Climax Technology


Ecological Parameters:

List all abundant elements and materials, easiest made materials, longest lasting, cheapest, most ecologically beneficial. Make Self-Sufficiency Lists: Basic, Comfortable, Luxurious.


Must push the development of local energy sources (non-polluting, infinite energy source). Fusion Reactors. Develop cybornated micro-miniature electronic systems. Develop Fluidics systems for movement technology. Contract best and least expensive imports needed. Automate all crummy jobs (repetition, dull and boring, or dangerous). Automate all mass produced consumable supplies as much as possible. Promote organic growth of technology and society. Each matches the other.


Toxic and Tonic Technology:


The Novalithic Age: a modern Stone Age based on silicate based technology.


Town Fuel Cells: Burn methane, pollution-free. Townsfolk use the electricity to run their electric cars, home equipment.


Communikits: Alternative building techniques.


Bigloo Village: 3-D printed super-houses made of airiated concrete, can withstand floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis.