Coup de Ville Work Scheduling

and Attractive Work Ideas




Note: Coup de Ville was the brief Lime Saddle splinter group that I created and existed for few months when my family and a couple of other members quit Lime Saddle due to the lack of democratic process and the loss of our major community building project, the Communitarian Village. Two members who managed the office and most of our Lime Saddle correspondence, more or less took over major decision-making at Lime Saddle. Lime Saddle later devolved into a political war zone between lesbian separatist women members and the tiny but unmovable Office staff of essentially two men.


C d'V has a major goal of making work attractive, even chore work. Potential members can read some Chas.Fourier to get ideas what attractive work means although admittedly, Fourier seems to have been carried to certain extremes with the idea in his utopian schemes. The basic idea is sound and revolutionary in that freeing our lives from oppression means also freeing ourselves from oppressive work situations. Fourier concluded what is oppressive work to some is not to others and the idea is to match work preferences and needed work activities to get maximum enjoyment fro the work needed to keep your community functioning.

A lot of so-called chorework is that because of the stigma society has attached to it, and the actual uncomfortable work conditions we make of these jobs which don't seem to appeal to most people. In many instances, much chore work can be eliminated by better design of the job steps, better tools, etc,.. Also, in many cases chore work ceases to be that when we can do it in small doses, when the right people are matched to the jobs, and especially when we can improve the chore work setting by doing the work with congenial friends* and perhaps have other work happening or other pleasurable activities occurring simultaneously.

* Later I experienced this in cannabis clipping sessions in Humboldt County.

C d'V will emphasize design in reducing or eliminating non-attractive features of chore work. This activity can become a major contribution our group can make towards Alternative Technology in that few groups if any are working seriously on ways to make communal and community work easier and more pleasurable and many groups, especially rural communes, are getting bogged down in the labor intensive systems presently dominating community building.

C d'V will opt for eutopia in work. C d'V will attempt to reach a maximum required commune and community building and maintenance work load each full member must contribute to 100 hours per lunar month, 10 working (lunar) months of the year giving members much personal time during the month to devote to their own projects and 3 months (lunar) off during the year which can be taken in a lump sum or spread out.


Coup de Ville Eutopian Work Schedule


100 hrs/28 days

10 working (lunar) months

3 months off/year


Further, in this eutopian scheme, C d'V will try to arrange community work so that every 4th year, each member can have a year vacation, and a full year vacation every 7th year with community arranging reciprocal visiting/work for lodging exchanges with other cooperative communities around the country and abroad.

  year vacation every 4th year

Full year vacation every 7th year


Each communal household within C d'V will determine its necessary amount of time to maintain itself with its own members. Individual communal maintenance will be given credit as part of the C d'V total required work schedule. Communal household work should not need to become more than 1/5th of the necessary C d'V work.

C d'V Required Work will include:

- Communal household maintenance (see above)

-Community Food production and farm maintenance

-Childcare and Child Education (unless part of these activities take place outside the community, e.g. C d'V children going to school in the larger  Communitarian Village or somewhere in the neighborhood.

-Community Income Project(s) work to meet the financial needs to maintain the Basic Operating Expense fund.

-Community construction and maintenance of community buildings, storage buildings, offices, shops, and communal homes (communal home buildings will be built by everyone pitching in but communal household maintenance will be up to the individual commune members.

-Transportation maintenance

-Community self-sufficiency items fabrication, e.g. making own dishes, clothes, tools, etc, so that we can get off the rip-off economy.

-C d'V environmental rebuilding and ecological maintenance of our community land life

-C d'V fair share of the necessary work to build and maintain those facilities and services and environment that C d'V is an integral part of, i.e., probably CV building and maintenance work or whatever ecological community C d'V associates with

-Social Change work, either locally, regionally, continentally, or globally. Choice of political, economic, tecnological, environmental, cultural, or personal change work.

-Community planning & coordination of C d'V facilities and services.

*      *