Finding The Gnostics


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My original biomystical religious experience: What was it?

What happened to me was what I wanted to know after I went through my religious conversion experience at Easter the year before in which I seemed to have encountered a Spirit of Christ and God not like the one I expected knowing what I did about Christian beliefs from our general American culture. I had tried contacting local ministers by mail and telling them of my experience but was ignored. Then I visited a more progressive church minister who if memory serves told me my religious experience might be related to what he knew about the early heretical Christian sect, the Gnostics. I looked them up in the encyclopedia but couldn't make sense of them except I did see that they too had this Goddess spirit connected to Christ as did I since it was part of my religious experience. This was the latter part of 1979. Then in 1980 the Nag Hammadi Library book came out and that's when I learned I was a Gnostic, one who "knew" God through direct experience rather than by swearing allegiance to words in a book written by unknown ancient men with rather peculiar ideas and a pronounced tendency to tell religious whoppers and fictitious history.

But these old Gnostics, most of the Nag Hammadi Library cache of Gnostic Gospels were so bizarrely constructed with their "syzygies", pairing of angel names as attributes of the "Undivided One", that I could not relate. However, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip were another matter. Here I found "my people". "Cut a piece of wood, I am there" and I "knew" just what Thomas's Jesus was talking about after "seeing" this for myself during my religious conversion experience. But the old Gnostic antagonism against God as Creator and Demiurge did not sit right with me. Something was off because my God, the One who sent the Spirit of Christ into the world and to me, was a good God, a God who warned me from the beginning of my experience to take the Bible stories with grain of salt, i.e., as the product of men of their times with the accompanying knowledge as well as cultural viewpoints of their times. The Gnostics did have the Divine Feminine though as did I. And they had the idea that Knowledge leads to true lasting belief in God, not just factual knowledge but spiritual knowledge, i.e. "gnosis" which is what I experienced for three full days at Easter of 1979 that converted me from virtual atheism to lasting belief in God and the reality of the spiritual world underlying our material one.


Finding Jung and finding EL Elyon

Reading some of Carl Jung's works where he's talking about his religious beliefs I discovered a kindred spirit in that he too thought the old Gnostic concept of a Demiurge was lacking truth of a "wholeness", a completeness that is not possible from a "blind god", one ignorant of his true place in the cosmic spiritual hierarchy descending from Spirit to Matter, from the Undivided to the multiplex Creation. Then in true God-guided research, my best friend hands me a book in 1998 and says, "Read this" and I learn about EL Elyon, God Most High as He was conceived and worshiped by the ancient Canaanites before His subsumation into Yahweh by the priests and scribes of Judah. I find God the Father, the true Father face of the Godhead who was not Yahweh or Yaldaboath or any Demiurge but the true Creator, Jesus' "Abba". And EL had a Wife! Asherah, the Tree of Life! Oh Happy Day!



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