Finding EL Elyon, God Most High



Finding EL Elyon, God Most High by reading Prof. John Gray's Near Eastern Mythologies in 1998 was so marvelously wonderful because now I could really freely love Jesus' heavenly Father whom Jesus so loved. Before this I too like so many thoughtful Christians had a great deal of trouble accepting the Old Testament God of Israel as Jesus' "Abba", his "Daddy". Yahweh was a vengeful murderous monster in some of those Old Testament stories. Who could love a god like that and still be a following of Jesus Christ? Finding EL as the ancient Canaanites loved and worshiped Him before the scribes and priests of Judah remade EL into Yahweh through the Sinai Covenant is something every Christian needs to do. There were two gods before Judaism melded Father into Son, EL into Yahweh, and the personalities of each were very different. EL presided over all the gods in the Divine Assembly*. Yahweh was the Israelite tribal war god.**

* See Psalm 82

** See Deuteronomy 32 (Hebrew translation-not KJV)

Also see the Restoration of EL Elyon and the EL vs. YHWH chapter to see what the spiritual meaning is when one discovers and recovers God Most High.


The Astrological Connection between EL as Saturn as Ruler of Aquarius (2012)

If the Messianic meaning of Baptism of Living Waters of Aquarius is true then Saturn's role in the whole spiritual march from Sumeria through Egypt through Judaism and Christianity of the Messianic prophesy must be acknowledged. YHWH has nothing to do with this but Yahweh, as the Son of EL Elyon, does. Why? Because Jesus acts as Yahweh's representative in accepting the rulership of EL Elyon as God Most High, Saturn, and ruler of Aquarius which is the celestial source, the Man Face of God seen in the Cheribim and Sphinx and Ariel, the Source of Living Waters for the nourishment of the Life of the land and the soul of Humanity.*

* See the Christ Aquarius Revelation pages for more about the Aquarius-Saturn connection.



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