousness-God conscious people, the Meek who are "wise as serpents, harmless as doves".

Homo Climaxus= the Meek, Christ conscious people given power in the Second Coming.

The Meek= the true Gentiles, the Gentle Nation.

Hippie religious slogan: "Make Love, Not War".

Hippies: Children of Ham from the Land of Sky-blue Waters of Aquarius.

Ham was the name of the first hominid (a chimp) into space.

Hamlet: Shakespeare's play points us to the spiritual error of Yahweh worship: Father's killer is on the throne. EL Most High's usurper son, Yahweh, is worshipped as God Most High.



The third assassination of the Kennedy brothers occurred with the character assassination of Ted Kennedy orchestrated at the end by the older brother role-model Jimmy Carter. Jimmy obviously did not step down to let a younger brother role-model take command.

Jimmy Carter had plenty of Cain-Abel animosity in him from years of sibling rivalry with his own younger brother, the no-good but popular Billy. The beneficiary of this archetypal struggle was another younger brother, the Anti-Aquarian Ronald Reagan, actor and mouthpiece for the Right.


The Right

The Right is at war with the Left all over the world. Inside our heads this means the Left hemisphere not only dominates the right hemisphere but is also actively out to destroy any signs of right hemisphere influence. In symbolic synchronistic fashion this warfare was dramatized for our attention by John Hinkley's bullet into James Brady's right brain hemisphere. You may have noticed that most political assassinations are done by right-wingers.

Psychic War, Armageddon is happening now with Right (left brains) against Left (right brains). Rightwing control means left brain domination at all costs, including the sacrifice of future generations to fulfill their anti-Christian rush to Armageddon.

For the Rightwing mind, Armageddon equals Gottdamerung or the willingness to destroy everything for their God of War.



Fundamentalist Christianity is of no earthly use to anyone who thinks. Bliss achieved at the sacrifice of intelligence leads eventually to personal and social disaster.

Fundamentalists make a fetish or idol out of the Bible. They ignore the symbolism and deeper meanings. Jung says they don't really recognize the Holy Ghost outside of speaking in tongues.

The fundamentalist fanatic tradition: In Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism, and Fascism.

Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. Those who believe in Armageddon on earth will perish by Armageddon on earth.

Fundamentalist Double-think: Dramatized with the Puritans at Salem (City of Peace) who killed innocent crazies and strong women to stay pure. Fundamentalists seize on the Revelation of St. John because their double-think is reflected there with his own Wrathful Lamb. The Revelation puts the Anti-Christ into the bosom of Piscean Christianity. The Anti-Christ equals Archon fascist mentality of both Right and Leftwing varieties.

Two Christianities: Fundamentalist- earth father-Archon-Warrior dominated with blind allegiance to the Old Testament God of War. Gnostic or Biomystical-- holistic consciousness of God as One holding both good and evil but definitely promoting the Good through the meaning of Christ.



In the Male Supremacist world of Archon-Warriors competitive violence colors all social relationships.

It is impossible to be spiritually conscious when stoned on excess adrenaline triggered by constant male competition games.

Only the Christian ritual meaning can overcome male aggression throughout the world. Other avatars and religious systems do not have the spiritual power of the Christ example of Sacrifice of power for love.

The true Vampires are Male Warriors sucking the blood of society with violence and the material waste of constant war-making. The Cross wards it off. And the real Dracula crucified his victims for nationalism.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become as little children. Adult males can avoid the Archon-Warrior syndrome by becoming like children who do not have the excess testosterone coursing through their veins.

The purpose of Christianity is to feminize men because too much masculinity threatens the survival of human groups.

One could compile a Bible showing the evolution of Alpha Male Sacrifice rituals from primitive circumcision to the Crucifixion.

God loves a Killer Ape that repents.


Bicameral Unification

Biomystical Christianity connects the right brain with the left. The Bio-Christ or Gnostic Christ repairs the Deficiency and the right brain comes into its rightful place in an equality of hemisphere function.

Homo Climaxus: Holistic brain function is the evolutionary and spiritual goal.* Psychedelics help connect the two brain hemispheres together across the corpus collossum.**

The Rainbow Bridge= the bridge between the two brain hemispheres. It is the Arc of Heaven with a golden reward.

Archons are Arc of Heaven destroyers.

The forehead behind which is the hemisphere bridge, as well as the hormone production centers of the brain.

The Thalamus: "Thalamus", Greek for bridal chamber, is the Bridal Chamber where the Union of Heaven and Earth takes place.

The Cross: the first antenna to God, as well as the symbol of the dead Tree of Life.

The Biomystical Cross completes the Female symbol by anchoring the Cross to Mother Earth. Biomystical revelation shows the return of the Feminine side of God where the Cross on top means the Goddess has returned for Christ the Bridegroom.


Bible Notes

Mosaic Law: The important thing to remember is that God wrote it. The spiritual guidance was written, not orally transmitted. The spiritual code therefore became static and seemed to transcend time. This is the power of the written word. The medium itself is the message as McLuhan said.

The Ten Commandments written on two tablets symbolize the Hands of God. These two Commandments Jesus found within the Mosaic Law are like the Holy One's "thumbs" without which Its "hands" cannot work properly. "the rest hang on these" says Jesus.

The Bible= the survival code and lifestyle authority for Western Civilization. The spiritual DNA code outside the flesh.

The Curse of the Chosen Ones: The Jews big mistake was that they followed the flesh (bloodlines) instead of the Spirit.

The Star of David: Six points on the Star for people ruled by the earthly father (6th day of Creation)

The Holy Grail: The only way to endure the burden of the Cross is to dilute the Cup by passing it around.

Where is Hell? Ask those who have been brought back to life from the brink of death. Hell is here.

"Render unto Caesar..." Caesar's is the money/political system. His image is on the coin of the realm. God's image is on us. We are God's.

The Comforter: The comfort is the sign of god with us to give power to the just through knowledge.

The Day of Judgment is your life review before dying. Also the last days of the Piscean Age.

"Help the widows", one of the signs of God-work. Widows then were mostly made by their husbands dying in wars. It is a call then to end widow-making War.

The Book of Revelation: St. John eats the little book. He internalizes the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse is an internal or spiritual struggle*

* See more at in the Revelation Revealed chapter.

The Seven Seals refer to the seven chakras. Opening them up one by one until the body/mind is whole and Holy.*

* See more on the meaning of the Seven Seals in the Rev 10:9 and 5:1-5 sections of the Revelation Revealed chapter.



Buddhism quiets the dominant left brain to achieve peace and access to the right brain.*

Buddhists know a lot about the avoidance of pain, but it is Christ who shows the meaning of Love in Sacrifice.

The difference between the two "compassionate" avatars is that Buddha urges avoidance of suffering by eliminating desires while Christ's compassion is the "desire" to relieve suffering and pain in others, the "desire" to bring comfort to others, and the "desire" to heal others. According to Christian teaching, the evidence of the Holy One in a person is this type of compassion for others.**

* See Buddhist Brain Studies

** See End Times of Buddhist Philosophy



Elijah= El is Jah or Elohim is Yahweh or God is God. No other is God. Regardless of names God is always God. The essential meaning is monotheism, God is Holy One.

Jesus recognized Elijah's meaning and the synchronistic similarities between Elijah and John the Baptist; Elijah pours water on his sacrificial offering which God receives. John baptizes. Elijah before being carried up to heaven parts the Jordan in two with his mantle of power which he gives to his successor Elisha. John part the Jordan with his baptism ritual. Both used water to symbolize the spiritual cleansing action of the Spirit of God. See how the Spirit of Elijah archetype followed me and enveloped me in it's returning manifestation through the Paxcalibur baptisms and my End Times warnings against false religious and intellectual paths that do not lead to spiritual consciousness of the Realm of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth a.k.a. the Kingdom of God.


Signs of the Goddess

Christ is the Bridegroom. But who really is the Bride? With whom does Christ, God's Representative marry?*

Is Jesus God's answer to the destruction of the Goddess religions? Is He here to reinstate the Young Dying God of the Goddess religions?

Jesus' positive remarks about Sidon and Tyre, both centers of the Goddess, do they point to his understanding of what was missing from the God worship of the Hebrews?

The anti-Asherah commandments: "When you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy place (whoso readeth, let him understand)". The Holy place is the room of the Ark of the Covenant where Cherubim made of olive wood overlaid with gold (Jesus symbol) originally embraced each other.

Jesus' Second Coming is in the clouds. "Nimbus" means rain cloud and the Halo around religious figures in art. The Shekkina, or female Spirit of God, was the cloud over the Holy place that marked the presence of God.

The Holy Ghost is the Female Spirit of Gnosis. And Science at its essence is the voice of Sophia. Both "science" and "gnosis" mean knowledge.

The psychedelic connection of cobra venom for opening up the Third Eye and psychedelics today for opening up the Third Eye of the brain. Serpents for the Goddess religions and psychotropic plants for our religion.

* The Vision of Christ Josephine was God's answer to me.


The Mateel Nation

The New Age Rainbow Gospel of Biomystical Christianity must be anchored in time and space. The Mateel Nation anchors it.* The Redwoods anchor it. My actions following my faith anchors it.

   * See the Gospel of the Mateel chapter.





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