Climax Revolution


Well, what is this about? OK, so intellectuals around the world finally get it. Either we stop the earth-destroying, climate-destroying capitalists or humanity goes bust. Eutopia or Bust, remember. And with such a global consciousness prevailing among intellectuals around the world, they have the will and capacity to pull the plug on capitalist development and make the necessary political and economic changes to install a global political/economic system that ends the domination of the Super Powers who presently control the world to its degradation and defilement.

Will there be a Red Guard revolt? No, that's been tried and brings with it worse conditions than before. OK, so how about a Green Guard or better yet, a Green Army? Like the old Vista program the Green Army rides on that stage in people's lives when they are young and adventurous and want to go out and DO Something Good for everyone. Instead of going off to endless wars benefiting capitalist war-profiteers, the Green Army sends young men and women off to help people's lives, help them improve their lives by taking eco-technology and eco-sociology to the people, where they live, in villages, in towns, in cities big and small, or out in the wildernesses where wild life need our help just as much as people do.

We can do this, folks, and really, it must be done.