Father Jesus enters my life


I believed Jesus was not God for 27 years because Jesus as God never made spiritual contact with me. God did and told me in spiritual revelation why the Spirit of Christ was sent into the world which was good enough for me for those 27 years, up until God revealed Himself for the first time in my life as Jesus and began speaking to me as a voice, something that never occurred before in my Christian path. I had always been led before by "signs", synchronicity events in my personal life that "confirmed" the spiritual revelations I periodically received mentally from God. Suddenly God talked! And quite frankly, it is still disturbing because, well, you know why..

I am a religious visionary. Must be the Jewish genes on my mother's side although it is my father's Gentile side of the family that contains the religious fanatics where I fit in, e.g., two missionaries to China and Bolivia in the '40's when it wasn't safe at all and an uncle currently serving the homeless for years on end. And myself, with a trail of religious visions that kept me in the Gnostic Christian camp for those 27 years. Until Father Jesus spoke to me!

Here's what Father said. On earth He was Jesus but once ascended to heaven He became one with the Father, He became the Father. On earth He was the Son of God. In heaven He is God the Father.

But there's more of course. Jesus Christ is a spiritual being. Always has been. That's why He is so very very powerful because He's always been a Spirit Being, just like God. But what about the Gospels and the historical Jesus?

There was a historical Jesus. Perhaps even more than one but Yeishu, (or Yeshua) ben Pantera was the historical "Jesus" who lived about a hundred years before Jesus Christ of the Gospels. The Talmud contains oblique references to Yeishu, the Jews hated him of course and so Miriam and Joseph and their bastard son come in for all kinds of scandalous sins, Yeishu's main one being importing Egyptian magic and healing people with it. The elements of the Gospel story is there, only all the negative is reversed to positive so that Miriam's adultery with Joseph becomes a miraculous birth but look at Thomas Saying 105 "Jesus said, 'He who knows the father and the mother will be called the son of a harlot."

Yeishu had five disciples, two show up in the Gospels, Matthew and Thaddeus. Yeishu was convicted of blasphemy and stoned to death and hung on a tree as per kosher Jewish law which Paul refers to in Gal 3:13. Paul knew the legends of Yeishu which had within a hundred years grown through Greek influenced Jewish gnostic Redeemer and apocalyptic literature to legendary proportions of the Christ the Magician, spiritual leader of a Jewish-Egyptian mystery religion cult and a total heresy to Judaism. Saul knew about this Jesus Christ cult. Paul did not know about Jesus Christ of the Gospels because Mark writing from Alexandria most likely hadn't created Him yet out of Sayings of Yeishu handed down along with stories of miraculous healing.

Mark took the Old Testament and created Jesus Christ of the Gospels. There's a deadly little book to fundamentalism called Gospel Fictions by Randel Helms that any Christian who can face the truth should read that shows how the Gospels were created as fictions using plots and verses out of the OT. Does this obliterate "God" and "Jesus Christ" as fictions also? Not in the least to those who discern real history from religious myths of origin and forgive ancients their strong tendency to not tell the difference anymore than their believers can. Had I not had religious visions myself and know the process of divine inspiration, I too would frown upon ancient writers making claims of divine inspiration but one can write for God. And we all know myths are extremely powerful tools God uses to further God's purposes.

I believe in the Gospel of John with all my heart, mind and soul but I know with all my heart, mind and soul, the author of that Gospel is creating Jesus Christ his visionary way. John is channeling the Spirit of Jesus Christ when he writes of His life, "No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have the power to lay it down and I have the power to take it up again. This command I have received from My Father." And so John had that power flowing through his pen as the spiritual power contained within John's vision of Jesus Christ powers through even today, almost 2000 years later. Since Father speaks with me, every word of John has become transparent in meaning but also so has most of Thomas!


What kind of Christian does this make me?

I'd tell you but if I told you one of the things which Father told me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me; but a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up. This Saying in the Gospel of Thomas must be where they got the line "I'd tell you but then I'd have to..." Honestly, it won't be all that bad..the Good News never is, once you understand it. Christianity is a Jewish Egyptian Mystery Religion, folks, and it contains the spiritual truth of God's Cosmic Plan, the only religious path in the world that does. Judaism and ancient Egypt were the pack horses for rediscovery of very ancient wisdom about the place of humanity in the evolution of Creation. Jesus found it for, "Out of Egypt I called My Son."

The Christ the Magician bowl found recently to confirm the truth of what I've said above about the Egyptian connection to Christianity.



Who Is the God of Jesus Christ?

EL Elyon, God Most High. You know this by who Jesus calls to from the cross. It wasn't to Yahweh but to EL. Why? Because Jesus is Yahweh, the Son of EL Elyon who becomes One with His Father in heaven but while on earth Jesus Christ is the Son. Now He's One with the Father and has become the Father Face of God to all humanity.


The God Voice Warning

For the first two years I heard my new "God Voice", the Voice of Father Jesus, I was happy to see each and everything my God Voice told me what was happening and what was to to come came true. Only one thing my God Voice said didn't manifest and even there God Voice told me it couldn't be 100% reliable or I'd think it was infallible and no human being has infallibility. But then when God Voice told me in 2008 to move to Ojai to build the Biomystic Institute there it through me for a loop as all my activist work was centered in Humboldt County and there was still much to do. Ojai is an expensive community and only success with my Native American lottery project, the NACUA project, or success in developing one of my business product ideas would give me the kind of funds necessary to find a place to live in Ojai. And those successes never materialized and I didn't move to Ojai. Instead, Humboldt County evicted me out of my rent-subsidized apt because HUD rules governing the low-income housing complex disallowed medical marijuana and I was forced to move - - to Colusa, CA, a Sacramento Valley farming community and an actual eutopia where Ojai isn't.

People are nice in Colusa and get along as well as any community I've lived in. Colusa is special in ways Ojai could never be mainly because Colusa isn't a rich community but is a model of California diversity where Hispanic people are in the majority and the cultures do not clash here but everyone does just get along. So much for God Voice reliability that left me wondering why the successes promised me by God Voice never happened. Well, it taught me a lesson. I can't really fully trust God Voice and looking around at my dear friend who also has her "God Voice" that tells her what to do and what her God Voice says is typical fundamentalist Bible talk just like she herself speaks, I came to realize these God Voices are actually dangerous and God, the real God, should never be circumscribed by voices heard in one's head. God is just too big for any one human brain, something the Muhammadans have yet to learn. God Voices led Moses and Muhammad as they did Son of Sam.