Climax Philosophy

(circa 1975-77)


Early (Pantheistic) Spiritual Ideas

(circa 1966-78)



The Climax is stable but not static: it is in a state of dynamic equilibrium. Changes in the environment propel changes in the Climax community to match them. Otherwise, plant and animal communities go extinct. Unless we human beings use our brains to adapt to environmental conditions, or change those conditions, we too are vulnerable to extinction.


Climax Consciousness


Climax Consciousness is the Ladder  to get you and all of us out of the Pit. "Climax" = "ladder" in Greek)


Climax Consciousness is Rural Based: In the countryside where the possibility of regaining unity with natural climax communities still exists. "Country Road" and "Back to the Land".


Climax Consciousness evolves out of the Great North American School of Living where Indians and Whites and Blacks & others must learn and relearn the values of: The Land and the Life of the Land. Of peace between differing peoples. Of what constitutes real wealth.


Climax Consciousness is coming.


It doesn't matter if our Universe works by chance alone or the hand of God - - since the timescale is in billions of years the overall effect is the same - - the universal ecology of all worlds, star systems and galaxies exists.


Climax Consciousness: a move from political identity (nation, state, city) to ecological identity (the countryside, the watersheds, the communities of life)


Philosophy at any point is always immature. And gradiation exists everywhere, in every phenomena.


Time-Space Continuum: Humans bridge the gap between macro and micro phenomena, time and space.


The power of an idea is directly proportional to its ability to inspire and organize people to carry out its actions.


Each Epoch has its own Climax Set; but as the Earth evolves through its birth to old age cycle, so too does Life of Earth with the life in each epoch having its own characteristic Climax Set.


Climax Consciousness Categories:

                                                                                          Past                             Present                           Future









The Human Climax


The Human Climax spreads over the earth filling every eco-nitch and cranny; first by ruthless exploitation of the earth and life, then the Return of Life - - in creation of all ages, all epochs, in ecological harmony - - past, present, future.


Climax Worldview: Purpose is to Center everyone - - other philosophies, ideologies and religions try to center but all are limited and not universal.

The Old Climax is like the Old Testament - - a testament to the hunting and gathering lifestyle which endured and still endures as long as human beings as homo sapiens have existed. Based on a scarcity environment.

The New Climax is like the New Testament - - based on sharing and new consciousness. Non-violent.

Center one's self, one's life, on the Life of the Land.


Cosmic Orgasm: We expand until we meet Them. To fly into space prematurely is premature ejaculation. But research must go on. Was the Earth seeded this way? Climax Consciousness + genetic engineering = God's power.


Creation of Eutopia follows creation of the N÷osphere. Climax Consciousness = synthesis of all Unitary Theories, Bio-centric, Bio-geological. "Why create N÷osphere?" Because nothing else will save the Earth and us. The purpose of any religion is to unify the individual with the (religious) society (my atheist days...). If my Climax Consciousness ideas fail to unify them then it deserves to be thrown out.


The 1st Climax was Unconscious. The 2nd Climax is going to be Conscious.


Climax Code: Intellectuals job > The Code (for elements and organization of Climax Civilization)


Care for the Young: A definite pattern in biological/sociological evolution - - Raising young in animals and humans. A graph of time and length of time animals and humans spend on raising and providing security for their children and tge amount of time spent teaching their offspring will show a gradually rising curve with humans spending the most amount of time doing these activities. Perhaps this shows a new definition of "civilization". The more civilized societies spend more time teaching and providing secure development environments. Just might cut across cultures today. Let's be the 1st Generation to concentrate on children.


Climax Agriculture is a main goal, If you count human beings inside a natural system and thus Nature's way of amplifying life forms - -more eco-nitches created and filled.


Climax Civilization is being born (again)


Climax Universe: The function of Life is to create a Climax Universe, a slow-down of the expansion rate (?) and to act as a continued beneficial environment for Life's continued development.


The total Biotic Instinct is to Climax: to reach a state of dynamic equilibrium in each eco-nitch, biome, watershed climax - -  at all times, always to reduce tension = Climax means tension reduction. Eutopia means tension reduction. Relax.


Climax Consciousness: Not obtainable all the time because too complex - - but nevertheless vitally needed to solve current and future social survival needs.


Communiversity: Climax Consciousness then resides in the school which is in a sense like Stonehenge is, a biological computer to restore and maintain stable democratic government. The Communiversity is then the political structure for gaining and maintaining a climax consciousness for each local community within the world community.


Can only learn ecological (Climax) consciousness if you stay in one place long enough to see results of overkill.


Nature's Rule: Whatever works.


Age consciousness shows Climax development at work.


Rating Systems create territorial conflict: Creates competition for more territorial influence. Quality is sacrificed for quantity.


"Eutopian Socialists" are the real scientists of social change by creating experimental communities: see what works, what does't. End with one that works, i.e. Climax Civilization.


"Guns & Jails": The bottom line of capitalist and militant socialist societies. Prisons are crime schools and that's what we are building - - crime schools. Higher civilization is seen in the reduction of guns and jails.


The Failure of Monolithic Social Systems: Large monolithic social systems cannot democratically rule with majority rule which are always totalitarian to the minorities without a voice in government. (See the Minority Rights Act). Large monolithic social systems, the outcome of a few millennia of social evolution drastically distort basic primate social patterns which have evolved over millions of years. All monolithic social systems are anti-Nature which is always a mutually adjusting unity of diversity. The very size of civilization works against stability in the individual and the community. So much interaction, so much change.


Ideological chauvinism that follows racial lines: The Chosen People syndrome - - the W.A.S.P. is losing dominance in the world today and with it so too Judaism and Japanese and Chinese superiority.


Observations on Evolution

Huxley on Evolution: Natural selection doesn't always benefit a species. Can lead to blind alleys and extinction. Natural selection operates through imperfection (mutation) of DNA. (implication on ideal of perfect human being?). Interspecies competition for reproduction sometimes throws an organism out of balance with other aspects of survival.


Evolution is the development of Life along the lines of least resistance to the environment. Evolutionary development stops when an organism has made adequate adjustments to its environment (e.g. Galapagos tortoises). If the environment changes radically, the tortoise perishes, e.g. discovery by man. Insects have hit their genera evolutionary top. No major changes for millions of years. Is peace good for evolution of humanity?


Evolutionary law: survival of the fittest (not necessarily strongest)


Evolutionary Homeostasis: Nature keeps in the center of things - - best place to keep abreast with changes in the environment, e.g. primates (generalized forms compared to other species more radically adapted to specific environments). Non-specific adaptations allow greater range for adapting to future changes.


Evolution of Life in general is characterized by: a universal tendency to adapt to (unify with) the changing environment. Development of more complex forms which generally lead to a greater awareness of the environment that the organism lives in. 1st development energy receptors and converters. Next, development of association networks between these receptors and converters.


Life organization characteristics: Plants & lower animals - - less freedom of movement, more hard cells. Higher animals - - soft flesh over hard supportive skeleton. Soft cells. More freedom of movement, more vulnerability.


Life is inevitable in the natural evolution of elements. Life energy converters: Inorganic matter - - few energy conversions. Organic matter: many conversions. Air, water, soil: where Life is - - the outer edge.


Evolution of Reactions towards higher complexity: Refining all or nothing into smaller divisions coordinated so that smoothness of movement is achieved.


The Sun Cycle (Pre-Black Hole knowledge): H▓ > Gold >Lead > Uranium > Fission > Fusion (birth of micro-suns) > accelerated particles > cosmic rays > random fusion > H▓


Life tends towards development of forms with greater awareness of the environment. DNA compelled.


Could Life tap energy directly from atoms within organic molecules as well as from the sun? I Ching reading: "Life clings to matter, just as fire clings to wood."


Is Space as empty as we think? (pre-Dark Matter knowledge) Lack of proper receptors or lack of association lines between receptors we do have, e.g. ESP?


Evolution - - a Self-Amplifying System: capacity to bring stimulus energy into other organizational structures. Self-selective amplification (expansionist movements)


The World systems streamline as they go through time = evolution = self-amplifying systems in development.


Contradictions are the source and substance of evolutionary change.



Human Evolution

Line of Hominid evolution is unbroken even with Homo Neanderthals = retro-evolution of form to conform to Ice Age environment - - change to Homo Sapiens after move out of Europe and into Mediterranean.


Thing that makes human evolution successful is intra-species breeding and cultural assimilation. Since dispersion of human tribes from a central source (E. Africa?) no or little intra-species communication and mutual education - - since global communication must relearn intra-species identification - - mutual education.


Organizing, socializing, are human strengths,  plus continuing language development.


Humans, rapid changes - - more evolved animals are capable of faster, bigger evolutionary changes.


Animals have no angular gyrus - - no association between visual and auditory center. Animals have association between visual and limbic areas (primal needs) and auditory and limbic area but not between visual and auditory. Humans have angular gyri(?) - - leads to abstract thought. Through expanded consciousness (drugs, E.S.P.(?) more association areas between sensory areas not usually associated.


Human beings grew smarter with larger brains by being able to Sit Down and do things with their hands. No tails to get in the way of sitting down. Being able to sit down and make stuff, that's what started the brain size increase. It's the only behavior that's different from animals with tails and look what we've done with that ability. But it also means Women would dominate the "natural" selection of sitting humans, big butts for better sitting?


Humans became meat eaters to be more economical. Eating meat is quicker way to obtain proteins and other foods than by eating fruits and vegetables - - allows more leisure time - - in cooler climates with less fruit. With technology it is possible to become vegetarian again.


Evolution of sex organs is extremely exaggerated in human species - - as predominant as brain case development. Sexual activity is outlet for unconscious animal drives in human beings - - a method of transcending animal unconsciousness. Impossible to deal (at the moment) with sex on any kind of intellectual basis - - forces us into animal unconsciousness.



Knowledge Notes:

* Knowledge is memory of relationships

* Curiosity is aggression

* Knowledge goes toward symmetry (streamlining) making the irregular, regular, the uneven, even

    - Patterns: the orderly systems of phenomena about a focal point or focal concept

* Knowledge of the cycle of changes

* Acquiring knowledge: eating facts and ideas thru hunger to learn leads to developing a taste for high culture then again there is soul food.

* Knowledge is the survival weapon

* Natural Law: the more we know the more we are responsible for

* Graph of geometric increase of knowledge


Fundamental Dualities in Relativity and Philosophy


* Our perception of existential reality may be the result of all or none reactions in our nervous system: across synapses, more knowledge, more responses, more refined (coordinated) all or none reactions down to the level of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

    - Reality breaks down into binary systems, (on/off) message units -- amplitude and time -- which conditions whole outlook on life = cause of apparent dualities.

    - Photons reflect basis of East/West consciousness split: wave-like, cycle interpretations (Eastern), linear particle, goal oriented (Western)

* All is Maya (illusion)*: Time & Space, Matter & Energy, all one and the same, differences are only perceived in relationships with each other.

We mark off reality like compass points, but it is only relative to where we stand at the moment, and where do we stand? Alternation between increase and decrease = breath of Life.

*  Fate or Will: you'll never know for sure

* Poles of Philosophy: Idealist/nominalists, religionists/scientists-atheists, spiritualists/materialists, universalists/individualists, unity/diversity, stuff and nonsense, all united in No-Thought Alpha Consciousness.

I actually had a real experience of Maya, as opposed to thinking about it as a philosophical concept, in my amazing three-day religious conversion experience.


Spiritual Ecology: "The Spirit is Bio-Energy". The Climax is ejection of Life from Earth into the Cosmos.

Climax Centering: The Historical Sense is real - - It is the Push from the Life Climax, the Urge that passes through us and propels "progress" or successive civilizations.



Alpha* Consciousness: Enhanced by Warmth, Quiet, Pot intoxication. Cold takes away from alpha consciousness. Meditation Pipes (so you can look at the fire in the pipe bowl), Meditation Stoves + Meditation Woodchopping.


There is no separation between spirit and matter.

Spirit is the emotional experience of unity of matter.


TΔO, Alpha (Theta) Consciousness

Bliss Consciousness, Satori, Nirvana principle

"The Ultimate Philosophy"



* I bought an early prototype of the once popular alpha bio-feedback machines around 1968 and learned how to put myself into alpha wave consciousness with it. I also found out smoking pot put me into alpha consciousness too, only with a characteristic chemical edge (side effects) whereas alpha state consciousness using the biofeedback machine was pure. Then I discovered that just looking at flowers and plants, marveling at the architecture Nature produces, also put me into alpha consciousness.


Unity with IT

No self awareness, no forcing consciousness

Problem with Eastern Thought = is all Alpha oriented, at rest, not growth oriented*

Alpha is end result of reduction of tension, but still alive;

  -Death of Ego, end of self-consciousness: self view (not narcissistic or one-sided) in all that is out there, inside too = unity

If you're quiet - Nature will show how to live

  -Nature is trying to communicate with us -- must be still to listen* --turn off thought, fears, pre-conceptions

  -Mantras good for silencing the Talking Machine

"Grooving" is the word

By silence, it is communicated

Lotus position = Womb position = regression in service to (the destruction of) Ego

Religious paths to the experience are culturally conditioned, i.e. there is no universal "It"* but aspects are similar when the methods to obtain them are similar

* This definitely shows my former basically atheist conception of spiritual consciousness.

To be totally "free" is to be totally dead: as soon as you are conceived, life is obligation

Life becomes an affirmation of itself. No longer absurd, even though knowing that you cannot know (control). Strictly subjective

Getting out of time. Time is consciousness. Annihilation of existence is becoming timeless (losing the cycles of existence)

Cannot communicate by forms that which is beyond time

TΔO is total fusion. Total fusion comes from total dynamic balance

The Eastern line is ecology/cyclic thought without Western concept of evolution unlimited

Diffusion of sensory attention, no thought/no desire = giving few or no obstacles to the natural flow pattern of development (Metamorphosis of energy form sequences)

You're it or Cosmic tag: energy transference

Total communication = natural fusion with IT

Alpha/Theta wave conjunction with gravity waves = harmonics. Answer: what does this all mean?



God Concepts

(Probably written around 1969, or six years before getting my Climax Consciousness ideas, and ten years before I went through my religious conversion experience and actually found God)


The Universe is God; God is Phenomena. We are part - and the whole at the same time. Thou art It - Fusion of Being. We are the Universe's consciousness. Consciousness is God.

Life is God

God is the Relationship of Love between you and the Infinite System.

God is the more powerful forces of Nature, e.g. volcanoes, fires, earthquakes, etc. -typical fears

God is the Mover - The Imperative Push: West -- Pushing forward toward higher states of being -- evolution. Aggressive. East: Flowing (downhill?) along the lines of least resistance. Passive. Along the Paths (TΔO) to higher states of consciousness

God is the Whole. God is the Sum (Unity, One) which is different and beyond the sum of its parts

God is the Next Step (Unknown) in the Development of Man*

* This is astonishing! I'm reading these words sitting here in 2018 at my computer desk trying to organize the best of my old notes into some sort of coherent format,   words that I wrote in 1969 and seeing that like the rest of my ideas, I've been there, done that. This old idea conforms precisely to my "new" idea that came along with my religious conversion experience in 1979, and was spiritually authenticated again in this vision, the Gospel of Humanity, that I had in 2008. No wonder God likes me. One track mind. Btw, I don't recommend it when God "likes" you..

God is in DNA

God is the infinitely unexplainable or uncommunicable

God is that which leads us on a merry chase

Levels of Godhood: God is the next higher Group: Atomic > Molecular > Cellular > Body > Group > World > Universe

God may call the shots, but the shots are called in time. No one calls time but gravity and the speed of light*

*(written before I had any Black Hole knowledge and before my black hole revelation in my religious conversion experience in 1979 at Easter that of course answers the question of where all the information in the universe goes in the Black Hole phenomena as it also gives the basis for a Unified Field Theory which won me the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2044)

God & Evolution: God is the Imperative Push to expand our possibilities of development of higher states of being. Humans are their own evolutionary force now. Perhaps we are to perform some function for a larger being. Reason for compulsion. Like a synaptic relay. Our Universe: the Cell in some Cosmic Cow somewhere..



To Do

To Be


All freedoms that help Earth, Life, and People

to live harmoniously with Nature

to live harmoniously with my fellow people

to help the oppressed

Freedom to grow

 to help ourselves grow to higher states of being

Freedom to Live

Any lifestyle we choose that is non-harmful to the environment

or other communities of life and people



The Good Place



Evolution of Social Structures & "God" concepts


Primitive man fears secret (invisible) Spirit of Life. Leads to the tyranny of Nature...

Man rejects the tyranny of Nature via the agricultural revolution & growth of cities. Gets man away from Spirit of Life and over the fear with huge human Gods, then The God which leads to the tyranny of God.

Man rejects tyranny of The God with science tool which leads to tyranny of Science. Man rejects God of Science but uses it to come back to Spirit of Life.

Religion: Basic need throughout recorded history and presumably, prehistory of man:

Feurbach: Emotional Development(?) Religion promotes channeling of emotional energy into beneficial work or non-destructive ways. Sacrifice of the destructive animal passions.

First, for unity between small groups of men and their natural environment. Then for unity between the different cultures of man. Now, need for unity between the different cultures of man and his effects on Nature (technology). Religion gives us perspective on ourselves; gets us outside ourselves. Should fuse masses with Spirit of Life, not an abstract God.

Religion is the symbiotic relationship with the greater Self. Thanksgiving, sacrifice of the animal passions.

Feurbach: Religion, the personalization and institutionalization of emotion. The poorer the material life the richer the God.

Music today is religious

Science and religion blend. The renunciation of ultimate control by man. The acceptance of limits of perception. The devotion to Life processes after the experience of Unity (mystical experience)



Climax Consciousness and the Unified Field Theory: (This is quite interesting to me as it was written somewhere between 1975 and 1977 and therefore pre-religious conversion experience). There is no unification between macro and micro universe events except through human agency. We are the Unified Field Theory. We are the bridge between these events and the math is in our genes. The consciousness of this is called climax ecology. Proof: atomic nuclear reactions occur in our bodies.



and then there was

Easter of 1979

and everything changed..