Climax Ecology




Ecological Room Concept: High and Low Ecological Pressure areas, High pressure = overloaded carrying capacity. When an area or locality must import food and water from the outside to adequately service its inhabitants, that area or locality is overloading the local ecological and robbing other areas of their ecological stability. No ecological room left in cities in America.


Over-population Solution Ideas: Maximum Density Zoning: local, area, regional, continental. Relocation of peoples from high density areas to lower density area. Creation of new arable land, e.g. tapping underground rivers beneath coastal deserts - - West Africa coasts, Middle East coasts, Australia, Baja California, South America. Adoption of babies and children from over-populated areas by advanced nations with room and means of support. Far out solution: developing interstellar drive for mass colonization of new suitable planets.


Pollution Solution Ideas: Restrict travel in general to necessary movement domination of available travel. Too many people are traveling and it's too much a class warfare situation - - the rich travel and the poor stay home. Air travel ideas: Blimps & Balloons. Air trains = airplane pulls cargo gliders or blimps. Land travel ideas: horses, buggies and coaches, steam trains, bicycles, land yaughts using wind and solar energy. Sea travel: sailing ships, solar sailships, sea trains - - tugs and barges. Push mechanical power instead of electrical power or fossil fuel. Non-polluting energy sources: solar, geo-thermal, fusion reactors, mechanical (e.g. spring generators and flywheels). Local water power.


Ecological limits on mobility: Extreme modern mobility in the West stresses ecosystems as the mobile population continually increases - - vehicle caused pollution, necessity of ever more roads and back-up facilities. Overload of skies, waterways, and highways. Extreme mobility stresses the psycho/social bonds of community. Deep and lasting intercommunity relationships need long periods of stability to develop. Mobility based on privileged classes is not just. Continues the oligarchy and lop-sided development of humanity.


Tectonic Ecology is being fucked with by men: bombs, drilling, artificial lakes, heavy cities, heavy roads = more earthquakes, more volcanoes, more soot in the atmosphere = cooling temperatures = ICE AGE & drought.


Anti-Monocultures: The key to long term social stability is Community Diversity and positive growth.


General Directives for Ecological Action


Protect Life from overload of energy (violence) and underload of energy (deprivation, starvation). Leave areas of ecological overload (check the population density where you live). Leave the cities, leave the suburbs. Get people out of high pressure areas.


Turn Earth back into a jewel seen at ground level as well as from space. Bring back Eden. Substitute Careful Love instead of Careless Love. Your Earth is the big extention of your own body. Take care of your body and your Earth. Get on natural clock rhythm. Use clocks for mechanical processes, not human ones.


Maintain wildlife eco-systems. Don't cut off groups of animals from each other with streets and roads and large cleared tracts of land. Dirt and gravel roads. Slow traffic. No "deer crossing" areas that are really for animals, not human traffic. Make friends with the plants and animals in your area so that they will not fear us and our environments. Have people adopt wildlife areas to take care of. Make greenbelt (wild green belts) continuous throughout the land so animals can migrate freely. Bring back lost eco-systems. Bring back the Prairies - buffaloes, and all else.


Zero Population Growth: goal to work hard towards until we find the means to colonize other planets (needs must a faster than light drive).


Guard against thinking machine control of your environment: the lesson of Frankenstein and Collossus.


Turn against the machinery of destruction: Ecotage (shades of later Earth First!)


Get sperm and ova from endangered species --egg bank


Reseed Earth: travelers take seeds and plants & animals with them to different parts of the country. But must be careful about wiping out old ecological system.


"Earth fights back". Destroyer task force for whalers. (I don't know if I knew about Greenpeace yet when I wrote this) Dolphins for shark guards & life guards at beaches.


Protect Earth from the "early Doom" - - war & nuclear war. Protect the Earth from the "Delayed Doom", a poisoned world.


Adopt Totem animals for conservation/ecology reinforcement practice.


Species Count: For all Biozones.

Climax Ecology is long-term, 100 to 1000 years, e.g. the redwood climax.




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