The EL Camino Real Revelations


In March and April of 1988 I had a series of revelations as I traveled south along the El Camino Real Highway (Hwy 101) visiting friends and family. The revelations began on the Avila road, entry and exit to the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. The day before I left on my trip I had gotten into an argument of sorts with my dear friend Bridgit over her attempting to lead a local church congregation in a prayer fast to "save" counterculture folks living in our area.

I had told her that she would do far better to urge this fundamentalist church to stop scaring our younger generation with Apocalyptic End of the World nonsense that these misinformed Evangelical ministries are promoting. That night this very same church in question burned down. As I drove away from the direction of Diablo Canyon on the Avila road I "felt" God tell me to watch my words, watch what comes out of my mouth because I do have the power to condemn.

I returned to my friend Sophia and her daughter Harmony's home in a small town on the central California coast and told them about this revelation because they have always played some part in my major religious visions and are a constant reminder for me of the Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom and her daughter. Sophia told me to protect others and myself I should always say "Not mine, but Thy will be done..".

Some months later a copy of St. Teresa of Avila's book "The Interior Castle" was laid in my hands. The Interior Castle= the Holy Trinity within= the Whole Person. I do not know the meaning of this synchronicity sign as of yet.

A decade later the town of Avila is declared completely contaminated with underground oil spillage, torn up and re-earthed to provide a new foundation for the residents' homes and businesses. And I still don't know what it means spiritually!

While eating a place called "The Creamery" in San Luis Obispo, I "felt" that this town was a home for me, that Bishop St. Louis has a spiritual connection to me, (see St. Louis in the Story of Paxcalibur pages), and that perhaps I should stay and fight the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant as many of my activist friends were doing, even my daughter. Sophia and Harmony and I went up the coast to San Simeon and on the way stopped at the little roadside town of Harmony where a plaque explained how the town received that name.

It seems that in the past local dairy ranchers had gotten into some sort of battle with one another and to end their warfare with each other they decided to call their place Harmony and to build a cooperative Creamery together. Eventually their Creamery was moved to San Luis Obispo and became the cafe I sat at while feeling the protective spirit of St. Louis. St. Louis was to come again into my consciousness two years later which I will tell about when explaining the Aquariana Mission. My family name on my father's side was originally Louis from ancestors living in Normandy, France.

I traveled on south to my birth place in Santa Barbara. I had known from my previous religious experience in 1979 that St. Barbara, (the name meaning the "Bright One" as derived from the Goddess Barbara's relationship with the ancient Middle Eastern solar deity, Shamash), held meaning for my life. When the 1952 earthquake knocked down on of the Santa Barbara Mission's towers, adobe from my father's adobe house construction site on our land was used to repair it or so I was told as a child.



My Santa Barbara revelations were about St. Barbara who, following the Roman Catholic Church's typical transformation stories of pagan deities into Catholic saints female saints, was a beautiful Egyptian princess who was first locked up in a castle tower then beheaded by her father for her confession of love of Christ. The Santa Barbara Mission is called the Old Mission locally and I felt that God had given me a New Mission; Let the earthquake bring the Tower down which walls up St. Barbara. Santa Barbara Mission is also called the Queen of Missions and my new mission is to help release this Queen of Heaven.

More Santa Barbara revelations occurred having to do with the raising up of the Goddess. The Cross of Christ is also the grave marker (the dead Tree of Life) for the Goddess and points to where the woman is secretly sacrificed along with the crucifixion of Christ. (Year 2002 Update: Israeli soldiers bombed the holy site of St. Barbara in Palestine-another synchronicity sign from God that urges me to complete the Aquariana Mission)

Before leaving Santa Barbara I stopped by the Bird Sanctuary there. But I didn't have any bread to feed the birds. I vowed then and there to save birds and animals forever as Heaven and Earth without them is nowhere we want to be.

Then I passed by another town I had lived in as a child, Summerland, where, at age twelve, I had fallen one day running down a hill with my friends and landing on a small wild mustard plant I had driven its stalk clear through my palm. I know what Jesus felt when the nails were driven through his wrists.

A humorous vision occurred while driving by Santa Claus, CA. "This Stephen says, 'I prefer to get stoned the new fashion way. With the herb instead of rocks."

My next revelation was at my mother's home in Yucaipa near San Bernardino. I found references to Ariel in the New Testament. During my original religious experience at Easter in 1979, I had found my name and my archetypal situation in Isaiah 29 in the Old Testament. But it wasn't until on this trip in 1988 that I really paid attention to where the references to Isaiah's Ariel chapter 29 show up in the words of Jesus in the New Testament (Matthew 15:9, Col.2:22, Rev. 16:18,19).

Not long after I returned home I had a final vision for 1988. God put a burden on me to revive my old World Community Land Trust proposal* and change it to the Holy Land Trust proposal which became the Canaan Peace Plan to be submitted as a peace plan for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli dilemma**

At the beginning of 1990 God clarified the Holy Land Trust proposal by pointing out this truth to me: God has promised and now delivered the Holy Land once again into the hands of the Jews as their inheritance over and above the wishes of the rightful owners of that land, the Palestinians who's roots go back to the Canaanites. There is only one way out of the problem of displaced Palestinians. Eventually both the Israelis and Palestinians must follow the Native American example and give their Promised Land back to God in a perpetual Holy Land Protectorate covenant so that they each can share what now belongs to both. 

One of the meanings of the name "Ariel" is "Hearth of God", the top portion of the altar where the sacrifices were offered. This is the clue to the Isaiah 29 usage of "Ariel" as the spiritual name for Jerusalem. God considers the Holy Land as the Temple of God and Jerusalem as the Altar of God. God is tired of bloody sacrifices on Its Altar. The Holy Land is soaked with blood and the bloodshed must end before the New Age can begin.

After visiting my dying father shortly before Christmas of 1989 I began the series of visions that comprise the Story of Paxcalibur.


* See the World Community Land Trust.

** See the Canaan Peace Plan chapter.