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"Catch and Release" Zoos


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Instead of zoos being in reality prisons for innocent animals where they are confined to in most cases a completely alien unnatural tiny environment as well as subjected to unpleasant human behavior for all their captive lives, why not treat animals we want to see up close and personal as Guests? At least as far as we can treat wild animals as such. Instead of a life sentence behind bars, why don't we capture those wild animals we like to see in zoos for only temporary periods of captivity? Like two weeks maximum? Catch and Release philosophy extended to animals in zoos. That way no animal has to be imprisoned more than two weeks, enough time for humans to see them and for them to see humans without long term damage resulting from years of captivity. It has a bonus side too which is allowing wild animals a "taste" of human beings without danger so that they get to know human beings better and vice-versa. Sure, it means more capturing but it might just be a way of developing a better rapport between wildlife and human communities with education working both ways. Animal communities learn that maybe once a year a few of those crazy humans come to snag one of them. But they come back , usually healthier, so it's ok. There should be schools for animals learning how to return to the wild and schools for wild animals learning how to deal with human communities, e.g. how to find safe places to cross highways.


Highway Underpasses for animals


When my first wife and I were living on the east side of the Hollywood Hills close to the Hollywood Freeway we learned that there was a regular nightly passage of wild animals from the Griffith Park side underneath the freeway through the underpass used in daytime by humans. The Griffith Park animals were protected but they liked coming across for goodies those human habitations provided. What if it were mandatory for highways to have animal underpasses at strategic animal crossings so to help end the slaughter of them on the highways hit by cars and trucks?


Green Scouts


I was a Boy Scout and really enjoyed the experience. Scouting taught me to appreciate Native American culture as well as training kids to help people in their communities. But the Boy Scouts has been thoroughly politicized now as the Christian anti-gay movement has captured this organization and uses it now to bash homosexuality. It's a fatal blow to Boy Scouts and now we need a new universal replacement organization. And one that is open to both boys and girls. Green Scouts. They help people and they help green America by promoting through community environmental protection programs ways to change our lifestyles so that human society and the natural world can coexist. While I was in Nazareth during the Easter event in 2003 I met Israeli Scouts who were composed of both Israeli Jewish and Palestinian boys and girls. It was a good way for the two ethnic communities to come together through their kids. Scouting is just a wonderful way for kids to learn about their world by learning how to get along with each other and Nature. Green Scouts.


Time for Catch and Release Zoos for the general public and only educational group tours

allowed into wildlife preserves?




The Peaceable Kingdom


Will the lion lie down with the lamb? Well, if it has had a good meal already, like Timur the tiger above and Amir the goat, friends for a while. Actually, if lions were to become vegetarians they would eventually stop looking like lions as a predator's appearance and predatory equipment evolves in harmony with the characteristics of its prey. Changing the eating rules would eventually change the characteristics of the species themselves. I once read of a study done in Czechoslovakia I think years ago where an animal research center conducted a long term study of the effects of human selection and the domestication of wild canine species that became our dogs. In the study foxes were raised, selected and bred following a simple plan: only those foxes which got along with human beings easily were selected to breed. After many generations (a 20 year study I think it was) a surprising thing emerged. The latter generations of such selected foxes started losing their fox characteristics and starting looking and acting more like dogs. Longer legs, barking, etc, and none of these characteristics were bred for, only friendliness towards humans. But that's the thing: you change wild animal behavior, you eventually change wild animal forms, why have big sharp teeth if your food comes handed to you as a slab of dead meat or soybean bacon? Please!


"Peaceable Kingdom" my a**!!

Tooth & Claws,





Cooperation with Animals


I've always been an animal person. I started off at age 7 as a horse whisperer who didn't know it. I was unusual for my age in that I used to take walks late at night with my dog when everyone else was sleeping. I had two horse friends, Whitey, an old sway-back horse, and Queenie, a good-looking mare with a white blaze. A few times I slept next to the horses by a big oak log, never worrying about them stepping on me. My folks never knew I was out because I'd be back long before they'd got up. I rode Queenie bare-back, she was very gentle and let me ride her. Before we moved away we found out why Queenie was put out to pasture with Whitey. She'd thrown her owner and tried to stomp her and instead of being put down she was put out to pasture. I went on to make friends with different animals that others couldn't get near; a fox owned by an old man that only he and I could touch and be friends with, a pick-up truck with two wolf-crosses in it that the owner was amazed I could scratch their ears. Another wolf-cross same thing. And then the animal contracting that does have application for building Climax Civilization.

Another avenue of research for developing the Peaceable Kingdom is seeing how far animals can go in making cooperative arrangements with human beings that allow them to exist in human dominated environments. I have done some experiments myself along these lines and found that one can make "deals" with many wild species, even insect species, so that the two of you can co-exist without fear or vast inconvenience. In my limited experiments I've successfully made deals with ants, spiders, (including black widows), and raccoons.

Once, long ago back in Lime Saddle communal days, members of our commune, which was situated on an old mining site where there were overgrown mining "tailings", piles of stones that made excellent rattlesnake dens, made a "deal" with the rattlesnakes. There were literally too many of them to get rid of and so we simply told them that we wouldn't bother them if they didn't bother us, which they seemed to have agreed to as they stopped coming near our communal main house which before the pact they often went near scaring us often as well. No one ever got bit by rattlesnakes there and there are few places in California were there are higher concentrations of rattlesnakes than on this particular 20 acre farm in the foothills of the Sierras. Actually, we were only doing what Native Americans in Central and South America have been doing for eons, living in close proximity with deadly animals. It can be done, only takes a change of attitude towards animals as persons too.

A mud-dauber wasp was the creature that actually taught me how to strike deals with animals. The wasp taught me to open our cabin door for it to go out using common wasp language: it would buzz close to my head to get my attention, buzz around until I was up and moving trying to get away from it as it circled me until I neared the cabin door and opened it up for it to zoom out. It came back through some unseen passage in the walls but always wanted me to open the door for it to go out. Same routine of buzzing me until I opened the door for it.

One Fall season my kitchen was invaded by ants who made an ant city in a large Coleus plant pot I had on the kitchen counter near the sink. I noticed that the Coleus plant had greatly grown in size after the ants moved in and discovered that they were fertilizing the potting soil as well as breaking it it up into smaller and more nutrient-available form for the Coleus plant. Obviously, the plant and ants had a cooperative symbiotic relationship going on. Why not with human too? So, the deal I made with them was simple: When they were out on the kitchen counter in their thousands eating up tiny pieces of food they found there and I wanted to use the counter, I told them I would knock three times on the counter which would be their signal to go back into the pot. They picked up on it right away and within 2 or 3 minutes all the ants on the counter would disappear after I knocked three times.

Another deal I made was with raccoons. I was living in a tiny rural trailer park I guess you could call it. I had a small kitten and raccoons came around regularly at night to check out the garbage cans. I knew that raccoons sometimes killed cats and because I had a kitty-door that was easily accessible to the raccoons as well as my cat I decided to make a deal with them. I told them one night that I would feed them my table scraps if they would not come into my trailer and steal food or hurt my kitten. I started feeding them at night with scraps on a plate that I would reach up and put on top of the trailer roof so the neighbor dogs wouldn't eat it. The raccoons would waddle up the nearby tree and jump to the roof and eat. They never came into my trailer and never bothered my cat. My next door neighbor who hadn't made any such deal was frightened several times by these same raccoons when she tried to shoo them away from her garbage cans. I never had any conflicts with the raccoons who honored our agreement.

In the future I can imagine there will be people who are good at communicating with animals who will have jobs arranging cooperative coexistence systems between people and animals. I found that one doesn't have to have any magic animal language to talk to animals; just talking plain English to them seems to work fine, explaining what I want about two or three times when they are within listening distance and paying attention. I can see new symbiotic relationships forming between humans and animals, i.e., with animals doing clean-up work in exchange for food as my ants performed. Species forms may change with human community interaction, e.g. the foxes into dogs example. But we human beings must develop ways that allow our wild friends to continue to co-evolve with us as we progress further with human society. In the Climax Civilization pages you will find that our universal social aim is to develop a universal human society that can coexist with the natural communities of life and that is also the aim of developing the Peaceable Kingdom.


Park 'n Bark



 Buddy's idea


To err is human but to bark is divine



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Greening Cities by greening city streets

Restructure of city residential blocks by creating a section of blocks closed off to outside traffic except at four points (east, west, south, north).

Take out most streets with street areas made into gardens and community recreational areas.

Take out houses to leave fewer in place but more space between them.

Put in trails instead of paved roads inside these "green sections".

Connect green sections to green belts and, Violá, you've made city life habitable for more than just human beings.*

* I've read recently of Asian experiments with balcony and roof gardens planned into their apartment complexes. It will happen. Greening offsets city heat and carbon dioxide production too.


Desalinization Plant Ocean Intake Valve Habitat

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New Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the whole earth

and to the bountiful life it supports.

One world community, indivisible,

with peace, love, and justice for all.



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